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The Pride and Prejudice of Avengers Chapter 1.

Summary: In the neighborhood of the Stark sisters - Wanda, Amelia, Maria, Sharon and Natasha - appear four eligible bachelors of varying means - Steve Rogers, James Barnes, Clint Barton and Bruce Banner - and Mrs. Stark sets out to ensure that none of them are much longer in want of a wife.

Word Count: 782.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OC Amelia Stark.

Warnings: None.

A/N: So, this is basically Pride and Prejudice with the Marvel characters. Hope you enjoy!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man I possession of a large fortune, must be in want of a wife.

However little known that feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighborhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered the rightful property of someone or other of their daughters.

“My dear Mr. Stark,” said his lady to him one day, “have you heard that Netherfield Park is let at last?”

Mr. Stark replied that he had not.

“But it is,” returned she; “for Mrs. Long has just been here, and she told me all about it.”

Mr. Stark made no answer.

“Do you not want to know who has taken it?” Cried his wife impatietly.

“You want to tell me, and I have no objection to hearing it.”

This was invitation enough.

“Why, my dear, you must know, Mrs. Long says that Netherfield is taken by a young man of large fortune from the north of New York; that he came down on Monday in a chaise and four to see the place, and was so much delighted with it, that he agreed with Mr. Morris immediately; that he he is to take possession before Michaelmas, and some of his servants are to ve in the house by the end of next week.”

“What is his name?”


“Is he married or single?”

“Oh! Single, my dear, to be sure! A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!”

“How so? How can it affect them?”

“My dear Mr. Stark,” replied his wife, “how can you be so tiresome! You must know that I am thinking of his marrying one of them.”

“Is that his design in settling here?”

“Design! Nonsense, how can you talk so! But is very likely that he may fall in love with one of them, and therefore you must visit him as soon as he comes.”

“I see no occasion for that. You and the girls may go, or you may send them by themselves, which perhaps will still be better, for as you are handsome as any of them, Mr. Rogers may like you the best of the party.”

“My dear, you flatter me. I certainly have had my share of beauty, but I do not pretend to be anything extraordinary now. When a woman has five grown-up daughters, she ought to give over thinking of her own beauty.”

“In such cases, a woman has not often much beauty to think of.”

“But, my dear, you must indeed go and see Mr. Rogers when he comes into the neighborhood.”

“It is more than I engage for, I assure you.”

“But consider you daughters. Only think what an establishment it would be for one of them. Sir Philip and Lady Coulson are determined to go, merely on that account, for in general, you know, they visit no newcomers. Indeed you must go, for it will be impossible for us to visit him if you do not.”

“You are over-scrupulous, surely. I dare say Mr. Rogers will be very glad to see you; and I will send a few lines by you to assure him of my hearty consent to his marrying whichever he chooses of the girls; though I must through in a good word for my little Amy.”

“I desire you will do no such thing. Amy is not a bit better than the others; and I am sure she is not half so handsome as Wanda, not half so good-humoured as Natasha. But you are always giving her the preference.”

“They have none of them much to recommend them,” replied he; “They are all silly and ignorant like other girls; by Amy has something more of a quickness.”

“Mr. Stark, how can you abuse your own children in such a way? You delight in vexing me. You have no compassion for my poor nerves.”

“You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these last twenty years at least.”

was so odd a mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humor, reserve, and caprice, that the experience of three-and-twenty years had been insufficient to make his wife understand his character. Her mind was lest difficult to develop. She she was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper. When she was discontented, she fancied herself nervous. The business of her life was to get her daughters married; its solace was visiting and news.

So this was a request by alisadelina that I wrote way too much for. Thank you for the request because, as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. The ending is the way it is because I did not want this to become too long. However I might turn it into a longer fanfiction.net story later. Enjoy!

Prompt: can you do a fanfiction request where you are a shield agent and you have to irregated loki and he keep flirting with you


Fury swept his fingers across the multiple screens in front of him.
“How’s ‘real power’ doing? Does he want a magazine or something yet?”
“No change, sir. He hasn’t said a word since you left.” Agent Maria Hill responded from not too far away. Fury frowned. They had managed to ‘capture’ Loki in Germany yet it didn’t feel as though he was truly a prisoner.
“Want me to send Romanoff in, sir?”
“No. Not yet.” He scratched his chin in frustration. Romanoff would undoubtedly be able to get results but something fishy was definitely afoot here and he didn’t want to deal his final card until he was sure he had the best hand. That being said, he wasn’t entirely out of options…
“Hill, bring in Agent (y/l/n).” He said and the brunette nodded to him from across the room before strutting out in search of you.

“Absolutely not, sir. I politely decline.” You said with your arms folded. 

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The Final Experiment Chapter 9: Merry Christmas, Agent Grace (Avengers x Reader)

Summary: Christmas!

A/N: Sorry this was so short, but I just wanted to do something quick for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. ^_^

Word Count: 462

Well, it wasn’t too hard to cover up my injury. I just made up some lame excuse about dislocating my shoulder while I was messing around with my cousins. In other news, I was going to be spending Christmas with the Avengers. I finished up finals and immediately headed to the tower. I then started worrying about what I would get everyone, but Steve assured me that I didn’t have to do anything, seeing as I hadn’t had much time to plan. I still felt guilty, so I thought I’d at least do something for Steve. I needed to talk to Maria…

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Prompts list

So I thought I should do this, you know what to do - send me the number of which prompt you want and with which character (multi characters can be chosen)

what to do:

-send me a request with one of the numbers - according to which prompt you want.
- tell me which character(s) you want
- tell me what kind of relationship you want with them.

1. Can I lick it?

2. Protect your eyes because they’re the only pair of balls you have!

3. here’s 20 bucks, go buy yourself a life.

4. “Dude, are you dead?”

5. Why would you want a Romeo and Juliet love story? They both end up dead.

6. “I can’t believe he hid this from me!”

7. I trusted you… Y'know what? Forget it.

8. You walked away, what was I supposed to do?

9. Stop saying smart stuff, you’re making the rest of us look dumb!

10. When is it my turn to cry?

11. Every time you hold a stupid grudge, I think of the Disney movie Frozen because you need to LET IT GO.

12. How long were you standing by the door?

13. Hey, stressed backwards is desserts, so….

14. You are the only person who I trusted, but it was a mistake.

15. Don’t pretend like you don’t know!

16. Dude, no bad language!

17. The Internet’s down so I came downstairs… The avengers seem like nice people.

18. Dude, is that even legal?

19. Please don’t go.

20. Look, I really, really love you… But get up from my bed before I kick you off.

21. Make sure your seatbelt’s on.

22. No Netflix, no chill (i got this from another blog - forgot the URL, sorry, but ILY)

23. I need to shave.

24. You’re like a walking disco ball right now.

25. You’re bleeding so much, I think your face is on its period.

26. You’re awkwardly close.

27. I’m sorry I don’t listen to desperate people.

28. Look, I need you…can you pass me the oreos?

29. Look, I love you. And this is the first time in agreeing with myself.

30. It’s like I’m frozen but everything’s still turning.

31. There’s something called common sense, but it’s not so common, now is it?

32. If you don’t have a good reason as to why you interrupted my Netflix marathon, you have 5 seconds to run.

33. I’m freaking out because I didn’t complete the paperwork Fury sent me and its in for tomorrow.

34. Why are we trying so hard?

35. Imagine trying to explain what “roll down the windows” to the new generation.“

36. Oh sorry, is my bleeding interrupting you?

37. You didn’t need to go to extreme measures.

38. We should do that again.

39. I’m an avenger, not a robot.

40. You can’t be walking in the rain… Alone.

hope you enjoy - this was done at 10:26 pm…so I’m sorry if it’s crap. I’m hella tired.

The Final Experiment Chapter 11: To Save A Life (Avengers x Reader, feat. Bucky Barnes)

Summary: Things escalate as Bucky and Kaitlynn race to find the Avengers before HYDRA finds them.

Word Count: 2,389

Previous Parts:  12345678910

***WARNINGS***: Depiction of murder, graphic description of blood, description of being shot, car chase, hostage situation, HYDRA.

A/N: So I got super carried away with this part…. It’s really long, sorry! Once again, I just used Google translate, so I apologize for any inaccuracies as far as Russian grammar.

I woke up feeling like I’d been hit in the back with a sledgehammer. I opened my eyes to see a dirty, dimly lit room, bare of any furniture except a small stool occupied by the lurking presence of the Winter Soldier. The ground was cold beneath my back, despite the thin blanket which I lay on. Another thin sheet covered my small, blood-soaked form. My uniform top was gone, leaving me in my athletic tank top and cargo pants, along with some sort of a makeshift bandage over my abdomen.

The runaway assassin was very professional as he handed me a small canteen, and helped me to slowly take a drink. Every small movement increased the pounding pain that was shooting through my body, and I whimpered slightly as he lifted my shirt and peeled away the bandages to survey the damage. He shot me an apologetic look, though he was surprisingly gentle about his movements.

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