loki u lil shit

so tonight i dreamed that i was sherlock and loki was trying to kill john and i was like aW HELL NO so i started throwing buses at him (i was super strong okay) but i kept missing loki and hitting civilians instead so i got really sad and embarrassed and then i woke up

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"Burdens?" Thor repeats. The anger comes as a surprise to him, and he sits up, almost dislodging Loki from his lap. "You speak to /me/ of burdens?" At once, Loki's expression shifts, studiously casual once more. "Oh, I forgot, your highness. Two worlds to care for, to save from whatever evils the realms can concoct. The /mighty/ Thor, laden down by burdens." His fingers rest on Thor's chest, stroking lightly, a direct contrast to the caustic bite of his words. "Allow me to relieve them."

Getting upset about how certain characters are treating other characters in my fic even though I’m the one writing all of the characters???

I’m in too deep

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i want the k ;

9: Jawline Kiss

     Loki smirked, circling around the sheriff, eyes gazing over her as he clasped his hands together behind his back, “Such an interesting predicament we have here, don’t we?” The trickster paused his step behind her and waited for her to whirl around before stepping closer. He smiled with narrowed eyes as she glared up at him however backed up until she was between him and the wall. He raised an arm to rest his hand on the wall on beside her head, leaning in so his face was only inches away from hers.

     He laughed softly, tilting his head, “Are you going to shoot me?” The icy green gaze glanced down over at the females hand on her gun. If she was going to shoot him it was probably best to do it now and get it over with but she didn’t–surprisingly. Smirking he leaned in, lips brushing against her ear before murmuring, “If you were smart, you would shoot me. I am not a good man, nor anywhere near it. Kill me before I have to kill you.” His words had a sharp edge to them, his breathing even however as his lips trailed very lightly over her cheek and jaw before grinning and pulling away–leaving her be.

     “I understand, you think there is still some good in me, perhaps I’ll have to show you just how truly wrong you really are.” And with that he turned on his heel and left without another word, leaving the sheriff speechless and perhaps a little out of breath?