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This is just a test with Psyclone Jack Cosplay @trustinmejustinme Loki-costume, and I still need to make all the gold armour, but it felt good to test it out and see how I feel after not being Loki for so so so long.
It felt pretty good.

Photo by @brainbarbie

Thor: Ragnarok.. MASTERPIECE.

I just got back from seeing Thor:Ragnarok. HOLY SHIT. IT WAS SO GOOD.        I have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be such a great balance of comedy, action, and drama. SOME MOMENTS it kinda felt like it was really trying to piggyback off the 80s style, slapstick comedy that Guardians Of The Galaxy has, but DEFINITELY  a well done movie. 

Bonus points for every second Thor and Loki exchange long, suspenseful glances and the usage of Led Zepplin songs. 

I gotta admit Ragnarok is now in my top 3 Marvel movies! 

1: Captain America: Civil War 

2: Thor: Ragnarok

3: Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 

I just may go see it again… and again.. and again.. 

On a side note, seeing Valkyrie was totally motivating to get my fat-ass into shape for my Winter Soldier and other cosplays I planned for next year.    GONNA GET RIPPED. GONNA BE COSPLAYING FOR INFINITY WAR OPENING NIGHT.


So, since the film sets for “Avengers: Infinity War” are in town, Loki had to try some yummy Kebab from “Hüsnü” - best Kebab in Cockburn street!!!!!!! The Kebab-shop ISN”T real, but a set and only exists in the movie. In reality it’s a little jewellery shop called “Katies Cupcakes”!

Lokis outfit is the suit-outfit from “Thor: Ragnarok”.
XD I feel blessed with awesome sets, guy!

You like it? More to come!!!


My Loki costume so far!

I’m very happy with how the top has turned out; all the little zipper top stops along the edges of the hem give a really nice finish. I’ll come back later to add the gold necklace to the breastplate.

The back mesh panel makes the top really easy to put on and take off. The faux leather that the costume is made of has a bit of stretch so that helps make it a little more comfortable as well. The pants do squeak as I walk though!

HELP NEEDED  - please!?

NEW LOKI COSTUME ;___; - please help me out?!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕😭😭😭

I am putting my pride aside and begin this early enough, so I can make it in time for the premiere in London - please donate a few pound if you care to see me in the new Loki costume, taking another photo with Mister Hiddleston, together with my best friend in the world @ThatOtherOdinson, this fall for Thor: Ragnarok?! Please?!

It is really tough for me to ask this, after I thought I had my finances back on track a little (but ended up with massive car problems, having to pay 1700pound, that I financed by drawing commissions. which I am STILL finishing to this day.)

I apologise for this, being selfish and all - but it’s the last chance to take @ThatOtherOdinson down to London for the last Thor premiere. Doing that as a team, since we’ve met only because of the Thor-fandom. I intend to take @ThatotherOdinson to the premiere, because it’s the reason we’ve met and it means so much to us together. He is recovering from mental health issues and had to stay offline for a long time now, and couldn’t even cosplay anymore. So this trip would be a huge boost for his emotional well-being. He never did anything like it and it would be the last chance for the Thor movies, which are his favourite. 

( my latest costume, newt scamander is finished now and I’m shooting the pics this month!!! *and another big shoot with a Fbawtft in august*)

If you disagree with my choice to ask for help, please take no offence in it (no hate, scroll on - different people make different life choices, there is no reason for negativity). I respect you totally! It would mean so much for us, to me. It feels like all the Loki-related movies come to an end. It’s so much nostalgia and I feel I can take this role on one more time and make it count! But only with your help!

go to paypal.com and send your donation, as a friend, to
galadraeluk@yahoo.co.uk ! Any penny counts ( subject: Loki ragnarok).
With all the material, Helmet, shipping, we might look at 500£ overall. I’m contacting my trusted commissioner tomorrow to get a price that is correct. Thank you for being my supportive friends!!! (the money will ONLY be used for the Loki cosplay, and any penny too much, also only for other Loki cosplays. No pets, no lolita, no other characters. just LOKI. promise!)

I will update you all with screenshots of the payment once we’ve got enough, and make sure to provide evidence that all money was used correctly!

Thank you so much!!!! If you can’t donate, please share to others?!

P.S. I have still three cosplays finished here that I couldn’t wear so far, due to weight gain because of prescription pills, but I worked on myself and will be able to cosplay all three this summer. So don’t feel disappointed, Henry V was already tested and I only need to shrink back into Adams pants XDDD - it’s finally all coming together!