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So as you know avengers age of ultron is coming out VERY soon (I still don’t know if I’m ready) and a lot of you guys will most likely be dressing up. This year I’m going as Thor, and I already had a costume, but no hammer. So for any last minute cosplayers out there, here’s a tutorial that I threw together for making a Thor hammer. (Btw it’s HOLLOW for all of those candy bags I know that you’ll be stuffing inside your pockets)

1) materials: empty tissue box, paper towel roll, silver duct tape, hot glue, exact-o knife, and brown/silver acrylic paint

2) So first I cut a hole in the bottom of the tissue box big enough for my paper towel roll to just barely slide through. (The bottom of the box being the side opposite the opening on the top. Go ahead and cut all that plastic off of the top while you’re at if.)

3) Next, cut the paper towel roll like I did in the picture above. Put that through the hole that you made, then hot glue it down. Then duct tape the crap out of it. The more the sturdier.

4) After that I covered the top of the box (the side with the hole) tightly in duct tape. When you’re done with that, cut a slit in the middle. That’s how you’re gonna get to all of your stashed candy. I put tape over the edges of the slit and underneath it so that your hand can slide easily in and out without getting stuck on the tape.

5) Now cover the rest of the box with duct tape!

6) Finally, paint the handle, and if you want to draw the designs on the hammer you can. :)


“You’re my son. I wanted only to protect you from the truth.”

“What, because I..I..I am the monster that parents tell their children about at night?”

-Thor (2011)


Winners of the NYCC Marvel Costume Contest for the second year running!

Our group was so big that they had trouble getting everyone in the photos (poor Thor) and we all got split up in the final photo of all the contestants.

Please let me know if anyone got any other pictures of us/the contest!

Quicksilver - @pantydragon
Pepper Potts - @jessschultz
Tony Stark - @elegantfeatherduster
Black Widow - @moonriot
Captain America - @ifyouwannabesteveslover
Peggy Carter - @thelast-centurion
Loki - @thespoopysilhouette
Thor - @haizenthlay
Hawkeye - @ko-no-yo