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Fucking Aquaman uses a spear as his primary weapon mf. Loki used a spear as well. Also these are vibranium spears. Unbreakable. Deadly. Smfh. Hotep niggas are the worst. Shit!!

Jealous (Gabriel x Reader)

word count: 543

Warnings (I guess): Implied doing the do

request by: anon - I know you have a lot of work to do, so no pressure at all, but what about a Gabriel fic where the reader and him watch Avengers and she really fangirls over Loki and Gabe gets very jealous and cute (like in that imagine)?Thanks😘Pls get some rest❤ .

A/N: I’m so happy with how this fic turned out, I’m honestly so comfortable when writing Gabriel fics, it just comes naturally to me aha.

You cuddled deeper into Gabriel’s side as continued to stare at the TV, completely immersed in what was happening. Both you and Gabe had a day off hunting so you decided to just cuddle and watch movies, at the moment you were watching the avengers (and you couldn’t lie, you had the biggest crush on Tom Hiddleston, I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t)?

Gabriel’s arm wrapped its way around your waist as you stared at the screen, trying not to fangirl when Loki appeared, his spear grasped tightly within his hand. You had done so well to not let on how much Loki affects you throughout the entire movie but when his voice spoke ‘kneel before me’ you couldn’t handle it.

Letting out a slight squeal you quickly moved your hands from Gabriel’s to cup your cheeks, grinning like a love-struck idiot as he commanded the civilians.

“Woah, what was that?” Gabe spoke with confusion at your squeal as he watched you fanning your face.

“It’s just Loki, he’s so adorable and hot and misunderstood like of course he’s going to want revenge on everyone, you would too if you were him I mean…” you babbled letting your fangirl nature take over, “I’m rambling.”

Gabriel chuckled and pulled you back into his chest, his arms now wrapped around you slightly tighter in a protective manner as if to claim you as his.

As the scene continued, Gabriel could notably see you get flustered every time Loki appeared and feel your heart rate increase.

“He’s not even real Y/N,” Gabriel spoke out with a hint of jealousy in his voice which he desperately tried to mask.

“I know but Tom Hiddleston plays Loki so well, he’s the hottest villain of them all. Just look at him! Why doesn’t Loki have his own movie yet?!” You swooned.

Gabriel just huffed and you felt as he removed his arms from your waist, sat up slightly, and folded them across his chest.

“What’s wrong Mr. Grumpy?” you asked forcing your eyes away from the screen to look with concern at your boyfriend, not noticing the jealousy forming in his eyes.

“Nothing,” he spoke and you watched as he eyed Loki with envy. Eventually you put two and two together and a large smirk made its way across your face. Oh, this is almost too perfect.

“Okay then,” you spoke trying to hide the teasing tone in your voice, “Man Loki is so hot, gosh, look at him rule and dominate over all those people.”

You began to drastically fangirl over Loki and looked over to Gabe to see him visually become angrier and more jealous by the second.

“Really Y/N, this guy? He’s not even a good Loki. If you want a real dominating Loki you’ve got one right next to you.” Gabriel commanded, his voice deep with lust.

Before you could even say anything, Gabriel had clicked his fingers and the movie had turned off. In an instant Gabe was crawling over your body his face hovering just above yours, your lips almost touching.

“Y/N,” Gabe spoke deeply with an almost animalistic tone.

“Mhm,” you hummed back, your hands snaking their way into his hair as you looked into his dilated whisky eyes.


fancykraken  asked:

“Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

we’re going to pretend you just sent this and it hasn’t been in my inbox for god knows how long okay? okay. 

(we’re also going to pretend this fic is halfway decent just so you know)

It seemed like the ultimate trust exercise.

Just close your eyes, Loki said, and hold out your hands. The thought made Tony’s stomach crawl up into his throat. But Loki had been with him for nearly half a decade now—loyal, if not always stalwart. Loki was a fickle creature that would disappear for months at a time, only to show up in their bed one morning, drowsy in the pink sun and blinking like nothing had happened.

They’d fought, sometimes side by side and sometimes face to face, and Tony could count on both hands the number of new scars he had because of Loki. Which Loki would wave away like a bad smell, claiming the number of times he had saved Tony’s life was recompense enough.

(Though those nights found Loki paying extra attention to every mark, kissing them and running his tongue over the bumpy flesh, that dawn might see them fade a little more.)

And now this.

The scar on Tony’s shoulder twinged. It was a result of Loki driving a spear into him, and, while most people could tell the weather with their knees or joints or scars, this mark acted more like a mood ring for deciphering Loki.

So Tony closed his eyes and held out his hands.

Loki grabbed his left, the long fingers calloused from a thousand years of gripping spears and dagger hilts. But Loki’s hands themselves were tender as he wrapped something around Tony’s palm, then slid a ring onto his fourth finger.

“There,” Loki muttered. “Mine.”

“I—” Tony stared at the shiny golden ring. “You… you could have asked.”

Loki shrugged, because he never asked for anything in his life. He raised Tony’s hand and kissed the knot he tied. “Would you have denied me?”

“We do spend half of our time at war with each other.”

“I hate and I love,” Loki said.

Tony couldn’t stop his laughter because god, did he know that feeling. Hate and love, and too fickle to settle on one. He touched Loki’s cheek. “Until death does us part, I guess.”

Loki’s smile was sharp, lovely. Full of promise. “Not even then, my Stark.”

The war between our love (Loki x Reader) Chapter Twelve: Her knight in leather armor

Note: Kidnapping!!

Words: 1575

Loki, Thor, and Sydia all traveled through the portal without anyone noticing that they were gone. “I need you to come so that we can prove you are pregnant with his child.” Loki said as they came into the land of Bevollion. “Where is everyone?” Thor asked noticing the entire kingdom looked empty as Loki felt this worry building in his stomach at the thought of him being too late. “There’s only two occasions when the entire kingdom is empty like this.” Sydia said as they looked to her. “What?” Loki questioned frowning. “A party, or a wedding. And since there isn’t anything planned for a party for a least a month it’s a wedding. A royal wedding.” She whispered as Loki’s blood grows cold. “Please tell me they have another child.” He begged.

“I’m afraid not, go you must stop the wedding.” Sydia said feeling queasy from going through a portal when Loki looked to Thor. “Do not worry, I shall keep her safe. Go.” He commanded as Loki started towards the palace doors. He gritted his teeth angrily, no one was allowed to take away what is his. He stormed through the doors looking around noticing three guards stood in front of two golden doors. He cracks his neck before transforming to look like one of the natives as he walks up to the guards. “Who are you?” The guard pointed a spear at Loki who smiles. “I’m a friend of the bride.” He spoke calmly as the guards weren’t convinced causing Loki to roll his eyes before he froze them both. He ripped open the doors angrily storming into the room.

“I OBJECT TO THIS MARRIAGE!!” He screamed loudly feeling very pissed off as (Y/N) looked back with a smile on her face. “Loki!” She exclaims as Maddox growls angrily at him. “How dare you stop this wondrous occasion!” Her father snapped. “How dare you try and marry an already married woman! We never were separated! She still is my wife!” Loki hissed back. “Besides, I can prove that the woman who claimed to have my child is wrong. It isn’t mine and I can prove it!” Loki said as (Y/N)’s eyes lit up in happiness. “How?” Her mother demanded standing up before Loki gestured to the door as Thor and the young woman walked in causing people to murmur. Sydia held tightly to Thor’s hand as he offered her a smile to ease her worries.

“Loki is right. The child doesn’t belong to him.” Sydia spoke as (Y/N)’s father grew angry when he stood up slamming his fists into the arm of the throne. “Why would you proclaim falsity?” He demanded. “Because I was blackmailed. He threatened to kill my baby if I didn’t.” She whispered. “Who would do such a thing?” Her mother asked with wide eyes when Sydia pointed to Maddox. “The man you are forcing your daughter to marry.” She said as everyone in the room gasped. “You honestly believe this psychotic woman?” Maddox asked looking to the King and Queen in shock. “You can’t be serious! She’s delirious! She’ll tell you anything! Sydia is mad!” He exclaims when her mother frowned at him crossing her arms as he looks at her.

“How do you know the young woman’s name?” She asked as Maddox face pales. “I.. You see.. We..” He stuttered out swallowing thickly. “I knew you never loved me.” Sydia teared up as she growled angrily as Loki looked to Maddox. “Step away from my Queen.” He gritted as Maddox pulled out a sword holding it against (Y/N)’s throat before pulling her against his body. “If I can’t have her no one can.” Maddox spat as everyone’s eyes widened. (Y/N) grunted as she struggled against him feeling the blade press against her throat. She couldn’t be afraid, she wasn’t afraid she knew that Loki would save her somehow. “You won’t walk away from this Maddox. You could have walking away with only a few years in prison, but threatening a royalty is death.” (Y/N) said, her voice strained from the cold metal being pressed against her tricha.

“If I’m not walking away neither are you.” He groaned as she hissed feeling the blade slice into her skin causing her to gasp when suddenly the sword was embedded into Loki’s shoulder. (Y/N)’s eyes widened when Loki pulled her behind him so fast Maddox barely had time to react, but she gasped at the bloody blade. “You went for the wrong Queen.” Loki growled when Maddox’s eyes widened before he takes (Y/N)’s mother’s hand. “I’m not going down so easily.” He spat before disappearing into black smoke. “Mother!” (Y/N) cried as Loki removed the blade from his shoulder as it clattered to the floor. Blood poured from the wound as Loki gritted his teeth panting harshly. “Damn.” He hissed more upset that he allowed (Y/N)’s mother to be taken then his own wound. “What do we do?” (Y/N)’s father asked to Loki who looked at him.

“We find out where he went that’s what.” Loki said as if it were obvious. “Sydia, do you know where he went?” He asked looking back to her as she came over to help him. “No, he moves around all the time. He could be anywhere.” Sydia mumbled softly. “We could ask Father. He may be able to help.” Thor suggested as Loki sighs. “Sadly you’re right.” He looked to (Y/N) when her father walked over to them. “Please, I shall never doubt you again, but please save my wife.” He pleaded as (Y/N) sighs angrily. “You are a coward Father. You depend on someone else to do things for you.” She growled as everyone remained silent. “At least Mother would try and fight for you.” She huffed angrily before looking back to Thor. “You think your father could help?” She asked

“Yes, he can. He knows people throughout the realms.” Thor said as (Y/N) nods. “Then we should go now.” She said when Sydia looks to (Y/N)’s father. “What about him?” She asked when (Y/N) looked back to him, her expression was cold. “He is of no use to us.” She said as everyone looked to her in silence. “(Y/N)–” Her father whispered. “You forced me into another marriage even though I was still married to Loki. You forced me to give up my freedom a second time because of your selfish actions. If anything happens to Mother it is on your hands Father. I told you I didn’t love Maddox, but you didn’t care.” She spat back as he looked down. “I hope you are happy, because once this is over I’m staying in Asgard.” She turned around.

Loki placed a hand onto her shoulder. “Come, Odin will be happy to see you.” He spoke calmly knowing if he did anything else she’d go off like a firecracker. “We shall return your wife soon.” Thor said bowing as (Y/N)’s father nods. “Be careful.” He said softly as they all start out before Kane follows after her. “Wait!” Kane exclaims as (Y/N) turns back to him. “I’m coming too.” He panted. “No, you’re staying here. The kingdom needs you.” (Y/N) countered. “Two things (Y/N). One, you need me more than they do, and two do you really think you are going to walk away without me?” Kane asked quirking an eyebrow. “We don’t have time for this bickering. Either come with us, or remain her.” Loki huffed as Kane looked at Loki before crossing his arms.

“Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.” He said monotonically as (Y/N) suppresses a smirk. “Come on.” (Y/N) shakes out of the small moment.  “We need to find Maddox before he harms my mother.” She said turning serious as they nod. (Y/N) removed her dress to reveal that she had armor underneath her dress as Kane quirks an eyebrow. “Do I want to know how you did that?” He asked as (Y/N) grins. “I was prepared for anything. At least… I thought I was.” She sighed. “Do not blame yourself. It seems Maddox has a way of swooning.” Thor explained as they left the palace. “He has magic I’ve never seen before.” Loki points out as (Y/N) nods. “His father was a sorcerer who messed with magic he couldn’t control. I believe it was dark magic.” Kane said as everyone looked to him.

“How do you know?” Loki asked as they made it back to their horses seeing the portal out of here just a little bit away. “Because my mother was trying to help his father, but she ended up dead because of it.” He said as (Y/N) looked to him in shock. “We need to figure out how to stop him while looking for him. We don’t know what he is capable of.” Kane said as everyone mounts their horse. “We have to try.” (Y/N) said before they started towards the portal. “We will (Y/N). We will.” Loki spoke calmly as they traveled through the portal. Sydia buried her face into Thor’s chest as the wave of nausea coursed through her body when they appeared at the entrance to Asgardian. “Let’s talk to your father.” (Y/N) said as they started towards the palace.

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A Way Out Part 2

Summary: After using a magical stone to escape his prison cell, Loki and you enjoy a nice life hidden far away from the Avengers. But is this new reality too good to be true? 

Characters: Loki, Thor, Reader

Warnings: none really, just an angsty ending

A/N: So here’s the end! I went for a bit of a different ending than the first part. Feel free to send me more requests. As always, thanks for reading!

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Part 1

Loki tried to keep a neutral expression as he followed Thor and the Star Spangled Man with a Plan away from his cell. His hands were clasped together with tight metal cuffs. He felt the heaviness of the stone in his pocket with each step he took. Thanks to some clever slight of hand, he had managed to keep it out of sight during Thor’s pat down before leaving.

Loki just needed to time it perfectly, and he’d be gone soon enough.

It had been a week since you visited him and slipped him his escape route. A week since Thor had finally been able to convince the so-called Avengers to release his brother back into Asgardian custody. Seeing as it went so well last time, it had taken quite a bit more convincing to get Loki’s release. But apparently, Thor had been quite persuasive.

Thor and good ol’ Cap led him to an elevator where they traveled to the main floor of the Avengers Compound. The metal cuffs limited some of his powers, but the specially fortified concrete walls of his dungeon were what really held him back. As the elevator ascended each floor, Loki could feel more and more power surge through his veins.

The elevator door opened with a ding, and Thor and his comrade exited the small space. Loki couldn’t hold it back any longer. An impish grin overtook his face, and his teeth glinted under the white fluorescent lights. His shoulders shook with silent laughter at everyone’s stupidity.

Thor turned around uneasily and stared at his brother. “Loki?” he asked, stepping cautiously back towards the elevator. “What is it that has you so full of laughter?”

Loki stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “I’m just imagining the look on your faces,” he replied. He shut his eyes and scrunched his nose. The metal cuffs came off with a sharp hiss. He chuckled as the heavy metal fell to the floor with a clang.

Thor lunged into the elevator after his brother. “Loki!” he shouted. Instead of tackling a solid mass, Thor fell right through an image of Loki and slammed into the elevator wall. Loki’s clone saluted Thor’s fallen figure and dissolved.

Steve spun around and came face-to-face with the real Loki. Steve swung wildly, but Loki managed to dodge all incoming attacks.

“You have a chance to go back home,” Steve fumed as he continued to punch the air. “Why risk it?”

Loki’s face relaxed, and for a moment, Steve would have said he almost looked wistful. “My dear Captain,” Loki cooed. “Have you always been this naive?”

Then he took the stone out of his pocket and smashed it to the ground, disappearing in a harsh cloud of black smoke.


Magical stones made great getaway tools, but they definitely didn’t have the same amount of pomp and circumstance one would experience with other methods of transportation.

So when Loki wound up falling straight into a dumpster, he was annoyed, but not completely shocked.

He stared up at the pale sky as he tried to catch his breath. After a few moments, he pulled himself out of the metal canister and landed on the ground. Now that he was finally out of his prison, his power flowed more freely. But he had to be careful. Despite his cunning ability to deceive Heimdall, he didn’t need to draw unnecessary attention to himself.

Loki felt his body shake and realized he was shivering.  At first, he thought it was from the shock of traveling, but when he saw his breath come out in puffs in front of him, he knew it was due to the temperature. This place was much colder than he had been used to the last few months.

He walked to the edge of the alley and peered out into the street. It was early morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise over hundreds of colorful rooftops. Cars dotted the sides of streets, but the city appeared to be sleeping. Steeples peered out among the buildings, and Loki could see some sort of huge mountain in the distance. It was capped with snow, even though the buildings surrounding him were clear. He inhaled deeply and breathed in the scent of saltwater.

“Afsakið? (Excuse me)” a nervous voice asked from behind him. Loki whirled around and prepared to attack, but he lowered his defenses when he realized it was just a boy. He was still somewhere in Midgard, apparently.

“Hvað viltu? (What do you want)” Loki sneered, adapting effortlessly to the boy’s native tongue.

The boy stepped back, his eyes widening at Loki’s harsh voice. “É-Ég h-he-hef lykilinn þinn (I have your key),” he stuttered. He reached into his pocket and held out a shaking hand. A shiny gold key sat in the center of his palm.

Loki reached out and took the key from the boy. He held it up for closer examination. In the faint light, he could just make out the carving of a heart in the metal. He smiled and knew it was your handiwork.

The boy cleared his throat and pointed to a door a few yards away. Loki nodded his head in thanks and walked away. He could hear the boy scurry down the alley as he slipped the key in the door and unlocked the entrance to his new home.

The apartment was small and simple. Wood floors covered the entire space, except for the large rug sitting in the living room area. The edges of the rug spilled over into the quaint kitchen. Shuttered windows sat above the sink and allowed the soft, rising sun to peek onto the counters. Loki smiled at the fairly new appliances taking up the old-fashioned space. You loved your cooking, and clearly, you had put some thought into your new home.

His gaze landed on the coffee table in the living room. A well-worn book sat on top, and Loki picked it up. A Tourist’s Guide to Iceland. On the cover, Loki noticed the exact same mountain he had seen outside. So he was in Iceland. Definitely not a place on the Avengers’ radar.

Loki put the book back down and crept into the bedroom. His smile downturned when he noticed that it was empty. You weren’t here yet. Loki sighed and promptly yawned. The traveling had taken more out of him that he thought. After rummaging through the closets and pulling out new clothes, he managed to learn how to use the antique shower to wash the dumpster stink off of himself. The warm water felt magical on his sore muscles, and he barely made it to the bed before sleep crashed over him.


Loki groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Sunlight shined through the sheer curtains, bathing the room in a soft glow. He tried to roll over, but something stopped him. A smile took over his face as he realized he was holding you in his arms. He had been so knocked out that he hadn’t even heard you come in or slip under the covers.

Your eyes fluttered open as Loki shifted in bed. “Hello, love,” you whispered, stroking his cheek.

Loki gently kissed your forehead. “Hello,” he replied. He moved to your lips, and the kiss turned more heated. You slowly sat up and framed his body with yours. The moment was interrupted with one unexpected guest.

Loki’s stomach.

It rumbled loudly, and you giggled against his lips. “Someone’s hungry,” you teased, peppering kisses against his stomach. You leaned up and hopped off the bed. You interlaced your fingers with his and pulled him up with you. “Then let’s eat!”

Loki sat at the kitchen table while you whipped together eggs and pancakes. He reveled in the way your hips swayed as you hummed a random tune.

“So what’s the plan?” he asked as you plated the food.

You chuckled. “Well, after we eat, I was thinking we could…” you quirked your eyebrows suggestively towards the bedroom.

Loki smiled as he speared some eggs. “I meant, what’s the plan for leaving?” he clarified.

Your expression fell at his words. “Leave? There is no plan.”

“You mean you plan to stay here?” Loki grimaced.

“You mean you don’t?” you shot back, crossing your arms.

Loki scoffed. “And live my life in this town just existing?” He walked over and put his hands on top of your shoulders. “I am meant for so much more. I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

You shook his hands off your shoulders and stabbed your fork at him. “You are burdened with a warrant for your head.”

“Details,” Loki shrugged.

Narrowing your eyes, you glared at him. “I risked everything for you. For us.” You clasped his hands. “We can start over,” you begged. “Please. Give it time.”

Loki’s eyes gazed into yours intensely while his thumbs gently traced circles on the soft fabric of your t-shirt. You had risked everything, and it was all for him. The least he could do was give this new life a shot.

He answered you with a kiss, which you returned eagerly. He lifted you up in his arms, and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against your lips.

You giggled and kissed him back. “I love you too.”

Your plates of food sat on the kitchen table as Loki carried you to the bedroom to show just how much he loved you.


Life in Iceland was a complete change from the life Loki was used to. Reykjavík was a small town with friendly people. Loki always altered his appearance slightly whenever the two of you went out, but no one ever paid him any mind.

You went shopping at the market every weekend after wandering around the town. It was small enough that you both had discovered the little eccentricities that made Reykjavík wonderful. It wasn’t uncommon for you to grab some food and eat in front of the water.

And the food! The food could be placed into a category all its own. Whether it was you cooking the local seafood or going out to a restaurant, Loki fell in love with the local cuisine each and every meal. It was certainly an upgrade from his prison cell.

While you both weren’t club-goers, you did enjoy wandering the streets at night. The sunset always reflected brilliantly on the water, and you liked listening to the different types of music seeping from club doors in the wee hours.

Despite its magical qualities, the spell of Reykjavík wore off eventually. You knew how much more Loki wanted out of his life. How much he wanted to leave. No matter what you did, it didn’t seem to change his mind.

Loki’s intense closeness during the beginning of your new life together slowly dissolved. His hugs became more lackluster, and his eyes lost their shine as you discovered a new part of Reykjavík.

At first, you tried to convince yourself you were imagining Loki drifting away from you. That he just hit a plateau with his freedom. He still loved you, you knew that much.

But one night it became quite clear that he didn’t love this life anymore.

The apartment was dark and silent, yet you found yourself awake in an empty bed. You sat up and looked for any sign of Loki, but there was none. Pulling back the covers, you carefully tiptoed out into the living room. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw Loki’s tall figure at the window. His face was streaked with moonlight as he peered out into the night.

“Loki?” He slowly turned around, and your heart sunk into your stomach.

As soon as you looked into his eyes, you knew it was over. They shone sadly as his mouth opened and closed, trying to form a sentence that would make it better. But nothing could make it better. Finally, he settled for walking over to you, cupping your cheek in his hand and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered.

You blinked back tears as you covered his hand with your own. “I k-kn-know,” you stuttered. You swallowed thickly. “I know,” you repeated.

He nodded and clenched his jaw as a few tears of his own fell down his pale cheeks. He walked away, opened the door, and left.

You gave yourself ten seconds. Ten silent, excruciating seconds for him to have enough time to walk out of the building and leave. As soon as those ten seconds were up, a dam erupted inside of you, and you collapsed to the floor. Heaving sobs shook your body as you laid down on the cold wood. You so desperately wanted him to walk back through the door and tell you it was all a mistake. But as much as you wished it to be true, you knew it wasn’t going to happen.

You had given him a way out, and he had taken it.

But not in the way you had hoped.

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I have a love/hate relationship with this fic. I liked the initial plot but then I butchered it in the writing process. Here’s hoping you guys like it anyway. The request was made by @cosmichorse95, so thank you for giving me some more Thor to work with. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Would it be possible for you to write a fic with Loki and Thor when they were growing up and were actually close? Loki saving Thor’s ass xD I love the way you write Loki. It’s all of the perfect-ness 😍 And everyone else for that matter :)


Thor laughed boisterously, his voice echoing amongst the cavern, as he tossed Mjolnir in the direction of the great beast’s head. He knew not what he was fighting; only that it was doing a very good job. A challenge! Something he had been lacking, and was thoroughly enjoying.

“Come, Loki, is this not fun?”
“You and I have varying definitions,” Loki replied with a smirk. He did not have Thor’s brutish strength or weaponry but he had enough cunning to outdo both. He’d recently petitioned a pair of elven smithers to craft him a weapon both light and deadly. They’d done him proud.

Though he was anxious to test his new spear, the violent thrashing of the beast’s tail was hardly encouraging.

Thor and Loki had suffered a troublesome childhood, often pitted against each other and forced to compete. Early on they had realised that this would culminate in the jeopardising of their relationship. Eager to avoid this, they came to a resolution. Since their adolescence, the young princes had disguised themselves as vigilantes to search the land for trinkets and quests. Loki had brought home many interesting artefacts from the ventures and Thor had tales galore to tell at feasts. Their incognito adventures not only left both men happy, but also ensured that they had plenty chance to fight aside one another, rather than against.

Today was no different.

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Norse mythology

Iceland has one of the biggest demographics of Norse pagan believers in the world. It possibly surprises no one, but Norse paganism has had a large impact on Icelandic culture every since settlement began in the late 800s. The people who settled in Iceland at that time came mostly from Norway and Ireland and the majority of them were pagan. In the year 1000 (or 999) Icelanders decided to take up Christianity to keep the peace and the nation as one. However, it was decided that they could still sacrifice („blóta“) in secret, eat horse meat and expose children to the weather (to die).

There are at least 39 gods and goddesses in the ásatrú or Norse paganism. The following are four of the most famous æsir. Later on you‘ll get to read about the four most famous ásynjur, or goddesses.

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My Queen (Loki x Reader)

Imagine: Being an avenger and Loki falling in love with you.

(f/n)- First Name
(l/n)- Last Name

A/N: In this imagine, you are able to control elecricity just so you know. You have powers. I didnt want anyone getting confused.
(Picture not mine. I just used it to show where I got the imagine.)

You sighed as you put on your ‘suit’. It could barely be classified as that. You were told to suit up and you didn’t really have a suit per se. It was simply a pair of leather pants with a tank top and a hoodie. It was nothing compared to all of the other avengers and you were fine with that. There was no way you would be wearing a cat suit like Nat.

“Let’s go. If you’re coming you’ve got to move faster (f/n).” Steve said from outside the door. You sighed and opened the door to see him standing there.

“Alright let’s move.” He was no doubt looking at all of the weapons you had strapped to your body and wondering why. It was to help with the ending of your combat training. Fury had wanted you to rely less on your powers and more on hand-to-hand. You completely understood. Not always would your powers be there to save you.

You followed after Steve as he walked onto the quintet. Natasha was already there and in the pilot’s seat. You sat down in one of the seats and strapped yourself down. You were in for a pretty long ride. Germany was where Loki had last been spotted and that was where you were headed.

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Part 5 - How Brock Brought Judgement On Loki.

From Sacred Texts. 

It was then that Loki, with the wish of making the Æsir and the Vanir friendly to him once more, brought out the wonderful things he had gained from the Dwarfs -  the spear Gungnir and the boat Skidbladnir. The Æsir and the Vanir marveled at things so wonderful. Loki gave the spear as a gift to Odin, and to Frey, who was chief of the Vanir, he gave the boat Skidbladnir.

All Asgard rejoiced that things so wonderful and so helpful had been brought to them. And Loki, who had made a great show in giving these gifts, said boastingly:

“None but the Dwarfs who work for me could make such things. There are other Dwarfs, but they are as unhandy as they are misshapen. The Dwarfs who are my servants are the only ones who can make such wonders.” Now Loki in his boastfulness had said a foolish thing. There were other Dwarfs besides those who had worked for him, and one of these was there in Asgard. All unknown to Loki he stood in the shadow of Odin’s seat, listening to what was being said. Now he went over to Loki, his little, unshapely form trembling with rage - Brock, the most spiteful of all the Dwarfs.

“Ha, Loki, you boaster,” he roared, “you lie in your words. Sindri, my brother, who would scorn to serve you, is the best smith in Svartheim.”

The Æsir and the Vanir laughed to see Loki outfaced by Brock the Dwarf in the middle of his boastfulness. As they laughed Loki grew angry.

“Be silent, Dwarf,” he said, “your brother will know about smith’s work when he goes to the Dwarfs who are my friends, and learns something from them.”

“He learned from the Dwarfs who are your friends! My brother Sindri learned from the Dwarfs who are your friends!” Brock roared, in a greater rage than before. “The things you have brought out of Svartheim would not be noticed by the Æsir and the Vanir if they were put beside the things that my brother Sindri can make.”

“Sometime we will try your brother Sindri and see what he can do,” said Loki.

“Try now, try now,” Brock shouted. “I’ll wager my ‘head against yours, Loki, that his work will make the Dwellers in Asgard laugh at your boasting.”

“I will take your wager,” said Loki. “My head against yours. And glad will I be to see that ugly head of yours off your misshapen shoulders.”

“The Æsir will judge whether my brother’s work is not the best that ever came out of Svartheim. And they will see to it that you will pay your wager, Loki, the head off your shoulders. Will ye not sit in judgment, O Dwellers in Asgard?”

“We will sit in judgment,” said the Æsir. Then, still full of rage, Brock the Dwarf went down to Svartheim, and to the place where his brother Sindri worked.

There was Sindri in his glowing forge, working with bellows and anvil and hammers beside him, and around him masses of metal - gold and silver, copper and iron. Brock told his tale, how he had wagered his head against Loki’s that Sindri could make things more wonderful than the spear and the boat that Loki had brought into Asgard.

“You were right in what you said, my brother,” said Sindri, “and you shall not lose your head to Loki. But the two of us must work at what I am going to forge. It will be your work to keep the fire so that it will neither blaze up nor die down for a single instant. If you can keep the fire as I tell you, we will forge a wonder. Now, brother, keep your hands upon the bellows, and keep the fire under your control.”

Then into the fire Sindri threw, not a piece of metal, but a pig’s skin. Brock kept his hands on the bellows, working it so that the fire neither died down nor blazed up for a single instant. And in the glowing fire the pigskin swelled itself into a strange shape.

But Brock was not left to work the bellows in peace. In to the forge flew a gadfly. It lighted on Brock’s hands and stung them. The Dwarf screamed with pain, but his hands still held the bellows, working it to keep the fire steady, for he knew that the gadfly was Loki, and that Loki was striving to spoil Sindri’s work. Again the gadfly stung his hands, but Brock, although his hands felt as if they were pierced with hot irons, still worked the bellows so that the fire did not blaze up or die down for a single instant.

Sindri came and looked into the fire. Over the shape that was rising there he said words of magic. The gadfly had flown away, and Sindri bade his brother cease working. He took out the thing that had been shaped in the fire, and he worked over it with his hammer. It was a wonder indeed–a boar, all golden, that could fly through the air, and that shed light from its bristles as it flew. Brock forgot the pain in his hands and screamed with joy. “This is the greatest of wonders,” he said. “The Dwellers in Asgard will have to give the judgment against Loki. I shall have Loki’s head!”

But Sindri said, “The boar Golden Bristle may not be judged as great a wonder as the spear Gungnir or the boat Skidbladnir. We must make something more wonderful still. Work the bellows as before, brother, and do not let the fire die down or blaze up for a single instant.”

Then Sindri took up a piece bf gold that was so bright it lightened up the dark cavern that the Dwarfs worked in. He threw the piece of gold into the fire. Then he went to make ready something else and left Brock to work the bellows.

The gadfly flew in again. Brock did not know it was there until it lighted on the back of his neck. It stung him till Brock felt the pain was wrenching him apart. But still he kept his hands on the bellows, working it so that the fire neither blazed up nor died down for a single instant. When Sindri came to look into the fire, Brock was not able to speak for pain.

Again Sindri said magic words over the gold that was being smelted in the fire. He took it out of the glow and worked it over on the main-anvil. Then in a while he showed Brock something that looked like the circle of the sun. “A splendid armring, my brother,” he said. “An armring for a God’s right arm. And this ring has hidden wonders. Every ninth night eight rings like itself will drop from this armring, for this is Draupnir, the Ring of Increase.”

“To Odin, the Father of the Gods, the ring shall be given,” said Brock. “And Odin will have to declare that nothing so wonderful or so profitable to the Gods was ever brought into Asgard. O Loki, cunning Loki, I shall have thy head in spite of thy tricks.”

“Be not too hasty, brother,” said Sindri. “What we have done so far is good. But better still must be the thing that will make the Dwellers in Asgard give the judgment that delivers Loki’s head to thee. Work as before, brother, and do not let the fire blaze up or die down for a single instant.”

This time Sindri threw into the fire a bar of iron. Then he went away to fetch the hammer that would shape it. Brock worked the bellows as before, but only his hands were steady, for every other part of him was trembling with expectation of the gadfly’s sting.

He saw the gadfly dart into the forge. He screamed as it flew round and round him, searching out a place where it might sting him most fearfully. It lighted down on his forehead, just between his eyes. The first sting it gave took the sight from his eyes. It stung again and Brock felt the blood flowing down. Darkness filled the cave. Brock tried to keep his hands steady on the bellows, but he did not know whether the fire was blazing up or dying down. He shouted and Sindri hurried up.

Sindri said the magic words over the thing that was in the fire. Then he drew it out. “An instant more,” he said, “and the work would have been perfect. But because you let the fire die down for an instant the work is not as good as it might have been made.” He took what was shaped in the fire to the main-anvil and worked over it. Then when Brock’s eyesight came back to him he saw a great hammer, a hammer all of iron. The handle did not seem .to be long enough to balance the head. This was because the fire had died down for an instant while it was being formed.

“The hammer is Miölnir,” said Sindri, “and it is the greatest of the things that I am able to make. All in Asgard must rejoice to see this hammer. Thor only will be able to wield it. Now I am not afraid of the judgment that the Dwellers in Asgard will give.”

“The Dwellers in Asgard will have to give judgment for us,” Brock cried out. “They will have to give judgment for us, and the head of Loki, my tormentor, will be given me.”

“No more wonderful or more profitable gifts than these have ever been brought into Asgard,” Sindri said. “Thy head is saved, and thou wilt be able to take the head of Loki who was insolent to us. Bring it here, and we will throw it into the fire in the forge.”

The Æsir and the Vanir were seated in the Council House of Asgard when a train of Dwarfs appeared before them. Brock came at the head of the train, and he was followed by a band of Dwarfs carrying things of great weight. Brock and his attendants stood round the throne of Odin, and harkened to the words of the Father of the Gods.

“We know why you have come into Asgard from out of Svartheim,” Odin said. “You have brought things wonderful and profitable to the Dwellers in Asgard. Let what you have brought be seen, Brock. If they are more wonderful and more useful than the things Loki has brought out of Svartheim, the spear Gungnir and the boat Skidbladnir, we will give judgment for you.”

Then Brock commanded the Dwarfs who waited on him to show the Dwellers in Asgard the first of the wonders that Sindri had made. They brought out the boar, Golden Bristle. Round and round the Council House the boar flew, leaving a track of brightness. The Dwellers in Asgard said one to the other that this was a wonder indeed. But none would say that the boar was a better thing to have in Asgard than the spear that would hit the mark no matter how badly it was flung, or the boat Skidbladnir that would sail on any sea, and that could be folded up so small that it would fit in any one’s pocket: none would say that Golden Bristle was better than these wonders.

To Frey, who was Chief of the Vanir, Brock gave the wondrous boar.

Then the attending Dwarfs showed the armring that was as bright as the circle of the Sun. All admired the noble ring. And when it was told how every ninth night this ring dropped eight rings of gold that were like itself, the Dwellers in Asgard spoke aloud, all saying that Draupnir, the Ring of Increase, was a wonder indeed. Hearing their voices raised, Brock looked triumphantly at Loki who was standing there with his lips drawn closely together.

To Odin, the Father of the Gods, Brock gave the noble armring.

Then he commanded the attending Dwarfs to lay before Thor the hammer Miölnir. Thor took the hammer up and swung it around his head. As he did so he uttered a great cry. And the eyes of the Dwellers in Asgard lightened up when they saw Thor with the hammer Miölnir in his hands; their eyes lightened up and from their lips came the cry, “This is a wonder, a wonder indeed! With this hammer in his hand none can withstand Thor, our Champion. No greater thing has ever come into Asgard than the hammer Miölnir.”

Then Odin, the Father of the Gods, spoke from his throne, giving judgment. “The hammer Miölnir that the Dwarf Brock has brought into Asgard is a thing wonderful indeed and profitable to the Gods. In Thor’s hands it can crush mountains, and hurl the Giant race from the ramparts of Asgard. Sindri the Dwarf has forged a greater thing than the spear Gungnir and the boat Skidbladnir. There can be no other judgment.”

Brock looked at Loki, showing his gnarled teeth. “Now, Loki, yield your head, yield your head,” he cried.

“Do not ask such a thing,” said Odin. “Put any other penalty on Loki for mocking you and tormenting you. Make him yield to you the greatest thing that it is in his power to give.”

“Not so, not so,” screamed Brock. “You Dwellers in Asgard would shield one another. But what of me? Loki would have taken my head had I lost the wager. Loki has lost his head to me. Let him kneel down now till I cut it off.”

Loki came forward, smiling with closed lips. “I kneel before you, Dwarf,” he said. “Take off my head. But be careful. Do not touch my neck. I did not bargain that you should touch my neck. If you do, I shall call upon the Dwellers in Asgard to punish you.”

Brock drew back with a snarl. “Is this the judgment of the Gods?” he asked.

“The bargain you made, Brock,” said Odin, “was an evil one, and all its evil consequences you must bear.”

Brock, in a rage, looked upon Loki, and he saw that his lips were smiling. He stamped his feet and raged. Then he went up to Loki and said, “I may not take your head, but I can do something with your lips that mock me.”

“What would you do, Dwarf?” asked Thor.

“Sew Loki’s lips together,” said Brock, “so that he can do no more mischief with his talk. You Dwellers in Asgard cannot forbid me to do this. Down, Loki, on your knees before me.”

Loki looked round on the Dwellers in Asgard and he saw that their judgment was that he must kneel before the Dwarf. He knelt down with a frown upon his brow. “Draw your lips together, Loki,” said Brock. Loki drew his lips together while his eyes flashed fire. With an awl that he took from his belt Brock pierced Loki’s lips. He took out a thong and tightened them together. Then in triumph the Dwarf looked on Loki.

“O Loki,” he said, “you boasted that the Dwarfs who worked for you were better craftsmen than Sindri, my brother. Your words have been shown to be lies. And now you cannot boast for a while.”

Then Brock the Dwarf, with great majesty, walked out of the Council House of Asgard, and the attending Dwarfs marched behind him in procession. Down the passages in the earth the Dwarfs went, singing the song of Brock’s triumph over Loki. And in Svartheim it was told forever after how Sindri and Brock had prevailed.

In Asgard, now that Loki’s lips were closed, there was peace and a respite from mischief. No one amongst the Æsir or the Vanir were sorry when Loki had to walk about in silence with his head bent low.

“Peggy is just a love interest”

“Hawkeye isn’t a real Avenger”

“The Hulk’s character is boring”

“Bucky is the villain”

Balder is one of the Aesir gods. He’s the son of Odin and Frigg, the wife of the obscure goddess Nanna, and the father of the god Forseti.

He’s loved by all the gods, goddesses, and beings of a more physical nature. So handsome, gracious, and cheerful is he that he actually gives off light.

When Baldur began to have dreams of his death, Frigg went around to everything in the world and secured from each of them an oath to not harm her son. Confident in Baldur’s invincibility, the gods amused themselves by throwing weapons and any random thing they could find at Baldur and watching them bounce off of him, leaving him utterly unscathed. Loki, the guileful trickster of the gods, sensed an opportunity for mischief. He inquired of Frigg whether she had overlooked anything whatsoever in her quest to obtain oaths. She casually answered that she had thought the mistletoe to be too small and harmless a thing to bother asking for such a promise. Loki straightaway made a spear from the mistletoe and convinced the blind god Hod to throw it at Baldur. The projectile pierced the god, and he fell down dead. The anguished gods then ordained that one of them should go to the underworld to see if there was any way Baldur could be retrieved from the clutches of the death goddess, Hel. Hermod, another one of Odin’s many sons, agreed to make this journey, and, mounting Odin’s steed, Sleipnir, he rode down the world-tree until he came to its dark and damp roots, wherein lies Hel’s abode. When he arrived, he found his brother, pale and grim, sitting in the seat of honor next to Hel. Hermod implored the dreadful goddess to release Baldur, and after much persuasion, she replied that she would give him up if and only if everything in the world would weep for Baldur – to prove, in other words, that he was as universally beloved as Hermod claimed. The whole world did indeed weep for the generous son of Odin – all, that is, save one creature. The giantess Þökk (“Thanks”), generally assumed to be Loki in disguise, callously refused to perform the act that would secure Baldur’s return. And so the bright god lay in the grave until Ragnarok, the destruction of the cosmos at the end of the great mythical cycle, after which Baldur returned at last to the land of the living, gladdening the hearts of the creatures who filled the new world.

While we know relatively little about Baldur due to the fragmentary nature of the sources of our knowledge of pre-Christian Germanic religion, he evidently occupied a position of renown and splendor in the hearts and minds of the heathen Germanic peoples. He seems to have been regarded as the divine animating force behind the beauty of life at the peak of its strength and exuberance. His death marks the beginning of the decline into old age, night, winter, and ultimately the death and rebirth that characterize Ragnarok.

TITLE: I Guess This is Growing Up


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being another child that Odin has brought back to Asgard to raise alongside Thor and Loki.  Thor is always the older brother but even from a young age, there is no denying the connection between you and Loki.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Sigrun is 15 and Thor is 19 and Loki is 18.

Sigrun tried to blink back tears of frustration. She was incredibly aggravated with herself, and Loki was getting on her nerves.

“You just have to focus.” He kept encouraging, so much so that the words had lost their meaning.

“I know that.” She snapped back. Her head was pounding, and she felt sweat flowing down her back in a steady stream.

She had been practicing magic for almost six years now, and in that time, she had just  barely mastered the basic spells and illusions. Loki had stuck by her as a tutor; taking away any extra time would have had for himself.

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