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The gift

TITLE: The gift


AUTHOR: Mastre

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki finally being legitimate king of Asgard. A faraway realm with different traditions sends their envoys to discuss a treaty of sorts. Among the gifts they bring for the king is a pleasure slave.

RATING: Mature/explicit 

NOTES/WARNINGS: NON-CON due to the inherent nature of slavery.

“It’s a most delicate situation, sire.”

“I am aware,” Loki said with barely hidden impatience. It took time to establish trust in his ability to rule, but some of the people he surrounded himself with seemed to expect him to fail at even the most rudimentary of tasks.

“They may be a small and distant realm, but their proximity to…”

“As already stated, I am very well aware of their significance. Do you have anything useful to contribute?”

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pawesomecatking  asked:

Hey! I'm recent to the fandom and wanted to know if there's a MUST READ list anywhere or any really good gems that are unmissable. I've already went thought cavaleira's (almost) whole AO3 account and am still recovering from 'Take the Long Way Home' (like, how soon is too soon for a re-read?). Also, awesome blog :)


So I bring you a mix of genres and there’s both canon and AU fics, basically what I feel really captures the experience of this fandom as I know it. Take the Long Way Home would be very high on that list so you’re already covered there, just linking for other readers. 

Note: 1) Unless I absolutely couldn’t help it, it’s one fic per author but on this list there are MANY very prolific, very talented authors. Please check out their other works too. 2) Some of these are current or even abandoned WIPs. Some stuff is just too good even without an ending.

First you have the list of just titles and authors, then under the cut the same list but with summaries included because this is just so long.

Spoils of War by Fickle_Obsessions 

A Brother’s Treason by dreamlittleyo 

To Be the Anvil by Schaudwen 

Faceless by thefirstwhokneels 

The Old Ways by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claricechiarasorcha) 

Cavemen Thor and Loki by Icemaidenstory 

Let slip the dogs of war by amberfox17 

The Northern Sea by soltian 

The Ice (and Mistakes and Accidents series) by themantlingdark

Good Inside by glayish 

As if he were the Sun by ohfreckle 

Waiting for the Moon to Rise by cavaleira 

Wild Ambition Fortune’s Ice Prefers by amberfox17 

Dead wings carried like a paper kite by illwynd 

Mad Man by griseldajane 

Make It Go Away, Or Make It Better by rayemars 

Easily by proantagonist 

God of Lies by izazov 

Shadow in the Sun by shadow_in_the_shade 

Something so Magic by thisdorkyficthing 

You Pull Me Out of Line (Make Me Beg and Make Me Chase) by sexualthorientation (sexyscholar) 

Where Shadows Lie by eyeus 

A Poison that Never Stung by thisdorkyficthing 

down to just one thing by helwolves 

Dog inside the heart by thebookhunter 

Wergeld by rayemars 

In Your Heart Believe What In My Heart I Know by umakoo 

Out of the Mouths of Babes by Rynfinity 

Look To The Sky by karuvapatta 

Number One Contender For My Heart by guardianinthesky 

Facing the Vast by needleyecandy 

Crash Into Me by ravenbringslight 

Putting Out Fire by Hermaline75 

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A God’s Mercy

WARNING: This fanfiction contains sensitive material. If you do not feel comfortable reading such material, please scroll past this, thank you!

PS: Also slight language.

I was captured. Everything was gone. My home, my family, my freedom.

King Odin had ordered an attack on my village. His exact orders were to “Pillage the small town and take its people…they may be useful to Asgard.”

Everyone in the village had been taken against their will and shoved into nasty, dirty cells that were connected to horse-drawn carriages.

Some of the townsfolk tried fighting back but were quickly killed in front of everyone.  I truly now was beginning to hate that one-eyed bastard.

We were all brought into the grand palace of Asgard. “Home of the gods, huh? What a joke.” I mumbled to myself as we stepped out of the cells.

The one-eyed king had made eye contact with me and quickly whispered an order to one of his guards.

The guard swiftly came over to me and grabbed me by the arm, I didn’t put up a fight or even showed any emotion for that matter; my emotions were the last thing I have and I do not intend on that one-eyed joke to take them away from me.

The guard lead me down a large, dimly lit, golden corridor. At the end of the long hall was an over exaggerated door.

 I honestly don’t understand why Asgardian doors have to be so large, probably to fit their egos in the room.

The guard shoved me inside as if he was in a hurry to leave and slammed the door. The room was unnervingly dark, who knows what could be in here!

I see a flare of green fire, light a small candle on the side of what seems to be a bed. “Hello?” I call out as the candle flickers.

A tall slim, dark figure is now illuminated by the small candle. “I suppose you’re the new ‘gift’ Thor was going on about,” he says in a hushed tone.

Not knowing what to say or if I’m even allowed to say anything I stand silently. “Don’t worry, you can be normal around me; it’s not like I’m Thor.” he dryly states.


“Now, don’t be so nervous around me, I won’t hurt you or treat you like a doll if that’s what you’re worried about…that is if you wish to be.”

I shifted uncomfortably in my spot. How does this guy expect me to act normal when he’s being a complete weirdo.

He laughs “I jest, you’re free to do whatever it is you wish as long as you don’t interfere with my studies.”

“Really? I don’t have to cook or clean?”

“Well, if you’d like to its fine but I don’t require anything to be done.” He spoke with a cocked brow.

Now feeling slightly less uncomfortable, I sat on his soft, plush mattress. It felt like an actual cloud!

“You can sleep in my chambers if you’d like. I hardly ever sleep so you may sleep in my bed. But no snoring, I already hear enough of it.” with that, he turned to his desk and began to work on a spell.

I fell back on his bed and was instantly asleep. It was if I had forgotten that I was here against my will.

When I woke I was instantly greeted by a pair of arms embracing me. I didn’t move as I didn’t want to wake him. Plus he was very soft and warm so why even bother with trying to move

I felt a gentle kiss on the top of my head,” Go back to sleep, my dear. It’s not even morning yet.”

And with that, I knew that this new life, even if I was stuck here wasn’t going to be so bad.

The Pleasure Slave: Loki x Reader

spoilers from Thor 3, casual but still there - it seemed like a decent place to cut it off, I’ll write more eventually!

“Are you fighter or are you food?” The scary looking masked creatures jeered at you. Much of your clothes had been tattered when you landed in the garbage heaps surrounding Sakaar; they barely afforded you any sense of modesty.

“Please, let me go, where am I, what’s happening?”

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Mobile Fanfiction Masterlist

The fics are ordered from most to least recent, and all of them are complete.

Fics marked with * link back to the the main blog since they were first posted there.

S - Smut   |   A - Angst   |   F - Fluff

(Last Updated: December 29, 2016)

Tom Hiddleston

One Shots

  • It Ends Tonight* - (A) - what happens when fame gets in the way of a relationship? Tom is about to find that out.
  • Hunger* - (S) - Genevieve -a century old vampire- finds her dinner in a noisy club: a tall, curly golden haired man.
  • The Party* - (S) - Loki, the character your boyfriend Tom portrays, made you all hot and bothered in the movie theater. And Tom decided to take care of it at the after party.
  • Morning, Tom* - (S) - Tom wakes up with a morning wood.
  • Just Another Fight* - (S) - Tom knows exactly what to do for you to forgive him after you two have a fight.


One Shots

  • Put All Your Trust In Me* - (S) - A Midgardian girl -who’s been living in Asgard for quite a time now- is willing to do anything to help Loki out of his cage.
  • Betrayal* - (S) - Loki receives a visit in his cell in Asgard.
  • You Were Made To Be Ruled* - (S) - A Midgardian agent visits Loki’s cage seeking revenge. Will she get it?
  • Crimson* - (AF) - Loki finds in a Midgardian girl what he never obtained in Asgard.
  • Queen Of Mischief* - (S) - Reader proposes Loki to share his kingdom with someone else.
  • I Said … Kneel!* - (S) - Reader refuses to accept Loki as her lord. She’s willing to die before kneeling before him, but Loki has some methods that will bring her to her knees… literally.

Short Stories (short stories contain from 2 to 3 parts only)

  • Hide and Seek* - (S) - Loki promises a slave to release her from his rule… will he comply? -   Part 1 | Part 2   [complete]

Bucky Barnes / TWS

One Shots

  • Princess - (S) - Reader hates that Bucky calls her names, but the latest one he’s come up with has her fuming.
  • One Night - (S) - Reader and Bucky have been friends with benefits for a long time, but one of them developed feelings for the other despite their ground rules.
  • Giving Up On You - (A) - There are only three words that would make Reader stay by Bucky’s side.
  • Valentine’s Day - (A) - Bucky knows his girlfriend’s favorite day is Valentine’s, and he decides to buy her her favorite flowers.
  • After a Mission - (AF) - Bucky doesn’t like to be alone, and sleeping is the best thing he can think of until Reader arrives.
  • Dessert - (S) - Bucky doesn’t want to attend to his own birthday party, but reader has her own methods to convince him to do so.
  • Clean - (AF) - Bucky comes back from a mission covered in blood and bruises, and in desperate need for a bath, so the reader decides to do the job for him.
  • Roommate - (S) - Reader hasn’t gotten any in almost 6 months, and Bucky -her roommate- is making things more difficult for her.
  • Who The Hell Is Bucky?* - (S) - There’s a better way to prep Bucky to do what HYDRA wants than to put him to torture, and you know exactly what that is.

Sam Winchester

One Shots

  • Not Your Fault - (AF) - Sam feels guilty for someone’s death and Reader comforts him.

i’m jumping on @claricechiarasorcha​‘s bandwagon and doing the thorki self rec thing! :)))

nothing good comes after midnight (co-written w/the amazing @curds-and-wheyface​); explicit

Loki has been and always will be his; from the day Loki’s junkie mother showed up with him Thor had known that, embraced it as his most significant truth. Loki was his to love and protect and then, later, somewhere down the line, his to fuck.

aka that time bucky yelled “BIKER AU” and we waltzed each other into unabashed filth.

paradise by the dashboard light; explicit

Thor’s eyes flick over to the kid bagging his groceries.

He’s got a nice…everything.

He’s lean, this kid. Pale and…almost pretty. Thor likes the way his black hair twists into little curls around his ears. He looks up at Thor and blows a big pink bubble with his gum.

Thor has a hard time looking away, which seems to suit the kid just fine, because he hasn’t stopped looking either.

aka that time the image of teen loki in short shorts and tube socks got snagged in my brain and wouldn’t leave me alone.

c-c-c-cinnamon lips (and candy kisses on my tongue); explicit

If their parents ever found out how much their relationship had changed, how often Loki would sit in his lap now, sobbing – and naked – with Thor’s fingers tickling him inside…

Well. ‘Cute’ would hardly be the word anyone would use.

aka that time when i thought “thor and loki banging on the kitchen table covered in cinnamon and sugar” sounded like a great idea. happy holidays!

you pull me out of line (make beg and make me chase); explicit

Thor, a Roman general in the Emperor’s army, becomes infatuated with Loki, a young pleasure slave. Smut ensues. Naturally.

aka that time i took a perfectly good request for loki in chains and made it into an ancient rome au.

gonna stretch you out (like a tape in a cassette); explicit

When Loki’s phone buzzes against his thigh, it’s a welcomed distraction. He slides the device out of his pocket and sneaks a glance at the screen. There’s a message from Thor, and his stomach flips.

“Call me, baby.”

aka that time my lizard brain craved a sugar daddy x baby au and then just went buckwild.

enjoy! <333

Stutter || Loki x Steve Rogers one shot

Words: 740

Warnings: none

SUMMARY: Loki sits in a glass cell. Steve Rogers tries to understand Loki’s motivations, but the God of Mischief has other plans towards Captain.

Authors: Rouge and Cass

Steve looked around as he entered the rather big room with a cage made of glass on the middle.
At first he shot his blue eyes closed because of a bright light filling the room.

Loki smiled awfully. “Captain Rogers. Welcome into my little glass prison. What have I done to deserve such a GREAT honor?” black haired man said looking at Steve with soft frown.

Steve swallowed hardly, but he did his best to remain calm.
“I came to ask who exactly do you think you are? Who gave you a right to just come here and start a fight? What do you want?”

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The Pleasure Slave - Part 2

Trying to work past this new writer’s block, might take a few day’s break if it doesn’t improve, we’ll see, hopefully this turned out alright, it feels forced to me and I’m not pleased

You spent the next day in your cell, serving girls cleaning and tending to you to make sure you were as fit and pretty as you had been the day before and would continue to be so for that night intended to be spent with Loki.

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It’s very dark and crazy… but I love it… you know how much I can dream whit this two pic!?!?! A Tony-slave and a Master-Loki!!! Somethong like: Loki has win the war whit the Chitauri and now he rules on Midgard! I’ve read something very similar su ArchiveYourOwn a few days ago…. here:


but then I want thor to be this really sweet and caring dominus and loki’s so unused to that kindness and he’s confused.

shhh I take love roman AU– especially since I study latin…. 

Getting involved in all the lovely Thorki Fic Recs that are going around today!

I assume a lot of new fics will get recs today, so I’ve included a few slightly older fics that I love.

  • You Pull Me Out of Line (Make Me Beg and Make Me Chase by @chrisshemsworth
    Thor, a Roman general in the Emperor’s army, becomes infatuated with Loki, a young pleasure slave. Smut ensues. Naturally.

  • Resurrection by hermaline75
    Edinburgh, 1826. In the depths of alcoholism, Thor finds himself employed by an unusual man.

  • While You’ve Been Saving Your Neck I’ve Been Breaking Mine by @thisdorkyblogthing
    The first thing Loki notices about Thor is that he seems to never look down at his food or drink, apparently trusting the servants entirely to make sure his cup and plate are never empty for long. It would be almost too easy to poison him…

  • Love Looks Not With the Eyes by needleyecandy                
    Loki is the youngest of the three princes of the realm, and though he is the sweetest, most innocent, and most beautiful, he can find no mate, for Gaea herself has cursed him in her jealousy. A seer is summoned to court and tells the king and queen that their son’s fated mate is a creature so dreadful that he is feared by the gods themselves…

  • Gone by @fourletterwordsstartingwithl
    It happened during the summer after he graduated high school. Thor went backpacking through Europe with Sif, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun, and came back to a home that was not the home he remembered. Somehow, in those eight weeks, he had lost his brother.

  • Chrysallis by @teresa-dances-in-sequins
    WIP The aging, widowed Allfather has found himself a sweet little pet, and Thor’s not jealous. Nope.

  • Stranded by @thorduna
    Thor, Loki and a house with a pool. Thor is so busy wondering what their parents’ agenda was that he fails to notice Loki’s.

  • In Your Heart Believe What In My Heart I Know by                    umakoo/@pohjanneito
    A Jötunn AU set in Utgård where both Thor and Loki are Jötnar, Thor a blacksmith and Loki the jarl’s youngest son. Their lives become intertwined through friendship, which time shapes into something deeper.

Links and reviews below the cut.

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The Gift

TITLE: The Gift


AUTHOR: Mastre

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki finally being legitimate king of Asgard. A faraway realm with different traditions sends their envoys to discuss a treaty of sorts. Among the gifts they bring for the king is a pleasure slave.

RATING: Mature/Explicit

NOTES/WARNINGS: NON-CON due to the inherent nature of slavery.

Upon returning to his rooms he heard sounds from the bath chamber, and the light silk robe from last night was lying beneath the bed. He lifted it up and let the fluid material glide over his fingers. It was a remarkably fine weave. Mother would have been intrigued, wanting to figure out how to replicate it.

Putting the garment down, he approached the doorway. The girl was washing herself, unaware of his presence.

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Finally, Loki seemed to overcome his initial surprise. He grasped Tony’s arms tightly, leaning down until he was on eye-level, and interrupted with something that sounded like horror in his tone: “Oh dear Norns, Anthony, calm down!”
- “Sold to the devil” by Majinie, chapter 15

I hate positions.. and proportions … and hands… and I regret choosing this scene… but it’s one of my favourites… so much angst.

in  asgardian  culture  long  hair  is  seen  as  respectable,  prideful  and  powerful,  and  is  common  among  the  wealthier  population.  those  who  wear  their  hair  shorter  are  typically  middle  /  working  class  citizens,  servants.  fuller  facial  hair  is  also  regarded  as  manly  and  dignifying.

(  like  the  dothraki  and  their  long  braids,  in  asoiaf,  for  example  );  the  cutting  of  asgardian  hair  is  seen  as  shameful  and  is  specifically  done  to  those  who  were  either  defeated  in  combat  or  to  brand  them  a  coward. 

The Gift

TITLE: The Gift


AUTHOR: Mastre

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki finally being legitimate king of Asgard. A faraway realm with different traditions sends their envoys to discuss a treaty of sorts. Among the gifts they bring for the king is a pleasure slave.

RATING: Mature/Explicit

NOTES/WARNINGS: NON-CON due to the inherent nature of slavery.

Taking the girl outside was more enjoyable than he had expected. She was especially enthralled by the Midgardian peacocks in Frigga’s garden.

“They are magnificient!” she exclaimed. “How can such beautiful creatures exist?”

“There are many wonders in the Nine,” Loki said, “if you know where to look for them.” He found himself amused by her child-like enthusiasm. If felt like an eternity since he’d been able to look at the world with such innocent and unabashed delight.

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Hide and Seek | Part 2

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 3,002

Summary: Loki promises a slave to release her from his rule… will he comply?

Warnings: dubcon, sub!reader, slight bondage, face fucking, unprotected sex, masturbation.

Author’s Note: This is the second and last part of Hide and Seek. All of the warnings are applied in this chapter.

Part 1 | Part 2

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Originally posted by meninacetica

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