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Imagine that after falling from the Bifrost, Loki lands on Midgard and starts a life in a cabin in the woods. 

Few years later, in the winter, you are driving down a road. A snowstorm is approaching; you get lost in the blizzard and get into a car accident. You hit your head so hard that it knocks you out. 

When you awake again, your head is pounding, but you feel surprisingly warm. You open your eyes to find yourself laying in bed in a small bedroom with a fireplace. There’s bandage wrapped around your head and you notice that your boots, coat and scarf have been removed. You try to sit up, but only groan, when it’s too painful. At the same moment a stranger enters the bedroom and you eye him suspiciously. 

“Ah, you have finally awakened. I was so worried,” Loki says and sits on the bed next to you with a bowl of soup in his hands. 

“You should eat. You’ve been sleeping for three days.” Your eyes widen at this newfound information. Loki helps you up to a sitting position. Instead of giving you the bowl, he starts feeding you like a pet, gently, with great care.
“What happened?” you ask meekly. 

“You had a car accident; I found you unconscious in the car, and brought you here.” Loki explained. 

When you’re finished eating, Loki tucks you back in and tells you to rest.
He watches over you, when you sleep and takes care of you, when you’re awake; he feeds you soup and changes the bandage on your head, when needed. He’s very sweet and caring and slowly you start opening up to him.
He hasn’t had someone to talk to for years and he does everything in his power to make you comfortable in his humble home.

“So how are you feeling?” You asked Loki, sitting down on the bed beside him.
Loki stared down at the mug of hot chocolate you had just handed him. “For the first time in my life,” he began slowly, then hesitated, “yes, I think so.” He looked up at you and a genuine smile graced his features, “safe.”

The Forgotten

A/N: Hello, darlings. Here is third chapter. Thing is that I’m sick so I don’t have better things to do than lie in bed, drink tea and write. And since right now I don’t have any imagines requests, that means you will soon get fourth chapter (half of it is already written) :)
And a little spoiler: You should enjoy this one and next one sweet, romantic chapters because after that, everything gets destroyed :P  
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Takes time during Avengers first movie, like usually.
Imagine: You are Captain America’s step daughter and have your own powers. He always made sure you’re out of any fights but when God of Mischief decided to take over Earth, there are times when you’re needed. You are as careful as possible to stay out of trouble but real trouble happens when you catch Loki’s heart.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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Chapter 3
Like a spark.

When you woke up next morning, Loki was already out of bed, sitting on the chair where you used to read. He was holding a book you left there, then he opened it and frowned slightly. You smiled. He was there just like he promised, in sweater and pants which was new but welcomed because it meant he will stay longer. You couldn’t stop looking at him, sitting there and reading, lost in the depths of his thoughts. 

“Good morning, beautiful,” he smiled, his eyes still set on the page. How did he know you were looking? “or I should rather say ‘good afternoon’.”
“Really?” you raised your eyebrows, confused, “Oh. I don’t remember last time I’ve slept this long.”
“It wasn’t long,  we went to sleep really late last night,” he replied and you took a deep breath. There it was. We. Us. Together.
You quickly got up from bed but Loki’s voice stopped you on your way to the bathroom.
“So who is Tess D'Urberville?”
“A victim.” You replied when you understood he was talking about your book.
“Of what?”
“Of life, fate and men.”
You closed the bathroom door behind you but you still could hear his quiet commentary “That’s boring.”
When you started showering, you started thinking as well. The dreamy feeling of safety you felt last night was gone now. That feeling made you tell him your every fear. Suddenly your heart started beating faster. Maybe that’s exactly what he wanted.
“Y/N, you stupid, silly girl..” you whispered to yourself and hid your face in  trembling hands. He knows what I fear. He can use it now to break me. There was still your power of telepathy, he didn’t know about. During your attempts to escape, you’ve never tried  to use it on him again. First time it didn’t work and in case it would work the second time, you saved it as your hidden weapon. He doesn’t have to know, right?
But it felt so real and honest last night. He’s a manipulative killer, of course he made you trust him.
When you started calming down, the fear was slowly replaced by logic. Why would he? He didn’t want to hurt you. If he did, he would already do that. But what’s the point then? He has no reason to emotionally break you, that’s not going to help him win the war. He has no reason to hurt me.
You came out of shower and sighed. None of that changed the fact, that you wanted to be close to him. Suddenly you remembered the discussion you had with Tony once in the lab. He was working on something and you asked him how does he know Pepper is the right one. It was all about a guy you’ve met earlier.
“Are you struggling with first love interest, Y/N? ” he grinned and you blushed, “so.. how do you feel about him?”
“That’s the thing, Tony, I don’t know. He is nice and sweet, he understands me and supports me and he cares and-”
“Sounds more like a friendship than a love interest. It’s more than this. You know, it’s all the chemistry and stuff, when your hormones will react to his personal scent and his touch. You can’t fake it. Or fight it, you don’t even get to choose who it will be or when it will happen. You just feel it.”
“I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt it,” you said finally, thinking about it.
“Then you probably didn’t. You will know that, trust me. It’s like a spark.”

There was no doubt that this was it.  And there was no reason to deny it - you desired to feel his warm embrace again, you ached to feel touch of his hands and his lips.. oh god, his lips. And his eyes when he smiles at you..
There’s something really wrong with me, you thought, getting dressed again. He killed many people, he’s planning to rule the Earth and probably destroy it, and I ache for him. That’s madness. You couldn’t stop thinking about what was his plan with you but there was always that quiet little voice in your head saying that maybe, maybe he just feels the same.  

“What took you so long?” he asked when you came out of bathroom.
“I just.. nothing. Oh my, it’s so cold here. Do you think this works?” you pointed at the fireplace and he got up from chair.
“We can try it.” He kneeled  in front of it and you sat beside, watching him. He used his magic to set the fire.
“Fascinating,” you whispered and gladly noticed it made him smile, “how did you learn that?”
“Mother learned me. Since I was a child.”
You rised up and lie on the bed, taking little Steve in your arms. Loki stayed there, sitting next to fireplace.
“Really? And how old are you?” you asked, probably too curious because he looked at you and smiled again.
“Much older than you.”
“Alright,” you nodded. You were already used to him not answering your questions. But it didn’t mean you were done with questions, “and can you get sick?”
“No, just injured. We’re imunne to all diseases you have here, if that’s what you mean. We can get injured but it’s still hard to seriously hurt us,” he explained, his calm, patient voice more interesting than his words.
“Yeah, tell me about it,” you rolled your eyes.
“What do you mean?”
“Our fight in Stark Tower.”
“Oh,” he laughed and took a glance at you, “even that cat is stronger than you.”
“That’s not true! It’s all about you superhumans. Once I asked Thor to fight me, just for fun, but he refused,” you grinned, remembering how he gently tried to explain he would hurt you.
“He’s a gentleman,” Loki commented and you raised your eyebrow.
“And are you too?”
He smiled. “Probably not.”
“So.. please tell me about your brother,” you asked him, “when he was younger and-”
“Why?” he frowned suddenly.
“Because I’ve never had a chance to ask him,” you answered, a little confused.
“No, why do you care about him?”
“Why do you mind?” you asked, still not understanding. He got up, suddenly angry.
“Because everyone always cares about him, everyone adores him-”
“Are you really pissed off because I like your brother?” you got up from bed, leaving sleeping cat there, “Are you really that jealous?”
Yes! Yes, because he is always the one getting whatever he wants!” he yelled which irritated you, “Sometimes even what I want.”
“Well, maybe because he’s the one deserving it, not you.
You knew it was too much right after you said it. But it was too late. You expected him to yell again or hurt you or something but none of that happened. He just kept looking at you for a while, nothing else. That sudden hurt and dissapointment in his eyes made you realize that he is much more vulnerable than you’ve ever thought. He always looked so strong on the outside but deep inside, he suffered, desperately needing love, approval and trust. All Loki wanted was to be loved and adored, for once to be the chosen one.
When you understood that, it literally broke your heart. But when you tried to say something, he already left and closed the door.
“Loki!” you run out of room and then out of the other one. You were surprised he didn’t lock you but you didn’t think about it at the moment and run down the stairs. You caught up with him on the street. It was already darkness outside and you were once again surprised when you saw it was snowing.
“Loki, please. I am sorry. I didn’t mean it.. where are you going?” you asked, scant of breath.
“Does it matter? Take your cat and go wherever you want, Y/N. You are free.”
“What?” you whispered, too shocked to answer. After all this time spent here and trying to escape, you could leave. The thing was, you no longer wanted.
“Please, just listen to me for a while. I didn’t mean it, I swear. I guess I was just trying to push you away, because.. you made me trust you and tell you everything. I was afraid, that it’s part of your plan and you’ll use it against me.”
He shooked his head but didn’t move closer. “Then you misunderstood me, I would never-”
“Yes, I know now.”
“It doesn’t matter anyway. Go back to your father,” he added and  then started walking away again.
“No, I’m not going anywhere. I will stay here, in our bed, waiting for you to come back like I did almost every night when you left,” you bit your lip, this finally making him stop, but he didn’t turn to you yet, “I am sorry for saying that. I was afraid to fall for you, not knowing it happened already. I love my father, I love my friends but Loki, my darling, there’s nothing I want more than you. I don’t know why I feel this or when I started, I just know I do. So if you want, go away but I will stay here waiting for you, because that’s all-”
Your words were cut off, when he quickly turned over and kissed you. Desperately and a little roughly at first, then he slowed down, kissing your lips tenderly and gently. You’ve been kissed before but it never felt like this. Your legs felt weak and your heart was beating faster than ever before. Like it was always meant to be. His lips on yours, his arms around your waist, your fingers in his hair and flying snowflakes around. A perfect moment in unperfect life, a perfect combination of two unperfect beings.
When he slowly pulled away, you suddenly remembered Tony’s words.
“Like a spark,” you whispered and opened your eyes.
“What?” he asked quietly, his lips still close to yours.
“Nothing. Can you take me to the rooftop like you promised?”
“Yes,” he smiled and took your hand.
When you sat that night on the rooftop, resting your head on Loki’s shoulder and feeling his fingers gently playing with yours, you were not sure what would happen next, what will Loki do, what Avengers will do, what will you do but one thing was sure: You fell in love with Loki’s broken, beautiful soul.

–> Chapter 4

My Love

Loki x reader where Loki is secretly in love with you, but you have boyfriend, when he broke with you, you come to Loki crying and devastated so he confess his love for you, all fluffy and lovely (sorry for my english)

Sure thing!


“Do you think this is to much?” You turned to face Loki who was sitting on you bed. “No, you look lovely” You turned to face the mirror. You were wearing a green dress that went down to you knees and you were wearing a gold necklace around your neck with a bunch of gold bracelets around you wrist. “Are you sure Loki? I don’t want to be over dressed for my date!” You said looking at yourself in the reflection. You were going out to dinner with your boyfriend. You have been dating for a while and you really didn’t want to mess up this relationship. “No. Darling you look better than all the stars in the Asgard sky put together… W-well that’s probably what he would say” Loki said trying to cover up he love for you. You walked over to Loki and pulled him to his feet. “Thank you Loki.” You said as you hugged him tightly. “Now go! You don’t want to be late for him!” Loki said giving you a slight push towards the door. 

(Later that evening)

“L-l-l-Loki?” You said trying to push back the tears that stared to form in your eyes. Loki rushed towards you. You heard the sadness in your voice and hugged you tightly. “(Y/N)! What happened!” The worrying expression on his face made it harder to hold back the tears. You burst into a crying fit “H-h-he…. HE LEFT ME!” you screamed out. “Loki… he left me for someone else!” “Oh darling, you are too good for men like that.” You feel to the ground still crying and rest your back against the wall. Loki slowly sat down next to you and wiped the tears from your cheeks. “(Y/N), There will be someone else for you. Someone who is much much nicer.” He put his arm around you and pulled you in closer. “Loki, thank you” You sniffled out. “I didn’t do anything (Y/N), I should be thanking you. You have helped me thought out the past couple of years” He looked into your eyes and smiled pulling you in closer. You rest you head on his chest and sighed. “(Y/N)… I actually wanted to tell you something.” You sat up and looked into his eyes.  “(Y/N)… I actually like you… a lot.” You stared at the long black haired man “Now, it’s ok if you don’t want to date me, I am fin-” “Hey! I haven’t said anything yet!” You both just sat there for a while in silence. You felt two clod hands cupping your face and pulling you into a kiss. It was a very passionate kiss. It seemed to last forever. “So darling, what do you say?” “I say maybe dating a sassy lil frost giant wont be so bad” you say teasingly tapping him on the nose.