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(Loki x Reader) Can’t Sleep

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A/N- Can’t sleep….too much netflix…decided to write something completely random…and I didn’t edit so sorry for typos…also it’s summer in Australia and it’s so effing hot so I can’t sleep…so here it is. also dat gif tho😍

Words- 939



It was about 1:00 in the morning, and you were lying on your bed in the Avengers tower. It was summer, and the past several days had been extremely hot, including the nights. You tossed and turned agitatedly because the heat was making it impossible to sleep. The tower had a minor power surge two days ago due to one of Bruce’s experiments, which for some odd reason had made the air conditioning system throughout the tower to be rendered useless. This meant your second restless night in a row.

“Damn it” you whispered, as you got out of bed and quietly opened your bedroom door to get something to drink. You tiptoed down the hall until you noticed that one of the bedroom lights was on, as you could see under the door. You tried to remember whose room this was until you realised it was Loki’s. Thor had brought him to the tower to make amends and even though most of them weren’t so pleased about it, you all got along tolerably. You were reasonably close to Loki more than most. You talked to him quite often and also leant him books from time to time.  

You softly knocked on the door hoping he was awake.

“Go away Thor, I’m not planning on sleeping” he said bluntly.

“Actually, It’s Y/N” you responded.

A moment of silence passed before the door opened and Loki was standing there, still in his usual clothes with a book face down and open on his neat bed.

“Why are you awake?” he asked, slightly concerned.

“It’s really hot and I usually can’t sleep anyway, so the past couple of nights have been just fabulous” you responded, looking right into his blue eyes “I just saw your light on and I wanted to know why you were still awake” you added.

“Well I was just reading, I don’t sleep much either. Do you want to come in?” he asked. You nodded lightly as you walked in and sat on the bed. Loki felt awkward about sitting next to you, so he just floated awkwardly around the room instead, picking up random items and glancing at the floor.

“Is the heat bothering you too?” you asked, in order to break the awkward silence.

“No, I’m a frost giant you see. The heat doesn’t bother me at all” You looked at him and smiled lightly.

“That’s lucky in this weather” you responded as you discreetly looked at the cover of the book on the bed.

“Divergent” was on the cover. You smiled to yourself and looked back at Loki.

“It’s much cooler in here than my room though” you said, watching Loki walk aimlessly around the room.

“Do you want to stay in here?” he asked.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, you give me books so I might as well give you a slightly more tolerable place to sleep. I must also talk to Stark about how your room is far too small, it bothers me as I assume it bothers you”

You smiled at him and lied on the bed. Loki turned off the big light in the room so there was only one small reading lamp in the corner of the room, which is where Loki sat after he grabbed his book.

“You’re really not going to sleep at all?” you asked quietly.

“Not at all, I don’t mind” he said before he hesitated slightly. “Nightmares you see” he added, looking down at the floor.

“Oh, I see” you say as you bury your head into the pillow. A few moments pass before you get up and walk over to where Loki was sitting.

“Don’t you wish to sleep?” he asked as he lifted his head up from his book to look at you.

“Nope, I can stay up for a while longer, If that’s alright with you?” you respond.

“Absolutely” he says, smirking a little.

You leaned your head on Loki’s shoulder and Loki stiffened at the contact.

“You’re so cold!” you say as you touch his hand with awe. Loki chuckles and looks down at his hand thoughtfully.

“One of the perks of being a frost giant” he says, still looking down at his hand. You smiled at him and continued t rest you head on his shoulder and lean closer and closer into him as time went by. Loki didn’t mind though, he would never say this but he always enjoyed your company.


Later that morning at about 9:00, Thor sat with the other avengers eating breakfast. Everyone was talking about usual topics before Tony noticed two people were missing.

“Where’s reindeer games and Y/N?” Tony asked. The rest of the avengers looked at him thoughtfully.

“Y/N likes to sleep in, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them” Natasha said before she took a bite of her food.

“I will check on my brother” Thor says as he stands up and walks down the hall. He stands in front of Loki’s door and knocks a few times.

“Loki?” he asked, slightly concerned. Thor decides to open the door ever so slightly, and grins when he sees his brother.

You and Loki were on the floor of the room dead asleep, with your book closed and on the floor beside you. You were resting your head on his chest and Loki had his hand almost protectively on your head. You were both breathing peacefully and didn’t stir. Thor slowly closed the door and walked down the hall still smiling.

“He’s still asleep” he responded as he sat down at the table, smiling for the rest of the day.

Convergence 4

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 - Part 1 Chapter 14 - Part 2 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19-1 Chapter 19-2 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

A/N: Loki has made his return to earth. Secrets are revealed as Bucky finds out that you and Loki were…lovers. Thor’s love of all things beer is unsettling. Welcoming the Summer Solstice with the next chapter. Enjoy.

Five days later…

“Uh…something is happening.” Sam announces as he pushes open the balcony doors.

The group gathered outside each gazing up at the northern light that began to devour itself. The greenish light grumbles then explodes.

Loki descends with me asleep in his arms.

A roguish grin spreads across his lips as he observed the curious look of the group. “I think this is yours.” He states handing Steve his shield.

“Thank you.” Steve says.

“You’ve been gone a long time, brother.”

Loki shrugs. “Only a day and a half.”

“More like five.” Bucky scowls.

“Time works differently when you travel between realms.”

“I can take her from here.”  Bucky says taking a step forward. Loki doesn’t move. “Give me my woman.” He snapped.

Thor playing the peacemaker. “Loki. Hand her over.”

Bucky reaches his hands out and I held on to Loki leaning into his chest. “Lo, no, please don’t leave. I don’t want to be alone.” I whispered in a dream state, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

If smugness was a person it’s name would be Loki Laufeyson at this moment. “The lady has spoken. I will take her upstairs and see to it that she is settle in.”

“Over my dead body.” Bucky growled as his left arm readied itself.

Loki laughed to himself at the thought of stepping over Bucky’s dead and mangled body, but a promise is a promise he says to his inner self as he walked towards the house without a second glance.

“Buck. Calm down. She’s back and that’s all that matters.” Steve says as Bucky’s eyes darkened into slits, watching as Loki entered their house with his woman clinging to him. 

“Where are we?” I croaked.

“Back in your world.”

“Where’s Bucky?” I eyed him when he didn’t answer. “You didn’t…”

He laughs. “No. Unfortunately a promise is a promise, Darling.” He answers kissing my hand that I observed was in his.

I examined the familiarity of the room. “Why am I so tired?”

“Being pregnant and traveling through realms does have its side effects. You should feel better after a full day’s rest.”

I nodded. “Lo, tell me a fairytale.” I say. I inhaled deeply, closed my eyes and buried my face in the pillow that held Bucky’s scent.

He kisses my hand. “Darling, you’ve heard them all.” He says, but he gave in to my request…

“The year was 1601. Calliope lifted her head from the grass she was lying on and looked around at the cemetery; the cloudless onyx sky left an impression upon her like drifting in the open sea in the darkness…”

Bucky leaned against the wall eavesdropping on their conversation as the pieces began to fall into place. He listened to Loki’s story, observing through the ajar door how affectionate he was with her and a dark cloud of vexation clung to his chest because he realized that he was never this vulnerable with her. 

Bucky’s features collapsed as he dropped heavily into the chair opposite Sam and Steve.

“I do not envy you right now.” Sam observes. Bucky opens his eyes and gazes at him. Steve nudged him hard in the ribs. “What? I’m just saying.” He gestures with his fingers drawing a triangle. “Can you say love triangle.”

“Can you say stop talking?” Steve chides.

“They were lovers weren’t they?” Bucky asked Thor who emerges with two beers in hand and made no attempts to offer either to anyone.

“It’s not my story to tell.”

Annoyed Bucky asked. “What can you tell then?”

“That you need to speak with the one who is making your heart heavy.”

Bucky’s jaw tightens. “And how do I do that when your brother is just so…”

“You will figure it out, you humans eventually do.” Thor answers then takes a swig of his beer, a smiled spread broadly across his lips. “This has to be man’s greatest creation.”

Bucky enters the room to see Loki sitting in the chair across from his bed. They exchanged a look.

“I need to talk to her.” Bucky says.

“She’s sleeping.”

“I don’t care. Can you leave us in private.” Bucky says with finality as he sits on the edge of the bed untying his boots.

Loki glances backwards to see Bucky in the bed with her and his features became unreadable as he closed the door behind him.

The overpowering scent of his familiarity pried my eyes open. I don’t think I will ever get used to the shocking contrast of his dark hair and cerulean eyes. I reached out and touched his beard, then ran my fingers through his hair, then tugged on his moustache. He closed his eyes and I swear I could hear him purring like a cat.

I stilled.

He opens his eyes and reaches forward kissing my lips lightly. “Dollface, please forgive. I love you.” He says against my lips.

“I love you, too, but there are so many secrets between us.”

“I will tell you everything you need to know.”

My gaze left his eyes and went to his lips. “I have something to tell you.”

He lifts my chin as the tears slid down my cheek.

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I’m A Monster (Loki X Vampire!Reader)

Characters: Loki X Vampire!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood

Request:Can I request a Loki x reader? She’s on the team and a vampire. When Thor brings Loki to stay at the tower she’s automatically drawn to his scent. They end up falling for each other and he allows her to nip him a few times for bloody treat.

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You had been on the team for a while. You were already a bit of an oddball so you fit right in. Fury had you on the team since you were agile, fast, but also incredibly strong. You’re not sure but it might have something to do with the fact that you’re a vampire. Because of this, you had a thirst for blood and so Tony had to pay for bags of blood for you. You only needed a shot of blood once a day to function, but Tony didn’t want to run out and then you be in a bad place where your instincts kick in and someone could get hurt.

Because of your lifestyle and everything at came with it, including accidents, lashing out, and being raised as a natural born killer, you had a strong mind. You could catch peoples scent and know a lot about them without them even speaking to you.

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Now I listened to the original song of Warmth by Bastille, but I felt that the live acoustic version of the song worked much better. Here’s the link. Thanks to @branchescuttheskyopen for the request! I don’t know if the story is too repetitive of a theme but it’s all I could think to do. You’ll let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings!


Prompt[s]: Could you do a pre-Thor!LokixAsgardian!Reader based on the song Warmth by Bastille? Please?

Sometimes there was no talking to Loki. The rising sun flickers with light like a tossed coin. Heads, he is sociable and good-humoured. Tails, he’s cold. Unresponsive.

Today was a tails day.

You stood outside Loki’s door and knocked gently. There came no response despite you knowing that he was in there.
“Just another one of those days,” you sighed to yourself, readying to admit defeat.
“One of what days?” came a muffled response. Either Loki had shrunk by 5 feet or he was on his knees, whispering through the bottom of the door. Knowing neither was especially likely, you moved on.
“Are you going to open the door?”

“No. One of what days?” He asked again. You sighed and lowered yourself to the floor, realising shortly afterwards that he must be doing the same.
“You’re a cannon, Loki. Some days you’re all firing, all blazing, and there’s no stopping you. Other days you’re…”
“Empty,” he mumbles. “No fire.”

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Summary: The reader is an Avenger with the ability to communicate with animals (telepathically) and has a huge crush on Loki. Loki always says supposedly patronizing things to the reader and he asks his brother and her close friend, Thor, why she hates him. She doesn’t hate him but he doesn’t know that.

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Reader, Loki, Thor, Kuno(python), Niko(ferret), Jax(wolf), Ukko(fox)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: slight angst, fluff, bad communication, low self-esteem, fear of snakes, implied smut (like literally all of the build up and references but no actual smut)

Word Count: 2,188 (holy shit that was way longer than I expected)

A/N: First time I’m writing Marvel but I’ve been obsessed with it for years (I even have the Marvel encyclopedia) so I’m not as worried about this as the other new fandoms I’m writing for. Still, it might not be too good. Italics are animals speaking or the reader speaking to animals.

*Quick translation: Nata means daughter, it’s what Ukko refers to the Reader as. Soror means sister, it’s what Kuno refers to the Reader as. Parva Soror means little sister and it’s what the Reader sometimes refers to Niko as. 


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Reader’s POV 

     “Hey, (Y/N).” You glanced up from your feet, where one of your animal companions, a wolf pup named Jax, was drifting off to sleep.

     “Hey Loki, what’s up?” You looked back down at Jax to see him glance up when he heard your heart beat speed up, having known you long enough to know that that meant Loki was around.

     When are you going to tell him? He probably likes you too. 

     I highly doubt that, Jax. I mean, have you met me, or better yet, have you seen me?

     Exactly, (Y/N/N). You’re one of the most kind and beautiful humans I know. He would be dumb and blind to not return your feelings.

     “Hello? Earth to (Y/N)?” You looked back at Loki, unaware that he had been speaking while you and Jax were talking.

     “Sorry, I was talking to Jax.” His face perked up at that. He had always found it interesting how you communicated with animals.

     “What about?” You blushed, trying to avoid looking at Jax.

     “Nothing important.” You could literally feel the eye roll Jax was doing. “Anyways, what did you come to talk to me about? I’m assuming you didn’t come just because you enjoy my company.” He shook his head, as if trying to chase out a thought.

     “I was going to say that I don’t think you should go on this mission with us (Y/N).” You narrowed your eyes at Loki, angered that he would think you weren’t strong enough.

     “I’m just as capable as the rest of you,” you gritted your words out from between your teeth. He had the nerve to look exhausted, as if you were the one being annoying.

     “I wasn’t saying that, I was just saying that you could easily get hurt and-” You cut him off, your eyes glowing the dangerous yellow that broke through when you were too angry, you’re anger seeping through the borders between the human side of you, and the animal side.

     “Just because I’m no Asgardian God, doesn’t mean I’m weak Loki.” You spat his name out before storming out of the room, trying to hold back the tears coming. It hurt knowing that the man you were in love with thought you were weak.

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His Human Mate - Part 3

Finally part 3!! So sorry that it took so long. So there is a short scene that describes torture, so if the triggers you, be careful.


You wake up alone and cold, locked in a cell. You’re dizzy, your head is throbbing, and everything has the hazy feeling of drugs.

“Did you get her, Soldier?”

“да, she is here”

You crawl forward, peering between the bars to the two people who are standing in the hall. “I have your next mission”

Bucky stiffens up immediately, “Ready to comply”

The HYDRA agent grins, “You are to guard Y/N Stark. Only I am allowed to touch her, understood?’

“Mission parameters understood”

“Good. Bring her to Lab 4, we have some questions for Ms. Stark”

You scream as another bolt of electricity tears through you. “I don’t know” you sob, “I don’t know anything!”

“You live with the most powerful people on earth, have observed them for months, you know their weaknesses, and I want you to tell them to me. What are the Avenger’s weaknesses?”

Bucky stands in the control room, constantly glancing at the door. You snarl baring your bloody teeth, “I don’t know anything! Even if I did, I would never tell you!”

Another shock rips through you, staling your breath, and making your muscles twitch uncontrollably. “I really hate to do this to you. I don’t want to hurt you, Y/N, but if you keep this up I will have to find more … creative … ways to get you to talk. How about a different question?” He crouches down so he’s eye level with you, “How do you kill the Asgardians?”

“I won’t tell you their weaknesses, why would I tell you how to kill them?”

HYDRA Baddie 1, as you’ve started to refer to him as, let out a chuckle, “I was hoping you’re say that! Soldier!!” Immediately Bucky stands up straighter, “Get me the tools.”

Your eyes widen as Bucky wheels out a table full of torture instruments. Straining against the metal cuffs, “I promise I don’t know anything!! I only met them a few days ago!”

“You are the only human in the tower, there is a reason you’re still alive, and I want to find out why. You’ll either tell me willingly, or I’ll find other ways to make you talk”

HYDRA Baddie leans down and grins, slashing his knife across your cheek. You’re exhausted and can already feel unconsciousness starting to creep up on you when you feel something brush against your mind. You lock eyes with Bucky, the only supernatural creature within range, but he only smirks an tilts his head toward the door.

Suddenly another mind brushes against yours, this one you recognize. Loki’s here, he’s in the compound, he’s come to rescue you.

I’m here, dove. Just a little longer

You look up at the HYDRA Baddie, “You’re gonna regret hurting me, you know”

He raises an eyebrow, “And why’s that? What are you gonna do?”

“She won’t have to do anything” Bucky’s growled before a gun fires. As soon as the HYDRA goon goes down, Bucky quickly gets the metal cuffs off you. “You’re alright, doll. Stevie contacted me, the Avengers are making their way here now.”

Your body pitches forward as soon as you’re unlocked from the chair, but Bucky quickly rights you, “How do you remember?”

Bucky chuckles, “Wanda did some of her long-distance magic, overriding HYDRA’s programing, it also makes me immune to the wipes. Stevie and I grew up together, so we can communicate over large-distances like most siblings can. That’s how I knew about the rescue”

He’s rambling, you can tell that he’s worried about you. Shit, you’re worried about yourself! You can feel your body going numb, vision hazy, and everything just kinda hurts.

The door to the lab bursts open and Bucky whips around, gun raised, but lowers it immediately when Tony and Loki are the ones who run in.


Loki slides down next to you, pressing gentle kisses all over your face, while Tony has JARVIS running scans. You bring your hand up, clutching at Loki’s robes, and burying your head in his chest, “Loki …”

“I am here, dove, right here” he whispers, rocking you gently.

“Didn’t think you’d come”

Loki lets out a low growl, “I shall always come for you, always, never doubt that”

You nod, and are vaguely aware of being picked up, “Stay awake, darling. You shall be healed. Anthony has already relayed your injuries to SHIELD”

You give Tony a breathy smile as you pass him, “’m tired. Gonna sleep”

Several voices quickly start shouting for you not to fall asleep, but the pull is too great, you can’t stay awake, so your body is quickly dragged into unconsciousness.

The first thing you notice when you wake up are the soft sheets that surround you, next is the annoying beeping of the heart monitor, and last was the hands that were encasing both of yours.

“Y/N?” Tony whispers

You must have moved or made a sound, but when you try to open your eyes it feels like they are glued shut.

Loki’s voice is soft when his fingers stroke your face, “Take your time, dove, don’t strain yourself”

With a soft grunt, you manage to peel your eyes open, “Water” you whisper.

Immediately a straw is against your lips and you take a few blissful sips of water, “Take it slow, I don’t want you to throw up, pup”

You pull away and offer both Loki and Tony a shaky smile. “Thanks.” You glance around the room, taking in the equipment that is surrounding you, “How long was I out?”

Loki sighs softly and sits on the edge of the bed, “You were asleep for 8 days, dove. Your body went into shock, you almost died. I – I gave you a transfusion of my blood, the healing properties were able to save you, however it sent your body into shock. A human is not equipped to handle the blood of a supernatural in large quantities.”

“Thank you, for coming to get me” you whisper.

Tony takes your hand and Loki pulls you into a tight hug, “Never doubt that we will come for you, my human. I will take on all of the armies in the Nine Realms for you.”

You let out a relieved sob, and cling to both of them. “I was so scared”

“I know you were, pup” Tony whispers, running his fingers through your hair. “Do you want to see the rest of the team? They’re on the communal floor”

You chuckle, “Yeah, I kinda wanna get out of this bed”

Tony’s eyes go comically wide, “J, did you record that?! It’s the only time Y/N will ever willingly leave her bed!!”

As soon at Loki wheels you up to the common room floor, you are rushed by the entire team. You quickly assure everyone that you are alright, and that there is no lasting damage. Bucky gives you a shy smile and a wave from behind everyone.

“It’s nice to see you again, Bucky. Glad to see that you’re finally home”

Bucky chuckles and reaches out to touch you, only to find himself pinned to the wall by Loki, “Don’t touch her” His growl reverberates throughout the room, causing everyone to take a step back.

“Loki! Put him down, he wasn’t going to hurt me!” You stumble out of the wheelchair that Tony had made you use, quickly wrapping your arms around his waist.

Loki whips around, tucking you underneath his chin, “I cannot have you here with all of these creatures, dove.”

“Take me to my rooms, we can watch movies, just the two of us” You whisper

Loki nods stiffly, “I cannot promise the safety of anyone who approaches Y/N” Loki spoke to the room, never taking his eyes off you, “I shall, hopefully, be more controlled tomorrow”

You glance over at the rest of the Avengers, “I’ll see you all tomorrow. By then he should be calm enough to let me be around other.”

Gently pushing you back into the wheelchair, Loki lets out one last growl before he heads to the elevator, “Come, my human. You need to rest”

You can’t help rolling your eyes at his protective behavior. The two of you had just started your courtship and he was already acting like this, you honestly couldn’t wait to see how much worse it will get. The Avengers are going to have an interesting year ahead of them.


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Part 4

Being Tony Stark’s adoptive daughter and dating Loki would include:

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Requested by Anon.

Request: Really love your work but too shy to get off anon. But if you’re still taking these ‘being Tony’s adoptive daughter and dating Loki’ would involve?

Warning: Smut and Language.

A/N: Oh hun, thank you, and don’t be shy! No one’s gonna bite you, especially not me :) 


  • Meeting Loki at the Stark Tower for the very first time.
    • “What the fuck are you doing here?”
  • You being nice when it comes to Loki. 
    • You being the only one -beside Thor- who treats him like a human being.
    • You still being very cautious around Loki.
  • You giving him books to read.
  • You showing him your favourite movies and Tv shows. 
  • Tony being angry with you for being too nice
    • “Dad, oh please, he’s here for redemption. How can he learn something about us if no one shows him how to do it!” 
    • Tony giving you long ass lectures. 
  • Thor giving you tips how to approach Loki. 
  • Loki being pissed off because he cannot leave the Tower and him being super bored. 
    • You giving him your IPod.
    • You showing him the internet. 
      • Him liking Youtube and Tumblr.
      • Him accidently going on a porn side after he looks through the browser history.  
      • You laughing at his surprised face.
  • Him actually being polite and nice around you. 
  • Getting closer. 
    • You both making each other laugh. 
  • Tony still being pissed that you’re friends with Loki.
  • Him kissing you first.
    • Slowly and tenderly.
  • Falling in love with each other.
  • Thor giving Loki the ‘thumbs up’.
    • Thor talking about you with Loki to make sure Loki’s intentions are pure.
  • Going on dates. 
    • Just watching movies and eating at the Tower because Loki still can’t leave. 
  • Cuddling. 
  • Make out sessions.
  • Talking while sitting on the bed. 
  • Board games. 
    • Loki winning most of the time.
  • Mario Kart.
    • Loki loosing every time.
  • Taking funny, cute, crazy pictures together. 
  • Helping Loki with his problems.
    • You telling him it’s okay to be different. 
  • First time sex together. 
    • Loki worpshipping your body.
    • Lying is not the only thing his ‘silvertongue’ can do. 
    • He can be very rough and kinky.
  • Him treating you like the Queen/King you are.
  • “I love you, [Y/N].”
  • “I love you too, Loki.”  
  • Tony almost fainting when Loki proposes to you in front of everyone. 
    • Thor being proud of Loki and giving him sex tips for honeymoon. 

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One word: 17 Loki

17. Survive

“Lady Y/N, you are expected down in the dining hall in 10 minutes.” Your young maid said quietly poking her head around the door. Sighing you just waved your hand slightly in her direction and tugged at the hem of your golden dress, it was so confining, why on Earth would anyone wear such constricting clothing by choice, it made you feel like you were being squeezed to death. “Lady Y/N…” A male voice purred outside of your door, “I said I’d be there in a minute, geez.” You grumbled, carefully flattening down the creases in your dress and opening the door. “Oh Loki, it’s just you.” You huffed going to sit back down on the bed. “How lovely to see you too my dear.” The trickster chuckled as he stood in your doorway. “Euugh, I don’t want to do this, it is a complete waste of time.” You continued to grumble as Loki sat beside you. “Believe me my dear, I understand, do you think I want to spend hours in that stuffy hall while my father gushes over Thor’s many accomplishments.” The dark haired man huffed, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “How about I cut you a deal?” You asked, now smiling. “I’m intrigued.” He replied chuckling slightly. “We spend just enough time there to be polite, then we sneak away and pull tricks on the remaining guests.” You said beaming. “I love it, if you think you can survive that long.” Loki chuckled, kissing you gently on the forehead.

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Can you write 20 "Everyone keeps telling me you're the bad guy." For loki? Thank you!😊


A/N: Hello!! Yay, a Loki one!! Love me some god of mischief😉

Prompt: 20. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Bobbing your head to the music, you laid in bed as you read your book. It was a quiet Saturday, you and the rest of the Avengers were given a short break in preparation for an upcoming mission.

You placed your book aside and sat up as you heard a loud thump outside your room. Walking towards your iPod jack, you switched the music off, listening closely. You glanced at the clock at your nightstand, seeing that it was midnight. Frowning, you opened the door and peeked your head out, seeing a figure walking down the hall, trying to be as discreet as he could.

Narrowing your eyes, you could make out the figure. Your frown deepening as you realized who it was. “Loki?”

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Hesitant Touches: Loki x Reader (NSFW)

“Honestly, can you believe it’s been nearly ten years?” You marveled, sitting opposite Loki on his bed. It was so reminiscent of your childhood, speaking late into the evening, commiserating on tricks and pranks pulled, but mostly the two of you had merely been catching up. “If I hadn’t spent so much time missing you, I’d swear it was only yesterday.” You added with a soft smile, pleased that the two of you had remained close.

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Convergence 21

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 - Part 1 Chapter 14 - Part 2 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19-1 Chapter 19-2 Chapter 20 Chapter 22

A/N: 2 months later…

My dear readers, you are probably wondering what happened since I last saw you, well Bucky and I are back to normal or as close to normal as we will ever get. I kept my word and I haven’t seen Loki. The team has been out on missions, so there is a bit of normalcy to appreciate.

I on the other hand have been feeling quite ill for a few days. The headaches and exhaustion have become my life.

I was restless.

I felt something heavy in my bones that couldn’t explain.

“Doll wake up.” Bucky shook me awake as my eyes snapped open, the perspiration on my forehead rolled down my cheek.

I sat up breathing heavily, “what happened?”

“You were thrashing wildly, it’s the third time this week.” He touches my forehead.  “You are burning up, are you sure you don’t want me to call Bruce?”

“I’m sure.” I croaked. “Whatever this is, it will pass.”

“What were you dreaming about?”

“I-I don’t know.” I thought.

I haven’t been dreaming, which was not like me.

Something is not right.

Two days later…

Bucky reluctantly left me alone after I talked him into going on a mission with Sam and Steve. Wanda and Natasha would be home that same day, so I told him he didn’t have anything to worry about. After getting something to eat, I laid in bed and immediately fell into the darkness.

Few hours later…

Wanda and Natasha returned from their mission to find her asleep on the bed, they didn’t think anything of it until eight hours later when she still hasn’t stirred. Natasha tried to wake her, but it was no use, she was dead to this world.

“What do you think this is?” Wanda asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Not sure.” Nat answered. “Bucky did say she hasn’t been feeling well these past few days.”

“Should we call him?”

“And say what exactly?”

“What do we do?”


Wanda shakes her head. “Nat, no. You know there is a tension and a weird love triangle between them.”

“Yes, I am fully aware, but this,” she gestured, “this is supernatural and he will know what to do.”

“Are you sure?” Wanda say warily.

“Do you have a better idea?” Nat asked as they gazed at each other.

“How do you plan on summoning him?”

“I thought you might have a plan.”

Nat lifts her hands to the sky, “um, Loki, God of mischief, we need you right now.”

Wanda furrowed her brows, “what are you doing?”

“Summoning, look outside and see if anything appears in the sky.” Wanda walks to the window and looks up at the sky. “Loki, come forth and be seen.”

Nat gazes at Wanda. “Nothing.”

After an hour of chanting and losing patience, Natasha cursed the sky. “Loki, god damnit. Get your ass down here now!”

The northern light explodes across the sky.

Loki descends.

“Where is she?” Loki asked bypassing all pleasantries as he appeared in the living room.

“In the  bedroom.” Wanda answered.

Loki makes his way into the bedroom. “How long has she been like this?”

“Not sure, we came home a few hours ago from a mission and we thought she was sleeping, but then she started thrashing and we tried to wake her, but she won’t open her eyes.” Nat answered backing away from the bed as Loki approached.

Loki sits on the bed, resting his palm against her sweat soaked forehead. He opens each eye and stare into her dilated pupils, he then lifts her wrist feeling her pulse, which was erratic. He places his ear against her stomach and with his palm against her chest he pressed gently.

He sits up and gazes at her face, rubbing his thumb against her bottom lip. He turns to see Nat and Wanda gazing at him intently.

“What’s wrong with her?” Wanda asked.

“She’s pregnant.”

Post Note: Finale will be posted on SUNDAY!

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(Loki x reader) Can’t Sleep pt.6

A/N: This is going to be less angsty than the last chapter don’t worry guys. This isn’t the best chapter tho, I’ll try to make the next one better  

Words: 952


Loki struggled to keep his eyelids open as he sat by your bed, dark circles surrounding his eyes and yawning every minute. He had been awake for at least 48 hours now, and he had stayed by your side for a majority of that time. Every now and then Thor would walk in to make sure that Loki was okay. He was met with the same sullen nod every single time. Loki had held your cold hand for so long his hand was starting to sweat. He didn’t mind though. He didn’t want to let go. He couldn’t let go. Not again.

Thor walked in an hour after he had last checked up on him and awkwardly stood by the door with a small take away cup in his hand.

He walked awkwardly up to Loki and stood beside him, putting the cup on the table and moving towards the door.

“I just came to give you this. It will help you stay awake. Although this doesn’t mean I don’t want you to eventually get to sleep” he said, walking out the door and not expecting an answer from him.

“Thank you…” Thor turned around after unexpectedly hearing him mumble. He smiled to himself as Loki continued to stare at you, worried that if he looked away from you for one second something would happen. Thor walked out the door as Loki continued to sit where he was, not touching the coffee. He didn’t feel like eating or drinking right now. He just wanted to watch over you. He wanted to make sure that if there was anything he could do to help, he would be right by your side.

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Safe And Sound (Loki x Reader)

Request: Can I request an established relationship Loki X Reader where the reader is taken and tortured by Hydra or Thanos or something for like 6-12 months and he’s super distraught, can’t sleep things like that (all the other avengers too but not as bad). Then Avengers plus him finally saves her and he’s super fluffy and cuddles her and keeps a hand on her at all times? Thank you!

Originally posted by lokitty

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Avengers Style Valentine’s Days

Loki Laufeyson

Gif not mine.

Warning: Swearing, dirty minds welcome, and some mild threats. Enjoy 

You were pissed, no beyond pissed purely outraged “Loki, are you fucking serious ! You invite me to Asgard for what? HUH!? To humiliate me? I’m just your human puppet huh? Nothing more than a woman to please your needs! You fucking DISGUST ME! I should’ve listen when they said you were full of shit but of course I believed you and gave you a chance because I’m a FUCKING IDIOT. Where the hell is Thor when I fucking need him?! THOR!!!! You better get your Asgard Prince Ass here now I want to go home! You were right !” You yelled at the top of your head not caring who say you. Loki betrayed you in so many ways in a matter of a few minutes. You tried to push the door open but it wouldn’t budge “Loki open this door or so god help me!” You yelled turning to see Loki sitting calmly on the bed “I am a GOD, and I will treated as a GOD women.” He said in a dark tone moving closer to you “No you’re an ASSHOLE , you’re a WEAK excuse of a MAN. That’s what you are.” Before you could even process what was going on you were chained to the bed, “You have NO RIGHT using your magic on me ESPECIALLY ON A BED YOU JUST FUCKED SOME WHORE ON! HOW DARE YOU!” You yelled, you felt the tears roll down your face . “I LOVED YOU… and you betrayed me.… you lied to me.… Why… why would you do that?” You said softly your sobs taking over your voice, this was the first time Loki felt your pain and he didn’t like it “Baby, that wasn’t me, I was with Thor the entire time and I know you won’t believe me but Thor is a god who cannot lie… I would never do anything that unspeakable to you, I made you a promise that I would love you forever & I meant that.” Loki said slowly sitting next to the chains off your hands “So why didn’t you defend yourself?” You ask trying to regain composure “Only men who are guilty defend themselves.” He said holding your face in his hands “Well why were you with Thor?” You asked him wiping the tears from your eyes “Well… um… I was asking Thor if he thought it would be a good idea to make you mine permanently…” Loki said causing you to hate yourself that instant this man was planning to ask you to marry him he wasn’t screwing another woman and just as you were about to talk the other man walked in “Hello Loki… lady (Y/N)…” the man said nervous and this is when Loki rose up from the bed walking towards the frightened boy slowly “You had my beloved wife think I was cheating on her-” he said moving his hand to cause the air to choke the man “and you then say horrible things about my beautiful wife. Darling how do you feel towards this young man should I spare this insolent fool for his behavior that nearly drove you away from me.” Loki said not even looking back at you because he wanted a verbal answer to please his drive. “Darling no , we can settle drives of pleasure in other ways.” You whispered in his ear standing behind him sliding your hands down his chest causing him to stiffen “Get out of my sight . I will find you later.” Loki says letting the hold he had on the boy vanish, the boy fled the room then Loki turned to you “What ways are you promising me my future bride?” He said raising a playful eyebrow “Come here and find out.” You said patting the bed just this mere interaction caused Loki to teleport to the bed awaiting your ways of pleasure .

A Perfect Balance

PAIRING: reader x Loki 



Request from @highchu :Hey sugarplum! May I request Loki x reader, where Loki has the biggest crush on her and sees her something pure and completely opposite what he is. Thor sees Loki change in behaviour and wants his brother to confess to reader what he feels for her.

I feel like the ending kinda sucked, but it’s almost 11.30pm and i’ve been up since 6.30am and I need to sleep but I wanted to write this because it’s been sitting in my inbox for what feels like a while and i felt bad! But I did try I promise!


Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Most people didn’t even know you were a part of the Avengers; you had a non-combat roll so to speak. Mainly in linguistics you were the teams eyes and ears during their missions. You where what most people called a computer geek but you didn’t mind the stereotype. Not when you lived with some of the most extraordinary people in the world. The Avengers were also slightly protective of you; you were their heart so to speak. There was never a moment when you were alone, people naturally gravitated towards you. You gave of this indescribable sense of calm. Natasha didn’t trust that someone could be so understanding and positive. Until she told you about your past, you had reached out, took her hand and said

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Loki x reader: Arranged Marriage pt 2

Sitting down on the bed, you eyed Loki warily. He watched you in amusement. Even though you now sat, everything about your position showed you were ready for flight, muscles stiff, body angled ever so slightly at the door.

“I would like to know.”

“I think not.” Loki looked away.

“What has your interest so?” You tried changing the tactic.

Loki glanced at you from the corner of his eye. “Freedom, mostly.” He sighed shortly. “Still, I suppose it is better than the prisons.”

“I can imagine.”

“A year, maybe two.” Loki continued, ignoring your comment. “Even that was shorter than time before.” Raising his yes towards the sky, he looked at the stars beginning to twinkle and sparkle.

“Erm.” You tried to draw his attention back to you.

“Don’t you have someone else to bother?” Loki turned his fierce gaze back to you finally.

“Actually no.” Loki blinked at you languidly. Finally you flushed, annoyed at the bored look he kept giving you, like a cat eyeing an ant crossing its paw; a minor nuisance and nothing more, not even worth batting away. “And if you wouldn’t mind, I’m stuck as your future wife, you could at least attempt to be interested in my presence.” You crossed your arms and scowled at Loki.

Loki raised his eyebrow, straightening up and setting aside his dagger. Very slowly, he rose from his perch and crossed the room, prowling towards you. “Interested?” Loki repeated, “In your presence?” He stopped inches away from you, leaning down and holding his head just breaths from your own. “You think I care for the first wretched play thing I’m sent? First it was books, trivial furniture meant for me to wile away my time. Now I’m meant to find entertainment, amusement even, in some pathetic wretch?” Loki barked a short cold laugh, slowly pulling back from you. “Don’t make me laugh.”

Your breath caught in your throat, chills running down your back at the feral look in his eye, the danger in his voice. Even if he were unarmed, he was still lethal. Finally you swallowed, “Well I don’t like this either, I didn’t volunteer, I’m stuck here and I’m going to make the best of it, you may as well also.”

Loki tilted his head to the side, long black locks swaying across his shoulders. “Of course there were no volunteers.”

“No. My family sold me in exchange for unpaid debts. It seems I was the most worthy princess and with the most desperate parents.”

Loki laughed again, throwing back his head this time. “This is too perfect. An unwilling wife for the wretched prince.”

“Why do you call yourself that?”

“Does the dark prince suit me better?” He narrowed his eyes at you.

You hesitated, biting your lip, “I figured you’d at least deny it.”

“God of mischief and lies, lately chaos and mayhem, one more title means nothing to me. I know who I am.”

He seemed to be prompting you, so you conceded, “Who are you?”

“I am Loki, not of Asgard nor any other realm, I am Loki and I am alone.”

“What other realm would you be of, you’re born on Asgard, right? Surely that’s where the once crowned prince,”

Loki interrupted you, “Wouldn’t you like to know where the bastard of Asgard originates from, I’m sure you can add that to your scary list of information about me. After all, I’m sure you believe I colluded with the frost giants, merrily slaughtered the humans of Midgard, and murdered my mother, yes?”

You blinked, not sure how to respond.

Loki rolled his eyes, “Your silence is answer enough. Am I able to send you away or are you truly stuck here?”

“You want to send me away?”

“Do you do anything other than repeat what I say?” Loki snapped.

Finally you stood up and glared at him, “You’re being awfully rude.”

“Am I? I hadn’t noticed, I must have forgotten how to interact with others after so long locked away, I’m sure someone expected this to happen.” Loki paused for sardonic comedic effect. “I suppose I might have pointed this out, had it been Thor; of course, I would have been ignored, so it matters not.”

You felt tears welling in your eyes, the long day finally getting the better of you and the crushing realization that this was the man you would be forced to spend the rest of your life with. Sinking back down onto the bed, you covered your eyes with your hands and tried to stifle the sobs sneaking past your lips.

Loki blinked down at you, suddenly confused. “I…” He began uncertainly.

“Just shut up, you’re dreadful, I don’t want to hear another word from you.” You shook your head, still covering your eyes.

There was silence from Loki, then slowly you felt the bed shifting and sink down as Loki sat down beside you.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” He muttered finally, hesitantly resting his hand on your knee. “Truly, I had forgotten how to talk with someone.”

You slowly pulled your hands away and glared at him.

Loki blinked hard as he looked at you, “Forgive me,” he muttered, “I fear I took you for another illusion, I forgot you could feel.”

Your face softened as you tilted your head and studied him. For the first time, you finally noticed the holllowness in his dark green eyes, the dark circles resting beneath them, the general unkempt nature of his appearance. Pity pawed timidly at your heart as you gazed at his features. “It’s been a long day, I didn’t mean to cry.”

Loki shrugged, pulling his hand away from you. “No one comes here, no one will see it or judge you for it.”

“You could.”

Shrugging again Loki replied, “All I have are memories to haunt my days, I have no tears to cry.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?”

“That sounds like a dreadful existence.”

“Pity.” The corner of Loki’s mouth quirked up, “that’s something I haven’t experienced in a long time. Keep it, I have no want for that either.”

“Well I’m offering it.” You insisted.

“Perhaps your stubbornness will make this more interesting. I suppose you know that the wedding is within the month? Only the court official will be in attendance, I doubt my brother will attend and certainly not Odin. You’re free to walk the palace as you see fit, I am confined here of course.”

“You’ve been through a lot.” You began slowly, “surely more confinement won’t do anything to improve your response to it?”

“So you think?” Loki chuckled, “I’m sure it will do wonders on my outlook, yet still it is better than the prisons and I can at least see the stars, where Frigga now rests.” You noted the touch of happiness mixed with bitter regret at the mention of his mother.

“Can we start by at least attempting to be friends, casual acquaintances? I wish to make the best of whatever existence I’m forced into and if it means married to you, perhaps we can find some sort of agreement in it.”

Loki nodded thoughtfully, “Very well, I suppose I should start with saying that I’m not the son of Odin, or Frigga.”

Just Another Day (Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral and Hogun X Reader)

Characters: Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral and Hogun X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Thor

Warnings: Violence and injury

Request: Hi I really love reading you stories especially the marvel ones. Is there by any chance you can write one with Loki and the other Asgardians sorry if I’m vague

Originally posted by lokis-quinn

You were the cousin of Loki and Thor, and you were extremely close with them when growing up. You became a warrior like Sif, and you became close because of it. You often sparred with Fandral and Hogun, and these spars usually consisted of you punching them for making fun of Loki, often leading to Odin lecturing you, and Frigga covering you.

Today was no different.

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