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Someone please write me a fic where Person A is a hockey player that rents/plays/practices at the same rink as an elite figure skating school that Person B attends and the hockey team and the figure skaters are always arguing about time slots and hating each other but Person A and Person B fall in love and it becomes like Romeo and Juliet On Ice™

Loki's Pet

TITLE: Loki’s Pet

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AUTHOR: inotarobot

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being brought to Asgard and Odin gives you to Loki to keep as a pet Midgardian.


NOTES/WARNINGS: God of Mischief can’t stay out of it for long.
Some fighting, nothing really graphic

You’re in one of the Asguardian libraries, nose buried in a book about seidr- Asguardian magic. Loki was at the other side of the library, leaning over a table, planing something. He had requested you tried your hand at seidr, and you want to be rude and refuse. Besides, magic is pretty awesome. You stare at the Futhark and glance at the notes on a separate page you had in your hand. The page was filled with translations for individual letters for Futhark, and some common words, which you used to slowly de-code the book. Translating the books was getting easier, but it was still frustrating. You’d been trying this for a week now, occasionally going out to train blow some steam off with Loki or Thor by weapons training. You’d gotten pretty good with the throwing knives, and could wield a sword pretty well, but now you were trying to learn lance and spears, before moving on to hand-to-hand combat. 

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up close pictures of each part, except the gold ribbon part which i did not make into it’s own separate pattern piece.

I put the two best ref. pics for the sleeves that I could find right now below. I’ve also seen another variation on the sleeve ends (and the forearm armor) besides the one you see in the last pic so the end of my sleeves are  diff from this one pictured here. Both sleeves I saw were formed to follow the armor shape though.