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The footsteps outside his door were quiet, but not quiet enough. Loki scowled at the book he was trying to translate - and making no headway in. “I told you not to bother me,” he said loudly. “I’m in the middle of something.”

The lack of response was so surprising that Loki looked up, only to start a little. His door was already open, and Thor was standing there staring at Loki like he’d never seen him before. Loki jerked to his feet. 

“Thor! You can’t just barge in,” he started to say, but then he realized - it was Thor, but he did not look as he had an hour ago. His hair was longer, for one, and he was taller, broader even than he already was. Loki blinked twice.

“Brother,” Thor said, and there was something odd in his voice. He looked like he wanted to say more, but was lost for words. Loki recovered himself, tensing. 

“You are not my brother,” he said. 

Thor - or the man who looked like him - flinched. Actually flinched, like Loki had struck him, something flickering across his expression that made Loki’s stomach drop. “I am,” he said. “I think - something has happened.” 

Something? I saw my brother not an hour past-”

“Loki,” the imposter said, his voice oddly strangled. He stepped inside and shut the door, and Loki tensed further, summoning one of his knives. “Are you…” He took a half step toward Loki, reaching out, and he brought the knife up. 

“Stay back or I shall call a guard,” he said, keeping his voice from trembling through an effort of will. “Explain yourself. Who are you?”

The man’s jaw worked and it looked like the gesture Thor made when he was upset and trying not to show it. Exactly like, and it was uncanny enough to make Loki feel suddenly cold. “I am who I say,” he said. “And you are - you are Loki.” 

Loki fidgeted under the intensity of that gaze fixed on him. “You have no proof of your words,” he accused, buying time. He glanced toward the window - and fell still. 

There was dust on his shelves. A thick layer of it, even though a moment before they’d been clean. The window and curtains were closed when he had left them open. And now that he was looking…

A thousand small details. This wasn’t his room. 

He felt his chest tighten, fear worming into his heart. Dust. Why should there be dust on his shelves?

Why had Thor looked so surprised to find him here? 

Something was very wrong.

“Loki?” Thor sounded uncertain, and that was wrong too, the list only growing longer. “Look at me. Please.” 

The please jangled against his strained nerves but Loki turned, unable to ignore him. “Is this the future?” He blurted out, feeling himself start to shake. Thor looked startled and covered it poorly, but for the most part he was still staring at Loki as he had been all this time, with a strange sort of hunger. 

“I’m not certain what has happened,” he said at length, which wasn’t an answer. 

Loki’s dread deepened. He swallowed hard and looked again at the shelves. At the bed, perfectly made. 

“Am I dead?” He asked, and wished his voice didn’t tremble quite as much as it did. 

Thor did that little jerk again, like Loki’s words hurt. “Loki,” he said. It wasn’t a no, and Loki felt himself start to shake.

“No,” Thor said abruptly, his voice rough. “No. You are not.” There was something fierce and terrifying and desperate in his voice, and when Loki looked at him, in his eyes. His brother, but…not. Half a stranger. “You live, and I will protect you.”

Imagine Loki going with Thor to an animal shelter because Thor is trying to teach him kindness and humility, but Loki is in no way interested. When he hears a puppy whimpering incessantly, he rolls his eyes and ignores it. Finally, he comes face to face with the small, unimpressive creature when Thor hands him a puppy feeding bottle. To which, Loki looks at the apparatus and disgustedly asks “Why doesn’t its mother feed it?” To which Thor explains she abandoned it and refused to care for it because it is a runt, the owners had left it to die in a box by a river. On hearing that Loki swears to tend to the pup and when it is old enough to be rehomed, a family come to take it, but it will not leave Loki, it refuses to be parted from him. 

burned in a feathering pyre, 2.6k, loki and thor, another AU suggested by professional enabler @portraitoftheoddity

Thor woke up to Loki slapping him across the face.

“Now look what you’ve done,” he hissed. “Look where your reckless idiocy has gotten us this time!”

Thor sat up, groaning. Memory swam in slowly - he’d been in Jotunheim, then on the Bifrost, bloodlust high and shouting at his father - at the All-Father. Oh, Norns. He looked around and saw blasted scrublands, sun beating down on his shoulders. His armor was gone, and he felt weak. Thirsty.

You are unworthy of the loved ones you have betrayed, Thor remembered, and turned to stare at Loki.

“You…what have you done?”

“The mortal crime of attempting to defend you,” Loki snapped. He stood up with only a slight wince, looking upwards. “I did tell you how monstrously stupid of an idea it was. Going to Jotunheim-” His voice hitched oddly, and he cut off. Thor shook his head and stood up.

“Heimdall!” He shouted. “Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!”

Loki wheeled on him. “Do you not understand the concept of exile, Thor? We’ve been cast out of Asgard, until such time as the All-Father should decide we have learned our lesson.”

“What lesson?” Thor asked blankly.

“Damned if I know,” Loki growled. “He did not see fit to inform me.”

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Imagine your pregnant and always craving chocolate but because of Loki’s sweet tooth, you have to keep your stash hidden. You wake up in the middle of the night to get some and find Loki with the bag in his lap and he’s eaten it all. “In my defence, you were sleeping.” 

You cross your arms and glare at him with narrowed eyes. “That’s the third bag this month!”

 He squirms in his seat then gives you his best puppy dog eyes. “I’m sorry Darling. You love me don’t you?”

 “You do this one more time and the only thing those puppy dog eyes will gain you is the dog house!”

30 day OTP Challenge Day Fifteen: Different Clothing Styles

Note: Fluff, seducing other men, Jealous/Possessive Loki!

Words: 1150

“Alright you two, tomorrow you’re going on a mission. You’re going to a party that one of the notorious Hydra agents is throwing. I need you to seduce him (Y/N). Loki, you’ll be there for backup. Understand?” Nick asked looking from one to the other. “Loud and clear.” You said with a fake salute getting a smirk from the God of Mischief who tilted his head down in understanding. “Good now get out of my face.” He said as they stood up before walking out. “God that man acts like he’s got a pole up his ass.” You huff walking down the hallway.

“I agree, he’s very serious in everything he does. Even I know when to be playful.” Loki comments as you cover your mouth to stifle a fit of laughter. “What?” He asked raising an eyebrow. “You are the God of Tricks! You are always playful in what you do!” You exclaimed as he gasps placing his hand on his chest in fake offense. “Hush.” You smile pushing him away before you left the building to go back to the tower. Suddenly your phone started to ring as Loki answered it due to you driving, because he didn’t know how when he put it on speaker for you.

“Hello?” You asked. “Ah! So you’re done dealing with Nick?” Tony’s voice asked. “Yeah, we’re actually heading back now.” You turned down the street before stopping at a red light. “What mission does he have you for?” He asked before you started driving again. “Apparently, this Hydra agent is having a party, (Y/N) is to seduce this man, and I am going for ‘backup’ I guess.” Loki answered. “Is he trying to get the guy killed?” Tony laughed as a smirk spread across your face. “That can be arranged.” Loki said casually as both you and Tony started to laugh.

“Well I shall be providing you two with a lovely attire that doesn’t make you look gross.” Tony said when Loki raised an eyebrow. “What we look gross any other day?” He asked as you bit your lip waiting for Tony’s answer. “Yes.” He said nonchalantly when Loki held a scowl. “Tony, I’d watch yourself. You are stepping in shallow waters.” You said teasingly. “My bad.” Tony commented and you could feel his eyes rolling when you shook your head. “We’re pulling into the tower.” You said before hanging up the phone.

You two were now standing in front of Tony as he showed you the attire that you were going to wear. You felt a little self-conscious due to the way the dressed looked, mostly because it wasn’t your style of clothing. It was a beautiful color, sadly it was thinly strapped, though it was long enough go to down to your feet. However there was a slit in the dress that lead up to your mid-thigh as you looked at Tony who smiled. You rolled your eyes before he explained how it would be easy access to a gun in case the mission went south.

“Well have fun tomorrow.” Tony said as you both took your outfits back to your apartment when you looked to Loki. “You’ll look handsome in that.” You whispered hanging the clothes into the clothes as Loki chuckles before pulling you towards him. “Are you trying to sweet talk me?” He asked when you giggled burying your face into his chest. “If I am is it working?” You asked looking up to him when he rolled his eyes before kissing you gently. “That answer your question?” He asked when you nod smiling. “Come on, tomorrow is going to be long.” He said.

You both had fallen asleep before getting up the next morning as you got dressed for the party. Nick explained everything that was going to happen,how you and Loki would walk in separately about ten minutes from each other. You were sitting in the back of the limo one of the Shield agents was driving as you waited to get dropped off alone. You fixed your makeup before glancing down to the dress, you felt a little exposed considering this wasn’t really your style of clothing. That thought left you as the limo pulled up to the hotel when the door open and a hand was offered to you.

“Thank you.” You smiles to the man before walking up into the ballroom immediately noticing Loki was standing with a group of people laughing with a smile. You were about to look for your target when you felt a hand wrap around your waist when you looked to see the man in question smiling at you. “Now what is a beautiful flower like yourself doing all alone.” He whispered as you smiled that heart breaking smile. “Oh I just was waiting for the right man to come and sweep me off my feet.” You said before brushing your hair back as he led you over to his table.

Loki glanced over feeling anger tick in his body at someone else touching you, but he knew he couldn’t blow their cover due to his jealous. He had to bite his tongue as the man whispered naughty things into your ear while you poured him alcohol. Before too long he spat up everything he had panted to do and even gave her the flash drive with all the information in it. Who the heck just carries that with them everywhere? Loki shook his head when you told him you had to go, and the man tried to insist, but your lips silenced him.

Loki and you finally left with the information you needed as you wiped your mouth and threw his number out the window. You looked to Loki grinning as you held up the flash drive when you noticed the dark look in his expression. “Loki?” You asked before suddenly his mouth was on yours as he pulled you over into his lap causing you to gasp. “This was by far the worst mission I’ve had to participate in.” He growled as his lips nipped down your neck leaving marks making you shiver at the slightly harsh contact from him.

“If I heard that man call you flower one more time I was going to make him puke them.” He growled when you laughed wrapping your arms around his neck. “He may have called me flower, but I am only your darling.” You whispered as his hands tightened onto your waist. “And don’t you forget it.” He said pulling you closer when an image of the Avengers came onto the screen. “Agh! See I told you!” Tony said covering his eyes. “Did you get what was need?” Nick asked ignoring Tony’s fake gagging noises. “Yeah.” You said holding the flash drive. “Good.” Nick said smiling. “See you soon.” He said before hanging up when Loki pulled you back into a kiss.

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Author’s Note: I am so sorry for not updating! This had to be one of the hardest days I had to think of an idea for! Like my brain just shut down! I had no muse! The rest are okay! I have ideas and I can’t wait to get started on them! Hope you enjoyed loves!

So I drew this little blue puppy Loki, even tho I can’t draw guys nor real people BUT this idea came to me~ and I simply had to. I know his ears aren’t pointy aand those markings are probably more scar-like and different, but I like him this way? (also lack of canon reference) (also sorry, muscular stomach later :’D)

Aanyway, I hope some of you like it >.>

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thinkin about how in the “did you mourn?” “we all did” exchange it’s another example of loki and thor talking past each other because loki hears thor’s answer as an abdication of any personal claim of emotional attachment where thor is trying to impress on loki that he is generally missed

and then of course loki doesn’t trust in generalities but thor feels like surely it would be more meaningful if loki feels he was mourned by more people

and anyway the saddest thing about loki and thor is their perpetual inability to functionally communicate with each other


* = NSFW/NSFW(ish)


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Thor's always been good at spilling blood. But right now he'd give anything to staunch it. Anything to stop the flow, even as crimson seeps out from between his fingers, so very very red against the pallor of Loki's skin

[short thing! sort of handwavey Ragnarok related, laughably non-canon compliant I’m sure but wtf ever]

“Well,” Loki said, laughing. “This must feel familiar.”

“Hold still,” Thor snapped, anger half strangling him because anger was better than fear, and fear was the only alternative. “You foolish-”

“That’s familiar too,” Loki said, lips flickering up at the corners. Don’t you dare smile, Thor wanted to growl. You have no right to smile. He pressed his hands down harder and the smile did vanish as Loki sucked in an unsteady breath only to choke on it.

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