loki pokey

Outside of an already established physical relationship, I don’t get too many really forward passes made at me.

In Vegas last year though, somebody had met me at a con on a Saturday and that night they were asking where I was staying because she wanted to see my “Loki pokey stick” and I was just like 

“Oh, I’m staying with a friend, but I’ll be at the con all day tomorrow probably hanging out in the gaming area.  I’ll have my short spear prop with me if you want to see it then.”

So… that’s how I respond to that shit.

I also had a girl tell me within a few facebook responses something along the lines of “You wouldn’t believe the things I would do with your body” unprompted.  

I then immediately asked how old she was.  Turns out she was 17.  That’s when I told her exactly how fucked up it was for her to be going around saying that shit to strange men on the internet.

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