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Birblr Photography: Harder Than It Looks

Sometimes the stars align, your camera is out, your bird wants to pose, and you capture that 24 parrot gold!

Most of the time though, bird owners are left with 90% of their pictures looking like some awful abstract art…

Or makes it appear as if your bird is morphing into another dimension…

Seriously, WTF is going on with Willa’s head?

Half the times, all the bird wants to do is eat your phone or camera…

And don’t forget, birds blink just like humans and ruin even the most seemingly perfect photo shoot…

Action shots on an outdated camera phone? Forget about it!

And just when you think you captured the perfect picture for your holiday card… the horrible lighting in your kitchen destroys it!

We are hard at work, trying for those perfect photos for you Birblr, but in the meantime, please enjoy some of these outtakes! 

viiolinsms-deactivated20160415  asked:

Ooc: Just a little moment to appreciate that Thor told Loki "Shut up, Loki" in Thor 2 and I died bc VC reference

YEP was very amusing, even as an unintentional reference. This scene was SO Louis/Lestat. I bet you all know who would be who…

^Thor’s was good, but Lestat’s “Shut up!“ is better. To be fair, Thor hasn’t been pushed far enough in that scene for that level of reaction yet.

Would have liked Lestat to try more of Thor's physical kind of silencing, tho sorry this was the best gif of this I could find and I searched for AGES but there are better ones out there I’m sure:

Bonus: Outtake from that Thor scene where he is also being rather Lestatuesque:

PRESS IT GENTLY, THOR.  (╯°A°)╯︵ ┻━┻