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Imagine Loki spots you walking down a street and thinks your beautiful and can’t stop staring. He bumps into a little old lady and accidentally knocks her on her but. He can’t apologize enough, but after helping her up she, starts whacking him with her bag and yelling at him. You see it and come running over as you and your Grandmother had only separated temporarily while shopping and were meeting at a coffee shop two doors over. 

“Nana! What are you doing?” 

“This big idiot knocked me over!” Loki gives you one of his panty melting smiles while shaking your hand. 

“Hello, I’m Loki.” For a moment, you almost forget she’s there until she smacks you in the arm. 

“Uh Nana, this is Loki.” She narrows her eyes at him. 

“Yeah, so?”

 “Really madam, I do apologize.” You smile back at him without breaking eye contact as a little flush of heat courses through you. 

“See Nana? He’s sorry.”

Imagine shopping for a niece or nephew in a Toys R’ Us with Loki. He’s never been in one before and while your down an aisle looking for something, he disappears. A few minutes later you find him playing with a remote control car a few aisles over after hearing an odd noise. You find he’s knocked down two of those big caged displays of rubber balls and employees are scrambling to gather them up while parents and kids are laughing. You look at him with your arms crossed and he just shrugs his shoulders, walks away and keeps playing. You walk over and take the remote. “If you’re responsible for that, you could be kind enough to go help.” 

“If they would all just move out of the way, I could magic it all back together couldn’t I?” 

You whisper into his ear. “You know that’s not an option and if you ever want me to go on my knees for you again, you’ll be nice and go help!”

 He sighs and rolls his eyes. “Suit yourself, but this means you owe me.” 


He places a finger over your lips. “Shhh, there’s children present Darling. We’ll talk about this at home, hmm?” He walks away smirking as your jaw drops. “That’s good practice. Feel free to walk around the store like that if you feel a need to.”

“Might I kiss you, love?” Loki murmured softly, slowly approaching you and gently tilting up your chin.
You stared up at him, blushing furiously, “I’ll have to kill you if you did.”
Loki grinned, eyes sparkling, “I dare say it would be worth it.” He leaned down, lips pressed gently to yours and your eyes slowly fluttered closed.

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Is there a reason you're naked in my bed logyn

I made it a college AU, but as I’ve never actually been to college/university you’ll have to forgive any errors I’ve made. Sorry.

Just Right

Loki woke with a jolt as a heavy book was dropped by his head. He flailed about for a few moments before getting his bearings.

“What time is it?” he asked the librarian groggily as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Almost 4am, and you’ve been asleep since three,” the librarian replied tersely, eyeing the drool and empty energy drink cans in distaste. “I think you’re done for the night.”

“No,” Loki muttered, flicking through the books covering the table as he tried to remember where he was up to. “I still need to edit my conclusion and review chapter seven and…”

“You’re done,” the librarian repeated firmly, pulling the library books out of his hands. “Go get some sleep. No doubt you’ve got classes in a few hours.”

Loki’s shoulders slumped in defeat but the librarian didn’t move or stop glaring at him until he started packing up his things. Loki swept his own books into his bag, taking slightly more care with his laptop, and stumbled out of the library. His first class wasn’t until 11am, he realised as he made his way across the quad to his dorm, which meant he could sleep until six, seven at the latest, and then get back to it.

He struggled with the lock on his door until he turned the handle and it opened. Were he remotely capable of cognitive function it would have given him pause, but as it was he simply closed the door behind him, dropped his bag, stripped off his outer layers as he crossed the room to plug in his phone, and then collapsed onto his bed. And he would have been asleep the moment his head hit the pillow if it weren’t for the screaming.

“What the hell!” a female voice shrieked as her flailing limbs shoved Loki off his own bed. He got to his feet on his second try and turned on the light. The voice belonged to a girl with some rather epic bed hair, somewhat familiar to his groggy mind, who was currently covering her modesty with a dark green sheet.

Loki blinked. Slowly.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Loki asked once the girl had calmed down and his brain kicked into gear.

“Ummm…” the girl cringed, tightening her grasp on the sheet. “So, funny story.”

“I’ll bet,” Loki mumbled, slumping into his desk chair.

“I live across the hall, and I had gone to take a shower, but when I came back I found that my roommate had locked me out so she could have some quality time with her boyfriend.”


“And your door was open, so I kind of… helped myself?” the girl cringed.

“Can you go back to your own room now?”

“I tried knocking after an hour or so but she’s ignoring me,” the girl huffed irritably.

Loki groaned into his hands, trying to think of a solution but couldn’t get passed how tired he was. He glanced about his room and picked up a reasonably clean longline shirt off his floor.

“Here, Goldilocks. Put that on,” Loki instructed, spinning so his back was to her. “You decent?” he asked when the shuffling stopped.

“Yep,” the voice replied, sounding more chipper than Loki could deal with right now.

“Okay, so here’s the thing… I’m not going to kick you out, but there’s no way in hell I’m sleeping on the floor on my own goddamn room,” Loki advised, even though he knew he could probably sleep standing upright at this point. “So, you can either take the floor or you can share with me. Your choice,” he said, not waiting for an answer before lying down on the edge twin bed.

“It’s Sigyn.”


“My name’s not Goldilocks. It’s Sigyn.”

“Whatever you say, Goldilocks,” Loki smiled into his pillow, which smelt faintly of vanilla and lavender.

The next time Loki woke it was to an incessant beeping, which was only slightly preferably to the loud thud of a book being dropped onto a wooden table.

“What time is it?” a groggy voice in his ear asked.

“Goldilocks?” Loki murmured as their earlier encounter came back to him.

“Sigyn,” the girl corrected with a grumble, burrowing her face against his chest as she tried in vain to reach across him for his phone. “Make it stop,” she whined.

“Alright, alright,” Loki smirked, tentatively placing one arm around her bared shoulders as the other reached for his phone. He went to reset the alarm for 8am but one look at his sleeping companion and he pushed it back to nine. Loki froze as she sighed dreamily against him, her body curling around his.

“Ten forty-five it is,” Loki mumbled happily to himself, forgetting about tests and essay deadlines in favour of the strange and enchanting woman in his arms.

Imagine: complaining about Loki's yellow cape to Tom

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You glared down at your phone screen, eyes locked onto the offensive yellow of Loki’s cape in the early looks at Thor: Ragnarok.  Most people thought you would have known all about it, as you were Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend and a rising actress, but you had no such luck.  You were discussing a contract with Marvel, and while you tried to get information about the third Thor movie, Tom made sure you heard nothing.  He wanted the movie to be a surprise for you, as he knew you had a weakness for Loki.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you regularly glanced down at the photo.  Tom looked fantastic as Loki, but you dearly hoped that the other side of the cape was green, or else there was going to be a mountain of angry letters for the costume designer.  You made a mental note to stay involved in the designing of your character, if you and Marvel came to a contract agreement.  You could hear the occasional murmur or camera click as you walked through the light crowd, which drew your attention away from your phone.  The odd feeling of being recognized in the street momentarily distracted you, until your eyes landed on your destination: a lovely little teahouse.

You tried not to storm in, but as you were gracefully seated in the back room, your anger was apparent on your face.  Tom had arrived before you, and when he looked up to your not-so-smiling expression, he knew that you were one of many who had seen the recently revealed Loki first-look.  He chuckled nervously when you sat across from him, huffing lowly when your phone buzzed.  You turned it off, before glaring at Tom, who offered you an apologetic smile.

“My dear, whatever is the matter?”  He asked, ever the gentleman.  He knew exactly what was wrong- you could tell- but he had always been gracious towards you.  The sentiment melted away some of your anger, reminding you why you loved this dorky, glorious man… but you weren’t about to let him get away so easily.

“What’s the matter?”  You began, giving Tom a moment to steel himself for the flood.  “Loki’s cape, that’s the matter!  I love you, but did you say nothing about it?  Did anyone try to stop the fiend who calls themself a costume designer?  It’s… yellow!”  You stated, your hands swirling in elaborate gestures to aid your argument.  “Loki’s signature color is green, and his palette is green, black, and gold.  Yellow is not a part of that combination, and his green cape held so much… meaning!  As the complimentary color to red, his cape represented his separation from Thor as a person… Two brothers, who were very much so opposites.  Is yellow the complimentary color to red?  No!”  You ranted, not even looking at Tom at this point.  If you had looked at his face, instead of focusing on your hands and memories from the MCU Loki scenes, you would have seen his struggle at holding back a massive grin.

“Darling, [Y/N], I am simply an actor.  I don’t make the final decisions for Loki-” He began, but bit his tongue when you sent him a steely glare.  Your nose was scrunched up in frustration, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He let out his signature chuckle, closing his eyes and dipping his head.  His contagious laughter got under your skin, soothing your glare and pulling soft chuckles from your throat.  A soft smile grew on your lips, and you shook your head lightly at Thomas.  “Love, you are a treasure!  I’m sorry you’re upset about his, or rather, my cape, but I must say… your reaction was adorable, and absolutely worth it.”  He noted with a cheery grin.

You pursed your lips, and despite still holding resentment towards the color choice, you melted under that smile.  Thomas could drive you a little crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t have been the man you fell in love with if he had been any different.

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“I’m pregnant logyn

Sigyn idled away the hours with a book in her lap. She’d barely managed to finish a page the whole day and was about to make another valiant attempt at concentration when there was a sharp rap at the door.

“My lady, would you care to prepare for dinner?” a handmaid queried nervously, her eyes darting about in search of Sigyn’s mercurial husband.

“Very well,” Sigyn sighed finally abandoning her book.

Honestly, she had no appetite but to forgo the meal would garner suspicion, perhaps even offence from the royal family. Technically she was a member of said family, but she and Loki had only been married a few short seasons, and it seemed to be a marriage of convenience more than anything else. Except…

Sigyn sighed again as the handmaid forced her into more appropriate evening wear, her hands straying to her stomach as the handmaid cinched the waist a little tighter. She let out a shaky breath and dismissed the servant, taking a minute to centre herself before leaving her chambers.

She managed to focus enough to find her way to the dining hall without wandering off but as soon as the first course was put in front of her Sigyn began pushing her food around, her own thoughts almost loud enough to drown out the table conversation. Almost.

“You cannot keep shirking your responsibilities, Thor,” Odin reprimanded. “When you are king you will need to oversee the council meetings and you would do well to start attending them now to get a better grasp of the politics involved.”

“Bah! What need have I for politics? I have never faced a problem that could not be solved with a swing of my mighty hammer,” the elder prince bragged as he quaffed a pint of ale.

“As eloquent as ever, Thor,” Loki drawled, his voice tight and cold. “It’s hard to see why father would be concerned that he made the wrong choice in successor.”

“Jealously does not become you, brother,” Thor growled, his grip on his mug tightening.

“I am not jealous, I have no interest in the crown.”

“So you keep saying,” Thor interrupted.

“It is a burden, and as such should treated seriously. And as you seem incapable of dedicating yourself to anything that requires an ounce of decorum or intelligence I am simply weeping for the future of Asgard.”

“That is enough,” Odin warned, but it went unheeded.

Sigyn rubbed her temple as a dull pain grew into a throbbing headache as the grown men seated around her continued to bicker. She spared a glance in Queen Frigga’s direction, the woman offering her a sympathetic smile before diving into the fray herself, trying in vain to calm the fraying tempers.

Sigyn tried to tune out the arguing but it was of no use, they seemed to only get louder the more Sigyn wished them to be silent. Eventually something had to give.

“I’M PREGNANT!” Sigyn shouted over the ruckus, jumping to her feet so suddenly she sent dinnerware flying. “I’m pregnant,” she repeated to the now deathly silent room. “And I find I have no appetite. If you’ll excuse me.”  

Sigyn was mortified at her outburst, but if meant having an excuse to dine alone she’d plead her belly every night of her pregnancy.

The moment she was safely ensconced in her bedchambers she undressed, ridding herself of the restrictive corset first. It was all in her head for the most part, as she was months away from showing, but she just didn’t feel comfortable with her clothing being pulled so tightly over her belly. She sighed and fell against the doorway of her dressing room, rubbing circles over her belly as she tried not to think about the complicated home life she would be bringing a child into.

That was how Loki found her several minutes later, and he watched entranced as her hand moved over her still flat belly, humming softly to their unborn child.

“Pregnant?” he asked redundantly when Sigyn noticed his intrusion.

“Yes, Eir confirmed it this morning,” Sigyn advised as she returned to her place on the lounge, opening her book to the marked page as a way of avoiding further conversation with the husband she barely knew.

“Pregnant,” Loki muttered to himself as he took a seat at the opposite end of the couch, carefully avoiding making contact with her outstretched legs. They sat in awkward silence for some time before Loki couldn’t stand it any longer. “Are you sure you are not hungry? I could send for something,” he offered, his voice wavering with an uncertainty that Sigyn had never heard from him before, so she took pity on him.

“Eir gave me some herbal tea to help with the nausea. Perhaps you could prepare me a cup?” she suggested, pointing to the small box next to her favoured tea set.

“Of course,” Loki replied enthusiastically, magically changing his clothes to something less formal as he crossed the room to move a kettle of water over the flames of their hearth.

Sigyn smiled to herself as Loki went about preparing her tea, handing her the steaming cup with such reverence it made her heart ache. They sat in a more companionable silence for the next few hours, each reading their own book, before retiring to their marriage bed, Loki’s arms wrapping around Sigyn’s belly as they drifted off to sleep.