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Drabble- Once More

Loki held him, never wanting to let go, never wanting him to leave his sight again. For as long as he could remember, his heart had belonged to Thor. His very breath, his being, his reason for existence and why his heart beat in his chest was all for him and him alone. His little flickering flame that lit the darkness that swallowed him.

“Say it…just once more…” his voice a gentle whisper.

A chuckle. “Do you not tire of it?”

“Do you?” he asked almost hurt by it.

“I do not…”

“Then once more…just once more…”

Loki’s life was nothing but suffering in silence. From the time he was born, he was left for dead, taken for a purpose and kept on a whim because a woman, a mother loved him. He bore a beautiful son and they had taken him. He was forced to marry, he loved his wife and children…they were ripped from his arms. Three  more children, taken so cruelly and tossed aside. Each were a flickering flame, so small, so bright, so fragile. Snuffed out by the uncaring wind, allowing darkness to consume him once more.

In his heart Loki had always kept a flame hidden, kept it burning with each glance shot his way, each hug, each caress of his hair and flash of his eyes. Oh his smile warmed him most, feed the flame and kept it lit.

“Just once more then?”

A small nod. “I must hear it…just once more or I shall go mad…”

This flickering flame, like the others would not last. Not here, not in the open. He would lose him, just like all the other tiny bits of happiness he felt. His small hopes, his little joys,  taken, smashed repeatedly and left to blow in the very wind that snuffed out his flame.

This is why he had to hear it once more, just once more so he could recall his deep sensual voice, the loving gaze of those big blue eyes, the soft smile filled with want, he wanted to recall them in the darkness when the flame was extinguished and he could no longer see.

Another chuckle. “If it is all you ask, it is small indeed.”

“I ask little, just once more…I beg it of you…”

“Begging from a prince…you of all…I have lived to see this day…” a hand held his cheek, lifting his eyes to meet those of crystal blue. His heart froze.

“Once…just once…” his voice trembled, fear consuming him and breaking his mask. “Please…”

“With all that I am, with all that I shall be, the wolf whom longs for the lamb, I shall now and forever, love thee.” a soft and gentle kiss. “Better?”

Over and over a hundred times in his mind, it is never as grand as the real thing. “Once more…” let his flickering flame survive…just a little longer…

mxrdermystery  asked:

ϟ Have they ever gotten pleasure from causing others pain? 
™ Are they possessive?

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ϟ Have they ever gotten pleasure from causing others pain?

Without a doubt, yes, Loki has derived pleasure from inflicting physical and/or emotion pain onto others. This isn’t something that Loki enjoys every single time he hurts another person. Sometimes hurting them is strictly a necessity due to circumstances or war or any number of reasons he might be pit against another person. 

When it’s personal and he goes out of his way to cause someone pain, however, it’s usually because he feels that they deserve it because they’ve wronged him or someone he loves and he absolutely enjoys every single second that they suffer at his hands. It’s not really torture. Torture isn’t something he actually enjoys, especially given that he’s been on the receiving end of some of the worst mental and physical torture imaginable. It’s more along the lines of someone else knowing that he was the reason they were brought to their knees or that he was right all along or that he was able to pay them back for the wrongs they inflicted on him. 

It’s also not a sexual sort of pleasure, either, it’s just general good feelings. 

™ Are they possessive?

I answered this for Loki here, so I’m going to answer this one for one of my ocs, Inka.

Inka isn’t really possessive. Instead of being possessive in the terms of “this is mine, don’t touch him/her and don’t talk to him/her” she’s more protective. Despite not having children, Inka has a very motherly-like personality. There’s not much she isn’t willing to do to protect the people that she cares about.

Music Inspiration Meme

Whether it be melodies that give you inspiration for your muse, or songs that get you into the writing mood, pick 10 SONGS you find give you the urge, the drive, or the creativity to write for your muse.
Then tag your favourite people to get an insight into their musical inspirational feels.

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I liked this meme because I had to put some more thought into this one than simply putting my iTunes on shuffle. So I’m going to actually link these songs to youtube videos so people can get the full effect of what brings me inspiration! :D

  1. Monster ; Imagine Dragons –every time I hear this song I immediately think of Loki
  2. Underneath ; Adam Lambert –a lot of Adam’s stuff is very up-beat music that is best for a a club, but this song is one I’ve always related to really well and it also makes me think of Loki because of how different he is from his own people. Another Adam Lambert song that makes me think of Loki is Runnin’.
  3. You’re Gonna Go Far Kid ; The Offspring –in all honesty, this is the only song I know by this band, but the lyrics always make me think of Loki and the numerous difficulties he’s faced in his life.
  4. Sissy That Walk ; RuPaul –this one might be silly, but RuPaul music always makes me happy and thinking about drag queens often gives me inspiration for Loki because I feel like he could identify with a lot of queens pretty easy.
  5. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arm’s Race ; Fall Out Boy –because basically Loki? I just feel like this is such a great description of Loki.
  6. This is Gospel ; Panic! At the Disco –again, because I feel like this relates a lot of Loki’s struggles. This might even be a song Loki could have written on his own (maybe to a different melody but the lyrics regardless).
  7. The Phantom of the Opera Broadway Production ; Andrew Lloyd Webber –in all honesty, I’m not sure why this gives me such inspiration, I just think Loki would enjoy this show and appreciate it’s darkness and uniqueness. It always gets me pumped up to write.
  8. Mordred’s Lullaby ; Heather Dale –in truth, I was exposed to this song from multiple videos listed as “Loki’s Lullaby” and it fits for obvious reasons.
  9. Violin covers of pretty much every song. Here’s an example of Centuries by Fall Out Boy covered by Vitamin String Quartet. This is just one of dozens of covers that really inspire me. I could listen to VSQ for hours.
  10. Into the Woods Soundtrack –like PotO, I’m not really sure why this inspires me so much. Maybe I just really like musicals? But I think Loki would appreciate this imaginative and twisted telling of classic fairy tales that are usually kept separate. He’s a storyteller, after all. I think he’d appreciate this for what it is.