loki movie poster

FAKE MOVIE MEME: Requested by: anonymous

In 16th century London, a young couple’s quiet farm life is interrupted, when the man, Aidan (Hiddleston), who happens to be the youngest son of the king, suddenly becomes the only living heir to the monarchy. He is asked by his mother to rule in his father’s place, which he agrees to, if only to please her. Aidan is forced to move back home and abandon his life with his fiancée, Rebecca (Dormer) - because for a king, marrying someone from a lower class is frowned upon. Soon, Aidan begins adjusting to his new role as king - but eventually he realizes, he is missing something no king should ever be without.

Imagine being a huge Loki-Fan, owning all the Marvel-Movies, posters, shirts and stuff.

One day no other than Natasha Romanoff is standing at your door, asking you to “babysit a friend” for her who needs to learn about normal human life. You have no idea what’s going on but due to her ability to lure you in and your astonishment, you say yes.

Imagine it’s no other than Loki she is dropping off on you.

tiny loki's somewhat arbitrary poster giveaway!

hello, tumblr - guess who got eight captain america posters via interoffice mail today! (if you guessed me, you’d be right. good work!)

they’re big (about 40" x 26") and official and shiny. i’ve already found homes for most of them, but i have at least three left to give away! so here are some rules:

  • if you want to enter tiny loki’s somewhat arbitrary poster giveaway, just like this post (reblogging not necessary).
  • please be a real person.
  • please be a follower of yours truly.
  • please live in the united states or on a US military base, as i can’t afford to mail these things all over the world.
  • you must be willing to give me a name and an address so i can mail the darn thing to you.

i’ll pick the winners on october 1st by some devious method (most likely the good old random number generator) and then contact the lucky few. it will be grand. good luck!