loki month

loki month : day 13-16 prompt -> relationship

Frigga, loki and thor

OK I know I am late, but look at all the efforts I have to put into this piece!
I love the relationships between these three, and frigga's unconditional love toward her sons. Here is what is wrong with odin-- his love is conditional, his son has to prove they are worthy of his love, which sometimes will lead to a child's self doubt or even worse.

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Loki month | Prompt 1:  Favorite Loki

my favorite Loki is definitely mcu Loki back in Thor 2011 ✪ω✪ it was the film that drew me to the mcu franchise and it’s still my favorite! I also think it’s his best look, and recently I’ve found that I really..really like Chris in Loki’s 2011 outfit too….. it was only a matter of time before I lost it and took Lokicest to the next level… ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ) 

promo art for kaori san’s upcoming Loki Month event! ㆁωㆁ* 

Loki Month is a fan community event dedicated to appreciating Loki in all his incarnations and forms, ranging from his myth origins, Marvel comic book adaptions, to his Marvel Cinematic Universe form! Fans have gotten together to host this event in order to gather the community for a positive fandom experience while appreciating for a character we have grown to love.

There will be seven prompts spaced out over a period of a single month. In order to participate, please make sure to tag your entry with “#loki month” in the first five tags of the post, and state which prompt you are filling in the caption.

The prompts and their corresponding dates are below:

Feb 1–4: Your Favourite Loki
Feb 5–8: Comic Appreciation (AoA Release – 5th Feb)
Feb 9–12: MCU Appreciation (Tom’s birthday – 9th Feb)
Feb 13–16: Relationship (Valentine’s – 14th Feb)
Feb 17–20: Alternate Universe
Feb 21–24: Villainy (Ragnarok prediction – 22nd Feb)
Feb 25–28: Free For All

We hope all this excitement will encourage fans to participate in this celebration of Loki!

I was adopted and my dad’s a dick monthly meetup

“-turns me into a cyborg, and calls Gamora his favourite daughter right in front of me!”

“Yeah? First Odin starts a war with a race he graciously failed to mention I was a part of, then banishes me when I try to finish it! Have you ever been to Earth? It’s hellish!”

As requested by just-tinabow-man :3

LOKI MONTH: Free For All

Never get blackout drunk when in close proximity with a certain god of Daddy Issues who should actually still be locked away in a nice and shiny gilded cage in the land of gold and backwater vikings. (He isn’t, if that isn’t already obvious.) Thor’s gotta look into that security breach—unless Thor’s the security breach. (Drunk Tony isn’t outside the realm of impossibility either but Tony doesn’t want to go there just yet—Drunk Tony can deal with his own shit.)

He doesn’t remember what he promised Loki, but how is Tony to know that verbal promises with no feeling are physically binding when one half of the party is a being of magic. (How does that even work?) So he’s stuck, plain and simple, in a deal he can’t remember, that Loki isn’t telling just yet, the little fuck.


“I was a king” (plus Thor’s cape)

Happy Loki month ^_^


EDITED: Short fanfic by SatansSin (visit her and give her reviews, she’s an amazing writer).

‘I never wanted the throne! I only ever wanted to be your equal!’

Was that what he said? was that what he truly believed?
It was years ago now, years of regret, lies and deceit later.

Years of unrequited love and a tongue too silver and proud to say what it truly wanted.

Years of pining for something he couldn’t have, ears of losing, losing everything he did have.

Sanity was lost first, falling from him as the cape of emerald and gold had fallen off his shoulders, never to return, not for armor, not for glory, not for the love of a father who was never his or a mother he so callously let go of.


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loki month : day 13-16 prompt -> relationship

well look what i finally finished. i can’t believe most of the time i spent on wings and feet arghh

bigger pic here