loki mmh

  • Doctor Strange: guess who can do magic! look at this spell I just learned *does his magic* 💫〰✨⚡️🌟🌈❄️⭐️
  • Loki: mmh yeah, I've been doing things like that for centuries, so, boring
  • Doctor Strange: yeah but can You do this? *some spell really cool*
  • Loki: pfff basic *how did he do that?*
  • Doctor Strange: :( ok let's just find Odin
here, have a flufflet

~500 words. Thor’s a big, lazy dog whose got a new obnoxious little kitten brother. Luckily, he figures out how to deal with him.

(inspired by a conversation between me and @vicissitudesoffate)

Thor peeled his eyes open when Loki’s frantic sprinting had come to a sudden stop, finding him squatting off to the side of the room, next to the bookshelf. His nose twitched when he caught a whiff of what Loki was doing. “You’re not supposed to poop there.”

Loki, face pinched and tail twitching, squinted his bright green eyes at him and said tightly, “I do what I want.”

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