loki miss home


It was just 6 months ago, I took these adorable puppies away from our heartless neighbour. Both were very weak and the black & white could only crawl but he wags his tail excitedly when I call him “Loki”. The brown puppy just sleeps and loved to nibble Loki’s feet so I’ve called him “Thor”. Sent them to the vet for check up. Mom said we couldn’t keep them and decided to find them a loving family. But Thor the brown puppy did not survive; the vet said he had too much worms in his intestines. So I begged my mom to keep Loki and she finally agreed. The second picture was Loki’s expression after I’ve told him about the good news! Few days after that I had to travel so frequently I didn’t get to see him growing up but my brother sent me HER latest picture last night. Yup, Loki is a her. But that doesn’t matter because she is after all, Loki the puppy who lived.