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You Love Me?

Imagine:  Imagine that you and Loki are best friends, and despite there being no romantic feelings between you, you are arranged to get married.
On the wedding night you consummate your marriage of course, but after that you never speak about it and go on as if it never happened. After years of being married though, you realise that you are falling for him.

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You Love Me?: Chapter 3 (Last Chapter )

Maybe our parents were right about us. Our marriage would help us fall in love, or at least I think I was falling in love with him. Everyday I spent with him, it was like we were getting closer. Loki made me laugh and smile more. He joked around with me, we caused mischief together and were just happy together, but we never said anything about our feelings towards each other.

We’d only been married for a few years now and our parents weren’t patient with our feelings. My mother encouraged me to start a family with Loki as soon as we could, and Odin questioned if Loki liked me. He asked when there were alone, I happened to be passing the room they were discussing in and Loki said he did like me, he cared for me. It made me smile. So does he love me?

I sometimes questioned how Loki and I made it this far after only having sex one time, on our wedding night, but I never answered that or asked him. It would be weird to ask, you know. But he must have needs or something, right? Ugh, what am I thinking?! But I’m his wife, I could just ask him… Ugh, my five year old self would probably think it disgusting, in the future getting married to her best friend.

It was our anniversary today, and so far both Loki and I have never forgotten about our anniversary. Loki and I haven’t seen each other since breakfast, we’ve been attending to our own duties all day, and tonight we would reveal our gifts. We met in our chambers after dinner, we were dismissed early by the king so we could celebrate privately.

I lead Loki inside our chambers. I told him to wait as I looked under our bed and pulled out some books. He saw them and immediately helped me with them. Once he saw the cover of one book, his eyes lit up.

“You actually got them.”

I smiled. For over the past few weeks, Loki’s been telling me about a few books he’s always wanted, but never had the time to go to the towns and purchase them, so I did. He looked very happy and I questioned him about it.

“I’m very happy, darling.” He hugged me. “Thank you.”

“So,” I pulled away, smiling. “I guess it’s your turn now?” I laughed nervously for some reason.

“Oh, of course.” he put his books down and took my hand instead. “Come, love.”

I followed Loki, we went through different corridors, then up a flight of stairs. We continued down a corridor and stopped at a wall. I looked at Loki in confusion and he laughed. He then pushed the wall gently and a secret door was revealed.

I looked at Loki, who then looked at me with a smirk, “I thought you showed me all your secret passages.”

“I couldn’t show you all of them. Come with me.”

He lead me inside and the door slowly closed behind us. I looked around the room, it was small with a fireplace, bookshelves holding several books, and a small bed. I laughed, going over to the bookshelves and examining the books.

“These are very old.”

“Yes, well, they’ve been there since I was little.” he looked at the bed, “That explains that.”

I followed his gaze and laughed. “Have you been here ever since?”
“A couple of times. I used to come here to calm down or to study, or sometimes spend the night in here.”

“Which also explains that.” I pointed at the bed. “Why haven’t you showed me this? It’s actually cute, and comfortable.”

“Cute?” he joked. “I never thought this would be our future. If I knew, I would’ve shown you a long time ago.”

I went over to the fireplace and started the fire. I then turned to Loki. “Do you think we could sleep in here tonight? Just for one night.”

“Of course, we can. That’s also why I brought you here.” he came close to me, “This can all be yours, if you want.”

“Really?” he nodded. “That’s very sweet.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, he leaned forward, pressing his lips against mine. Our kiss grew intense and Loki’s hands were roaming my body. I found myself lying underneath Loki on the small bed in the room with us. We were sharing kisses as we tried unclothing each other, I slithered out of my dress after Loki unzipped it, I helped him out of his shirt and pants as we continued our small kisses.

I cupped Loki’s face, missing his lips. He moved his lips down, kissing down my neck and across my chest. Loki unclasped my bra, pulling it away so he could mouth my breasts. My back arched when his tongue ran over my nipples and erected them. I was really missing the feeling of his mouth on me. He kissed down to my stomach, then he slowly pulled my panties down and tossing it aside.

Loki picked up my leg, kissing from my ankle to my my inner thigh. I bit my lip then pulled him up, we shared a kiss as I pulled down his boxers. He thrusted into me and stopped, we stared at each other, then I leaned up and kissed him deeply. He continued thrusting, groaning in my ear and kissing my neck and shoulder. I missed him so much. His thrusts became fast, I spread my legs wider for him, wanting him. Honestly wanting him and I didn’t know that till now.

His lips found mine and we began kissing, he then gave a rough thrust, causing me to grasp his biceps. I looked up at him, keeping a gaze as he continued thrusting. I began moaning his name, feeling his lips on my chest and breast as he continued his rough thrusts. I cried out to him as my orgasm washed over me, then he groaned deeply as he spilled into me. I looked up at him and a weak smile appeared on my lips, on his lips also.

Loki and I stayed in the secret room all night, making each other come several times. It was a wonderful night. We laid in bed afterwards, staring at the fireplace. His arms were wrapped around me and mines were wrapped around him too, my head resting against his chest and his chin resting on my head. I looked up at Loki, smiling at him and he smiling at me.

“Happy anniversary.” I chuckled.

He kissed my forehead. “Happy anniversary. I love you.”

I sort of sat up, “you love me?”

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re my wife, my best friend. I’m in love with you, darling, I’ve actually been in love with you for a long time now.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same, since we did grow up together, you probably thought of me as a brother.” He laughed.

I shook my head, smiling. “I’m in love with you, Loki Odinson. I love you.”

He pulled me close and kissed me sweetly. We then continued staring into the fire from the bed, then fell into a sleep in each other’s arms.

Loki (of course) will be in Thor 3, and so will Doctor Strange. 

That means Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch will be in a superhero movie together.

They both play sarcastic characters

These characters may interact




“That’s the joy of myths. The fun comes in telling them yourself—something I warmly encourage you to do, you person reading this. Read the stories in this book, then make them your own, and on some dark and icy winter’s evening, or on a summer night when the sun will not set, tell your friends what happened when Thor’s hammer was stolen, or how Odin obtained the mead of poetry for the gods…”

—Neil Gaiman

Oh, we do, sir. We do, and we will keep at it.

Also, “Loki was… complicated,” made me grin with wistful fondness.

And I was taken aback at his mentioning in the Introduction that Marvel comics were his first meeting with these characters. 🖤

magic’s just science we don’t understand yet

WAS SUPPOSED to finish a different artworkand I’m SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING RIGHT NOW, but ugh, all the fics, ALL THE FICS (they’re awesome oh god I couldn’t stop reading) I had to draw something LOL Loki’s so difficult to draw, IDK when I’ll get him right.

And this kinda looks like a CD cover for some band or something IDK

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