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This is PART TWO of a LOKI REDEMPTION set of recs that mikkeneko asked for. The first half was more focused on Thor/Loki and Asgard-based stuff, while this set is more Loki/other and Avengers-based stuff.  Not that there’s not still a lot of good Thor & Loki moments here!  Just that it’s not the primary focus of these.  :)

There are probably loads of fic I’m still missing, but these are the ones I know of (as well as I’ll separately post a series of fics I think will be of interest!) that are in the vein of “post-Avengers, non-mind control Loki redemption”, which may not all get him fully to “redeemed” status, but are about the process of it, the working him towards such a thing. Some are entirely serious, some are heartbreaking, some are ridiculously silly, but all are about the process of Loki coming back around to join the good guys.  ♥

Featherling by RoAnshi, loki + avengers + possible steve/loki, pregnant!loki, miscarriage, 27k

While serving his sentence on Midgard, Loki unexpectedly finds himself in a “family way” - sort of.

He Ain’t Heavy (He’s Our Villain) by goodboots, avengers + loki, darcy & loki, background pairings, 11k

In which Thor is foolishly loyal, Darcy still wants her iPod back, and Loki redeems himself, or something.

Lost Boys by thisisnotwhoyouthink, loki + avengers + mild background canon pairings, pregnant!loki, 59k

When Loki is captured by Shield, they discover a dark secret between Loki and Odin. A different take on Loki’s ‘monster’ kids.

Quiet Poetry by FelicityGS, steve/loki, NSFW, fluff, 27.9k

Sometimes, the best gift to give someone is a second chance.

Project Loki by Sheyrena Wyrsabane, steve/loki + thor & loki + other avengers, 33.5k

Loki gets hit by a spell that requires him to remain in close physical contact with Steve. Steve decides to use this opportunity to try and convince Loki that super villain might not be the best career choice.

I heard you killed your only friend last year by Lise, steve & loki, 3.4k

It’s not exactly how Steve was planning to spend his time.

Disarm by Lise, steve & loki, 7.9k

After their last encounter, Steve really wasn’t expecting to see Loki again. Much less more than once.

Underground by Margo_Kim, avengers + loki, steve/tony + clint/natasha, tony & loki, some thor & loki, dark!thor, post-apocalypse, avengers!loki, 60k

Five years ago, Thor’s Chitauri army decimated the Earth. Now what’s left of humanity lives in bases under the Earth’s surface, safe from the toxic atmosphere. Tony likes to think that humanity’s adapted pretty well. After all, they have movie nights and dances; they’re doing better than could be expected. But when he learns that the little world of safety and stability they’ve carved out is about to be slowly but surely destroyed, the New York Underground is left with only two options–fight or flight. Tony knows which one he wants. If only Steve weren’t on the exact opposite side. Meanwhile, Natasha wants whatever option will save Clint, Pepper wants whatever option will save the base, Maria Hill wants whatever option will save everybody, and nobody’s exactly sure who Loki’s trying to save, but everyone’s hoping it’s more than just himself.

You do not have to walk on your knees by Lise, avengers + loki, 8.8k

It’s not that he’s invested in keeping them alive. The idea of someone else killing them first, though, is a bit offensive. Or: a funny pattern starts to emerge between dire situations involving various Avengers. “When you started thinking that Loki might be looking out for them in some kind of weird, possessive, only I may kill you sort of way…that was a sign you’d been in this business too long.”

Kings and Vagabonds by spinstitcher, loki & sleipnir + other marvel characters, humor, adventure fic, 29.7k

In the wake of the Chitauri Loki is stripped of his powers and banished to Vanaheim. Nobody tasers him, but there is an awful lot of singing and dancing. Accompanied by his eldest son, who happens to be a horse, Loki slowly begins to carve out a place for himself – one that isn’t Supreme Ruler of the Known Universe.

But there is another power emerging from the darkness; one that threatens the safety – and sanity – of all the Nine Realms. Loki may have given up his dreams of becoming Glorious Overlord, but that doesn’t mean someone else gets to take his place.

A Villain State of Mind by mikkeneko, loki & charles xavier + other mcu characters, crossover, some scenes of torture/gore, trauma, therapy fic, 54.9k

Written for the Norsekink prompt: “SHIELD has Loki in custody, with the gag on to keep him from spellcasting, but they don’t really know what to DO with him. They can’t give him food or water or attempt to interrogate him with the gag on, and they don’t dare take it off. Their solution? Call in a telepath! But Charles Xavier may find more things in Loki’s head than SHIELD bargained for…”

the water’s dark and deep, inside this ancient heart by artyartie, loki & child oc + avengers, fluff, 21.3k

Loki has been a Prince of Asgard and a would-be conqueror of Midgard. Years after the movie, he’s now trying to navigate the most challenging role he’s undertaken yet: a single parent in Manhattan. Juggling play dates, elite preschools, and defeating the Avengers in time to pick up his little girl, Loki finds parenting has endless challenges - and unintended effects.

Thor’s Days by artyartie, loki & child oc + avengers, fluff, 34.9k

For a nearly immortal god, a year is nothing. For his little mortal daughter, a year is an eternity. And for the Avengers, a single year might mean a chance, however precarious, to redeem the unredeemable.

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Fanfic- Avengers Style

Am I the only one who wants a family!Avengers fic with Mama!Loki?
Like, what if all six members of the Avengers (Thor included) are actually Loki’s children, born on Midgard. Their father is a cruel and mean man, who only uses Loki for pleasuring, and left him (or her, as Lady Loki, either is fine) on Midgard so no one else would find Loki. Because really he was taken from Jotunheim as a young child, and forced as a slave or servant to the Avengers father. But Loki lives on earth peacefully, and each Avenger is the result of a visit from their father.
And really, that’s why Steve has these super soldier abilities. Because he’s part god really, and he always had these powers but the super serum just sped up puberty and awoke his powers.
And Bruce and the Hulk were always two powerful creatures, in one body but they worked coincide with one another because Mama Loki’s powers helped that. But originally he was blue, because well he’s half Frost Giant, but the gamma explosion made him green instead (Loki’s a bit thankful for that, green is a better color after all).
Tony’s a super genius, even more than Howard, and there is so much he can do with his mind and building abilities alone, that it’s unheard of for a human, but Loki’s cunning intelligence was given to him as a gift (along with his Loki’s snarky attitude, which some agree was not the best trait to pass down), and his ability to understand science versus magic.
Natasha is a skilled assassin and extraordinarily, strong, analytical and cunning for her age and body. Her abilities as an assassin and spy were not the result of training, but her abilities from her mother (which make Loki proud of his little only girl) and those who have hired her, do not know exactly what Natasha is capable of.
Clint, is similar in that his supernatural abilities lie in becoming a spy, but his senses were all also enhanced, even more than Steve’s; like he could see a target, nearly a mile or more away, or hear an enemy approaching (Loki blames his liking of heights, to the time they went to the park and Clint observed a Hawk the entire time, rather than playing).
And finally Thor. Thor is still partially Asgardian, which is why I lean towards their father being Asgardian (*cough cough* Odin is a jerk *cough cough*). He holds the most traits like that of an Asgardian than his siblings, having the unwilling privileges of being born on Asgard before Loki was sent to Earth, hiding Thor with him.
What if, they all loved their Mama Loki, and Loki loved all six of them dearly with all his heart. That is why he hid them away from their father and they lived peacefully for ten years on Earth without anyone bothering them. And what if Loki casted a spell on his kids, so that their father would never be able to take them away as long as they were born on Midgard.  But what if, when Thor was 10, Natasha and Clint were 9, Bruce was 8, Steve was 5 and Tony was 3 (poor babies), their father found out about them, and in a rage of fury because he could not take them away, sent S.H.E.I.L.D after them, disguised as an agent, because S.H.E.I.L.D is always concerned about aliens on Earth, right?
And S.H.E.I.L.D. breaks into Loki’s home, and scares all the poor babies, but they managed to capture and hold down Loki. And as their searching for the kids; what if terrified, Loki casts one last powerful spell before her magic is sealed away by a collar and cuffs that send her children away. To different times, years and families throughout time and space in order to scatter and protect them. And she has to painfully block their memories of her, so they don’t worry or reveal themselves. And that was all she knew of them, before S.H.E.I.L.D took her away and held her captive, deep in their quarters, never to be released.
And meanwhile, Steve lives as he does with his fake mother and father and no memories of Loki, becoming Captain America (awakening his real powers due to the serum) and his line follows just as it did in the Avengers movie. And Tony is the “son” of Howard Stark with no memories of Loki born in a different generation as Steve, and Bruce is a poor abused son born in America earlier than Tony, while Natasha was an orphan in Russian, found by a diabolical agency wanting to use her abilities to turn her into a weapon with no memories; Clint is born into a sad home with a “brother” before his love of animals leaves them to run away to the circus in a small country in Europe, while Thor was taken to Asgard since he was not born on Midgard, but without his memories he believes Odin to be his father, and Frigga to be his mother without any questions.
But what if, something claws at the back of each of their minds but they don’t know what it is? And the Chituri still decide to invade Earth, and since they don’t have Loki this time, they simply attack and come in bursts of attack, forcing S.H.E.I.L.D. to quickly form the Avengers, but they’re suspicious of this agency, just like the movies and what did S.H.E.I.L.D. really do with the Tesseract.  And everyone surprisingly gets along well, but they argue and bicker (ahem, Tony and Steve and Thor) just like…siblings. And Tony and Steve are searching S.H.E.I.L.D. for answers when they come upon a prisoner captive in a cell, unmoving, but they can’t see who it is.

Okay, I’m just rambling. I’m the only one who wants this. Oops. I’ll be quiet now. But maybe I’ll write this fic. MAYBE!


“Slei–Sleipnir (holy helheim tha’s hard t'say when I’m sloshed) *hic* it'sh mummy–I miss you, sweetie.  When I come *hic* back I’m bringing you sho–er so–many treats  you will get a tummyache.  Kick Odin fer'me.  Nail ‘em a good one.  Mummy ALWAYS loves you–*hic*