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Avengers Preference

How your sleeping arrangements work (excluding Clint)

Tony: When it came to Tony and your sleeping arrangements you would always be awake when he came home. You would often be listening to music and he would come in from work, sneak up behind you and give you a kiss on your cheek. He would head straight to bed, being tired after whatever S.H.I.E.L.D had him doing. You would be up a bit longer than him before joining him in the bedroom. Tony would be sitting up in the bed waiting for you a smile on your lips. Both of you liked waiting for the other before cuddling and falling asleep.

Steve: You worked for S.H.I.E.L.D and would come home at the same time as him. The two of you would usually get changed into your pj’s and watch a movie on the couch, a different genre every night. It would end in you both falling asleep, your head on Steve’s lap, his fingers through your hair. Eventually Steve would wake up and smile at you. He would move from under you, turn everything off before picking you up and carrying you to bed, placing you down gently not to wake you. 

Bruce: You would be laying in bed reading a book when you would hear the door open making you smile. You would have your lamp on as you read and Bruce would enter the room. He would walk over to your side and kiss your forehead, he’d get changed before getting in the bed next to you. He’d be telling you to stop your reading and get some sleep, knowing you could stay up all night reading. Eventually after him asking you multiple times and you ignore him he would reach over and grab your book, throw it on the floor, turn off the light then pull you to him and cuddle.

Thor: You worked a late shift at a 24 coffee shop, you hated not being there when Thor got home. But some nights Thor would surprise you work and stay and talk with you until you got off your shift. He would fill himself with coffee to stay awake until you finished. Sometimes you would send him home, when you finished your shift you would head straight home. When you reached your bedroom you would fall into the bed and Thor would bring you to him, your face against his chest, his chin on your head.

Loki: Loki being Loki would always be up to planning something. He would often wander around your house, planning something to do. You would get bored in the bed alone without Loki by your side. You would leave your bedroom and go out to Loki, most of the time he would have fallen asleep at the table. You would wake him up and guide the half asleep Loki to bed. He would fall in first, before pulling you down. He preferred to spoon you, his chest close to your back.

(Requested by anon)