You sneaked the hall, making sure no one saw where you were going.  Eventually, you reached the room you were aiming for.  You swiftly opened the door, and walked in side, shutting it behind you.  Inside, Loki looked up from his pacing upon hearing your entrance.

You smiled at each other, before running to each other, embracing tightly.

“It’s getting harder,” you told him, kissing him softly on the lips.

“I know,” he admitted, gently hold your face between his hands.  “But we’ll be able to get away soon.  I’m making plans as you know it.  Soon, we won’t have to hide at all.”

Loki’s the worst and I love him.

Pens used: Faber-Castell PITT artist pen in dark chrome yellow 109*** and permanent green olive 167**, Pigma Micron in black 0.20mm and Pigma Graphic 1 in black 1.0mm

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Stucky Hot Toys photoset, part 6/7, “I will take care of you forever”

A little part (but a very important one!) where Bucky saves/protects Steve. This was my another fixed idea, because I assumed that in “Civil war” Steve will guard Bucky, it was quite natural in their circumstances – they kinda switched their previous roles. But I also liked times when that was vice versa. No matter what happens, Bucky continues to protect his Steve. No. Matter. What. 

For the part “Bucky protects Steve” I needed a third player and Loki had perfectly done this job :) I think it’s not quite obvious, so I’ll explain: on the 3rd photo Loki holds his dagger, so that it’s crossed with Bucky’s knife. 

The last photo has a little strange angle (sorry, my bad), but I like it anyway –  Bucky saves Steve from falling: “I’m holding уou, pal”.   

Contest Winner(s)

Well, the art contest has most certainly come to an end and I will announce the winners. Now, unfortunately, there was a lot of art but not enough. There was only a handful who participated but nevertheless. I suppose I shall keep my deal. We will only focus on the impressive category I suppose. 

Now, for first place, we seem to have @omgfandomssss with their popular drawing of me. 

Which will be displayed on the contest page.

Second place is @plushybuttons with their rather amusing drawing of me in my older clothing. 

Thank you to all of those who participated in my contest. I loved all the art you mortals have sent me. I hope to do future contests though, any ideas?