As you approach you see him toss a small object in the air before catching it again casually. He must have heard your footsteps because in one smooth motion he stands from his position on the bed. He looks at you inquisitively; you imagine it’s because you don’t know what to do with your face. You are overjoyed to see him, ecstatic that he is alright; and yet you are so angry with him, for what he has done.

You lock eyes with him and the powerful emotions there make your gaze dart down the ground, away from him. You sigh, exhaling slowly.

“Lady (y/n),” he says, his voice slithering around you like a snake. The instant analogy in your mind makes you smile slightly. “My lord,” you murmur, bowing your head out of habit. When you look back up he’s smirking, “I am your lord even in this gilded cage?” You raise your eyebrows and answer without thinking, “You will always be my lord.”

Perfect To Me - Loki x Reader

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{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Marvel 

Character- Loki Laufeyson / Odinson 

Word Counter- 434 Words

Persona- Female 

Request- Can you do a Loki one where he’s afraid you won’t love him anymore (because of his jotun form) but you show him that you love him for who he is and that his form is beautiful?? Thanks lovely!

You stood on the balcony, looking out at Asgard. You loved it here, the people, the place, the atmosphere was beautiful and peaceful. 

“Evening,” You hear and you turn. 

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‘  Thor: Brother dear, I see the way you look at lady Y/N. I was wondering what are your emotions are when you look at her?

   Loki: It’s madness. I feel happy, nervous anxious, calm, relaxed and loved at the same time. I cannot control it anymore.

  Thor: That’s what I thought. I believe it’s the best if you just tell her.        ‘

This took me a lot longer than I thought it would but hey-ho, we got there in the end. Love a bit of fluffy Loki from time to time and this one was fun to write as a result. Little bit of a sassy reader this time, not taking no shit. Plus Pietro comes craaaawling back. ;) Requested by nerd-kat–hell-yes. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt:  Will there be a part two to the loki one??? Please i need it!

One-Shot: No Apology Necessary (Part 2)

Part 1

It had been a few weeks since your break up with Pietro. Every day since then, Loki had taken care of you, walking you from your room to the lab, in the morning, and back again at night. Though you could’ve thought it suffocating, you quickly realised how much you needed someone by your side, something constant, and you were happier than you could express that it was Loki. The act of consoling somebody seemed to be doing him some good too – he was becoming more compassionate and kinder, if not necessarily towards Pietro. Today however, Loki hadn’t come to call for you at the lab. He’d left earlier in the day to “do something” and hadn’t returned. The stars were beginning to break up the darkening sky and the moon peeked out above the horizon.

It had been a few weeks since your break up with Pietro. It was now or never. Loki had left earlier, during your lunch break, to “do something” and it was the first time he’d left your side save for the nights in several weeks. It had taken him much longer than he’d initially planned to run his errands (the streets of New York were much harder to navigate on his own) but he’d finally done it.

With each step that brought him closer to the lab, Loki’s heart got a little faster, for every step that brought him closer to the lab would bring him closer to the confession of his feelings for you. In his left hand was a large bouquet of carnations - he remembered a conversation many a night ago when you’d expressed your dislike of roses as a result of the thorns – and in his other hand was a paper bag that contained a blueberry muffin. All in all, Loki was feeling pretty impressed with himself.

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We Are Young  [l i s t e n]

kick ass and look good while doing it; a mix for the young avengers

i. we are young (kick ass) - mika  ii. we come running - youngblood hawke  iii. burn - ellie goulding  iv. can’t hould us (macklemore and rion lewis cover) - pentatonix  v. anything - hedley  vi. living louder - the cab  vii. immortals - fall out boy  viii. let’s dance to joy division - the wombats  ix. get lucky (daft punk cover) - nicolle cross  x. trouble - neon jungle  xi. superhero - tim mcmorris  xii. bad reputation - joan jett  xiii. wild - royal teeth  xiv. something big - shawn mendes  xv. best day of my life - american authors  xvi. kids in the dark - all time low  xvii. we are young - fun and janelle monáe