loki knows his brother so well

Norse goddesses

Despite the Norse goddesses being almost as famous as their male counterparts, the surviving information is somewhat scarce.

The myths that have survived show strong characters who could stand their ground, and despite often only being mentioned as someone’s wife, were powerful in their rights.


Freyja is the goddess of love, fertility, sexuality, beauty, and gold. She’s also a Valkyrie and the Goddess of war and death. Njörður his her father, who had her with his sister (whose name hasn’t been preserved), which makes her a member of the Vanir clan. She’s the sister of Freyr, the god of fertility and controls when the sun shines and when it rains.

Her husband is Óður, who sometimes is thought to be Óðinn, and together they have the daughters Hnoss and Gersemi. Both their names mean treasure. Freyja’s name means lady and is the origin of the Icelandic word “frú” (Mrs). Freyja is also used in the word “húsfreyja” (housewife). Apart from that, the name Freyja is relatively common in Iceland.

In Lokasenna, where Loki offends most if not all gods in Ásgarður, he accuses Freyja of having slept with all the gods and elves, including her brother, which she doesn‘t deny.

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[You know how Tom Hiddleston looks in Kong: Skull Island? How muscled he is/his physique, etc? That is what Loki looks like under his armor.

Except during times of ill-health (starvation, recovery from torture, etc) Loki is at pique physical condition and is hardly skinny. He is naturally lithe and elegant, and yes, thinner in some ways, but he is well-muscled and physically conditioned. Almost anyone, compared to Thor’s excessive brawn and extreme musculature, is going to be thought ‘skinny’, but Loki really isn’t.

He agile and athletic, and simply has a different body structure than his brother. Since his sibling was so strong and so large, he learned to compensate with speed and alacrity, which meshed perfectly with his magic.

But Loki can stand up to Thor in a hand-to-hand fight, since they have two completely different styles and they literally trained and fought for hundreds of years together. Loki is about movement - rolls, kicks, swift defense and even swifter strikes -, but his father, and trainers, did pit him against simulated adversaries who were large, stronger, and had a variety of fighting styles so he learned to adapt to every situation

Loki is adaptable. He learned that he had to be. One stays alive by being adaptable.

I just really want people to know that Loki isn’t weak. He is warrior - strong, brave, highly-skilled and physically fit -, he just isn’t Thor.]

God please someone make fan art of static Bucky and Clint with their fur and feathers standing on end I beg you.

Thor arrived, all shimmering golden fur and giant paws and static that made his mane stand on end. He took up the entire entryway, towering over the doorways and knocking paintings off of the walls. The lights flickered on and off. JARVIS frantically tried to inform Tony but he kept cutting out, and making little ‘fzzt-fzzt’ noises instead of words. Dum-E, U, and Butterfingers began squealing hysterically in terror, zipping up and down the length of the workshop, knocking things from tables and shelves so much that Steve caught Tony around the waist and slithered up onto a table, holding him above the fray.

Loki kicked Thor with more franticness than he’d ever shown before. “Stop this immediately! You are frightening The Voice, Jarvis!”

“My apologies,” Thor said remorsefully, the timbre of his voice causing an antique clock to fall from the wall.

He curled his legs in and under, slowly beginning to shrink to a more suitable size, Old magic sparkling around him like a cape. When he stood again, he was tall and broad and built like a tank engine, top half human, bottom half still leonine, fur shimmering like his thick mane of long golden hair. He was not as large as Hulk but his power was still there, glowing and concentrated, so much so that the Hulk sized him up but did not engage.

“Brother!” Thor said joyfully, grabbing the paler man up in a hug that he immediately squawked and tried to struggle out of.

Natasha and Hulk shared a long, disbelieving look before looking back at the two Old monsters.

Steve and Tony stumbled up from the lab, looking harried. Tony was trying to tame his hair. “What the fuck?!”

“Ah, Anthony!” Thor boomed, finally releasing Loki to stride toward him.

Loki skittered on his hooves, disoriented. Hulk took pity on him and caught him, one broad hand helping him stand straight until he got his bearings.

“Oh no,” Tony said, voice small, before the monster drew him up into a hug. He stiffened, waiting for pain, but began to relax, surprised.

Thor was gentle with him, as if knowing how sensitive he was, how easy it was to hurt him now with the reactor. That didn’t make his hug and less tight or protective. Tony hesitated before lifting his arms from protecting his chest to instead wrap them around Thor’s still vaguely fuzzy shoulders.

“I am glad to see you well!” Thor said, then amended “…As well as you may be.”

“Well, it was all thanks to you,” Tony admitted as he was set down.

Thor laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “Nay, it is truly your human—oh dear, Anthony, I do apologize,” he added as he helped the human off the ground. “I am so unused to this form. Mayhaps I will grow used to it! Now that I know I may see my brother here—”

“You are not invited,” Loki tried to cut in scathingly, still clutching Hulk’s hand as his legs continued to tremor with aftershocks from his brother’s power. It was kind of hard to take him seriously like that, though.

“You’re Loki’s brother?” Steve asked, and then gave Thor a long once over before repeating in disbelief, “You’re Loki’s brother?”

“I was a foundling,” Loki muttered petulantly.

Thor turned to frown at him. “Yes, but we have always loved you like our own. I do not understand why you left us, brother.”

Loki rolled his eyes and ‘tsk’ed. “If you do not understand, I cannot explain it.”

“Things are suddenly making so much sense,” Tony whispered quietly, hands on his cheeks. Then he jumped a little. “Wait where—where are Bucky and Clint?”

Steve frowned. “Bucky was gonna go see if Clint wanted to go outside, last I checked, but I don’t know if they made it outside—”

They all rushed toward the den. There was a trail of feathers leading to the small closet and Bucky’s tail was sticking out from under the couch.

Tony rushed to the closet as Steve rushed to the couch. “Clint! Clint, are you okay?!”

“…’m fine,” came Clint’s muttered answer, muffled by the door.

Tony frowned, putting his hands against the wood. “Really?”


“But how can I be sure unless you show me?” Tony asked, honestly concerned, because Clint was still—hurting. Tony had been back from Afghanistan for two months and Clint still went through bouts of protectiveness and depression.

There was a very long pause before the doorknob jiggled. Tony stepped back to allow the door to open. For a long moment, nothing happened, so Tony took a few more steps back in case Clint was feeling cagey.

Clint slid one clawed foot out of the closet, paused, then sighed and squeezed out the rest of the way, staring at Tony forlornly.

Tony stared at him, gaping, hands slowly rising to cover his mouth.

“Don’t laugh,” Clint said miserably, trying to push his feathers down. “Also help? They won’t—they won’t stay down.”

Tony immediately reached out to try and help push Clint’s feathers down, letting out a yelp when he was zapped by some particularly strong static. “Ow!”

Clint turned to glare at Natasha, who had begun laughing at him the moment he’d stepped out. “I said don’t laugh! I look like I flew through a bad lightning storm, just—not as wet fuck why did this happen?!” he lamented, tucking his wings around him uncomfortably.

Tony heard Steve burst out laughing and turned, unable to help the startled giggle that escaped him when he saw Bucky, sour-faced and all his fur standing on end. He looked like a giant Pomeranian. “Oh!”

“Laugh it up, you asshole,” Bucky snapped, then reached out to graze a finger over Steve’s cheek.

Steve yelped and grabbed his cheek, slithering backward and looking at Bucky with betrayal. “Oh, come on! It’s funny! You’d laugh at me if I had fur to do this!”

Bucky sneered at him before turning to look up at Thor, scowling. “Thanks for nothing, buddy.”

“I apologize,” Thor repeated. “It has been so long since I have entered a human dwelling, I had no idea how much had changed—and certainly I did not expect… so many of you.”

“Anthony is fond of monsters,” Loki said from behind him. He sounded like a sulking child. No one was brave enough to point that out. “That is why I sent you after him. What would become of these poor creatures without him?”

Natasha turned to face him slowly, face a blank mask. “And just who is a poor creature?”

Tony had to cover his mouth again to smother his giggle at how Loki found something else interesting very quickly and had to leave the room.

Thor turned to Natasha, looking delighted. “Ah, I see you have a warrior’s heart!”

“I’ll eat him,” Natasha replied.

Thor paused a moment before letting out a booming laugh. “You are quite terrifying! I like it!”

Natasha awkwardly took a few steps back before managing a small smile.

“It was Stane,” Pepper said, setting a thick folder onto the table. She took a deep breath before her face crumpled. She covered it quickly, shoulders shaking. “It was Stane.

Tony didn’t want to believe it. He dragged the folder closer and began looking through it, frantic to find something—anything—to tell him that Pepper was wrong, that it was a mistake.

Thor frowned as Tony began to cry as well, silent tears that dripped down his cheeks as his hands began to tremble. Perhaps—perhaps now was not a good time to bid farewell. He backed out of the kitchen quietly, wincing when he bumped into someone and knocked them over.

“Ow what the he—” Bucky began angrily, letting out a yelp when Thor immediately clamped a hand around his muzzle to silence him. He growled and struggled as he was dragged away from the door, clawing at the blond’s hand, and snarled when Thor let go of him. “What the actual fuck you asshole—

“Anthony is—” Thor paused, searching for words. “…He has gotten some bad news.”

“Bad? What bad? Like his heart thingy is dying bad or Pepper scolded him for not eating more vegetables bad?” Bucky asked immediately.

Thor tilted his head, searching again, even though he knew the younger monster was getting impatient. That was the trouble with all these younger monsters—they hadn’t had millennia like he had, so they rushed into things. “It appears that the cause of his… problems,” he began after a moment. “Were caused by a man named Stane. And he is distraught over this.”

“Oh,” Bucky said, and then his face fell. “Oh. Oh no.

Thor frowned in concern. “Is this—is this Stane someone close to him?”

Bucky turned and grabbed his shoulders, frowning up at him. “He was Tony’s uncle figure. We tried to tell him he was no good, but… you know humans.”

“I really do not, but I believe I understand,” Thor said somberly.

“…I’m sorry,” Agent Coulson offered.

Tony watched him compile all of the files Pepper had given him, numb.

“We appreciate that,” Pepper said, putting her hands on Tony’s shoulders. “Thank you, Agent Coulson.” She gripped Tony’s shoulders tightly when the other man stood. “Let’s walk him to the door, Tony.”

Tony stood mechanically, pushed in his chair. He led the way to the door.

“Oh,” Agent Coulson said, staring at the ceiling.

Tony and Pepper looked up as well. They blanched when they saw the giant cobweb up there and scrambled to come up with an explanation.

“Looks like you have an infestation,” Agent Coulson mused. “You can always call on us for that as well.”

“They’re not a bother,” Tony snapped immediately, then paled.

Agent Coulson gave him a bland look. “I never said they were. We’ll keep you updated on the process. So far we should have enough to indict him without bail but I’ll let you know how that goes.”

“Thank you, Agent Coulson,” Pepper cut in before Tony could say anything else.

“Have a good evening,” Agent Coulson replied before stepping out the door.

They waited until his car passed the gate before Tony turned and bellowed, “NATASHA!”

Natasha poked her head in from the den, looking contrite. “I wanted to hear what was happening with Stane so I could tell Clint.”

Pepper watched Tony sag like all the fight had been taken out of him. She did not feel the same defeat. “I told you I’d keep you abreast of the situation.”

Natasha grimaced.

“They’ve always told me that Obi—that Stane was bad news,” Tony admitted quietly.

“Oh, like they’ve never been wrong,” Pepper scoffed. “They thought I was bad news.”

Tony looked up at her in confusion. “Wait, what?”

“You were a different kind,” Natasha began.

“No, bad news is bad, no matter which way you spin it,” Pepper cut in immediately. “You thought I was going to hurt Tony or his company and as much as you say you’re sorry and as much as I may forgive you, I’m not going to forget it. You’re not infallible.”

“What?” Tony repeated in disbelief. “Pepper—Pepper’s a gift.

Natasha sighed. “And we know that now.

“I think you all need to take a step back and remember that Tony’s a human,” Pepper added coldly. “You can’t just keep him here like some sort of princess in a castle. He’s needed outside this mansion. I understand that Clint has PTSD and anxiety out the whazoo but please. Trust me.” She spread her hands. “You’re Tony’s family and I’m always going to be a little hurt that you didn’t like me at first but I have nothing but Tony’s best interest at heart—which means I have nothing but your best interests at heart. Stane wanted Tony to move out of here and I made him shut up about it so Tony didn’t have to worry about you. I am on your side.”

“We—I’m sorry,” Natasha said honestly, realizing that this was an apology everyone would have to make individually. She stepped further out from behind the wall, frowning, as she looked Pepper up and down. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a human like you before, Pepper.”

“And you never will again,” Pepper told her seriously, but there was a smile playing at her lips.

“Okay, but,” Tony began, but then Pepper turned and put a finger to his lips, whispering, ‘shhh.’ He blinked as he watched her walk back into the kitchen, then burst out a perplexed, “What?!

“Friend Anthony,” Thor boomed, making him jump and flail. Clint squawked as he dropped him from the back of the couch. “I must take my leave of you!”

“The hell,” Tony began, rubbing his tailbone, before letting out a yelp as Thor grabbed him by the shoulders and lifted him up like he weighed nothing. “Oh!”

“Do not tell Loki, but I have another human whom I had to take leave from to rescue you,” Thor whispered conspiratorially.

Tony stared up at him, eyes round with surprise. “Really?!”

“Yes. Three, actually,” he added, tilting his head. “Although Lady Jane was the one that hit me with her car.”

Tony gaped, voice barely heard above Clint beginning to cackle with laughter. “What.

“In any case, I must take my leave of you,” Thor repeated, looking down at him fondly. “Please take care of my brother. I know that he is a handful, but… he appears to enjoy your company. He asked me to rescue you, after all.”

Tony blinked up at him, frowning. “How did you find me, anyway?”

“I rely less on magic than my dear brother,” Thor began, then tilted his head, frowning. “…I am surprised he did not have a thread of magic wrapped around you. He will have fixed that error by now. But as I do not rely on magic, it is of no consequence when I cannot feel it. Loki intimated to me that no one could find you, and I… Alas, I am foolhardy this way. I took it as the challenge Loki expected I would. It helped that the villagers whispered rumors of your passing through still, when I finally made it there. I am not ashamed of falling for his scheme,” he decided after a moment. “At least not this time. Loki has so few he calls comrades. He has found a home here. I am glad of this, Anthony.”

“I—I’m glad of it too, Thor,” Tony admitted, because sometimes he wondered. Loki’s attitude was hard to parse even on the best of days, but hearing that… it was nice. “You can come visit whenever you want.”

Thor smiled, and it lit up his whole face. “Thank you, Anthony. I will remember your kindness.”

“Do you guys even realize how ominous it is when you say shit like that,” Tony complained, and Thor laughed before turning to leave the mansion.

He’d learned his lesson. He would change forms outside, well away from the building.

As the snow falls

Imagine where the reader goes for a walk because she’s not feeling well and collapses. She has to call Loki to come get her because she can’t move.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1485

Warning: Just fluff

A/N:  For my first “Ask” request from @theloveofanauthor , I hope you all enjoy.

The jet landed harder than Clint had intended but the weather was not agreeing completely with that plan.  It had been a long mission and you were worn out.  More so than usual.  Your entire body ached and the pain in your head was worse than it had ever been. The team had been locked down waiting for the enemy to make their move before any action was permitted.  Being confined for almost a week with nothing to do but stare outside had driven you crazy.  While you loved the teammates you were stuck with, Clint and Nat, you had to get out.  So, as soon as the ramp touched the floor of the hanger you were out.

Nat called after you. “What’s the hurry, [Y/N]?  Got a hot date or something?”  She smirked as you rolled your shoulders.  Something was feeling very off.

“No.  I need to get out before the walls close in on me.  I seriously feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin.”  You pulled your heavy jacket on, zipping it up, and then pulled the hood into place. The south side of the compound backed up into a dense forest where you had gone for many a quiet walk to clear your head.  Today, you just needed to get out.  At first, the mission had gone according to plan, but Intel had been incorrect as to how many operatives were stationed at that particular base.  Originally, the reports said no more than thirty, which between the three of you would have been no issue.  However, it was found the numbers were closer to eighty.  

Clint could only have taken so many out from his vantage point, while you and Nat on the ground had gone hand to hand.  Once the alarm had sounded, they just kept coming.  To the point that your inhuman abilities had been strained.  Something that had never happened before.  You had sonic abilities that would weaken anyone within range with the ear bleeding frequencies.  Never before had you had to use it on so many.  Nat did what she had to, to get the information before the three of you could pull out and head home.  By the time she had returned, you were barely able to stand.  There were fifty bodies laid out before you.  Your body was weak and shaking from the extreme exertion.  She helped you get back to the jet and you tried to rest as best you could until you returned to the compound.

The flight home you had felt marginally better but it was then that the antsy, skin crawling feeling started.  You hoped a walk in the clean, cold air would help.  Then you could crawl into your bed and sleep for a month.  

It had snowed heavily while you were away.  The well-worn path was completely covered but you could walk in it the dark without getting lost.  As you moved deeper into the forest, your mind wandered about things other than missions and fighting.  Of course, the first thing that popped into your mind was him.  It was always him.  He possessed your thoughts and dreams.  A smile appeared on your lips the more you thought about him.  Whenever you were together, the world made sense and you felt safe. He gave you the opportunity to let your guard down and not feel as though you had to be the savior.  No one understood him as you did.  They did not see the goodness or the devotion you saw, which is why no one else knew of the relationship.  You were just fine with that.  

With your distracting thoughts you did not realize how far you had come until you stopped to look around. By the looks of it, you were well over a mile out.  It was then you started to feel much worse.  A dizziness took hold making the world around you spin until you could no longer stand.  Falling to your knees, you had to grab your head with one hand in an attempt to steady yourself.  It was no use, the dizziness was growing worse.  The cold, wet snow started to seep through your tactical leggings.  Weakness started to weigh down the rest of you as your free hand searched for your communicator out of your pocket.

“Damn it.”  You whispered.  The communicator was in your bag, which was sitting on the jet where you left it. In your hurry to get out in to the open air, you had forgotten about your bag.  This was going to be a problem.  Unless you started to feel better real quick, you were going to freeze to death out in the forest and no one would know until the morning. Rolling onto the ground on your side made your head swim further.  Almost causing you to vomit with the motion.  There was one thing you could try, and you could only hope that he could hear you.

“Loki!” You tried to scream out, but the pressure of the attempt only increased the dizziness.  It came out more like a raised voice, cracking towards the end.  The weakness threatened to pull you into darkness as you tried again.  This time only as loud as a whisper.  “Loki… please.”

The ground trembled beneath you, as a bright rainbowed light appeared not far off.  It was so bright it hurt your eyes forcing you to cover them with your arm.  Heavy booted footsteps came towards you just before you were lifted into strong arms. “[Y/N], my love?  What has happened?  Why are you out here?”

A fading smile crossed your lips as you tried to curl in close to him.  “Something is wrong… I don’t know… So dizzy…”  Your body went limp in his arms as the darkness overtook you.  Loki looked you over in a panic finding that you were indeed still alive just unconscious.

“You will return with me. I will find what has caused this, my [Y/N].”

You awoke some time later in a foreign bed.  The weakness was still there but the dizziness was gone, thankfully.  “I began to wonder if I would ever see those beautiful eyes again.”  That deep voice causing a warmth to grow in your chest.  A smile brightened your face as you lifted your head searching for him. Loki sat in a chair not far from the bed with a book in hand.  He stood before moving to sit beside you.  One of his hands resting aside your cheek as he gazed down at you.  “You frightened me, beloved.  It is a rare thing for me.  Seeing you lifeless in my arms, most certainly took several years off my life.  Do not ever do that again.”

Smiling at him and holding his hand to your cheek, you relished the contact.  It had been several months since you had last see him and you wanted to enjoy every moment.  “I’m sorry.  I don’t know what happened.  I have never felt so badly before.  I didn’t have my communicator to call anyone.  But I don’t regret it; I get to be here with you.  I’ve missed you.”  Loki leaned down kissing your forehead lightly.

“I have missed you as well, my darling.  I am glad you thought to call for me, that I could be the one to save you.  However, I do know what occurred.  The healers were here days ago to determine what happened.” Your heart nearly stopped when he said ‘days.’

“How long have I been here?”

“You have been resting for nearly three days, [Y/N].  From what the healers have said, your body was so physically worn from they believe was over use of your powers.  It was taxed beyond it’s normal ability and could not regenerate.  Your body could not handle it and started to shut down.” The genuine look of concern on his face nearly swelled your heart out of your chest.

“The team must be worried. I have to tell…”  Loki set his finger on your lips to stop you.

“My brother has informed them of your whereabouts.  It seems when you return there will be extensive explanations needed but they know you are safe.  For now, my dearest [Y/N], you will stay here with me until you are well.”  He brushed a strand of errant hair out of your eyes.

“Just until I am well?” That signature smirk of his appeared quickly.  He so loved how you wished to be with him as much as he with you.

“I have no power to deny you anything.  For you are my Goddess among the Midgardians and I would keep you here for eternity if you allow it.”

“Let’s start with a few days and work on the eternity part.”  Pulling him close you kissed him.  A kiss that lingered long into the evening causing you both to forget about anything else.

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki continued to stare at the door for several moments, his heart pounding hard in his chest.

“Loki, how do you know that low-born?” Thor asked warily.


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For @anhartcuteneon…connected to this imagine. Enjoy!

Y/N looked between her new friends, Darcy, Erik, and Jane, and the men in suits standing across from her. She was confused. She wasn’t even sure how they knew she had come to Midguard with Thor. Just the same, she hadn’t been causing a mess. For the most part, she had been helping her friends with their scientific quandaries.

“You’re not taking Y/N,” Jane spoke up defiantly.
“Yeah,” Darcy joined in, “We’ve seen Men In Black. We’re not going to let you dissect Y/N!”

Y/N held back a smirk at Darcy’s comment. Even if that were these men’s objective, she could handle herself. However, the sentiment was there. Keeping her gaze stern, Y/N returned to look at the men.

“What is this about?” she asked.
“The reason you left Asgard,” one of the men told her.

Y/N grit her teeth. She turned to face the other three. Her gaze remained on Erik’s the longest. He made his way over to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. He smiled.

“If this goes awry, we’ll be sure to come after you,” he told her.

She nodded, giving his hand a squeeze. A moment later, she pulled the girls into a hug. She mouthed her thanks to the girls before turning to the suited men. She gave them and affirmative nod.

The door to Y/N’s ‘holding cell’ opened to reveal a seemingly harmless man. In fact, he reminded the Asgardian of Erik a bit. He smiled at her as he took his seat.

“How was your flight?” he asked, “Not to uncomfortable, I hope.”
She shook her head. “No. It was…a flight.”
He smiled at her. “Good to hear.”
“I’m sorry. Who are you?” Y/N asked.
He smirked. “The name’s Phil Coulson. And you’re Y/N, Thor’s friend.”

She nodded, falling silent. Y/N glanced at the ground for a moment. When she spoke next, it was quiet.

“…One of your men, they said this was about the reason I came here.”
“And you’re wondering if that’s true.”
She connected gazes with him. “Yes.”
“I’m afraid so. It seem that Loki, Thor’s brother and your…, well, is planning something big. We’d like to have you on our side.”
She knit her brows. “No. That’s not possible.”
“Actually, quite the opposite,” Coulson replied, “If you agreed, you’d be teaming up with a few other operatives, Thor being among them.”
“If you have Thor, there’s no need for me,” she stated, “Whoever is causing this…disturbance isn’t Loki. He’s,” she paused to swallow, “He’s dead.”

Coulson nodded. He lowered his head a moment, placing a comforting hand on one of Y/N’s hand.

“I know you’ve been mourning him. If we didn’t believe he was alive, you wouldn’t be here.”

Y/N thought a moment. What he was saying made sense, but part of her couldn’t believe it. Besides, even if Loki hadn’t died, what was she supposed to do? Fight the man she loved? However, she knew Thor’s love for his brother and he was willing. She nodded.

“Alright…but I will try everything I can before fighting him.”
Coulson nodded. “That’s all we can ask.”

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The Wager

@captain-biryani asked for Logyn x 10 Things I Hate About You. Sorry it’s late, and I hope it’s okay. xoxox

Character descriptions inspired by @nanihoosartblog Logyn High School AU posts.

Loki sat in the living room, a sharp contrast to the cheerful décor in his signature black, trying not to sigh with boredom whilst Odin ripped into a hungover Thor yet again.

“I’ve had had it up to here with your immaturity and your recklessness!” the old man shouted whilst his wife lingered in the background, ready to step in if things went too far. “Do you have any idea how many favours I had to call in just so that the police wouldn’t press charges?! Do you honestly think you will get into any decent college with that sort of drunken buffoonery on your record?!”

“I’m sorry, father. I wasn’t thinking-”

“Exactly!” Odin roared. “You weren’t thinking! You never think things through. You only care about having ‘fun’ in the moment, consequences be damned. Well, I have had enough! You are grounded until you graduate!!”

“Odin…” Frigga chided quietly before Thor had a chance to object.

“Fine,” Odin grumbled. “A month, then. And after that you will have a strict curfew. Home by eight every evening. No excuses.”

“Father! You can’t be serious!” Thor whined, failing to know when to keep his mouth shut.

“Deadly serious,” Odin shot back. “You will be home by eight. You will eat dinner, you will do your homework, and you will go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“And have no social life! If you wanted me to become like Loki so badly why didn’t you just say so?” Thor grumbled petulantly, sparing a glare at his brother sitting quietly at the other end of the couch.

Frigga whispered in Odin’s ear and Odin smirked.

“Very well,” Odin murmured before turning back to address his son. “Your mother has thought of reasonable compromise.” Thor perked up, shifting to the edge of his seat. “You can go to parties on the weekend… when your brother does.”

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Subtle affection

Originally posted by clairestmple

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Gender of the reader: Not specified

Summary: Requested -  Hello! Can I request a reader-insert prompt with Loki from Marvel? The prompt would be “A: Say, B, would you shoot me for a million dollars?“ "B: I would shoot you for free. Why?” Thank you! -by anon

Word count: 774

Warnings: None.

Loki had been ‘in your charge’ for a while now. It all started with your best friend Jane asking you to teach her boyfriend’s brother everything that would make him change his mind and let the idea of ruling the planet go. Why did they trust you with this? Well, basically because you knew a lot of things (and when you didn’t know something you looked it up on Google, as anyone would do) and you had a lot of patience. However they didn’t exactly tell you what to teach him, so in your opinion, the only way to dissuade Loki was to make him see just how much he didn’t want to rule humans.

For him, learning that humans were capable of all those horrible things you told him about only managed to confuse him even more: on the one hand Thor, Jane and the whole lot of the Avengers insisted that humans were amazing and good by nature and needed protection and help rather than orders. On the other hand there was you, telling him just how useless and dumb you all were and how it would be a waste of his time because ‘really, Loki, have you seen us? Our final goal is to destroy ourselves and we don’t even know it. Trump was elected, Loki. We’re doing this to ourselves’.

Loki didn’t like many things, but one of the things he hated the most was not understanding. And so he decided he would stay in Midgard until he figured out what was the truth. But was he going to live by himself? Of course not, no one trusted him to be on his own, therefore he was to have someone with him at all times.

And that was you.

That’s the reason why now Loki and you are at your house, you watching Netflix on the sofa and him doing whatever on his laptop at the table. Every once in a while he would ask you to explain something he didn’t understand but for the most part there was a comfortable silence between you two, only broken by the sound of the TV.

You loved this curious and relaxed side of the god. It was so different from the Loki everyone knew that it made you feel special being able to see him like this and you’d be lying if you said that you saw him as nothing more than a responsibility after all this time you had spent together. And let’s be honest: he was handsome. Really handsome. And he had been nothing but respectful towards you (except the first time you met when he smacked your hand when you offered it for a handshake because you were a ‘filthy human’, but a punch to his face and an ‘it’s (Y/N) for you’ suddenly made you worthy of his respect).

When the episode you were watching ended and you were about to start the next one, Loki startled you with a rather odd question.

“Say, (Y/N), would you shoot me for a million dollars?”

“I would do it for free. Why?” You answered immediately.

Loki seemed perplexed.

“For free?” He repeated with a grimace.

“Yeah. I mean, what are my chances of being able to shoot a god? Got to take the opportunity if it comes. Also, you’d probably disintegrate the bullet before it reached you, so it’s more curiosity than wanting to shoot you.” You explained carefully.

Somehow that relieved him, the fact that you wouldn’t shoot him for… well, being him.

“I wouldn’t shoot you.” The honesty in his voice threw you off.

“How come?”

“You’d get hurt. You humans are too fragile.”

You decided to let the last bit slip, as he was simply stating a fact and not making fun of you.

“Aw, you care” you said jokingly, even if a huge part of you hoped it could be possible.

“It would get boring” he said looking at you.

‘He hasn’t denied it!’ your mind provided.

“They’d probably assign another person to ‘replace’ me” you laughed bitterly.

“To try to replace you” he corrected and when he saw the confused expression you wore, he continued. “No one could ever replace you, (Y/N), you’re too dear to me for another to occupy your place.”

You found yourself at a loss of words. Had he meant what you thought he meant?! You were so busy freaking out that you didn’t notice him getting up from his place at the table and sitting by your side on the sofa, controller in hand.

“So, (Y/N), what are we watching?”

The only audible thing was the intro of the episode.

I hope you liked it!

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Thor & Loki ficlet

Had a random idea, wrote it down. Thor and Loki talk about Frigga, sometime post-canon, after they’ve reconciled. 627 words.

Thor and Loki were ambling (in truth, half-stumbling) back to their bedchamber from a convivial evening of feasting and jesting with their friends when Loki turned toward Thor to make some playful remark. Before he could begin to speak, Thor caught him by the shoulder with an air of urgency.

“In this light I can really see it,” he said abruptly. “You have Mother’s eyes.”

Loki’s quizzical expression was at once replaced with a stricken one. “That’s impossible and we both know it,” he said, his voice sharp and brittle. “Skuld have mercy… if I have to remind you of that every time you’re drunk, then I swear by the Tree, you’ll never drink again.”

Thor was shaking his head frantically. “No, no, I didn’t mean… I know it can’t be – what you thought I meant. I meant… your eyes are expressive the way hers were. They have the exact same glint when you’re feeling mischievous, the same crinkle when you smile, the same depth of… of undeniable intelligence. It’s almost like I can see her looking out of your eyes. And laughing at me. But kindly.” Thor realized he was rambling only semi-coherently and stopped himself with an apologetic smile.

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fifteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Odin stared at the bed in front of him and the small being that inhabited it. He had gone to the mines, he had seen the terribly under cared for of the realm, but he had seen nothing like the creature in front of him. He went to Alfheim when it was revealed there was a terrible famine on the outskirts of the land, an island whose only method to the mainland was by sea travel, but a winter of storms meant none could travel, by the end of it, most everyone had perished from lack of food. The King of Alfheim had called on him to go with him to the island, the starved were deceased with more flesh than the small woman in front of him, somehow clasping to life in the bed. “Her family have all perished?”

“Immediate only, her aunt and uncle are the reason she is as she is now apparently,” Frigga answered from beside him, looking at the girl also.

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You are mine, mine to me; Loki x child reader pt.1

Here’s a nice little crossover fic for you guys. Inspired by the clips that came out just before the 2016 The Jungle Book came to theaters the scene where Raksha talks to mowgli as he leaves the pack had me in tears when I first saw it and I thought “God this would be Loki if he had to give up his child to their rightful parents” and so this was born. I do NOT own Loki, Thor, Legolas or Thranduil they each belong to either Marvel or Tolkien. 

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood


During a peace treaty visit through Vanaheim, Thor, Loki, Lady Sif and the Warriors 3 were speaking with the high council who just happened to be Hogun’s father.  They spent over 2 hours discussing their treaty between their realms as well as discussing about the invaders that had threatened to strike any day now.  Completely bored with all this political stuff, Loki illusioned himself out without anyone noticing and now appeared in the forests of Vanaheim.

As he walked around the clear his head, the silence of the woods was broken by a strange sound. He had heard crying and it sounded close by.  Loki went to investigate and soon came across a small baby.  She was wrapped up in a blanket but to his horror it was stained in blood.  He didn’t know why he did what he did next but his heart was telling him to take care of the child and heal her from this pain.

Once he picked her up, her crying seemed to diminish and she just looked up and whimpered at him with red teary eyes.  Loki removed the blanket hoping he wouldn’t find what he was thinking of what would be there, fortunately there was no wound but the child was practically freezing to the touch.

“How long were you out here little one? Poor child you’re half frozen”.  He then took his green cape and wrapped it around the child for extra warmth as she whimpered softly.  “Shhhh, shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay”.  Once she was wrapped up nice and snug, he gently rocked her close to his chest and said, “How did you get way out here?” As he looked down at the child who was now cooing happily up at him, he began to think if she had been abandoned by her parents? If not then were they dead and she was taken for ransom?

Either way he found the child so she was his responsibility now.  Plus looking down at her so happy filled Loki with something he thought he had lost long ago when his jealousy for Thor had overcame him.

Happiness and love.

He smiled down at the baby and he held her close and whispered softly to her.

“I promise you, whatever life you’ve had before, will be forgotten. I’ll take care of you as if you were my own, my sweet little dove”. Loki kissed her forehead and the baby yawned tiredly and snuggled into Loki’s chest gripping some of his armor with her tiny hands.  His heart seem to just melt at the sight of her and he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as he held her closer to him and rocked her softly.

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I’m afraid to check whether they’ve turned Loki evil again tbh. i know they will eventually but honestly why have villain Loki when you can have “chaotic-good-sometimes-chaotic-neutral-depends-on-the-mood-and-also-turns-into-a-cat-version-of-his-brother-to-annoy-him-Loki”

i mean i know which i find more compelling

A wee Thor & Loki fic based on the Ragnarok trailer (and yes, also this post) - enjoy!

Thor’s head ached.

He pulled himself upright with a groan, almost falling right back over in the opposite direction before slapping a hand down on the ground to keep himself steady. Ears ringing, Thor gave his head a shake. It didn’t help. Looking around, he saw concrete and metal and debris everywhere. He stared in confusion for a long moment, wondering what had happened, before he heard a soft moan nearby. In a flash it all came rushing back.

Looking for father. New York. Confronting Hela. Mjolnir. An explosion.


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A Pearl In The Rocks VI

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2481

Paring: LokixReader

Summary: On your return from your mission with Bruce, you discover that Loki is ready to take the next step in the relationship. However, when you push him away, Loki is forced to turn to his brother for advice.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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Across The Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki shifted from foot to foot as he stood next to a farrier’s waiting for Ariella. He was terrified that she would not come, he was unsure why he felt it, but part of him felt there was a chance it would not happen.

It was ten minutes past the time they were supposed to meet and he became worried, telling himself that she had a long route to go, he was adamant to give her a little longer, hoping she would turn up.

When twenty minutes had passed, he felt his stomach sink and his excitement and joy dissipate. She was not coming, was it something he said, was it something he did, he began to feel his breath catch in his chest as he thought of it all. Heartbroken, he turned to walk away. He was a fool to ever leave the palace, to think that anyone would be his friend. Forcing his tears of hurt to remain at bay, he began to half walk, half run to the palace, not paying any heed to anything around him.

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Just Another Day (Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral and Hogun X Reader)

Characters: Thor, Loki, Sif, Fandral and Hogun X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Thor

Warnings: Violence and injury

Request: Hi I really love reading you stories especially the marvel ones. Is there by any chance you can write one with Loki and the other Asgardians sorry if I’m vague

Originally posted by lokis-quinn

You were the cousin of Loki and Thor, and you were extremely close with them when growing up. You became a warrior like Sif, and you became close because of it. You often sparred with Fandral and Hogun, and these spars usually consisted of you punching them for making fun of Loki, often leading to Odin lecturing you, and Frigga covering you.

Today was no different.

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki rationalised to himself that something could have arisen, Ariella could have been ill, her father could have been ill, there could have been issues that required them elsewhere that day, anything. It was not as though she could write to him or send a message for him, so if she was in no way able to get there, it was not as though there was a manner to tell him so. That was all that got him through the month to the next market. When it came around, he rushed through the streets almost frantically to their usual spot, he waited again, and once more, she did not arrive. A weight sank in his stomach, heavier and heavier it got every time he thought of the commoner girl, which was incessantly. His mood darkened as he walked around the palace after the second trip to the market without her showing. He began to pay less heed to his studies, he pulled back from training, and his family realised something was amiss with him. Frigga tried at length to get it out of him what irked him so, and after a period, Thor too began. When nothing they did bore any results, even Odin got involved, but none could figure out what had upset Loki so.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the headcanon meme: Loki as the Grandmaster's pet? (I am, in fact, trash)

[pulls you gently out of the trash] look, you’re not alone, the thought has crossed many a mind since the trailer came out

well it’s been like a week but if you’re still interested in hearing about this one. I’m actually working on a thing though it’s going slowly (probably because I am Ashamed) so why don’t I just use this as an excuse to brainstorm

  • Loki doesn’t make a very good pet, but that’s why the Grandmaster finds him entertaining. he’s like that misbehaving cat that drives you nuts but also is fun to watch because they do weird things. and when he gets too annoying there’s always catnip. 
  • sex, at least initially, isn’t on the table. at least not sex between the two of them. rather, it’s more interesting to have Loki have sex with other people and observe. the Grandmaster is a voyeur, and it’s just another kind of game. 
  • the thing is that Loki does not drug well. and like, hallucinogens are a terrible idea. Loki is kind of the definition of a bad trip waiting to happen, and, well, it does. at least once. probably more than once. there are a lot of different hallucinogens to try. 
  • sometimes Loki thinks he’s never getting out and he might as well just give up. so far he’s managed to not do that. 
  • the first time Thor sees his brother lounging on a couch with the Grandmaster, taking his ease, indolent and comfortable from down in the ring, he’s enraged. of course Loki’s managed to worm his way into an advantageous position, and can Thor be sure that he’s doing it to help or just to serve himself?
  • Thor’s smart, though, and he knows Loki, and he figures out pretty quickly that something is off about him, even from a distance. something is wrong. and now he’s not so sure that Loki’s completely willing, and something about the way the Grandmaster puts his hand on the back of Loki’s neck and smiles seemingly directly at Thor makes his skin crawl. 
  • all is not well, and it looks like it might be down to him to get them both out of here.