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I got a random thought today: Naruto characters in the Marvel universe. Who do you think would be who? (I seem to *really* like the idea of Madara as Bucky)

Ahaha, I have so many thoughts about this. You will might regret you asked. 

So! Depending on which generation we’re looking at, there are a bunch of parallels and I adore them 

Opinionated kid who grew up into a strong soldier but lost pretty much everything along the way? Yeah, Kakashi is Steve Rogers. 

Aaaand that perfectly sets up the parallel for Obito-Bucky. I mean, brainwashed and crazy, deadly assassin, very high body count, moments of sanity, lost best friend, etc. 

Jiraiya as Thor. Come on. Just - Jiraiya as Thor. 

Orochimaru as Loki. Is that not lovely and amazing and perfect? Oro would make the best Loki, right down to being genderfluid. 

Tsunade as Sif. Only twice as BAMF, because Tsunade.

Let’s ignore the Rin-Peggy part, because I personally would rather have Rin-Natasha. Less tragic death, more badassness. 

Switch arrows for senbon and you can totally slot Genma in as Clint. I kind of headcanon their senses of humor are similar, too. 

Asuma as Nick Fury? I think that could work. He’d definitely be Done With Everything to appropriate levels. And Kurenai as Maria Hill! Which would absolutely make Gai Phil Coulson (the fanboyness!)

KUSHINA AS TONY STARK. And Minato can totally be Pepper. He would make a lovely Rescue. 

The genius inventor must have a science bro to be ambiguously gay with, so Mikoto as Bruce Banner. Maybe instead of the Hulk she turns into one of the Susanoo forms? That would be awesome. And Fugaku is her Betty.

He and Minato can totally be gay for each other if the girls get to be, just saying.

Tobirama as Doctor Strange! Arrogant, handsome, soaks up knowledge like a sponge, totally takes risks for reasons that mostly boil down to well it looked interesting. 

Though, that said, I would also be overjoyed to see Hashirama as Johnny Storm, Tobirama as Reed Ricards, Mito as Sue Storm, and Madara as Ben Grimm. Just - the founders as the Fantastic Four. 

Touka would kick as as Captain Marvel/Warbird, yes?

And how about Izuna as Spider-Man? Just for fun.

(Let’s not leave the Young Avengers out of this. Sasuke and Naruto would 10000% be Teddy and Billy respectively. Sakura can be Kate, Sai can be Noh-Varr, Ino can be America, Tommy…maybe Lee? Because Shikamaru is definitely David Alleyne, and I feel like Tenten would be a decent fit for Cassie. Neji as Elliot, and I can’t quite think of anyone for Jonas or Nate.)

Deny - Loki Laufeyson x Reader

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Words: 1426
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Featuring: Thor Odinson, Tony Stark
Warnings: nightmares.
Requested by anon
Heyo! Could you do a Loki imagine where he has a nightmare during the night and when the reader bursts into the room and asks him about it he keeps denying he had a nightmare until he suddenly bursts into sobs and the reader comforts and cuddles him? loads of fluffiness!!! (and possibly an adorable make-out session…😏) and the next morning Tony finds a video of the whole thing and shows all of the Avengers and instead of destroying everything Loki just kisses the reader in front of all of them
Author’s Note: so I used to think the hardest part about being an imagine/one shot writer was coming up with titles- but nah it’s writing in the way Thor and Loki talk ITS SO HARD LOL. But thank you everyone, I woke up with 1800 followers, and that is so amazing! I love you :)


Being one of Thor’s best friends had its perks.

He looked out for you, you got food, the parties, the living quarters. Even though you have moved from Asgard to live in the Avengers tower, he always seemed to be looking out for you.

“Sometimes I feel that you only use me for the food.” Thor said to you.

“Well, I guess you are an added bonus.” You shrugged, with a little smirk and a laugh.

“Wow, thanks.” He smiled at you.

“Alright, what do you want?” You asked.

“I cannot just come to see my best friend out of the goodness of my heart! Son of Odin, cannot be nice?” He grabbed at his heart. “I am insulted!”

“Thor,” You raised an eyebrow.

He shook his head with a smile. “You always seem to know when I need something.”

“Yes, that is what I get when I have known you for so long.” You nodded. “What do you need?”

“It is a lot to ask, but I feel you can do it.” Thor said, and you motioned your hands for him to pick up the pace and he laughed a bit.

“Due to Loki’s help to Jane Foster and myself in the Dark World, he has been released from the dungeon, and sent here. But seeing as no one still fully trusts him, it is wanted for someone to stay in the room next to his. I cannot, he would know we would watch him, but you…” Thor rambled on.

“Yes, I’ll do it.” You shrugged and Thor looked at you with a surprised expression when you accepted so quickly. “What? Loki used to be as good a friend as you to I, the three of us grew up together, after all.”

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