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The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trailer is officially both Marvel and Disney’s most watched trailer within the first 24 hours. Totalling up views from all social media accounts, the trailer amassed 136million views in the first 24 hours of release, breaking the previous Disney record of 127million set by ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

Because,” said Thor, “when something goes wrong, the first thing I always think is, it is Loki’s fault. It saves a lot of time.
—  Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman

We can’t look back for nothing 

Take what you need, say your goodbyes 

I gave you everything 

And it’s a beautiful crime

→ frostiron + songs lyrics ► Beautiful Crime [1/?] 

Beauty and the Beasts

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Summary: Fairy Tale AU. Reader is the child of Steven Rogers, the King of a poor land about to be attacked by a dragon. They call upon the Trickster, Loki, for protection. But is the price of his help too high for him to pay?

Pairing: Loki x reader

Warnings: None really, might be light swears, I don’t remember. 

A/N: Uh… so this might be a series if people like it… In the title Beasts is correct, it’s plural for a reason, but it’s not revealed in this chapter. So yeah… Oh and it is kinda supposed to be a Once Upon a Time ish story. 


It was a sound like thunder from the north. The outskirts of the kingdom were ablaze and the king had called council with his best knights and advisors. His daughter sat quietly on a throne next to her mother. The young girl glanced around at the knights.

There was the Sir Thor, known as the Knight of the Storm. He came from somewhere unknown. There was Lady Romanoff, she was strong and had a quick wit. She may have even been the very best of the guard. Romanoff was often seen with the archer, Clint Barton. He never missed a shot and had the sharpest eye of all the knights. Lastly there was Y/n’s betrothed, Anthony Stark.

Stark was cocky, but smart. He was was inventive and could work his way out of any problem. Of course he was handsome, but Y/n did not love him. Unfortunately Sir Stark seemed to fancy the idea of trying to win her affections with flirting and daring acts of foolish bravery. Neither of them had a say on the matter of marriage, King Steven had planned their betrothal the day his daughter was born.

“Your Highness, why do you not send forth your knights?” Anthony Stark asked irritably from his seat.

“You may be a great swordsman, Stark, but none of you are a match for the dragon.” The king replied.

“What will you have us do?” Asked Lady Romanoff. “Sit and watch as the innocent die?” The King sighed and one of the advisors cleared his throat.

“May I make a suggestion your Highness?” Bruce Banner was the foremost royal advisor, as well as the royal family’s doctor. The king nodded for Bruce to continue. “Sir Thor… Your adopted brother is a sorcerer, is he not?”

The council was in immediate uproar once the question left Banner’s lips. Thor did indeed have an adopted brother, but he was full of black magic and evil illusions.

“How dare you even think to ask The Dark One for assistance.” Said Sir Barton. “You know magic always comes with a price.”

“The Trickster cannot be trusted. He would take what he wanted and leave us to die.” Said Stark. While the Knights argued with Bruce, the King said nothing. Sir Thor took notice.

“Your Majesty, your mind seems to be elsewhere.” He said. Steve looked around the table of knights and advisors.

“I agree with Banner.” He said. They began to protest, but he silenced them. “He is the best option we have if we want to save our people.”

“Right you are King Rogers.” Declared a new voice. He stood in the doorway, Loki, The Dark One. The Beast, the Trickster. Tony rose to his feet and drew his sword, thrusting the tip toward Loki’s chest.

Before the blade could even reach him, Stark was surrounded in what appeared to be a blue cloud that froze him in place. With a roll of his icy eyes he stepped out from in front of Stark’s frozen form and snapped his fingers. Tony was set back into motion and the follow through of his sword only struck the air where Loki had once stood. Confused, he looked around only to find Loki’s smirking figure completely unscathed. There was a brief moment where he thought about striking again, but he lowered his blade instead, keeping a watchful eye on the sorcerer. Seeing that Tony had - mostly - given up, Loki turned toward the King.

“I’ve seen your kingdom’s distress, your Highness.” The way he said the word ‘highness’ was not out of respect, it was a mocking tone. “ And I am indeed willing to help you.” Thor stood from his spot at the table to stand between the King and his brother.

“What would you plan on doing to help us? How would you defeat the dragon?” Thor questioned. Loki gave a lopsided smirk in reply.

“Lovely to see you too, brother.” He said, Thor scowled. “I see there are no time for pleasantries.” Thor frowned sadly. Y/N frowned too, she knew how upsetting it was for Thor to see his brother so absorbed in black magic. “My plan is simple. Very few things can pierce the hide of a dragon, magic is one of these things. It just so happens, that in my collection, I have an arrow.” Loki moved his hand in an upward motion and a flick of his wrist, in a puff of blue smoke an arrow appeared in his hand. “I’ve been told Sir Barton never misses a shot, if he aims for the head with this arrow the dragon will die.”

There was a small amount of awe from the council, even the King was intrigued. Thor was still frowning at his brother, he knew there was more to this bargain than any of the others knew. Though he had said nothing when Banner suggested the idea of asking Loki for help, Thor did not agree with him, for he knew that it would not come to a bargain that any of them would like.

“You’re help always comes with a price,” Thor began. “So what is it you want? You know our kingdom is poor, what could we possibly have that you would offer us this safety so willingly?” King Steven spoke from behind Thor.

“We are poor, but we could come up with a way of paying you back in small amounts on a timed schedule.” Steven suggested. “Or-”

“I don’t want money. I can get enough of that on my own.” Loki said.

“Than what do you want?” Asked the King. Loki’s eyes darkened as his smirk widened into a malicious grin and he gave a deep chuckle.

“Her.” It was a single, vague word, but he pointed at the prize he demanded. His cold gaze landed on her, Y/N Rogers. She shivered when she met his gaze. King Steven rose to his feet and Tony had his blade raised again.

“No! This is nonsense!” Steven shouted. “What could you possibly want my daughter for, and watch your tongue when answering this question.” Steven said threateningly, placing his hand on the sword hung and sheathed on his hip. Loki shrugged, as though innocent.

“Well you see, I had to dispose of my last servant a few months ago.” He said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to clean my home myself.” He said striding closer into the grand hall. “It could use what you call, a woman’s touch.”

“You will not have her.” declared Stark. Loki chuckled again.

“Well then this,” he waved the arrow in front of Tony. “Will just have to go back to my collection and you can all burn in a fiery rage from Hell.” Chaos erupted in the council again, they shouted and argued about what to do. Despite the words of many, King Steven refused to give in to Loki’s offer. While all this happened, Loki watched as Y/N sat quietly, with a thoughtful expression.

“STOP IT!” She shouted as she rose to her feet. The council fell silent and Loki grinned.

“The Lady does speak.” He mocked. She delivered a strong glare before she turned to a look of seriousness.

“If I choose to go with you, you will make sure my kingdom and my family survives?” She questioned. Tony stepped forward.

“Lady Y/N, you cannot-”

“I can do as I decide Sir Stark.” She said coldly, cutting him off. Loki sent a smirk in Tony’s direction. “Can you promise me these things, Dark One?” She returned her gaze to Loki.

“As long as Sir Barton hits the beast, I can guarantee safety from the dragon.” He said. “So what is your decision, Princess?” She frowned and turned to her father with doleful eyes. The King appeared to be near the edge of tears. She turned back to Loki again.

“I will go with you.” She declared and Loki’s smirk grew larger still. He placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Out of surprise Lady Y/N’s hands landed on his chest, her face only centimeters from his.

“Then let us seal the deal.” He leaned in toward her, but she did not move. His lips met hers with slight harshness, she made no move to return his kiss but did not resist. As he pulled away from her he tossed the arrow to Sir Barton and in a puff of smoke everything around them disappeared.

They were no longer in the Castle of King Rogers, but instead were in a much darker grand hall in a new castle. Once they were there Y/N pushed herself away from Loki angrily. He gave her a rather dull expression, as though now that the deal was made he didn’t care about anything that happened.

“You didn’t even let me say goodbye!” She exclaimed. Her eyes glimmered with tears, but she held them back, refusing to cry in front of him. He rolled his eyes and strolled over to the table in the middle of the room.

“Goodbyes are tedious, Small One.” Loki said picking up a tray with an empty teapot on it. “You can start your duties as a servant by going and making a fresh pot of tea. You’ll find the kitchen at the bottom of the second stairwell down the hall.” he handed her the tray and she scowled, but followed his instructions nonetheless.

Lady Y/N found the kitchens with ease, and learned that the layout of the Dark One’s Castle was not much different from her own, except this place was much darker and dustier. Once she reached the kitchens she set the water to boil and lit the stove. She stood watching the water bubble while she thought about what was happening. Surely, she thought, I must be dreaming. After delivering a quick pinch to her arm, she realized she was in fact awake and she finally let a tear slip down her cheek.

That was three months ago. 

Imagine that you have an ability to choose, what you dream of as well as control, what other people dream of. You work in the Avengers tower and so far you have kept your ability a secret. 

When Loki is brought to the tower to carry out his punishment, you start noticing that he has severe nightmares and you feel sorry for him. So you sneak into his bedroom every night, when he’s asleep and change his nightmares into beautiful, peaceful dreams.

Villain x Hero (the layered villain)

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Love is such a beautiful thing. It really is a power that people control (and sometimes can’t control). Everyone loves and wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be understood and accepted. When we understand human nature, I believe that’s when we finally are able to see the layers in people. The best villains are deep, well-written, fleshed-out, baddies and most everyone agrees-

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Think about it: A villain, seemingly unlovable and cold, having layers to their personality that could eventually lead them to the path of redemption. 

Interesting, right? and from that the villain x hero ship is born.


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Imagine that, when you were little, Loki used to visit you. He came out of your closet almost every night. He used to find peace in the company of a child, someone who wouldn’t judge him and treat him like an outcast the way people did in Asgard. He read you bedtime stories or entertained you with his magic, when you couldn’t sleep.
But at one point he stopped coming and as time passed, you forgot about him. Until he comes back years later, when you have grown into a beautiful young woman.

My Goddess

TITLE: My Goddess


Author: pocmarvelworks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wants an heir. So he picks you, the most beautiful woman. He keeps you captive in his chambers and breeds you multiple times a day. Until he is sure you are carrying his child.


It happened late at night, right when she’d least expect it. She was in a deep sleep. Which mean…

she didn’t hear them break in…

She didn’t hear them trash her apartment…

She didn’t hear when they broke down the door to her room.

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Evermore (Request)

Prompt:  Omg I need a loki imagine based off of evermore from beauty and the beast–marvelsheroes

Note: Angst, sadness, fluff. Base off the Song Evermore from Beauty and the Beast, Lyrics are in italics. I do not own the song, lyrics, or the movie Beauty and the Beast, this is a fanfiction made for fun. I also don’t own the photo credit to all respectful owners!

Pairing: Beast!Loki x Reader

Words: 2465

Requested by: @marvelsheroes

The last of his kind, shamed by others for his hideous form. Blue skin, red eyes, and horns growing from his raven hair made people coware away in fear. Hidden always was his castle in the blizzard of snow so no one could find him while he sits in solitude alone. Yet one day a village girl had lost her way and ended up at the tower, frozen and scared she entered the quiet home. Loki watched her from afar trying to keep himself distant from her, but soon she had found him, much to his surprise she wasn’t afraid of him. She found him beautiful, found his presence intimidating to say the least, however, she refused to leave. No matter how cold the Frost Giant was to her, being such a stubborn girl that she was she told him that he had good in him.

He was cursed to never find love, but here this young woman came and took his whole world by storm. She showed him that he didn’t have to hide behind the snow, hide away the fear of being rejected in the world. “Because you are the last one makes you even more special.” She whispered cupping his face despite how freezing cold it felt to her. It had been a few weeks that she was in the frozen wonderland, not one soul from the village could find her. Her family grieved for their lost child, fearful that she was deceased with no body for proof. He refused to believe that he was falling in love with her, but with each passing day he grew closer and closer to feeling something in his frozen heart, something he hasn’t felt since he was young.

One night he was watching the village through an image he created with his magic, her family was tormented by the other villagers because of their missing child. Loki couldn’t take it no longer as much as it pained him to let her go he needed her to return back to her family. He went to her room seeing her sitting on the bed reading a book as an ache plagued deep within his heart. “My dear (Y/N)… You need to return back to the village.” He said, forcing his voice not to break. He was stronger than this and he knew that one day this would happen, but he didn’t think so soon. “Loki, you know I don’t know my way out of here.” She said when he walked over to her before leaning down as he kissed her forehead creating the way to leave causing her to gasp.

“You need to go. Your family.” He said as she stood up looking at him. “I will come back.” She promised as a gentle smile spread across his face. “I know.” He said when she hugged him tightly. “Thank you.” She whispered before she ran out grabbing her coat as Loki let out a small sigh. He suddenly created a stallion for her so she could get back to the village faster, back to her true life. He looked around the frozen castle remembering all the dances his father and mother held before they died. It seemed everyone forgot about them, forgot about him and casted him away to never be seen again. “I had it all…” He whispered before walking out of her room towards the tower as he looked out the window to see her mount her horse.

I never had need another person in my life, and I learned the truth too late.” He laughs bitterly as he starts up the steps when she starts to ride towards the exit of the garden. “Even when I close my eyes she’s still there, I can’t shake away this pain inside my heart.” He said going to the next window seeing her dark green dress flutter in the snowy winds as he swallows down the tears that threaten to fall down his face. He watched her go away from him, away from the castle and in the palm of her hand rested the beast’s heart. “Now I know she’ll never leave me. Even as she runs away. She has promised to come back.” His nails dug into the stone wall in front of him before he went to the roof of the tower standing on the balcony as she just made it out of the castle.

She will still torment me. Calm me, hurt me, move me. And now I shall waste away in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in and be with me for evermore.” He sighed as he grips the railing. “Who am I fooling? She’s free why would she come back? I am nothing more than a beast parents tell their child to be afraid of.” He growled as his eyes glowed a crimson red from the anger coursing through him. “I have raged against the trials of love. I curse the fading of the light.” He said as she disappeared from his view. “Now I know she’ll never leave me. Even as she fades from view. She will still inspire me, be a part of everything I do And as the long, long nights begin. I’ll think of all that might have been. Waiting here for evermore.” His voice grew into a whisper.

She was free from him, he allowed her to leave this place. She didn’t have to return back, yet he know she was still at his side when he turned back away facing inside the castle. Once he crossed the threshold he’d be back to his old life, back to the beast who lived alone. The creature that hid within the darkness where no light would ever touch for it was an eternal winter at his castle. He felt frozen in place as he turned back to look for her, praying for her to be there waiting for him. His heart, however, told him that she would be better off this way as he swallowed the selfish want, desire to have her by his side forever. He ran his fingers through his hair as that dull expression made permanent residence on his face.

Placing one foot in front of the other he walked into his home, still it hadn’t felt like home in a very long time. He shook his head as anger boiled through him as he storms down to the steps of the tower. He needed to forget her, but he couldn’t no matter how much he fought to pick up what’s left of him. He couldn’t remember what life was like before her anymore and it angered him in the worst way possible. He felt dizzy, skin growing hot as he walked into his room when he saw the snow falling down like his own personal blizzard. He collapsed at the edge of his bed as his head and arms rested on the green sheets as his lower half remained on the floor. He felt empty more than he ever has before when he picked up his head and flicked his wrist to show her.

She had made it back to the village, back to her family as they surrounded her in a tight hug that tugged at his heart. His eyes softened seeing the happiness spreading across her face as her father kisses her head while her mother smooths out her hair. He couldn’t watch anymore as he made the image burst causing small snowflakes to fall and cover his bedding when his eyes fluttered shut. “Mother, I cannot say here.” She said softly as her parent’s eyes widened. “We just got you back and you’re going to leave!” Her mother exclaimed in shock as she shook her head. “No! You cannot go off! You’ve been missing for a month!” Her father huffed. “I know, but I promised I’d go back. There is a castle in the blizzard.” (Y/N) said pointing back.

“Sweetheart, no one has lived there for years! The Laufeyson have been deceased since a plague was laid onto them by Odin.” Her mother said as (Y/N) sighed. “I’m going back mother. I am an adult.” (Y/N) countered. “For what reason?” Her father demanded angrily. “He is waiting for me!” (Y/N) cries looking to him. “Who?” Her mother asked frowning. “Loki, my King.” She said glancing to her mother before looking to her father. “Please Father.” She begged her eyes pleaded with him. “I only came back to prove I am alright.” She spoke softly. Her father let out a sigh placing a hand onto her mother’s shoulder when her mother looked at him. “Stay safe, and come by sometimes. Just to check up.” He said as her mother gasped in shock.

“You’re going to let her go!!” Her mother squawked. “Yes, look at her my love. She has grown into a brave and kind hearted young girl. If she says he is waiting then he is. We should not keep her. It pains me to see you go, but I do hope he treats you well.” Her father said as (Y/N)’s eyes widened before she smiles. “You said Loki, the prince?” Her mother asked as (Y/N) nods. “Is he not a Frost Giant?” Her mother asked. “He is.” (Y/N) confirmed. “You are not afraid?” She asked as (Y/N) frowns. “I look passed the skin on his face and see the heart that has been shunned away for so long he doesn’t know how to use it anymore.” She answered. “Then you should not keep your prince waiting.” Her father said placing his hand onto her cheek.

“I promise to come back.” She whispered tearing up. “I know you will.” Her father smiles. “You’ve never broken a promise, I do not know why you’d start now.” He said before he leans forwards kissing her forehead. “I do not wish for you to leave again, but you have your own path. Fate has led you to this prince. Fate has brought you, your forever after like it did mine.” Her mother whispered taking her husband’s hand. They smile to each other when (Y/N) mother leans over and places a kiss onto her cheek. “Good lucky my child.” Her father said with a nod as (Y/N) nods back before she walked back up to the white stallion. “Maybe you could take us to him one day, we’d love to see him again.” Her mother called as (Y/N) mounts her horse again.

“I shall! Goodbye!” She calls before she starts riding back towards the castle with one thing racing through her mind. Him. “I am sorry I made you wait.” She whispered to herself as the horse trotted through the forest back to the snowy castle. “I am coming. Just as I promised.” She nods before her eyes fluttered shut when the harsh winds of the cold air blasted against her skin. She shuddered before arriving at the steps as she got down from it when she petted the white stallion with a small kiss to his nose for a quick thank you. She immediately mounted up the steps as she rips open the doors to the castle taking her first steps inside once more. “Loki! Where are you?” She asked before she started up the staircase they would led her to his room.

Loki sat up hearing footsteps thumping up the steps as he stood up before his bedroom door was ripped open. His eyes widened seeing her shaking form as he looked down to see her frozen hands. “What are you doing here?” He asked softly. “You are supposed to be with your family.” He said getting his blanket off the bed before draping it over her shoulders. “I-I promised to come back to you.” She whispered trembling as he looked at her. “But I set you free, I allowed you to leave.” He said softly when she cupped his face, despite her fingertips turning blue from the cold. “I-I wanted to see my family… To-To show that I am here.” She whispered as his expression softened, her promise not broken as his heart collected together once more.

“You came back.” He smiles happy to see her as she nods. “Yes, I did. To do this.” She whispered placing her other hand onto his face before jerking him forward as his eyes widened. Her lips pressed against his own when his hands were placed onto her wrists before he kissed back. There was a gust of wind that made the doors to his balcony swing open when Loki was suddenly picked up in the air. (Y/N)’s eyes widened when Loki’s skin fluttered from blue to a pale flesh color, emerald green eyes replaced what was once crimson, and the horns grew back into his head. He gasped in shock as his body morphed to when black, green, and golden leather shimmered onto his form before his feet touched the ground.

“I… I’m human.” He whispered looking to her as her eyes widened even more. “Y-You are.” She stuttered. “Were you cursed?” She asked softly. “Only to remain in my true form for eternity.” He whispered before he shudders back into his Frost Giant form. “You have broken my spell.” He said before shuddered back to his human self. “Will you love me this way as you did the beast before?” He asked when she cupped his face again. “I didn’t fall in love with your face Loki, I fell in love with your heart.” She whispered when there was light shining through the room as Loki’s breath caught in his throat before he ran out to the balcony. “(Y/N), come here.” He said in awe. (Y/N) immediately came out of the room before noticing all the snow had stopped and the sun was shining.

“It’s beautiful.” She whispered looking at the glittering snow when Loki looked at her with a smile spread across his features. “Yes, you are.” He whispered when she looked at him seeing his loving and affectionate gaze. Her face heated up as she looked out to the wintry snow before offering out her hand to him. “Come on.” She grins. “Where are we going?” He asked as he took her hand before gasping when she started to drag him down the hallway towards the stairs. “Outside.” She said as his eyes widened before she walked him out into the crisp wintry air. His heart was pounding, but not in fear, no, it was excitement pumping through him. After being locked away for so long he felt free, he felt happy when he looked to her and he knew, he’d be with her for evermore

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Author’s Note: I may have gotten carried away, but *Shrugs* Oh well XD

Be our fan! Be our fan! Watch the episode again!


Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride

and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a

chair as the dining room proudly presents -

your life ruiner!

Be our guest! Be our guest!

Put our plotpoints to the test

Hold your handkerchief to cheek, cherie

And we’ll provide the rest

Death du jour - 

Feels we feel!

Why, you know, this isn’t real!

Try to suffer


It’s delicious


Don’t believe me? We are vicious!

They can sing, they can dance

Most of all – they have no chance!

And a climax here is never second best

Go on, unfold your crush

Take a glance and – hush! -

Be our guest

Oui, our guest

Be our guest!

Lumiere and Chorus:

Fate ragout

Tears souffle

Souls and curses “en flambe”


We’ll prepare and serve with flair

A tragicomic cabaret!

You’re alone

And you’re scared

But the story arch’s prepared

You are gloomy and complaining

While your woe is entertaining

We tell jokes, do a trick

You are helpless and you stick


And it’s all in perfect taste

That you can bet

Come on and lift your glass

You’ve won your own free pass

To be out guest


If you’re stressed

It’s fine whining we suggest


Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest! 

Sweet dreams

TITLE: Sweet dreams


AUTHOR: lifeistooshorttowasteyourtime.tumblr.com

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have an ability to choose, what you dream of as well as control, what other people dream of. You work in the Avengers tower and so far yo have kept your ability a secret.

When Loki is brought to the tower to carry out his punishment, you start noticing that he has severe nightmares and you feel sorry for him. So you sneak into his bedroom every night, when he’s asleep and change his nightmares into beautiful, peaceful dreams.

WARNINGS: none except, sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Thank you!

Opening her eyes to a new day, she smiled thinking in the sweet dream she had that night, a memory of her childhood with her siblings and cousins in little trip to a lake. While (Y/N) was preparing for the day, she couldn’t stop thinking how blessed she was to have the ability to control dreams, more like an ability (Y/N) liked to think it was a blessing gift. But she had to be really careful about it, because people tended to ask her to change their dreams, like some supposed friends in school when she was a child. That’s why (Y/N) didn’t said anything to her superiors in the Stark’s tower. She lived happily working as a negotiator for Mr. Stark, though her direct superior was Miss Potts, without having anyone asking her about her ability.

When (Y/N) was walking hours later through the corridors to go to Miss Potts office, she walked pass the Asgardian gods. She remembered well the day Loki was brought to the tower and all the stir it had raised, but as far as she could tell, the destructor of New York was trying not to cause any trouble. (Y/N) nodded to Thor and Loki, the first one nodding back as a salute while Loki didn’t even seem to realize the gesture of the woman. (Y/N) couldn’t help but analyzing his tired face, really paled and with dark circles under his emerald eyes. But she couldn’t stop to talk and kept her walking.

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