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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) is not like the other maidens. She was born the daughter of a warrior and she wanted to follow her father’s steps. Being smarter than the rest, she grew up with the princes of Asgard as equals and friends. She enjoys reading and so does Loki, but their light reading habit turned into something else that night.

Warnings: Slight smut, not very detailed. Still a bit cute.

A/N: I’m taking so long and I swear I’m trying to get things done! So, I was once talking to my babe Raissa from @imaginedaily and she told me Andy Black would make a great young loki, and as this one shot takes place before the Thor movies, I thought it’d be great to put him in the usual gif I put.

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The master of swords said goodbye to all of the maiden warriors that trained at that time and congratulated all of you for such an enriching session. You were getting better by the minute and all the training had some effect on your body as well, for which you were incredibly grateful. You were the daughter of a master of arms and one of the queen’s most trustworthy maidens, so you were always surrounded by the princes. You called them your friends and the feeling was the same from them.

But as you grew up, you became more interested in defending the kingdom rather than serving the queen. You wanted to follow your father steps and so you began training and going on small excursions with the other Asgardians.

As you walked to your chamber, you found your childhood friend. The youngest prince, Loki, was heading for your chamber as well, to look for you because he had found something very interesting as he went through his father’s library.

“So, how was training?” He asked, as you walked over to the wardrobe. The room was a bit too much for you, but your parents had chosen it for you and they said that they wouldn’t accept a no for an answer, especially now that you were to become a warrior. “My brother says you’re getting very good at mastering the sword.”

“Yes,” you nodded, “but I believe it is kind of in my blood, I mean… Father is a master of arms himself, so…” you shrugged carelessly.

“I haven’t seen you in battle myself, but everyone points out how graceful you are. Well, you are a pretty woman, like your mother. You’ve got in yourself the best of both worlds.” He chuckled.

“Uhh—” your mouth hung open—“well—thank you—I mean… I—I guess so.” You took out your sleeping garments: a pair of tight shorts and a long shirt. You looked over your shoulder, and he had a shit eating grin of approval. “Make a painting, Odinson,” you sneered, “it’ll take as long as it will last.” He shook his head in amusement. “So, what do you have there?”

“It seems like my father keeps these books away from all of us.” The youngest son of Odin said, flaunting his newest discovery in one of his pale hands. “I went through some of the pages, and it’s very… interesting. Midgardians seem like a fascinating kind.”

“How so?” You asked as you got rid of your sweaty garments. Since you and Loki were friends since childhood, you had seen him naked when he was little and he had seen you too; besides, undressing among a large amount of people was kind of an everyday thing for you.

“It is very graphic.”

“Graphic as in… cold blooded graphic?” You turned your back to him. “Humans can get very, very bloody.” You said from over your shoulder.

“As in sexually graphic.” Loki smiled wickedly, showing his teeth and giving you a naughty look.

You sighed and shook your head, leaving the training gear inside your wardrobe. Loki was already sitting on the rug and waiting for you to sit next to him. You complied, holding your legs close to your chest as he went through the pages of the book. It was very graphic indeed, and in his silky, deep voice, it was truly giving you the chills.

The pictures in the book were rather crude and unlike other human paintings, they had little to no detail at all. They weren’t very delightful to look at, but you were already having another picture. Loki doing all those things to you. Having his unusually cold hands all over your body, and his thin lips sucking on your neck, or better, on your breasts as you moaned his name.

“(Y/N)?” He asked, suddenly dragging you out of your thoughts. You looked at him, completely perplexed and rising your eyebrows. “You just… moaned.” He said, with a slight taint of laughter in his voice. You turned red in a split second and tried to explain yourself. “Maybe we should leave this reading for another day…” He suggested.

“N—no—” you stuttered—“I’m fine.”

He let out a breathy giggle and happily complied. Truth be told, he was feeling the effects of the book. He was imagining you going down on him, and riding his shaft like a professional. You fanned yourself as you got lost in your thoughts again; the mere wonder of how his tongue would feel in between your folds, and his cock sliding up on you, reaching a point that your fingers never could… It felt like heaven, a painful heaven.

“I’m getting bored.” You huffed loudly. “What if we take this book into practice?”

“What took you so long?” He smiled in amusement and left the book aside.

You straddled his lap, finally feeling his cold hands on an uncovered spot of your skin. You threw your head back and he took the opportunity to land his lips on the hot skin of your neck, just above your pulse point; he licked his lips before sinking his teeth on you and sucking. You rubbed yourself against him, feeling a growing bulge really near your wetting folds. He appreciated the gesture by sucking harder on you. That would be a very difficult spot to cover later, but you’d think about that when you’d finished your business with him.

You took your hands to the hem of your shirt and slowly slid it up. If you had known you’d end up naked, you wouldn’t have worn anything that night. It proved to be useless.

You pushed him back enough to be able to look at him. His green eyes shone brightly, but the light was not even close to loving; it was pure lust that took over him, and you could might as well enjoy yourself with it.

In a split second, the trickster was lying on top of you on the huge bed, pinning your wrists with his cold hands that were a cool refresh. His lips looked for you furiously, like an animal that finally got to catch its prey. But even though he had the eyes of a predator, you were not the one to call a prey.

You let him out power you, feeling the neediness of his touch as he got rid of your upper garment. He took out his own clothing, revealing a perfectly sculpted torso on such a slim frame. You two made passionate love all night, feeling the endorphins bubbling inside your body and the love that he procured you each time he stopped to look at you.

Once you were ready to call it quits, and you felt tired enough to sleep like a baby you slid under the silk bedding. It was a bit messy from all the moving, and you made a mental note of taking them to washing because they still had the strong smell of sex all over them. Loki, who was now fully dressed, walked closer to you. He patted your head and gently kissed your temple, getting ready to leave you and let you get some rest.

“You can stay here if you’d like.” You offered. “You won’t escape from the walk of shame anyway.”

“Do you want me to stay here?” You bit your bottom lip and nodded nervously, feeling a strong warmth on your cheeks. “Well, I can’t decline such a lovely invitation.” He turned on his heels and slid beside you; for the very first time, you noticed his skin was not cold, and his temperature matched yours.

His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to his chest as he buried his face in your hair and nuzzled at the back of your neck. His soft and rhythmic breathing dozed you off and it worked better than a lullaby.

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Loki Laufeyson x Reader
 I’m literally the definition of trash I’m truly sorry for  taking so long for barely sending u the request: ok so Loki x reader where ur  his personal servant everyday at noon u would go to the village near by n  secretly teach the kids to read n write one day Loki asked u were u would go  u didn’t want Loki finding out and might get u and the children in trouble so  u didn’t tell him anything. Each day Loki would ask u making u nervous that  he would maybe start following u, he asked u if u would go see a lover and u  just looked at him with out saying anything Loki took ur silence as a yes and  one day decided to follow u took ur luck he had caught u talking to Thor in a  market place (u n Thor were pretty good friends and he knew about u teaching  the kids) and Loki thought Thor was ur lover. Loki hated the idea of Thor  winning at everything and anyone and to him u were his servant u were to  serve him and nobody else and he was going to prove that to u. If u need more  detail just tell me will happy to help once again super sorry like I’m  terrible at having a solid schedule- @floating-balloon
Notes: This may be the longest thing I have ever written. Sorry it took so long I had real trouble getting started but I finally have it finished. The final winner’s request should be out at the weekend, and following that Part 2 to Somewhere Only We Know as well as Possibility. Once again sorry for my lack of stuff coming out, I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to write. Hopefully I’m out of that slump now. Anyway enjoy!

As you hurried through the cobbled streets of Asgard you stuffed a worn leather book into the inseam of your faded green shawl. Flickering your E/C eyes around the crowded streets you searched for any sign of the raven-haired prince, heading back towards the palace you kept your eyes to the ground and your shawl wrapped tightly around your small frame. The reason for your wariness may seem slightly melodramatic to an outsider, however your master did carry a certain reputation, one for being highly strung and easily provoked. This meant that keeping a secret from him carried it’s own set of risks, and even though yours held no significant importance you worried that his knowing of your actions could endanger both you and the ones you helped.

 The thing was that everyday, at precisely noon, you had ventured down to a local village, there you would help the local children learn the basics of reading and writing, as well as telling them great stories of your lands noble history. You had started this daily practice after a trip down to the market, in search of goods for the palace, when you overheard a conversation between a shopkeep and one of the locals. Apparently the school building had been destroyed during the most recent bout of attacks, leaving the children with no place to go, and cutting their education short. Of course you being you felt a great sorrow at these children’s predicament and vowed to do whatever you could to help.

 Reaching the gates of the palace you were quickly allowed in, rushing back to the small quarters you were granted to deposit your things before returning back to work. Laying your shawl neatly on the bed you turned to leave. But before you could exit the small room a green swirl of smoke blocked your path, leaving in its wake your master. “Sir.” You mumbled, bowing you head slightly. “I’ve already told you to call me Loki, are the formalities really so necessary?” He quipped, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Sorry sir… Loki.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips. Though the man intimidated you like nothing else, you still saw a softer side of him, even though many others didn’t. You could even say you’d developed certain affections for the Trickster God, not that it was at all appropriate, what with him being your master and a prince, and you a mere servant. Yet that didn’t stop your heart from fluttering when he smiled at you, and a rosy blush colouring your cheeks whenever he was in too close a proximity. “Where have you been for the last… hour?” Loki asked you, a slight clench in his jaw. “Nowhere…” You stuttered, fiddling with the hem of your dress. “I see… I’ve never been to nowhere, is it as delightful as it sounds?” He drawled, looking at you with an expression full of contempt. “Quite. “You mumbled, furrowing your brow as you manoeuvred around him, heading back to work.

 You and Loki had always had a weird relationship, what with him taking a particular interest in your personal affairs, and you not hesitating to call him out on some of his more neurotic behaviours. Most said they’d never seen someone speak to the younger prince in such a way, with most of his previous servants being dismissed after similar fo-pars. After your run in with the dark-haired god you quickly went back to work, cleaning the princes’ quarters as well as the dining hall. As you sat on the large dining hall floor, using certain magic’s to clean the mud-covered stone a pair of heavy footsteps caused your head to whip up to the doorway. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice rang out. “Thor!” You grinned, standing up to greet him. “How was your trip to Midgard? How was Lady Jane?” You asked, a smile wide on your face. “Everything was as I left it Lady Y/N.” He nodded. “I told you to stop with the Lady’s Thor, for I am no Lady.” You said with a small quirk in your lips. “Nonsense, you are far more a Lady than many of those who carry such a title.” Thor boomed, bowing his head slightly. “I should go and reconvene with my Father, It was a pleasure to hold your company.” Thor said, kissing your hand before leaving the grand room.

 You and Thor had met one afternoon whilst out in the village. He’d found you teaching the children and after learning of your service in the palace agreed to keep it between the two of you. In thanks you had been assisting him with his courtship of his Lady Jane, helping him choose gifts for her as well as teaching him of Midgardian customs. Through this the two of you had struck up an unlikely friendship, one that had seemed to stand the test of time.

 The days following your interaction with Loki, he asked everyday where you went during your hour away, causing you to become more and more nervous about your little secret. You began to worry that he would try and follow you, meaning you started taking more complicated routes down to the village, hoping to lose anyone that may have been on your tail. However it did mean you ended up walking straight through the busy market almost everyday. After a couple of weeks Loki’s persistent asking you had still managed to keep strong, telling him you went nowhere of importance. One day, out of the blue, Loki arrived at your chambers before you parted for your journey. “Loki.” You sighed, trying to manoeuvre your way around him. “Is it a lover that you go to meet everyday?” He growls, appearing suddenly in front of your face. His anger causing you to stand there in silence, not knowing how to proceed. “It would make sense, you always return with a smile on your face and it would explain your secretive attitude about the whole affair.” He spat. Huffing you just moved your way around him and carried on down to the village.

 ‘Why would he care anyway?’ You asked yourself, ‘I’m just the help, no one of importance.’ You huffed, strolling into the busy market. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice called you over from a nearby seller. “Thor.” You smiled, moving to his side. “I need your assistance.” The blonde prince huffed, brow furrowing, coaxing a giggle from between your lips. “Come on then.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling him along to different vendors.

 3rd Person POV

 Loki had decided to follow Y/N down away from the palace. For some reason the thought that she could be meeting a suitor tore at his chest, leaving an unsettling feeling in his stomach. Loki had never felt this way about anyone before, never had a need to protect someone and keep them safe from harm. Yet she was different. The way her H/C swirled around the S/C skin of her face and neck, the way her E/C sparkled whenever she laughed or smiled, the little things were what seemed to gravitate Loki towards her, and he just couldn’t pull away.  Following her small frame through the crowded streets he watched her as she ducked and dived through the rowdy crowd, barely registering a second notice to many of the passer byes. Despite Loki’s glamour to look like an unimportant local, he stayed hidden in the shadows, skulking along hot on her trail. Suddenly a familiar voice calling Y/N’s name sent Loki’s eyes wide and caused his fists to clench. Watching her stand by his brother’s side with such a gleeful look on her face made Loki’s face contort with anger and as she took his hand he felt his stomach drop. How come his brute of a brother got everything? The power, the praise and now the girl. The only girl Loki had ever felt any sort of fondness towards, the only girl Loki could see himself actually falling for. Hell he probably already had. Turning his back on the pair Loki stormed back to the palace in a blind rage, ready to take his anger out on anyone who dared confront him.

 Y/N’s POV

 After helping Thor you had a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just could not shake. You went and taught the children as usual, cutting your session short due to your little rendezvous with Thor. Heading back up to the golden palace you noticed the subtle glances the guards gave one another as you entered. Heading to your quarters you immediately noticed the lean form of Loki sat on your small bed. “Loki, what are you doing in here?” You asked, slightly puzzled by his appearance. “So it’s Thor then? That you go and see everyday? It’s my brother that you pine over like a puppy, it’s pathetic.” He spat, leaning above you as his words sliced you like a blade. Standing up to him you shoved him in the chest, causing him to falter slightly. “I do not pine after any man, and not that it is any of your business, but if I did it would certainly not be after Thor.” You growled, face thunderous, “And I am certainly not pathetic, however it is nice to know your opinion of me.” You said, jabbing him in the chest. As you whirled around, ready to storm away from the dark-haired prince, a hand darted out, holding onto to your elbow. Before you could even get another word out Loki had spun you around, engulfing you in his arms. “You serve me, and no one else.” He murmured before crashing his lips against yours. “Always.” You murmured against his lips before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Jealousy is not a nice colour on you.” You smirked, leaning your forehead against his. “You need to learn to keep that pretty little mouth closed.” He chuckled, kissing you again, this time with a more gentle touch.

Loki x Asguardian!reader - Green Eyed Monster

A/N - So this is set before the first Thor movie, I wanted it to be teen Loki but I think I prefer writing normally for now. I feel like this needs a part 2 so definitely let me know if you feel the same and I’ll get to it. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Angry, upset Loki

Plot: Reader is asked to describe her crush, it’s all fun and games until someome gets upset.


I walk alongside Loki in the gardens, an old past time of ours. We did it when we were younger, and we still do it now. Our walks in the gardens are something that won’t ever be forgotten about.

I bite my lip and look up at him, he’s been tense all day, it’s clear to see. His stiff back, his eyes staring no where but forward, the fact he’s been walking faster than usual.


Thor is to become king in two days. I know he isn’t too happy about that, but what can he do? All he can do is accept it.

I sigh, taking a chance, “Loki… would you like to talk about it?”

He turns to face me and scoffs, “Talk about it? What is there to talk about? That oaf is being crowned king and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Except remain in his shadows. Second best as always.”

I frown, “Don’t speak of yourself that way. You’ll always come first to me.”

He narrows his eyes, “But does coming first to you change the fact that my brother is to be king? No, it changes nothing, Y/N.”

I press my lips together, trying not to tear up, trying to look as though his words didn’t hurt me. But in reality they hurt like hell, stung and burned me. How could he say such a thing, in such a cold manner? Does being king really mean this much to him?

I look up at him, letting out a shaky breath, tears threatening to fall.

His face turns from that of a harsh glare to a frown, as he steps closer to me, taking my hand, “Y/N….you know I didn’t mean that, I just feel…cheated. As if what my father has been telling me was all a lie. That Thor was always destined to get the throne and I never had a chance. I truly am sorry for my words.”

He pulls me into a hug and I immediately feel myself melting against him, my arms wrapping around his torso, burrying my face in his chest.

I feel him take a deep breath moments before he lets go, he offers me a small smile and I return it before he speaks, “Shall we sit down?”

I nod and follow him to a small patch of grass, sitting opposite to him.

He speaks after a minute of silence, “How about we play a game?”

I nod in response, “What did you have in mind?”

He bites his lip, “Maybe a game that involves answering truthfully. One of us asks a question, the other answers with the full truth.”

I chuckle, “But you’re the God of mischief, how would I know you’re being truthful?”

He smiles a little, “I’m always truthful with you.”

I grin at him and nod, “As am I with you. I’ll as first, if that’s fine with you?” I get only a nod in response.

I think for a moment, “hmm, was it you or Thor that cast the exploding spell on the dwarf in Nidavellir?”

He lets out a soft chuckle, “it was me, but Thor seemed so excited that I stood back and let him have the glory. It’s my turn now, yes?”

I nod, awaiting his question, wondering what exactly he could ask me.

He smiles, “Do you have your eye on anyone romantically? And if so, who?”

I hesitate for a moment, “Well, there is someone…”

He raises his eyebrows, “But who?”

I sigh, “I’m not going to tell you who, but I’ll describe them, yes?”

He nods in response and I take a deep breath, “Well, he’s kind and caring and when I’m upset he always knows how to to put me in a good mood. His sense of humour is…unique, but his laugh brightens my day without fail. He has the most gorgeous long hair, beautiful eyes. He’s strong, a good leader-”

He stands up abruptly, a scowl on his face, “I always knew you’d end up falling for my brother.” And with that he storms off, not giving me the chance to speak.


I rush through the palace, trying to find Loki. It’s been an hour since he stormed off and he was no where to be found.

I bump into someone, looking up to see the face of Thor.

He frowns, “Lady Y/N, what’s troubling you?”

I sigh, “Have you seen Loki?”

He nods, “That I have, but I would not cross his path for a while. He seems upset. He’s in his chambers, but I would speak to him in the morning when he has calmed.“

I nod, “Yes, Thank you.” I smile at him and continue through the corridor.


(Sad, angry baby Loki’s POV)

How could she? I trusted her when she said I always come first. But now I know the truth, I know it was all an act.

To say I have feelings for her is an understatement. I’m completely in love with her, but now I have to forget. She wants my brother. Thor always gets what he wants.

I stand up, my fists clenched, my teeth gritted. I yell as I punch the wall, leaving a crack there.

“How could she?!” I let the tears fall as I crumble to my knees.

“How could she….”


My Goddess

TITLE: My Goddess


Author: pocmarvelworks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wants an heir. So he picks you, the most beautiful woman. He keeps you captive in his chambers and breeds you multiple times a day. Until he is sure you are carrying his child.


It happened late at night, right when she’d least expect it. She was in a deep sleep. Which mean…

she didn’t hear them break in…

She didn’t hear them trash her apartment…

She didn’t hear when they broke down the door to her room.

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Until it’s Gone (Loki Imagine) Pt. 2

So if you haven’t guessed it by the title, Loki is about to go through some serious reevaluating over his priorities & how his actions will affect his life.

I wanted to experiment with Loki’s “bad” side. The reckless side of him that he seems to want to cling to even when his life is finally going in the right direction. The vengefulness that lingers inside of him that holds some kind of incessant need to constantly prove himself & his power.

Hope you enjoy part 2!


(Y/N) coughed and moaned in agony when we returned. I had taken her to my mother, who promised to hide her from Odin, and whom shared my anger towards his betrayal towards me. At least I could count on her secrecy and support. “My dear, please, have some more broth.” She curled herself up into a ball under the mountain of covers that seemed to swallow her small frame as my mother and her maids tried to nurse her back to health. I could not forgive Thor for leaving her there. And every shiver that ran through her, every cough that escaped her lips, only intensified my hatred for the God of Thunder. 

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squirrelstone  asked:

I guess since I just made a post about it, Hela!Danny?

Daniel’s eyes glowed bright as the newcomers entered his layer, uninvited. They were clad in bright costumes, walking around like they owned the place.

All except the eldest Odinson. Thor. The brother of the child that brought him back to life. And all to fulfill his goal of getting Hel on his side. Hel had kicked Loki out of his chamber without a second thought. Despite the man having brought him back to life when he was a normal human, he knew the massacres Loki had caused. Not just of Asgard, but of Midgard and Jotenheim as well. He would never let the silver tongue of Thor’s younger brother persuade him. Hel showed Loki mercy, and that is the only repayment he will ever get for giving him life in his mother’s womb.

If Loki comes back, Hel will not show the same mercy twice.

Thor, though, he heard had grown up, in more than just a physical way. He had matured when he had been banished to Midgard. Hel almost missed it, and occasionally visited as Daniel, but who had time for that when you were King of the Underworld.

He didn’t stand as the approached his throne, green fire and smoke swirling around them as the Fright Knight stood guard at the foot of his throne, hand on his sword just in case.

“Lord Hel,” Thor said respectfully, putting his right fist over his heart as he knelt. The others followed suit, but there was hesitation with the red one. He needed persuasion from the one in blue, and the woman with short red curls hiding her face.

“Stand,” Hel said as he gracefully stood up, his staff reaching just above his head. He slowly walked down the steps to the newcomers, trying to make his hips stay in place instead of sway from side to side with the attitude and power that no longer felt right.

“Why have you come?’ He demanded, looking them over.

“Why, Lady of the Underworld-” The red one was never able to finish as the Odinson lashed out at his comrade, covering his mouth and snarling at him, muttering about the disrespect he’s shown.

“I am no lady anything,” Hel replied stoically as he took Thor off of his red friend. “It is Sir Hel, to you, metal one. And I did not give you permission to speak.” He turned back to Thor. “Now, I repeat my question. Why have you come?”

“My Lord, we were sabotaged by Loki and his minions. They threw us in here to keep us out of their way. They are invading Midgard as we speak. I beg of you, please let us return to the mortal plane.”

“And why should I do that? You know how it works down here, Odinson. You will not leave until you prove you can do something for me. It’s either that or I make you all fight to the death.”

“What would please you, Lord Hel?” The blue one asked. He walked towards the tall, respectful man. A soldier, judging by his stance and the faint smell of gun powder. Stale but still there. He slowly reached his hand up and took off his mask, revealing a shock of blonde hair with bright blue eyes.

“Nothing you could give me, Steven. But perhaps the Thunderer.”

“Anything you wish, my Lord,” Thor replied immediately.

“I want your idiotic brother in my chamber. In return for your escape he will be sentenced to fight down here for the rest of his miserable life. He will not die, but he will not be free. And you would have to worry about him no more. He has cause great tragedies, and he mus pay for that. Half the souls lingering about down here left the mortal plane to early. He has to face the consequences. If Odin can find a better punishment, he can retrieve your brother from me himself. In the meantime, go. Bring me the Odinson, and you will be truly free.”

“Thank you, Lord Hel,” Thor bowed respectfully as he laced a hand on his hammer, fingering the strap at the end.

“Do not thank me, Thor,” Hel said, opening up a portal with a glowing hand. It was dark, and contrasted brightly with his white hair. “Just go.”

And with that, they were gone, an uneasy pulling feeling inside of them as they left.

Imagine: Loki coming into your chambers. Determinated to take you

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I’m sorry if this sucks, but this was my first time writing smut. So please don’t hate me and I’m also sorry for grammar mistakes ‘cause there might be some because English ain’t my native language xD


You were changing to your  white night gown.You heard a sound behind you. It was someone trying to open your chamber’s doors. You (ofc) panicked and took a sword, you kept in your room in case of intruders, into your hand and pointed it towards the door.

You walked closer to the door as it opened. You positioned the sword at the intruder’s throat.. You soon realized it was the prince of Asgard, Loki. You still didn’t put the sword down, but kept it at his throat.

-What’s your business in my PRIVATE chambers? You asked the prince, but got no answer. He only chuckled.

-What’s funny? You were clearly not amused by his behavior, but he still didn’t tell you his business.

-I never thought you had enough guts to actually threaten someone’s life, he chuckled and you glared at him.

-Oh, trust me. I could kill you in cold blood right now, you said taking the sword closer to his face.

-Can you just put it down already?! He asked, getting annoyed.

-Not before you tell me, why are you here? You asked him. He didn’t answer you, but blushed. You were confused by this and got distracted. You put the sword down, even though you didn’t realize it first.

As soon as the sword was down, Loki pushed you to the wall. He started sucking your neck, trying to find your sweetspot. You moan as he found it and he stops immediately. He looked into your eyes with his ones full of lust.

He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He kissed you, passionately. You kissed him back, as he grabbed your ass. You gasped and it gave him the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue to your mouth. You two fought for domination. He won eventually. Or actually you gave up because you got tired of it.

Your back was still against the wall, but he slowly started moving towards the bed, making you lean onto him a bit. Your arms were around his neck as his hands were on under your ass.

He fell onto the bed. You on top of him. He rolled you so you were under him as he started to undress you from you gown. His hands went from the hem of your gown to your panties. He stopped there and pushed his hands under the gown. They went up to your breasts. He put on of his hand behind your back and unclipped your bra. He pulled it out and tossed it to the floor.

One of his hands caressed your breast and the other one tore your beautiful night gown to two, but that didn’t even cross your mind at the moment. The only thing in your mind was how good his hands felt on your skin.

-This is unfair, you said to Loki. He knew what you meant. He got up, away from the bed and started to strip in front of you. First it was his jacket that needed to go, then his shirt, pants and underwear. He did it slowly just to tease you.

-Is this alright then? he asked, teasingly. You only nodded and pulled him back to the bed. You started to make out as he laid you on your back on the bed and started to pound into you slowly first, but started to pick up pace.

You moaned into his mouth and felt your climax getting closer and closer. You felt his thrusts getting sloppy too.

-Cum for me, he said, taking his lips off of yours. 

Brother, Please

Just a little Thorki one-shot. :) Enjoyyy!!! [SMUT WARNING contains masturbation] 

Loki stared at his brother from across the table. His eyes travelled along Thor’s face, his jaw as he chewed his dinner. Loki looked down over his arms, regarding Thor’s strong muscles through his armour, and bit his tongue to keep from licking his lips. After a second, and a few chuckles with Frigga and Fandral, Thor turned, and caught Loki staring at him. Loki quickly looked down at his plate, silently praying that Thor couldn’t see the deep blush forming on his cheeks.

He hadn’t the slightest idea why he was feeling this way- it confused him, maybe even frightened him a little. The only time he got feelings like this were when a radiant beauty from another realm came to visit, and that ended the same way every time- them falling into bed with him.

But lately, Loki was beginning to look at Thor differently. He wasn’t his brother… he wasn’t his friend, surely… he didn’t really know what he was to him, to be honest. But he couldn’t help imagining the most obscene situations whenever he looked at the strongly built god, and it forced him away from Thor. Everyone thought it was hate; jealousy, betrayal. But it was more than that. He was uneasy about the feeling he got: lust.

Loki got up quickly, almost spilling his nearly drained wine glass in the process. He steadies the glass, and excused himself with a short bow. Thor watched after him thoughtfully, taking another sip of ale.

Loki entered his chambers, feeling angry at himself and angry at Thor. He didn’t know why he felt angry at Thor- there was no legitimate reason why he should be. Maybe the feeling was more… frustration. Loki closed his eyes as he pressed his back against the cold door, and strode forward, locking it. He peered out at the stars, the bifrost off in the distance. The waterfalls of the palace were just underneath, and the view was truly breathtaking.

Usually Loki enjoyed standing out on the balcony, just observing the realm in solitude. But tonight he was in no mood- tonight, he was in the mood for something else.

With a flick of his wrist, the curtains were closed, moons shining through and illuminating the room. Loki eased himself back onto the large bed, over top the green and black sheets. He squirmed a little, feeling the familiar tingling down in his pants, and sighed as he took them off. Soon, he was completely naked, armor strewn across the floor. He found it hard to believe that he was reduced to this, pleasuring himself, when he could have any woman he wanted. 

But he didn’t want them. He wanted someone else. 

He regarded his erection, and imagined Thor looking at it.

“Brother, you’re huge,” he imagined him saying.

Loki moaned a little as he took himself into his hands, stroking slowly up and down. He imagined Thor’s strong, calloused hands pumping up and down, taking special care of Loki’s twitching member.

 “So hard under my touch,” he would say.

Loki clenched his teeth as he began to move a little faster, getting a rhythm going as his length throbbed in his hands. He imagined Thor thrusting into him, gently at first, then like the savage Loki knew he was.

So tight, Brother,” Thor would hiss as Loki clenched, “Are you sure you can fit all of me?” He would chuckle.

Loki threw his head back, the thought absolutely arousing him. He continued to pump, imagining Thor begin to build up to a climax inside of him.

Prepare yourself,” he would say, “I am ready.

Loki moaned as he felt his own climax build within him, pretending his own slender fingers were Thor’s tight grip. “Thor…” he whispered, jerking himself now, “Oh Thor, yes…”

He let out a small pant as his pumping became more sporadic, and felt his cock begin to twitch. He instinctively thrust into his hand, thinking of Thor all the while.

“Yes Thor,” he groaned softly, “Just like that!” He felt the pressure of an orgasm build inside of him, and he imagined Thor’s gruff voice panting Loki’s name as he came inside of him.

“Thor!” Loki gasped as he came forcefully, gushing into his palm and over the sheets in front of him. He kept coming, unable to stop yet as he thought of Thor’s naked body on top of him, thrusting still….

When he finally came down from the high, he let out a breath as he stared around his dark room. He could only wish, and yearn by himself for his brother’s heated touch…

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Loki just about jumped.

“Y-yes?” Loki stammered confusedly, pulling sheets over himself. The maid surely wasn’t about at this time of night! Usually, though, he didn’t bother to cover up in front of them- he didn’t know why he felt so vulnerable tonight.

He looked up, and saw Thor’s face at his slightly ajar door. “Brother?” Thor asked, eyebrows knit. Loki swallowed. “W-what is it?” Thor cleared his throat.

“At dinner, tonight. You looked… troubled. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Loki pursed his lips. “I… I’m fine Thor. You may leave now.” Thor’s eyes descended down to Loki’s bare chest, and raised an eyebrow in inquiry. Loki hugged the sheets higher, and squirmed a little.

“Are you sure?” Thor asked, coming in a little further and shutting the door. Loki tensed a little, and Thor advanced, coming dangerously close to the bed. “Th-Thor… what are you doing?” “What I know you want me to, brother,” he whispered, sitting down beside him, “I heard you moaning my name, loud and clear, as I walked the hallway.” Loki’s breath caught, and he almost pulled away in surprise as Thor ran a hand across his pale cheek.

“Am I correct in my assumptions, Loki? Am I right in believing you want me in this way?” Thor asked softly, and Loki nodded with a whimper. Thor started to inch the covers down bit by bit, and Loki’s toes curled in anticipation.

When the sheets finally left his newly-throbbing member, he sucked in a breath. Thor eyed it, licking his lips slowly. “All for me?” he mumbled, stroking Loki’s hair and gradually moving his fingers down Loki’s torso. Loki gasped as Thor grazed the tip of his cock, and closed his eyes in strain.

“I want it, Thor,” he whispered, grabbing the back of Thor’s head. “Allow me to satisfy your needs then, brother,” Thor answered, pressing his lips passionately against Loki’s.

Dark Paradise

Rated M (for Violence and NSFW)
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17

                                         Chapter 18

“Well, at least there is a curtain.” Octavia sighed, relieved that the audience would only see their shadows.

“Of course, there’s a curtain.” Loki replied, as if she should have already known.

“You didn’t say anything about that, you just said we’d have an audience.” Octavia scowled, glaring at Loki. “I don’t know these customs, my bad!”

“I have missed your mouth.” Loki smirked, cupping her waist. “In more ways than one.”  Thor had walked into Loki’s chambers at that very moment and made a face. “Don’t play that innocent act with me, brother.” Loki scoffed. “I know you and Jane share a bed.”

“Yeah-but.” Dammit, Loki. “Well, at least Jane is not with child! As if you could ever be a good fa-” he began, but stopped immediately once he realized his error. Unfortunately, it was already too late. God dammit! Loki glared daggers at him and the look in his eye was not only pure fury, but he was also hurt. Thor had screwed up and he knew it. “Loki, I apologize. I wasn’t thinking-”

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That’s a Promise

A/N: Hello! I’m not entirely sure how well this will read, and I know the ending is  a little bit lacking, but I really hope you like it. UuU

Pairing; LokixReader

Word Count: 1865

Warnings: Angst? Nothing really.

Part 2

“Hello, darling.” The silken tones of the green clad man seem to float through the chambers.

“Loki,” I say, looking at him as coldly as I can possibly manage.

“Why must you look at me with such fire in your eyes?” He asks, the corners of his mouth turn up in a gentle smile. “I know you’re angry, and rightfully so, but you are still so very beautiful when you scowl.”

“Loki, you need to stop with these illusions.” My voice is quiet as I step closer to his cell.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, (Y/N).” He says, his smile slowly disappearing.

“Please, I’ve known you long enough that I can tell when you’re hiding behind your magic.” Crossing my arms, I lean against the supporting column to the left of the largest wall of the cell.

The illusion melts away, revealing Loki slumped against the wall farthest from me, knees pulled to his chest. His pale slender fingers are tangled in his hair, and he won’t meet my eyes.

“I’m starting to think I may have let you know me too well, (Y/N).” He says, finally lifting his eyes to look at me.

“I don’t think so,” I sigh. “We’ve known each other for such a long time I was bound to learn all of your tricks.”

“Oh?” He says, lifting an eyebrow questioningly. “Am I so easy to read?”

“To others, no, but you already know I’m not like the others, dear.” He seems to perk up at the pet name. “Ah, sorry. Force of habit…”

“It’s a habit I hope you do not outgrow.” He admits, his voice a little louder than a whisper. I study his face, regarding him quietly. “You think I am joking, don’t you?” I shrug, not really knowing what to believe. “I still care for you, (Y/N). I think you may still care for me as well.”

“If I do, it’s not as if it matters anymore.” I try my best to keep my voice steady. “I had hoped that by some small chance we could have been together, but that was before you went and pissed away any and all of Odin’s good will towards you.”

“You say that as if you expected me to live there, in Thor’s shadow, with Odin’s obvious disdain for me! I was invisible!” The volume of his voice seems to raise with every word.

“I did!” I cry, trying to counter his volume. “Your life was fine! You had friends who cared for you and a mother who, despite all better judgement, still loves you and sees the good that you have within.”

“They were all nothing more than tools!” He stands and strides over to where I stand, glaring down at me.

“You had me.” I hiss, tears stinging my eyes and threatening to escape. “Was I nothing more than a tool, Loki?” At this he falters, his stiff stance softening. “Because right now it seems as if that is all you thought me useful as.”

“(Y/N), how could you… Why would you think that I could do that to you of all people…” His voice sounds so small.

“Because you threw everything you had, everything we had away.” I run my thumb under my eyes to wipe away the tears that had fallen. “I don’t know what to think anymore. How am I to know?”

He doesn’t answer, but I can see sadness, regret and confliction swimming in the tears forming in his eyes. He opens and closes his mouth multiple times, trying to find his words but he is unsuccessful. After a moment he seems to find some sort of resolve.

“Why are you here, (Y/N)?” He asks, his voice smooth and cold in comparison to just moments ago.

“I’m going to Midgard, with Thor.” His stance doesn’t shift, but his eyes are filled with rage and sadness. “I was told to visit you before my departure.”

“Why.” He says through gritted teeth. “Why would you go with that fool?”

“It’s my duty as his guard, Loki. I am not allowed the luxury to I decide where my post takes me.”

“But to be assigned to go to a world as weak as Midgard. It is an unnecessary precaution.” He shakes his head, turning and looking away from me. “It’s almost as if the Allfather doesn’t expect you to come back.”

“I’ve already come to terms with that. I can’t afford to put my life before others in this station.” I unconsciously move closer to the cell, closer to Loki.

“You really must learn to be more selfish, (Y/N).” He sounds pained.

“You know I can’t do that,” I say quietly. “I will promise you one thing though.”

“Oh?” He lifts an eyebrow in an attempt to seem coy, but I can still see a small amount of frustration and sadness in his eyes. “Bargaining now, are we?”

“Shut up.” I smile at him.

“Alright,” He says, his regular smirk fixing itself to his mouth. “You were about to promise me something, darling?”

“Wait here for a second.” He snorts in mock amusement, seeing as he can go nowhere.

I quickly walk over to the nearest guard. He is leaning against the wall, lazily. I clear my throat to get his attention. At the sight of me, a higher ranking officer, his posture immediately straightens as he rushes to stand at attention. He looks past me, as a sign of respect for me, and grips his staff tightly.

“Lady (Y/N).” He says with a stiff nod.

“Good day.” I nod back. “Relax, man. I am not here to reprimand you.”

“Then what are you here for.” The sentence doesn’t quirk up in tone as a normal question would. It may be harder to get what I want from this man that I had previously thought.

“I need you to let me into Loki’s cell.” I move my shawl to cover my breastplate in an attempt to make myself look softer and less threatening.

“You know that I cannot do that.” He says in the flat tone of a soldier.

“I am here on orders from Odin to visit Loki. I can’t very well visit him with a barrier between the two of us, now can I?” I ask, stepping closer to him. “Between the two of us, I would rather not be in there with him, but orders are orders as you very well should know.”

“I do understand that orders are orders, but I still cannot let you in.”

“Alright. But I must confide in you before you tell me no once again.” I try to make myself look small and sad to gain sympathy from him. “I am leaving for Midgard shortly. It is a task that Odin believes I may complete by giving my life. Very few know this, but Loki and I were once lovers. I have been sent down here to share with him what may be my last goodbye.” The guards resolve seems to falter momentarily. “After having heard that, you may better understand my reasons for needing access. I would not ask this of you were it not important.”

“Alright.” He says, sighing in defeat.

“Thank you.” I nod to him and turn on my heel, striding back over to Loki’s cell. As I approach, the shimmering barrier that had previously separated us seems to melt away. Loki looks at me, a mix of shock and amazement present in his facial features.

“How is it that you were able to make him to do that?” He asks as I step into the cell. The barrier goes back up almost immediately after.

“I used some of the mind tricks I learned from my time with you.” I say, wiggling my fingers at him.


“No, I just told him the truth.” I shrug. “The fact that I am in a station greater than his doesn’t hurt my cause.”

“Ah.” He takes hold of one of my hands, folding it in his two cold ones. Even after all he’s done, the coolness of his touch still relaxes me. “Now, you were about to promise me something?”

“Yes,” I place my free hand over top his. “I was, and am, going to promise you that when, or if, I come back I will ask for a change in assignment.”

“Really?” He asks incredulously.

“Yes.” I nod in affirmation. “I will ask to be transferred to oversee the dungeons. I suppose it’s safer than guarding the heir to the throne. It’s not as if he needs a guard anyways.”

“(Y/N),” He says, looking at me with eyes full of emotion. “You will live through that task. If you do not, I don’t know what I would do with myself.”

“I suppose that it’s a good thing you don’t have to do anything, now isn’t it?” He cups my cheek with one hand. I lean into his cool touch. Looking up to meet his gaze.

“I care deeply for you, (Y/N). I love you.” He says earnestly. “I always have, and I always will.”

“I care for you too, Loki.” I say, covering his hand on my cheek with my own. “If I return from this-”

When,” He corrects.

When I return from this,” I say slowly. “And if I am granted a change in station, perhaps we will be able to become close again.”

“I hope that we can.” He says quietly, slowly bringing his face close to mine and kissing me gently. It’s not long before he breaks away and looks into my eyes intently, rubbing his thumb over my cheekbone. “Please, do be careful.”

“I will do my best, Loki.” I nod to the guard and he disappears to open the cell once again. “You know I do not break my promises.”

I turn to leave, but I am suddenly pulled back to Loki and held to his chest. He wraps his arms around my shoulders and drops his head down to the crook of my neck. Realizing that he’s hugging me, I wrap my arms around his middle in return.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. It was never my intention to push you away or hurt you, and I did it anyways. I know I will never be able to make it up to you, but I will try for the rest of my days to come close.”

“I forgive you.” I pull away from him to meet his gaze.

I squeeze his hands, looking him over one last time before leaving as if in fear of never returning. As I leave I can feel his eyes watching my back as I go. Taking a deep breath to steele my resolve, I push forward to leave.

As I turn the corner to exit the dungeons and face the stairs I sigh loudly, sliding down the wall to sit on the hard floor. I can feel tears well up in my eyes as I run my hands through my hair.

I hadn’t expected seeing him to be so hard. I hadn’t expected to still love him.

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Loki x Reader

Injured Loki request via submission (I think I varied from the prompt and now I’m not happy with that but I tried… hope it’s not too far off):

Loki stumbled as he walked, more of a stagger than actual footsteps. Still, he forced himself to make it back to the comparative safety of his room. Each step pained him, clutching his side, biting back whimpers and groans as he struggled to maintain a low profile. It had been many years since there was last an attack on Asgardian land… well, the Dark Elves.

Loki pushed the thought from his mind. He was acting as king now. Thor had left for Midgard, there was no room for showing weakness.

Shouldering his bedroom door open, Loki made it two steps before finally collapsing onto the ground, a long low moan of pain finally escaping him. He had landed on his injured shoulder, the deep gash in his thigh forcing his leg to give out on him. Achingly slow, body protesting, Loki slowly rolled over onto his back, breathing heavily as he tried to calm himself.

Loki pressed a hand to his side, feeling the warmth seeping out from the split in his armor before raising his hand over his face to gaze at it. He sighed weakly, noting the stained red. Based on how he felt, he could only imagine that his whole body was a myriad of bruises.

Slowly, his eyes drifted shut, exhaustion finally overcoming him as he allowed himself to fall asleep. Sleep would heal him, he reasoned, fogginess slowly overclouding his thoughts.

A gentle rapping sounded at the door and Loki’s eyes shot open. “Who is it?” He barked, his voice lacking any real strength.

You stood outside hesitantly, instantly sensing something was wrong. “Your servant, my king, I’ve come to check on you, and report on the battle.”

“Servant?” Loki snapped angrily.

You closed your eyes, sighing inwardly at his irritable attitude, though you figured it was simply his injured pride that a force had managed to slip by the current watch. “Yes, my king, I’m captain of the southern guard. May I come in?”

Loki shut his eyes again, trying to think of what that entailed. Southern guard was internal palace affairs. You worked as guard for palace servants and workers, and certainly would not have been near the major fray. Not that it lessened your capabilities as a warrior, it just wasn’t your duty there.

“What do you need to come in for?” Loki asked, still splayed out on his back, not ready to muster the energy to stand.

“I was informed by one of your commanders that you appeared injured during the battle. As king, you continued to fight on, very admirable I might add, but there is a concerning trail of blood leading to your quarters.”

Loki scowled shutting his eyes again, “It was a minor injury, I’m perfectly fine.”

“My king, if you are perfectly fine, then there will be no problem with me entering and seeing that you at least clean the wound. I know your old title, god of lies, but I would appreciate honesty when it comes to your health.” You were mostly stationed with the healers, though you could fight as a warrior, you had been trained and raised in a family of healers and the amount of blood you had seen concerned you.

Loki stayed silent within, a childish part of him hoping you might grow bored or weary and leave. He finally had been able to match your voice, recognizing the change in his pulse for different reasons. You had grown up in the palace alongside he and Thor, and you were often in his more studious courses, instead of the general warrior and fighting lessons. You had always been kind to him, and he had greatly approved of your position of authority, glad that someone else had made it so he wouldn’t have to appear as showing favoritism.

You sighed, muttering an apology that was fitting of your lower class status and opened the door. Loki lifted his head up to glare at you from his position on the floor, mouth opened angrily as you gasped in horror.

“My king!” You cried out, rushing to his side.

Loki grit his teeth, glaring at you, “It’s nothing.”

Your hand reached for the injury on his side, pressing your hand to it to stop the blood. Just as quickly, you noticed the deep gash in his thigh, and considered moving your hand there instead. Before you could, however, you glanced up at Loki’s face, eyes scanning over his shoulder and heart skipping a beat. “My king,” you repeated in horror, “this is horrible!”

“I am perfectly fine.” Loki growled, hissing and wincing as you pressed down harder on his side. “Well, I would be if you wouldn’t touch that.”

You ignored him, taking his hand and pushing it on his side before tearing off your cloak and tying it around his leg. “My king,” you paused, shaking your head annoyed, “Loki, why didn’t you go to the healers?”

Loki grit his teeth, once more reiterating, “I told you, it is nothing to be concerned over.” However, you noted, he did keep his hand where you had placed it, weakly applying pressure.

“You are a fool and a liar, I’ve known you for many years.” You shook your head, pursing your lips, “We need to get you to the healing chamber.”

Loki grabbed your wrist as you moved to stand, “No. That’s an order. I will not have the Asgardians fearing their king is weak. It’s hard enough getting to respect me as it is, to let them think I was injured in battle, I would have to start all over again.”

You stopped, searching his face as you bit your lip. Loki gazed at you, eyes pleading. “Fine,” you agreed after a long silence, “but you must allow me to help you then.”

Loki smiled, hand sliding free from your wrist slowly, “Not that I really need it.”

Five minutes later, and you were back in his room, a bundle of cloths, bandages, and healing salves gathered in your arms. You forced Loki to lie flat on the table he had available in his room for private dining as you gently began cleaning and dressing his many wounds.

“I’ve heard that you fought admirably,” You muttered, carefully suturing the injury on his thigh.

Loki smiled weakly, “That’s good to hear.”

“Though, if this gash had been any deeper,” You pointed to his side, “you would have been holding your intestines in as you made the foolhardy trek back to your room, instead of simply getting Eir’s help.”

Loki pursed his lips, “It is no matter.”

You shook your head, “How is the pain?”

“Nonexistent, I’m absolutely fine-” Loki gasped sharply as you jabbed his side, “what in nine realms was that for?” He cursed.

“Don’t lie, I can’t care for you properly if you do.” You finally stepped back, pleased with your handiwork. The worst of his wounds had been stitched together to the best of your considerable ability, various bandages wrapped around the smaller injuries, and healing salves draped on much of his skin.

Loki scowled, “You’re overreacting still.”

Again, you shook your head, washing your hands of the last of the gore before turning to face Loki. “As I said, you are a stubborn fool, my king.”

“Treasonous to treat your king with such little respect.” Loki grumbled.

“Only in Odin’s rule, I expect better of you, and to treat your healers better.” You looked at his face and noticed a small slash on his cheek. Reaching for another bowl of salve, you dipped your thumb in. Loki eyed you warily as you reached one hand behind his head to steady him, the other gently sliding over the cut and sealing it from outside infection. For a moment, your faces were inches apart as you inspected the cheek. You could feel Loki’s cool breath along your face and you smiled softly.

“Thank you.” Loki murmured.

You quickly pulled back, wiping your hands clean completely. As you turned your back to Loki, reaching for a cloth, you could feel his eyes on your back, studying you intently.

“Rest up, my king, you have a long recovery ahead of you.”

“Wait,” Loki called your name as he slowly stood from the table. He eased his feet onto the floor, struggling to stand before opting to lean against the table. “Would you stay, please… in case…” He trailed off, not entirely sure what he was asking. Being king was lonely these days, his brother had no want to be on Asgard, the Warriors Three were usually out of the realm, and injury had a way of forcing isolation. He knew the next few days would mostly be spent alone in his room, resting, sleeping, perhaps reading if he had the strength.

“I am always here for you, my king, Loki.” You smiled.

What if... Odin had adopted Spiderman?
  • Odin: Odinsons! Come before me!
  • Thor: Verily! We are here, Father!
  • Loki: Yeah yeah...
  • Spiderman: We have our own names, Dad.
  • Odin: I am Odin, Lord of Asgard!
  • Spiderman: We know who you are, Dad. Everyone knows who you are.
  • Odin: The Odinsleep beacons me. I must prepare for it.
  • Thor: Indeed!
  • Loki: ...Here we go.
  • Spiderman: Normal people call it "Going to bed."
  • Odin: Odinsons, you must check to make certain the Odindoors are locked, and the Odinwindows are closed.
  • Thor: I shall disembark on this quest at once, Father!
  • Spiderman: Do you people ever talk normally?
  • Loki: Nope.
  • Odin: Thus, for the next Odinhour, I shall be in the Odinbathroom.
  • Spiderman: Uuuugh. Don't... Please, don't say it...
  • Odin: Where I shall take the Odindump.
  • Spiderman: OH MY GOD DAD!
  • Loki: Welcome to my life.
  • Odin: Afterwards, I shall brush the Odinteeth, and retire to my chamber. Loki, it falls to you to read me the Odinsleep-time story.
  • Spiderman: ...I totally get where you're coming from now, Loki.
  • Loki: Thank you. Wanna go take over Asgard, with me?
  • Spiderman: *sighs* ...sure.

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have a masterlist to your amazing imagines?

Oh well thank you ^^ And yes of course! (updated)



  1. imagine Cas smiling for the first time since you died because he found out you share heaven with him
  2. imagine Cas looking at you and realising he feels things he shouldn’t be able to feel
  3. imagine the angels mention you while torturing him
  4. imagine leaving your daughter with Sam and Dean when you and Cas go on a date
  5. imagine being nervous to ask Cas to take you somewhere
  6. imagine Dean finds out that you, his daughter, date Cas
  7. imagine being in bed with Cas when Dean calls


  1. imagine lazy day in the bunker with Dean
  2. imagine Dean with your baby
  3. imagine Dean begging demon to let him help you
  4. imagine Dean being forced to look at demon touching you (part 1)
  5. imagine Dean getting his revange on a demon that hurt you (part 2)
  6. imagine being hit by a spell and Dean taking care of you
  7. imagine being Dean’s daughter and dying in the explosion
  8. imagine Dean finds out that you, his daughter, date Cas
  9. imagine being stuck in with Dean in a cold cabin and almost dying from hypothermia
  10. imagine after your argument with Dean you sleep in separate rooms but in the morning he has to save your from demon
  11. imagine Dean being nervous when your baby is coming
  12. imagine spending New Year’s Eve with Sam and Dean
  13. imagine hunting in the mountains and ending up under avalanche and Dean not giving up until he finds you
  14. imagine John forbidding Dean daiting with you


  1. imagine Gabriel taking you on a date
  2. imagine Gabriel comforting you
  3. imagine being Gabriel’s girlfriend and meeting Balthazar and Castiel


  1. imagine spending New Year’s Eve with Sam and Dean



Draco Malfoy:

  1. imagine dying in Draco’s arms
  2. imagine Draco playing guitar for you
  3. imagine Draco kissing you on top of the Astronomical Tower
  4. imagine Draco joining you when you skip DADA class
  5. Imagine tutoring a Hufflepuff student and Draco getting annoyed of how much time you spend doing it

Fred Weasley:

  1. imagine you and Fred going on your first ultrasound


Remus Lupin:

  1. imagine Remus helping you with potions after classes
  2. imagine coming for Remus the moment he dies
  3. imagine saying goodbye to Remus on King’s Cross station
  4. imagine cuddling with Remus after he fell asleep while reading
  5. imagine cleaning up Remus’ wounds
  6. imagine being in love with Remus and vice versa but he doesn’t want to addmit his feelings because he’s a werewolf
  7. Imagine being James twin and Lily with Sirius want to get you and Remus together
  8. Imagine being hurt by the Cruciatus curse and Remus waiting by your side for the doctor to come trying to keep you awake
  9. Imagine spending Christmas with Remus after the full moon
  10. imagine raising Harry with Remus


Rami Malek

  1. imagine being costume designer on ‘NATM’ set and Rami specially messing with his costume so he can see you
  2. imagine Rami watching you rehearsing to your performance

Tom Hiddleston

  1. imagine Tom discovering your Shakespeare tattoo
  2. imagine coming home after a bad day and Tom comforting you
  3. imagine taking Tom to see ‘Somethig Rotten!‘
  4. imagine Tom having crush on you
  5. imagine talking in interview about your engagement unaware that Tom has feelings for you
  6. imagine asking Tom to do ,,the snake hips’’



  1. imagine Ahk getting excited the day you’re coming back from Egypt
  2. imagine laying in bed with Ahkmenrah
  3. imagine kissing Ahk for the first time after he almost died
  4. Imagine Ahkmenrah deciding to become mortal so he can be with you
  5. imagine Ahkmenrah saving you and as a result getting badly hurt
  6. imagine falling in love with Ahkmenrah despite being betrothed to his brother


Will Scarlet

  1. imagine Will waking you up with a true love’s kiss



  1. imagine spending your last night with Loki before your wedding with Thor (part 1)
  2. imagine Loki visiting you minutes before your wedding with Thor (part 2)
  3. imagine Loki coming to your chambers and finding you in your bed


Finnick Odair

  1. imagine Finnick finds out that you are also a tribute in 75th Hunger Games (part 1)
  2. imagine Finnick going to see you immediately when he arrives to Capitol (part 2)


James Nicholls:

  1. imagine captain James Nicholls returning from the war



  1. imagine working in hospital in a charge of blood and you help Adam to get it


Jonathan Pine

  1. imagine the agents find who Jonathan most care about - you

Special Tag - father!character

100 ways to say ,,I love you’’ (now on hold but I have your requests and it will be written soon!)

I think you are beautiful - Loki

Can I kiss you? - Sam Winchester

my goddess

TITLE: my goddess


AUTHOR: pocmarvelworks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wants an heir. So he picks you, the most beautiful woman. He keeps you captive in his chambers and breeds you multiple times a day. Until he is sure you are carrying his child.



“Well, your highness, Y/N is very healthy. Her fertility is very high. It’s nothing wrong with her at all!” The healer explains, a smile on her face.
Loki’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Then why isn’t she pregnant?!”
“Loki, please.” You groaned, with a roll of your eyes. “I’m sorry,” You look towards the healer. “Continue.”

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The Queen's Consort - Chapter Three

TITLE: The Queen’s Consort
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Developing relationship/Smut
FIC SUMMARY: The Allfather is in negotiations with the Queen of Vanaheim for the services of her army and the wealth of her neighbours. There is just one thing that the Queen of Vanaheim wants in return for her loyalty: Loki.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Inspired by the art of the wonderful nanihoosartblog. Feedback welcome.

Previous Chapters  1 | 2

Odin stormed into his private chambers, startling his wife who looked up from her embroidery work to find her husband pacing back and forwards as her sons raced into the room.

“What has happened?” Frigga asked, her concern building.

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