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Road trip with the Avengers Pt. 2

A road trip with the avengers would include… Pt 2 (Pietro, Peter, Thor, SassyAF!Loki)

  • Tony suggesting it would help everyone get a better understanding of modern/earth life
  • “I already understand…”
  • “Then consider it a vacation,”
  • Packing a year’s worth of books into a RV
  • Tony giving you his credit card
  • “This’ll be fun!”
  • You literally being the only who’s excited to go
  • Everyone feigning excitement for your sake

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Pietro / Quicksilver

  • Stopping every hour or so, because he ‘needs to stretch’ 
  • Snapchat-ing Wanda whenever you stop
  • “I could be out of the city and at our destination by now,”
  • Everyone but thor sighing
  • “Man of iron said we needed to get to know each other”
  • Him eventually calming down enough to sit down and have civilized conversations
  • Using snapchat filters on him when he’s asleep
  • Card games
  • “You’re cheating!”
  • “How would you know, you’ve never played this game before” 
  • Drawing mustaches on Thor and Loki when they fall asleep
  • Falling asleep on one of the couches together
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to loki yelling

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Peter / Spiderman

  • Him being completely awkward around Thor and Loki
  • Pietro pretending to be that weird older brother figure
  • “When i was your age…”
  • “You’re not even ten years older than me!”
  • “Your point?”
  • Peter sneaking his homework onto the RV
  • “Lady (Y/n) peter has snuck his homework onto the Vehicle” 
  • Pietro Throwing his homework out the window
  • Him sulking for about an hour claiming it’s take him hours to redo
  • “What part of vacation do you not understand? For a potential prodigy of tony stark you’re having trouble accepting simple concepts”
  • “Stop being mean loki!”
  • Comforting peter from potential emotional abuse
  • Cuddling in one of the bunks
  • Thor sending pictures of the two of you to the rest of the avengers

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  • Thor wanting to touch every button in sight
  • “Lady (Y/n) what is this,”
  • “Don’t touch that,”
  • “Okay,”
  • *Five mins later* 
  • “Lady (Y/n) what is this,”
  • “Don’t touch that,”
  • “Okay”
  • Him willingly letting you play with his hair
  • Taking pictures of every different way you did his hair
  • Putting the pictures on a blog dedicated to his, Loki’s and Bucky’s hair
  • “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline “
  • “Thoreal paris,”
  • *I’m done I promise*
  • Him inevitably falling asleep while you play with his hair

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  • His brother preventing him from reading the books he brought with him
  • Him being a asshole to everyone but you
  • “Will you imbeciles shut up”
  • Having him “Attempt” to read to you
  • Thor interrupting every time
  • Him verbally abusing Peter
  • “Stop being such a coward”
  • “If this were asgard you’d be thrown off a cliff by now!”
  • “OMG Loki have some chill”
  • Stopping at a gas station to get painkillers
  • For you not Loki
  • Him reading to you until you fall asleep

Author’s Note: this was asked as a T’Challa imagine but just for the fun of it I added in more Avengers x Reader. Hope you like!

Summary: Loki decided to have a little fun with T’Challa until he turns him into an actual Black Panther.

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YOU DID WHAT?!” You yelled out angrily while walking towards Loki. He looked down at you with a mischievous smile.

“I didn’t do anything.”


He shrugged, “Ever heard of having a little fun?” He said while patting you on the shoulder. You gave Loki a look that could kill as you quickly threw his hand off your shoulder.

You kicked him sharply to the ground, he grunted while trying to get you off him. You brought your hands up to his neck, strangling the mess out of him. His eyes widened as he tried gasping for air.

Thor’s eyes widened as well when he noticed what you were doing to his brother. He quickly rushed beside you and tried getting your grip off of Loki. Tony huffed in annoyance, not wanting Thor to break up the great moment that was happening.

“What’s going on-WHY THE HELL IS THERE A BLACK PANTHER IN THE LIVING ROOM?” Sam yelled as he ran to jump on the couch, hiding from the panther. Bucky came in after Sam, his eyes widened while jumping on the couch too with Sam.

“GET THAT THING AWAY” Bucky yelled while pointing into the direction of the panther. T'Challa simply lied down in his panther body, licking his paws.

Natasha rolled her eyes, “Will you guys quit? Loki turned T'Challa into an actual black panther.” She said.

Sam immediately sighed of relief, jumping off of the couch. “Loki, you the man!” He said while pumping his fist in the air.

Tony walked closer towards Thor, Loki and you, not wanting the hysterical moment to end. “Oh come on, Thor! You always have to ruin the fun.” He rolled his eyes.

Thor scoffed, “He is my brother!”

“He killed hundreds of people!” Sam yelled.

Thor’s angered expression softened once he realized the true fact about his brother. He stood back up and walked away from you strangling Loki, letting you harm him after all. Within a minute later, Clint came into the living room with a camera recorder.

“This is too great!” He said with excitement while trying to get the camera closer to the scene between Loki and you. Loki’s face was suddenly turning blue, he kept throwing his arms around while you were still choking him.

Steve joined along into the living room, his eyes widened once he realized what you were doing to Loki. He looked around at everyone and noticed no one was even doing anything about it. Steve quickly rushed beside you and tried pushing you off of Loki.

“PISS OFF, ROGERS.” You yelled.

He gripped on to your hands, “Y/N HE’S TURNING BLUE. LET GO OF HIM.”


Steve sighed while rolling his eyes, “WHAT DID HE DO TO DESERVE THIS?”


Sam shook his head, “AND HE KILLED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE.” He added.


Finally Steve was able to get your grip off of Loki’s neck, Loki immediately gasped for air while holding on to his neck.

Loki glared at you, “You s-sick monster!”

You scoffed, “Oh I’m the monster? Look who’s talking!” You yelled as you tried to run after him once again but Steve held you back by your arms.

Tony placed his hands on his hips, “Loki, turn T'Challa back into his normal human form.” He huffed.

“Yeah man, as much as I don’t really like T'Challa, he don’t deserve this.” Sam mentioned.

Bucky raised his eyebrow at Sam, “A few minutes ago you just said-”

Sam covered his mouth, “Wow would you look at the time, better go put this sucker back in the freezer.” He innocently smiled while dragging Bucky away to not make you even more angry.

Loki huffed in annoyance, “Fine. I’ll turn your precious King back into his normal form.” He rolled his eyes while walking towards T'Challa’s animal form, he rubbed his hands together as he turned T'Challa back into his human self.

T'Challa’s eyes widened while inspecting his hands, “Am I human now?” He said. Your angered expression swept away as you ran towards T'Challa, squeezing him tightly.

“You’re back!” You said excitedly while being held once again in T'Challa’s arms. He looked down at you and chuckled.

Tony sighed, “Man, I was hoping Loki would’ve died today.”

Loki turned his gaze at Tony while giving him an annoyed look, “Do you want to be turned into an animal too, Mr. Stark?” He said sarcastically while tilting his head.

Tony put his hands up in surrender, “I’m good.”

Side Note: for some reason, when Steve walked in i pictured it happening something kind of like this:

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Imagine Loki sitting sideways on a couch, long legs stretching to the other side, crossed at the ankles as he reads in silence. You watch for a time, smiling at his concentration. After a bit, you walk over and crouch beside him, reading over his shoulder. You miss the flicker of his eyes glancing over at you as a faint trace of a smile touches his mouth. Once you’ve both finished the page, Loki turns it. This continues for nearly a chapter when Loki stops. You wait patiently, wondering if he’s caught on a particular phrase or if his mind has simply wandered.
Finally you look up at him, wondering why he hasn’t turned the page.
Loki is staring at you in amusement, not looking at the book at all. He reaches for your face, cupping your cheek and pulling you into a gentle kiss.
After you part, he offers to read aloud while you lay beside him, perhaps on him.

TITLE: Thunder and frost


AUTHOR: Anonymous

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki holding you while it thunders because you’re scared and Loki says it’s just his stupid brother Thor having a fit.


NOTES/WARNINGS: None. Except that this is super short.

“It´s just rain and thunder…”

“I like rain! Fresh, clean summer rain which makes everything green and beautiful! Thunder is awful.”

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-Anon request


At their calling, Loki and Thor raced each other from the courtyard to the throne room where their mother stood with a young girl beside her. Well, hiding beside her would be more accurate. The poor girl was almost completely hidden behind the boys’ mother’s legs, trembling as though the ground around her might suddenly engulf in flames.

“Boys, I would like you to meet Y/N,” their mother introduced you, half-heartedly trying to pull you around enough for the two young boys to see your face. “She’s rather shy,” she explained, adding, “Your father rescued her from where the Frost Giants- you shuddered slightly at the reminder- were holding her and her family.”

Thor, the one with the blond hair and the big grin, bounded right up to you and wrapped you up in a bone-crushing hug. “It’s great to meet you, Y/N!” he grinned, spinning you round and round. “Someone more to play with!”

Loki, the one with the dark hair and the quiet smile, waited for Thor to wander off in pursuit of something that had distracted him, before nervously advancing and offering a hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Loki,” he told you with a small smile.

“Race you to the dining room!” you laughed, already running in the direction of the palace, ahead of Thor and Loki.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” they called back in unison, running to catch up with you. “You had a head start!”

You are the first back to the dining room and you grin as the other two finally reach it too, sticking your tongue out when they make their panted protests. “You know I won!” you argue.

Loki smiles a small smile that you miss because you’ve turned around to grab an apple and some other food for lunch, and pinches Thor when he opens his mouth to argue once more. With a minute shake of the head, Loki eyes his brother down and tells you, “Alright, alright, you won, Y/N.”

A feeling of pride and happiness swells in your chest and you smile at the brothers before trotting off to one of your hidey-holes, to eat your lunch in peace.


“Hey, Y/N,” a quiet voice and a tentative shaking wakes you up. Looking around in the darkness of your chambers, you spot Loki by the side of your king-size four poster and rub the sleep out of your eyes.

“Loki?” you mumble, taking in the moonlight still pooling in through the balcony, and the gentle night breeze still ruffling the light curtains. “What are you doing in here? It’s still night.”

“I want you to see something,” he tells you, that small smile alighting his face.

With little protest, you oblige and pull on a shaul and a pair of slippers, following him out of the room and down several corridors. After a little while, he slips his hand into yours- shooting a quick glance- and tugged you into the courtyard and out to the lake.

“Loki, where-” you were cut off by Loki shushing you and pointing to the lake.

You gasped. The lake looked like crystal in the light of the moon and the stars were twinkling overhead like pinpricked candles, a thousand leagues away. The trees were like tall sleeping soldiers in the dark and shadowed a small clearing by the lake where night creatures leapt in and out of the shallow bay.

“Loki…” you whispered, leaning into his all grown-up side, now muscular and warm. “Its beautiful.”

His eyes flickered to you. “Yes. I suppose it is.”