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“I was merely giving truth to the lie that I had been fed my entire life… that I was born to be a king.”

No, it’s fine, I’m not crying that Loki is deliberately emulating Thor’s coronation from the first movie, both in setting and with Thor’s signature red cape and his hammer, Thor who actually was born to be a king, Thor that Loki hates almost as much as he loves, Thor that Loki can never let go of, even when he refuses to admit that that’s what he’s doing.

I’m not crying that Loki is play acting out the “lie”, that he’s so emotionally unbalanced that this is how he lashes out at his mother, saying SEE?  SEE, THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE REDUCED ME TO, this is what you’ve turned me into. I was born to be a king?  Well, clearly this is the only way I can ever actually have it, because you never intended any such thing!

It’s all fine.

Waiting Out the Storm

Life is not only about waiting for the storm to pass… is it



Keep warm &Keep well

It’s  the coldest winter Ever this year  

Jotun Loki:  you should wear more* not me*

Thor: (even you don’feel cold )i can’t see you naked ><

Jotun Loki: ~~”


After all these year ~ I can’t believe that I almost forgot to post it ><   (Thank God I found you )


TITLE: Minion


AUTHOR: LadyNinaSayers-ish

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki adopting a white cat that insists on sleeping on his lovely green cloak and covering it with white fur that even magic can’t get off.



When Loki brought the little white fur ball home, he was nervous about how well they would bond. The woman at the shelter said it may take time, but be patient and everything would be ok.

He set up her feeding, sleeping and litter box area, all before he had picked her up, excited for her arrival. Sitting down with carrier on his bed, he opened the door. The fur ball stayed inside and wouldn’t come out. Loki waited patiently. Well patiently for Loki. After a few minutes, he reached in and pulled her out. Once free of her cage, she immediately ran up his arm, onto his shoulder and underneath the back of his long, black, hair…and stayed there. He tried to reach for her, but her claws gripped into his shirt and would not let go. He sighed, reached for a book and leaned back against the headboard. After a while, he felt her begin to purr. He smiled.

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