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After Jasper is finally healed, Lapis approaches her and, pressured by Steven, offers her a sincere, whole-hearted apology over the whole Malachite fiasco…

…Jasper’s response is the following:

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(Or, to be more faithful to the series)

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Until Lapis is utterly fucking poofed, upon which Jasper, perfectly calm and deadpan, replies “…you’re forgiven!”



  • male villain: *murders, sadistically tortures, hits on women, wages war, attempts to conquer the world*
  • fandom: oh my poor precious misunderstood baby
  • Jasper: *headbutts a child, destabilizes Garnet in an act of self-defense, rudely asks for Lapis's consent to fuse*
  • fandom: she is horrible and abusive and you're only allowed to like her if you admit that she's problematic

Almost done with this mofo.  Just need to clean up a few lines and edges and make a few little adjustments it’ll be ready to go.  Once this template is complete I’m making a silicone mold, then casting the actual piece.  This is my first time at mold-making, so of course I chose to start with the most complicated of all the pieces I need to make.

It’s a godawful hodgepodge of various materials stuck together and painted uniform green so I can better see what still needs work.  Currently contains: craft foam, Worbla, fabric puff paint, and modeling clay.