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Precipice Chapter 1: Stay Here Long

Okie dokie loki here it is! The first chapter of my first full length multi-chapter fic! This is what happened after that ficlet I posted awhile back.


Word count: 2541

Prologue Chapter 2

Stanford Pines was used to losing track of time when he was engaged in something.  So when he looked up from the book he was re-reading for the first time in thirty years and checked the time, he wasn’t that surprised to see that he had missed the debate that was being televised.  And yet, he was saddened by it.  He had actually been looking forward to seeing how Stanley did in the election.  From what Stanford had heard, it seemed like Stan was doing very well in the polls, thanks to Dippers quick thinking and Stanford’s own invention.  Ford was glad that Dipper had come to him for advice, and he was glad that Dipper had been able to convince Stan to let him help.

Ford stood and stretched, muscles tight from being in the same position for so many hours.  Checking the time again, Ford was surprised that Stan and the kids weren’t back yet.  The alarms he had wired the house with years ago were still intact, (they were one of the first things Ford checked up on when he got back), and should alert him when any of the doors or windows are opened-ah, there it went.  A flashing light and an audible ding from one of the consoles lining the room told him that someone had just used the front door.

Ford ran his fingers through his hair, trying to make it look like he hadn’t spent the whole day his nose in a book; Stanley would never let him hear the end of it.  As the elevator rose, Ford wondered how his brother had done.  Although, he probably wouldn’t hear from Stanley if the election went well or not.  But he could count on Dipper to tell him.  Mabel would probably be dying to give him a play-by-play breakdown of the entire debate, albeit one probably embellished with more glitter and puppies than were actually there.  Ford chuckled softly to himself as he envisioned his niece and nephews charm and enthusiasm.  They were good kids, and Ford was grateful to have been able to meet them.  And he was hoping to be able to have them visit him again next summer, after he had dealt with the rift and gotten rid of all of the Mystery Shack garbage cluttering up his house and settled out all of the legal matters of Stanley living under his-had Stan used his name for the election?

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A Sappy Thank You

I would like to offer this note as a deeply felt thank you, and as a personal testament that small deeds of kindness matter in ways that we are often don’t realize.

For many reasons, I do not share what I write with my face-to-face acquaintances. In my world, professors of Shakespeare do not write sexy fan fiction – certainly not professors of Shakespeare in small, conservative mid-western towns, at small, conservative schools. 

I am fairly certain that the 60-something-year-old Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences would not approve of my hobby. Nor would my many conservative Christian students. Nor would my conservative Catholic colleagues and friends.

In this sense, my writing, which has become an enormous part of my life, is also something that I cannot talk about. Even my husband thinks it’s a waste of time, and I will not ask him to read anything I write ever again (I did that once, and it was a mistake).

I tell you this because I hope it explains in some small measure what it means to me when I log in to Tumblr, and someone has liked or re-blogged something I have written –how it makes my heart press up against the sides of my chest when someone sends me a note to tell me they liked what they read. These notes are small gestures on your part. They take next to no time at all, and I am sure you do them without really thinking at all about the impact they have.

To me, however, they have made an enormous difference.

So I want to say thank you to all of my Tumblr friends for your notes and kind messages, but I also want to do more than that.

I want to somehow convey to you how valuable it is for you to keep doing all of those tiny – seemingly inconsequential – things that make existence more bearable for those around you.

Being kind takes so little effort.

Yet little kindnesses sometimes are the only lights in what can be a very dark room.

Thank you for being kind.

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Alright people, I need help!

My university has an exchange program and this year the senior undergrads get to go to London!

Mainly, we’re going to participate in a course, so it’s really an academic trip, more than a tourist one, but still, we get nights and weekends free.

Also, it’s nearly mandatory that we stay in a family home, not a hotel, as part of the cultural immersion program. But if we know someone, it might make it cheaper (so far we’re between $6.000 and $7.000). Anyone want to meet a tumblr friend and help me spend less money?

There’s a 1-week course and a 2-weeks one, still not defined which one I’ll go.

It’s in October, exact date not defined yet.

Help me ladies, this is a dream come true! Not exaggerating at all, I have dreamed about going to London all my life, ever since I was a child, I have always been in love with England and my biggest dream is to move there forever! When they announced this year’s trip was London I screamed and I have been in tears all night - I’M GOING TO LONDON!

Not to mention I might get the chance of stumbling into Tom hehehehe

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A Smile Can Go a Long Way part 1

Loki x Reader

A/N: The book series mentioned below is one that I am currently writing.

Part 2

It is never a good idea to impersonate a God…Even if you are one yourself. Loki’s latest attempt to capture the throne of Asgard was easily found out upon Odin’s return and the All Father was all but happy with it. Had Loki not shown that he had the capacity for reformation during the Convergence punishment would have been death. But he had. So punishment was, instead, banishment from the realm of Asgard, and though he couldn’t strip the mischief god of his powers as he had once done to his brother, Thor, magic was a completely different ball of wax from a hammer. But what he could do to ensure the safety of any realm he’d end up in was send his brother down as well to act as for lack of a better term a babysitter until he would be deemed fully reformed. Of course this meant Loki was heading to Midgard as Thor was a fan of the place, and knew there he would have back up…Plus pop-tarts.

“I’m telling you brother. Just try one!” Thor encouraged, holding a plate of the warm toaster pastry in front of Loki who was on the couch in the common room, feet on the table, ankle bracelet much like the kind they give to those on house arrest…only this one was connected to FRIDAY

Then Thor’s ears picked up the most precious sweet sound of laughter. His body shifted as he looked over his brother’s shoulder to see your face, laughing at the two gods as you stood by Sam who was smiling proudly down to his friend. Thor looked up and smiled seeing you. “(Y/N)!” He called out with joy as his arms lifted, causing you to laugh even more. But then again you always found the puppy like attitude of the thunder god all too amusing. He rushed around the couch to greet you with a hug, though you loved all the avengers dearly he still squeezed a bit too tight for comfort, but you were glad he remembered you.

“I’ve missed you too Thor.” You squeezed out of your near breathless and squished body before he let go.

You had known Sam for a long time, you had been part of the same counseling program that he was and he had seen you work some very tough cases from the darkness war and tragedy has left people in back into the light of their former selfs. The rest of the team saw it first hand with your work on Bucky, who had since working with you saw an end to his night terrors. No actual superpowers to your name but they all swore your smile could infect anyone…hence why you were here. In all honesty you weren’t sure what you’d be able to do for the god who still had yet to acknowledge your presence, just sitting there and reading happily now that his brother wasn’t shoving junk food at his face. You normally worked with vets. But you figured that at the very least you being here with him around would be of help to those on the team who still held a grudge. “(Y/N) is going to be staying in the tower for a while. I figured if nothing else having her around would counterbalance having him around.” Sam half joked with a smirk, gesturing to Loki.

“Sam.” You half scolded, giving your friend a stern look. “Not helping.” You glanced over the raven haired head that seemed to refuse to turn toward you. “He doesn’t need any more reminders of his past. What he needs is a friend.”

Loki rolled his eyes at the sappy statement as he closed his book. “No,” He turned to finally face you. “What I need is to-” He was silenced by the color of your eyes, the flow of your hair, everything about you screamed pure sweetness. He sat, stunned for a moment before shaking himself back into reality. “What I need is to be left alone until I can find away back to Asgard.” He said as he rose, looking you over properly. Most Midgardians, Avengers aside, feared him..but not you. You stood tall, looked at him softly. After a life of growing up in a culture that respected and strove for strength and power over all else this was something he wasn’t used to at all. You just stood there and smiled as he assessed you. “So you’ve brought me a Midgardian nursemaid?” He finally asked as he looked back to his brother, disdain for the idea written all over his pale thin face.

“Well Brother, to be fair you have proven yourself to be less than trustworthy and I can’t be here all of the time…” Thor began to explain, his large hand resting on the top of your head.

“This is ridiculous! You could have at least recruited the widow woman…or the patriotic one. At least they have some strength to them. But to think this wisp of a girl could hold any sway over my dealings? This is an insult.” Loki protested as he rose, pacing the floor, sneering as he looked back up to you. “And why won’t she stop smiling at me?”

“Yeah…She does that.” Sam said, smiling down to you as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t think this girl has a negative bone in her body.”

You couldn’t help chuckling at Sam before giving Loki the real answer. “Because I don’t think you realize that I agreed to come here to keep you from doing your thing. I came here to stop the others from doing their thing on that adorable face of yours.” He couldn’t tell if you were actually serious or not. And to be honest, you weren’t sure either. “Unlike most, I don’t judge people before I meet them. And I’m happy to finally meet the famous Loki.” You respond with a kind tone as you stepped forward, holding a hand out, offering it to him for him to roll his eyes at before walking off to find somewhere else to be, away from the sappy girl, the falcon and his idiot brother.

For weeks Loki tolerated your unyielding happy smile and the way you’d sneak up behind him to give him a hug when you entered a room. He found you nearly as annoying as his brother. He’d watch you dance around the tower like an idiot and hide before you’d try to get him to join in… And he hated the way you’d say “Okie Dokie Loki” thinking it was funny every time. For about a week he began to wonder if you were actually from Alfheim with the way you seemed to radiate with hope and wonder. You just had to be at least part Light Elf. Until Thor assured him that he’d thought the same thing on his first time meeting you and he’s already checked and verified that you were 100% human. Though at times he did have to admit to himself that such frivolities for the sake of just itself did seem like a fun way to live life, even if it wasn’t a lifestyle he’d never adopt.

Then one morning he sat quietly on the couch reading. Then it dawned on him…it was quiet. He couldn’t remember the last time it was quiet…Had he actually been left in the tower alone? A mischievous grin curled his lips up as he flipped the page of his book, grateful for the silence. His eyes had been so preoccupied with the pages that he hadn’t noticed you enter the room with a book of your own, the latest in a series you had been a fan of for a long time. It had just been released that day and you couldn’t wait to take a break from bringing Loki the joy of your special brand of happy to dive into it…Besides, things didn’t seem to be working for him like they did for Bucky and you needed some time to rethink how you were going to get him to open up. You were originally planning on the comfort of the bed in the room that had been set for you but upon seeing his thin pale figure, and the smile on his face while he read in peace you thought to yourself “Why the hell not, nothing else has worked in getting him to open up.” And sat down on the couch, slowly resting your head in his lap as you opened your book.

Surprised, Loki looked down his icy blue eyes peering into yours while he tried to figure out what you were up to this time. But there you sat, calm and content using him as a pillow as you read. His face filled with amazement and a soft blush as he looked down, examining your features while they were calm enough to do so. After a long while of the two of you sitting in silence just happily sharing the other’s space he had found his hand when not busy turning a pace had chosen your soft hair to rest in. He was aware his heart had started to beat faster and stronger with each stroke of your hair as his nostrils began to pick out the scent of your perfume over the other smells throughout the room.  His eyes glanced down again, just in time to catch yours moving from his face back to your book and his mischievous grin melted into a soft smile. “What are you reading?” He asked as he placed his own book off to the side, now focusing all his attention on you. “For you to be quiet for this long it must be something amazing.” He smiled down to you, his fingers to one hand now getting lost in the strands of your hair as he pet your head, the other resting on the back of the couch.

“Oh it’s the latest  book in the Second Sight series. I’ve been in love with these books for years. It’s about a witch and a hunter who go around saving the world from all sorts of supernatural threats.” You answered, your eyes still darting across the pages.

“Sounds interesting.” He chuckled as he enjoyed your calm, finding it much more welcoming for him then your happy hyper self of the past few weeks.

“Would you like to read it? I have all the books at my apartment.” You smiled up to him as you let the book rest on your chest. You found the strokes of his fingers in your hair soothing and before you knew it your eyes closed as you let out a soft sigh of pleasure as you let his calm enhance yours. Your smile shifted from one of someone who walked on the bright side of life to one of pure bliss. You couldn’t think of anything better than this moment.

How could something so beautiful and so happy work so hard to try to make a monster like him her friend? Why? He was sure there had to be something at work here he wasn’t aware of yet, but for now he decided to just enjoy the feeling of you resting in his lap, hoping the shift in your smile meant for you what it had for him.

Your eyes opened as you became aware of your heart beating loudly in your chest and you now realized just how beautiful his face was. You reached up an arm and began playing with his raven hair as he did yours. All you wanted was to show him what it was like to have a real friend in his life…You never counted on falling for him, but here you were. You couldn’t get enough of him. In the back of your mind you were sure this was a bad idea, but for now you had decided to just enjoy the feeling of comfort he brought you, wondering if the petting was a sign that he might be feeling the same way.

But such thoughts would have to be addressed later. With so much noise that had gone on in the early days of the…whatever this is, the both of you were unwilling to speak a word for fear of being unworthy for the sweetness or annoying the stoic god, which was fine since for now you both seemed quite content with the silent affection.


I’m just gonna leave this here…. *whistles away with hands in pocket*

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Name: Meghan

Nickname: Megatron, squidge (only certain people can call me by a nickname tho)

Star sign: Leo

Gender: female

Favorite Color: dark green, lilac, sunset (is that a color? idk I’m keeping it)

Height: 5′3"? 5'4"? idk

Average hours of sleep: 5-9 I guess

Lucky Number: 16

Last thing I googled: john rutter suite for strings movement 1 (looking for the soundtrack so I could practice with it)

Number of blankets I sleep under: 3-4 in the winter but 1 in the summer

Favourite fictional character: trick question they are all my faves I can’t choose…… (But pjo/hoo/tkc/mcga etc characters mostly)

Favorite famous people: um. idk. I only know famous people I don’t like….

Favorite book: …..idk I guess the Last Olympian? It’s hard to pick a favorite

Favorite bands/artists: fall out boy, panic! At the disco, Thomas Rhett, paramore, Thomas Broege, Tchaikovsky (what even is my music taste)

Dream trip: northern Italy with my grandfather

Dream job: something in STEM - engineer and radiology are my top two picks so far

What am I wearing right now: black capri leggings under black sweatpants, gray long sleeve shirt I got from winter track, and spikes for running (I just got out of track practice so that’s why I’m wearing this crazy stuff)

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Pet names. It’d become a serious problem of yours. It started out with a few cute nicknames here and there. Soon you were calling everyone in the tower by at least three nicknames of which they despised. 

 "Y/N, we need to talk.“ 

“What is it Bucky-Boo?” You smiled up at the super soldier who’s eye’s grew wide as he quickly glanced around the empty halls.

 "We had an agreement that you would only call me that if we were alone!” Bucky whispered, as if someone was listening to them. 

You rolled your eye’s playfully. “Alright, what can I do for you, Mr. Barnes?”

“Just come with me.“ 

Without another word you two were making your way down the halls of Stark tower to a conference room. When the two of you entered, all the Avengers (save the Asgardians) were seated around the table and a big sign hung on the far wall with the word "Intervention." 

You glanced around confused while all eyes just starred at you. "What is this?" 

"Y/N, let’s get straight to the point. Your nicknames are getting out of hand.” Tony spoke up. 

“But… I thought you guys liked the names.” You looked around at everyone hoping that someone would disagree with Tony but they all stayed quiet. 

Finally Cap spoke up, his voice sympathetic. “The nicknames aren’t bad, some of us are just embarrassed by them.”

“Not you too, Captain Cutie…” You looked at Steve with big, worried as his face turned red at the mention of his nickname. 

“You aren’t supposed to call me that around people…” He mumbled as a few of the other avengers snickered. 

At the loud noise, everyone turned towards the door and saw the Asgardian princes, both in their full battle attire, including their extravagant head pieces. 

“What is the meaning of this ‘Intervention’?” Thor greater loudly, causing Loki to wince. 

“No need to be so loud you oaf.” Loki grumbled. 

That’s when a few of the Avengers shared a moment of realization. With a smirk Natasha walked up to you, “you know Y/N, there is a way we could use your pet names for good.” 

“How’s that?”

Natasha stepped closer to whisper something in your ear as the team looked at you curiously. 

You smiled widely and looked at Loki who gave you a confused look.

“Loki-dokie!” You said as you stepped towards the Asgardians. 


“How about Rudolph?” You ask Natasha, “because of the antlers, ya know?” 

“I think it suits him. Plus his face turns red when he’s mad.” Said Wanda, who was currently reading your thought with a huge grin. 

“It does not!” Loki said, as he stomped his foot like an angry child, his cheeks turning slightly pink. 

“Rudolph it is!”

“Oh oh! Bestow a nickname upon me!” Thor said happily.

“Goldilocks!” You said surely as you pointed to Thor who shook his head enthusiastically.

“It suits me well, lady Y/N! I like it!”

“It’s not a compliment, you fool!” Loki sneered as he walked out the door, followed closely Thor who continued to tell him what an honor it was to be given a pet name.

You laughed and followed the gods, “See ya later, Super squad!”