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I Know the Feeling

This is the first one and it may not be great, but remember I tried. This is going to be about two siblings who are demigods like Loki and Thor. The two sibling are like Thor and Loki like how Odin didn’t treat Loki like a son. I don’t own any of this except the idea of the story

        (Br/N)=Brother’s Name, (F/D)=Favorite Dress, (Y/N)=Your Name, and (L/N)=Last Name

        Your POV

I stand by the wall at Tony Stark’s or Iron man Party in (F/D), watching my brother get along with everyone and laughing with The Mighty Thor, a friend of his. I didn’t feel like I should have been there due to the fact that my mother sent us here to “socialize” with the people on earth, but really to try to impress Odin through his sons. I sighed and wanted to leave this party to go back to my books, but I couldn’t leave my brother here. I walked pass all the people and went out to the balcony to look over the night view of New York.

        Loki’s POV

        I stand against the wall with women coming up to me , asking me if we could blow this joint and go off somewhere more private as I just rejected them. I then heard my brother call me over and I rolled my eyes while walking over to him along with a familiar face.

        “Loki, you remember (Br/N),” Thor said with a smile “ He is here to spend some time here on Midgard.”

        “Loki, you have grown and I see you have been happy here.” (Br/N) smiled

        “Down here is better than being stuck in a cell,” I said as looking down at my glass of wine. “How have things been up at your home planet?”

        “Well…..,”(Br/N) face dropped to a depressed face and sighed “It has been complicated for my family.”

        “How commplicated?” Thor asked with him and I showing a concerned look mixed with confusion

        “ My father has been dealing with many problems of the kingdom and lost his brother in battle recently while I am learning how to rule the kingdom and keep order like a strong leader. My mother is well, she has been hosting many parties, and helping my father deal with kingdom. My sister has been doing dealing with a lot of stuff, but she is one of my father’s top warriors and a very skilled woman. She has been dealing with my mother….”

        Your POV

          I’ve been standing there outside for a while, but hey no one noticed so it gave me sometime to think. Too many thoughts and the words of my mother yelling in my head

        Why can’t you be like your brother!  You must act like a lady wherever you go! How can I call you my daughter when you don’t even act or look like me! You can not fight, you are to weak leave it to the men! No man will ever love a woman who doesn’t have any social skills or one who acts like you!

        With all of those repeating in my mind, but one stood out like a light in the dark

          You are nothing, but a monster with no heart!

        A few tears fell as I whipped them away, Human think demigods, goddesses, or gods have no feeling of how it is to be human or that they have a wonderful life. they were very wrong…..We feel like they do,but we deal with the guilt on our shoulder longer than them. My thoughts were interrupted by a voice.

        “You haven’t changed, you’re still that beautiful girl I know.” the voice said to me smooth as silk and in such a familiar voice.

        “You are still the same person I cared about, Loki.” I replied smile with blushing cheeks and turned around to see that the shy boy I knew grew up to be a tall, intelligent, and caring man.

We talked for a while laughing like the old days and I remember how I felt about him all those years ago we ran and read together.

        “I see you are having trouble with your mother,"He brought up with a serious tone "Mind telling me?" 

        My smile dropped as I stared out to the city, but Loki’s gaze burned into the back of my head.

        "I know (Br/N) told you what he knew, but you must be curious to find out more.” I said

        “More of concerned."he answered

        "My mother wanted another son so then he could be like my brother, but she got me and her plans changed. She wanted me to be like my brother, but ladylike and to be her clone. I don’t even look like her or act like her, whatever I did she never liked or approved it. She never wanted me, I know that and have cried over it, but I am still a nobody,” I answered him with tears in my eyes

        “You’re not a nobody,” Loki said “you are a strong, caring, intelligent, and very beautiful woman.”

            I turned and looked to see to in his eyes that he wasn’t telling lies.

        “You are a woman that any man would be lucky to have, you make people proud, and you know how keep fighting even through the pain. Your mother is wrong that no man would love you and it is impossible to be someone else when they know the real you is trapped or hurt by their hatred. You must stand to be the true you even when others disapprove. Someone told me that even if I didn’t get the life I wanted that it doesn’t mean I can’t create a life for myself and be who I am to find happiness.”

        Surprised? I was by this outbreak from Loki, with tears in his eyes and did he mean what he said?

        I walked over to him and wiped the tears with a small smile as he turned into a frost giant.

        “If your mother said that you have no heart, how do you make a monster fall head over heels for you.”

          I blushed as he took my chin between this thumb and index finger, then brushed his lips on to mine. We stayed like that for a while and pulled away with blushing faces.

        “I know that feeling like a monster or nobody, but know that people love us for who we are.”

Tom Hiddleston shares the best advice for surviving a bar fight

Tom Hiddleston says he has never been in a major bar brawl. That’s not surprising for the gentleman Brit.

In Kong, we meet Hiddleston’s rugged character James Conrad in a seedy bar, and Conrad quickly dispatches foes with deft use of a pool cue.

Hiddleston, who trained with former members of Britain’s Special Air Service and a retired Navy SEAL for the film, was told by a tough, British ex-paratrooper: “If you get into a bar fight, the best thing to do is to pretend you don’t know what you’re doing and run, get the hell out of there,” says Hiddleston. “That’s what he said. You don’t want to get yourself in trouble.”

And how would Hiddleston handle himself in a situation where someone has cut in front of him at the bar? These kinds of things do happen in Britain and can escalate.

“I’d say very politely, ‘Excuse, I’ve been waiting X amount of time,’ ” says Hiddleston. “Usually people are pretty good about that. That’s kind of social protocol. You don’t break that rule. People are like, ‘Okay, you go ahead.’”

Speaking to USA TODAY for an upcoming profile for the Kong: Skull Island (opening March 10), Hiddleston says he is loving the idea of stepping out front and truly flexing his action-star muscles next to the giant beast in the title.

Hiddleston, 36, has shown some chops as demigod Loki in the Marvel films, but for Kong, he’s going full-action.

“Action has always been a part of me. In the Marvel films, it’s hidden in the playfulness and mischief of that character,” says Hiddleston. “But actually, there’s several one-to-ones with Captain America and Thor where the action requires choreography. But (Kong) puts all of that center stage.”

“It’s like, this is the guy you want on the ground in a jungle,” Hiddleston adds of his Conrad. “It’s lovely to be a hero.”

Weird - Loki x Reader

You stumbled into your bedroom in the Avengers tower, your feet aching and your vision blurred by exhaustion. Tony’s party was still going on downstairs but it was 2am and you were fed up of watching out for him.

Flicking on the light, you stumbled back in shock.
The demigod lay with his back to you on your bed. Aside from a navy sheet draped across his waist he appeared completely naked.

“Hello, (y/n).” Loki murmured groggily, raising his head.

“Um… Loki? Are you naked?”

He looked down at his body, “It would appear that way.” He grinned at you.

You pressed a hand to your forehead, “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Loki’s lips twitched into a sideways smile, “Not particularly.”

You laughed, too tired to argue.
“Okay. Fine. I’m going to get changed.”
Proceeding to change into your sleepwear, you hoped Loki wasn’t watching.

When you finished you went to lay down on the opposite side of the bed to Loki, turning your back on him.

There were a few minutes of silence and then a bare arm wrapped around your waist. You stiffened, wondering what in seven hells he was doing.

“Does this make you uncomfortable?Loki asked innocently.

You closed your eyes, “No. I just want to sleep.”

You could practically hear the demi god thinking.

Then his head was resting in the crook of your neck, his hair tickling your skin.
“Are you still quite comfortable?”

You sighed but didn’t reply.

You felt his fingers tangling in your hair, gently twirling the strands around his long fingers.

“Just let me know if you begin to feel uncomfortable.” He whispered.

You opened your eyes, rolling over to look at him.


“Yes, beautiful?”

You flinched, “What are you doing?”

“I believe I am playing with your hair.”

“Okay. But why?”

“You have nice hair.”
In the dim light you saw Loki smile.

You groaned, placing a hand over your face.

Loki rested his head on your stomach and took one of your hands, lacing his fingers with yours.

His skin was soft and you found your other hand playing with his hair.

“That’s better.” Loki said in his soft voice, causing you to smile.

“You know you’re still naked?”

“Of course.”

You bit your lip in thought.

“What is it?” Loki asked.

“I don’t know. This is weird.”

“I don’t think this is weird. Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“Well, no but-”

“Good.” Loki said, sitting up and smiling at you before he bent down to kiss you gently.

You closed your eyes, feeling the heat rush to your face although his lips were so cold.

He pulled away, smirking down at you.
“Was that weird?”

“No?” You said, unsure.

Loki winked at you before going back to resting his head on your stomach.
You fell asleep with your hand in his hair.

To Magnus's book club: Favourite Greek God/Godess?
  • Magnus: Apollo sound like MA man!
  • Blitzen: Pan, of course.
  • Hearthstone, signing: H-E-S-T-I-A
  • Samirah: Artemis all the way.
  • Amir: ...
  • Samirah: Except for the swearing of thing, of course.
  • Alex: I dunno.
  • Alex: Probably Popsicle or death.
  • Samirah: ...
  • Magnus: Death is Hades, but who's Popsicle?
  • Alex: Poseidon.
  • Percy: ...
  • Poseidon and Hades: I like this kid.

royal demigod aesthetics: perseus “percy” jackson, prince of atlantis

                  he’s royalty alright. a royal pain in my ass 

                                     princes jason & nico at some point, probably

for @graecvs on their son’s birthday! congrats on surviving 23 years, perce!

Save me Part Four (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by marra-frmz

Word Count: 1053

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one, two and three here

You had been friends with Loki for a few weeks now and it was strange yet the best time of your life. He had showed you his magic and often pulled small pranks on you that caused you to get mad at him for a short period of time before you’d cave in and laugh at the situation. Just yesterday he made all the furniture in your room move to the ceiling causing you to almost faint at the sight, but that mischievous demigod had somehow found a place in your heart.

He’d teleport you both to random beautiful locations to have lunch or dinner. Just last week he teleported you both to Paris and you almost threw up when you realized where you were, not really wanting to think about the details behind your body appearing there. But never the less you’d really been enjoying Loki’s company and didn’t think you’d ever want it to go away.

Currently you were watching star wars with Loki on the couch in your apartment and it was a harder task than you’d originally thought it would be. If he could ever shut up about how the movie wasn’t accurate and that aliens didn’t look like that it would be a blessing. “Loki it’s not real, it’s not meant to be real so just shut the hell up and enjoy the movie.” You grumbled at him annoyed, throwing a piece of popcorn at his face.

He let out a loud groan as he laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. Deciding to use this moment to have a good look at his features yet again, you turned your head taking in his silky dark hair and pale-wait. Why was his skin blue?!

“Loki you’re blue.” You muttered out accidentally, hoping you hadn’t upset the boy with your careless words. His eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at your statement as he quickly sat up, inspecting his skin to confirm that it was in fact the blue colour you said it was.

“Oh no no no no, this is not happening. Not here…not right now.” Mumbles you couldn’t quite understand rambled from his lips before he abruptly stood up and sprinted to your bathroom, closing and locking the door shut behind him. His actions caused worry to spread through you, standing up and making your way over to the door quickly. You pressed your ear against the door, attempting to hear something but you were met with the same mumbled words he spoke moments before. “I can’t believe this is happening and in front of her.”

You caught the last bit of his sentence causing your stomach to drop at his words, you didn’t realize he cared for you so much. Gently knocking on the door your voice came out in a gentle tone. “Loki…what’s going on? Please talk to me, let me in. I’m not afraid I just…I wasn’t aware that you, you know, turned blue and all that.”

It was silent for a moment before you heard the sound of the lock clicking, the door swinging open to reveal a very much blue Loki. His eyes were red and puffy showing that he’d let tears fall and you noticed his eye colour had now changed to red. Maybe you should have been afraid but you couldn’t be, this was just Loki. The demigod you’d grown to love and trust over the past month, he was now one of your closest friends.

He couldn’t keep eye contact with you as he stared at the ground in what appeared to be shame and disgust for himself. You were about to open your mouth but were cut off by his own voice. “This is what I really look like Y/N. Long story short i’m a frost giant that was raised by the king of Asgard. I will never truly belong anywhere and I will forever be an outcast. I don’t expect you to stick around now and I won’t blame you, I get it. I mean look at me, i’m horrific. Everything I touch freezes, I could literally kill someone with my touch. I’m-i’m a monster.”

You took a few steps closer to the boy, yet cautious not to step too close after hearing his warning of being able to kill people with his skin and all that. “You’re not a monster Loki, far from it. You’re one of my closest friends and I have so much trust in you. And what are you talking about you’re not ugly. You kind of remind me of that movie avatar or a smurf but i’ll explain that to you another time. But you’re not a monster.”

“Please don’t pity me, I don’t want yours or anyone’s pity.”

“Gosh Loki could you just stop for one moment alright. I don’t pity you I lo-” You cut your sentence short before you almost blurted out those three words so stupidly. Sure you had learned to love the prince quickly, he spent almost every day with you ever since you went on that date. But you didn’t think he’d be ready for such…commitment so early into whatever you called the relationship you both shared.

His skin started to go back to it’s pale colour as warmness spread through his body at the words you almost spoke. He was fairly certain you were about to confess your love for him. “What were you about to say?”

You didn’t even get to respond before you felt a pair of lips press against your own. Loki placed his hands gently against your waist as he pulled you into his chest as you melted into the kiss, reaching up and tugging on the ends of his hair. You felt a spark as you kissed, unlike something you’d ever felt before. You knew that this was right, that this was meant to be, this was fate.

You both pulled apart, Loki looking deeply into your eyes before brushing a small strand of hair behind your ear. “I love you too Y/N.” You smiled up at him and he suddenly let out a chuckle. “I can’t believe I fell in love with a mortal, and I used to pick on my brother for that.” You laughed at his words before pressing your lips against his once more.

kdmullerspy  asked:

Are the Aesir related to the Vanir? Also, is Loki a demigod of a Frost Giant?

Hi there @kdmullerspy

Thanks for the question! The Aesir and Vanir have different origins, but intermarriage between the two groups is exceptionally common. Most of the Aesir have at least one parent who is Vanir or Jotunn (giant). (Some scholars don’t differentiate between Vanir and Jotunn at all, actually.) One of the classic ways of interpreting their relationship is as two different tribes who have an ongoing relationship through marriage, hostage exchange and other forms of artificial kinship. This model is a little old, though, and more recently scholars have been exploring other ways of understanding this relationship.
Another common way to understand their relationship is that the Aesir are the gods who rule over human constructs and society, where as the Vanir and Jotnar rule over nature. There are multiple models to choose from, but ultimately it’s important to know that if we’re counting by blood and family lines, the distinctions between Aesir, Vanir and Jotunn are all pretty muddy.

In regard to your second question, demigod isn’t really a concept that applies in Norse mythology. The concept itself has Greek roots (I think, don’t quote me on that) and it’s just not a useful way of understanding the gods and spirits in the Nordic pantheon. Loki is Jotunn, which is commonly translated as “giant” with distinctions between “rock,” “fire,” and “ice/frost” giants in various translations. In spite of being translated as “giant” there isn’t really any consistent reason to do this. Jotnar are often sorcerers and shapeshifters who can change their size to whatever they like. Some are large, but most of the ones who appear in the two Eddas are not any different from the other gods in terms of size. However, as I noted above, most gods have at least one parent who is Jotunn or sometimes Vanir, and there’s not a clear divide between the gods and the other supernatural beings like the jotnar.

I hope this helps!

- Editor.

Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Word Count (1,661)

AN: This chapter is kinda rough, sorry, I gotta get back into writing.

If there was one thing that never would’ve crossed your mind a few months ago, it was that you’d be laying in a suppressive chamber, protecting yourself from Earth’s Mightest Heroes. You would’ve imagined yourself taking the subway to Chinatown to buy fresh fish and go home and attempt to make sushi for Saturday Sushi and Netflix.

But here you were, staring at the ceiling and listening to Tony Stark and Loki the Demigod talking, varying from ways to help you, and what could possibly happen to Vision.

“I believe Vision will be fine, but I can’t truly say,” Loki commented. Tony rubbed his face, letting an audible sigh escape his lips, “This doesn’t make any sense then, why just her?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but Thanos must know that they both exist.”

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“Oh my god, Jane, listen to this one,” Darcy almost chokes on her wine while giggling. She enlarges the craigslist ad and reads aloud while Jane looks over her shoulder. 

Seeking applicants for a new living partner. Name: Loki. Sex: demigod, male. Age: 1,118. Appearance is that of a mortal in his early thirties, however," Darcy reads aloud, her eyes bugging out of her head as she hold back her laughter, "WHAT?”

The night had started out with a real roommate search, because Darcy was looking to move out of the house, but it had quickly deteriorated into a drunken mockery. Jane is hunched over the back of Darcy’s chair in laughter, clutching her side with one hand and the bottle of wine with her other, “This is by far the best roommate ad you’ve found yet, keep going!" 

Seeking a living arrangement with incredibly strict requirements,“ Darcy continues, now putting on a fake, uppity accent for show, "I am not to be bothered, at any time, under any circumstances. If I wish to grace you with my presence you shall know it, though it is unlikely. There shall be NO indication of untidy living quarters. If I so much as find a particle of dust on any inch of space in the house, I will not be pleasant to deal with, to put it mildly. Finally, there will be no loud music, unnecessary appliances, animals, social gatherings of any sort, or FUN while living in this house. If you feel you can adequately meet these requirements, please see the contact information listed below." 

Both Jane and Darcy practically dissolve into a fit of drunken giggles, to the point where tears well up in Darcy’s eyes, "I’m gunna do it, I’m gunna respond!" 

Your grace,“ Darcy begins the email mockingly, ”I’ve come before you as a lowly mortal seeking shelter within the confines of your house. I only live to obey your strict and necessary demands. It would be an honor to so much as breathe the same air as one so powerful as yourself. Your humble servant - Darcy Lewis.“

She hits send, laughing all the while before scrolling through more ads with Jane. When she falls asleep for the night, she has forgotten the whole thing had ever happened. 

three months later - 

"You are the most incomprehensible, irreconcilable, unbelievable thorn in my side!” Loki bellows, slamming his hand down on the island counter. 

“Well, YOU’RE the one who said you were looking for a roommate!” Darcy snarks back, grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge and slamming the door back in place. 

“And, as I recall, YOU are the one who ANSWERED it!” Loki fires back.

Darcy sets the bottle of water on the counter as she takes a deep breath, coming over to where Loki stands, towering over her in his green and gold leathers, “I didn’t think you were serious. Who the hell talks like that?!

Loki narrows his eyes, "I do. And that’s simply brilliant, considering I read your response with the utmost sincerity. You were spoken like a true Midgardian who knows their place.”

Darcy growls, biting her lip, “Okay, whatever that means, I’m gunna let it slide for now. Let’s compromise here. You’re angry about the impromptu dance party I held in my room last night with my study group, correct?”

“Correct,” Loki replies, his voice taught.

“And I’m mad because you found a crumb on the kitchen floor and practically tore my head off over it,” Darcy rolls her eyes, “So here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll cut the impromptu dance parties, if you promise not to jump on my back anymore about chores. Deal?”

Loki studies her eyes, setting his jaw in a hard line as he considers his options. “Deal,” He finally answers begrudgingly with a huff.

He sticks out one hand to shake on it, and as Darcy grabs it, she adds, “Oh, and you have to be okay with me getting a pet kitten.”

“A kitten?!” Loki asks skeptically, though still shaking her hand, “Fine, as long as you are its sole caretaker. I do not wish to ever catch it in my sight.”

“Phew,” Darcy says, breaking the handshake, “Good, because he’s already here.”

With that, a tiny black kitten comes strutting out from her bedroom, purring as it traipses over to Loki and begins to rub itself over his legs. Loki tilts his head back in exasperation, blowing out a long breath of disbelief. 

“You are impossible.”

“Love you too, roomie." 

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #63
  • Loki: Say goodbye.
  • Thor: Not this day!
  • Loki: This day, the next, a hundred years, it's nothing! It's a heartbeat. You'll never be ready! The only woman whose love you prized will be snatched from you!
  • Thor: And will that satisfy you?
  • Loki: Satisfaction's not in my nature.
  • Thor: Surrender's not in mine!
  • Loki: Ooooh! Big demigod in a suit of armour; take that off, what are you?
  • Thor:
  • Loki:
  • Loki: No, no! What are you doing?!?
  • Thor: You said I should take all my clothes off!
  • Loki: Well, put them back on!!
  • Jane: *(groggily)* Shut up, Loki.