loki cosplay wip


My Loki costume so far!

I’m very happy with how the top has turned out; all the little zipper top stops along the edges of the hem give a really nice finish. I’ll come back later to add the gold necklace to the breastplate.

The back mesh panel makes the top really easy to put on and take off. The faux leather that the costume is made of has a bit of stretch so that helps make it a little more comfortable as well. The pants do squeak as I walk though!

So Loki’s top is in one piece!

I’m very happy with the fit, especially the straps over the bust. From this point, before finishing the lining, I needed to sort out the positions for the magnets that will hold the breast plate in place.

The breast plate was made from worbla, with magnets attached by sandwiching them between layers of worbla.

So now the positions for the corresponding magnets could be marked on Loki’s top. Magnets were then hand sewn on the front.

Initially I wanted to sew the magnets to the inside of the top but the magnets didn’t hold strong enough through the fabric.

So now I can finish lining the top.

My poor roommate looks a little beleaguered here but she’s the one that wants to cosplay as Loki!

Most recent pic of the helm, which I am making.  The horns aren’t polished/shaped yet, but you get the general idea.  Tonight I added the sides of the helm, which aren’t perfect but they fit Chajiko and that’s what matters!  Lots more tweaking and such to be done, but for now it’s coming along splendidly.


This is how my tunic for Loki looks like now. It’s still not completely done and there are a lot of things I hate about it that annoy me about it because they just didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to ~__~

Last time I already uploaded a picture of the sleeve but it turned out that it was wrong. So here’s the right one. Thanks to Tony who helped me figuring out how this thing probably works. 

On one hand I’m really, really proud of it but then I see the mistakes and I want to stop sewing the rest because ugh
It’s a miracle I didn’t shout at anyone yet because of that. 

I also stopped counting how often I cut or stabbed myself with the scissors and fixing pins accidently already. And I even lined that thing up. This is actually the first time I lined up one of my Cosplays. Oh the things I do for Loki.



This is my lady Loki cosplay with all his wip ( I have no photos of the trousers  because I was late and I  forgot to make them :°D )

I started with a corset and I sewed a bra on it, then I cut about 2,000 slivers of foam (800 for the corset, the other for pants), I’ve attached them to various garments, then I added a coat of glue and at the end  I colored them with acrylic paints.

For jewelry in hair, I used Fimo air, I modeled it, I painted with acrylic colors: gold and black (for shades) and I’ve finished with a coat of polish

For the horns and jewelry on the skirt I used, instead, polyurethane foam, cut and shaped by hand with sandpaper, coated with glue and colored

The fur is wrong, now I bought another one with  longer hair and has been redone, but I have no photos. I also remade the skirt  with less gold and more green (: