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Can you do a Tom hiddleston one where the reader tries so hard to suck in her chubby tummy that she passes out one day? Charming Tom to the rescue where he boosts her self confidence and makes her feel better? Stretch marks cellulite and all?

I can most certainly do this!  I hope you enjoy it.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Just a little while longer.

You knew the cameras could be unforgiving, and even though you had strung yourself up in a corset, you could feel the extra 10 pounds that you had accrued bursting from the seams, threatening to rear it’s ugly head any chance you got to breathe from your diaphragm.

Smiling for all of the flashes, Tom bends down and gives you a light kiss on your head, causing you to tilt your head up and meet his loving gaze.

But what you see is just a twinge of curiosity.

He had been getting on you lately about how your diet was slowly changing, and how you were spending a little more time at the gym.  You knew that he was just worried, and it’s why he was concerned about going public with your relationship…he knew just how brutal the media could be about one’s looks, and he was trying to shield you from it.

“I’m comfortable enough!” you had declared, “I’m a big girl, Tom.”

And here you were, jamming yourself into clothes you couldn’t fit into, robbing yourself of oxygen just to look like you belonged by his side.

Panting a bit for breath, your chest starts to move quickly as Tom wraps his arm around your waist, scooting you into the building and off to the side as your vision starts to warp.

“Darling?  What’s going on?”

And that’s the last thing you remember.


“Y/N!  Y/N, can you hear me!?”

Coming to, your eyes fluttering open, you take in a deep breath from your stomach as you try to blink your fuzzy vision away.  Panic rising in your throat, you start to claw at anything beside you, throwing yourself over onto your stomach in an effort to quickly get up off of the ground before the cameras got to you.

After all, you had to be perfect for them.  For his fans.

For Tom.

Feeling arms wrap around you, covering your stomach and breasts respectively, you look down and realize that your corset is laying on the floor beneath you, your dress dangling off to the side.

Oh.  Dear.  God.

And in one fell swoop, you are rushed through a door, into a darkened room, with nothing but the sound of your quiet sobs and Tom’s breathing.

“Y/N, what in the world?” he implores, his forehead against yours as he runs his hands up and down your arms, “What in God’s name are you wearing!?”

“Oh god,” you whisper, tears streaming down your cheeks as you try to breathe deep, quelling the emotion swirling in your chest.

“Why in the world are you wearing a corset?” he pleads, his eyes searching yours in the darkened room, illuminated only by a small bulb at the top of the tall closet ceiling.

“I just wanted to fit into the dress,” you whisper, your sobs getting the best of you as you let out a little whimper.

“Is this what this…th-th-this…mess has been about?  The extra time at the gym and the lightened portions and the refusal of the desserts I’ve made for us?  So you can fit into a stupid, lifeless, pointless dress?”

Grasping your face in his hands, he pulls your salty lips in for a passionate kiss, his tongue imploring for entrance as you raise your hand and grab his hair, tilting his head as you deepen your kiss.

“You’ve been miserable,” he whispers into your sobs, blinking back his own tears as he tries to center your mind, “you’ve been hungry and moody and tired…and I haven’t seen you as much as we haven’t made love and I…I thought that maybe…maybe you didn’t love me.  You know, love me anymore, that is.”

And that was it.  Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him close, you unleash all of the past weeks’ emotions onto him, realizing that…in your haste to be perfect for your announcement of your relationship…you had neglected the only person that actually mattered.


“Oh, my love,” he coos, pulling the bobby pins out of your hair and running his fingers through it as it falls to your shoulders, “I am so sorry you have felt so much pressure to look a certain way.  This is why I didn’t want to do this…you told me you could handle it and I should have put my foot down.  Please forgive me, Y/N…please, please forgive me.”

“My body isn’t perfect like yours,” you whisper into the crook of his neck, your body nestling into his.

“Enough,” he declares, standing up as he takes you with him, stumbling over your heels.

“Take them off,” he states, pointing to your feet.

Furrowing your brow, you kick them off, feeling Tom’s hands migrate to your stomach as he starts to finger the stretch marks you have accrued with the weight gain you have experienced.

“I am over watching you abuse this body.  This beautiful, luscious, soft, perfect body, that I adore so much…the body that I roll over and squeeze close to me at night, the curvy body that covers mine from the harshness of this world.  The warm body that keeps me comfortable on these cold London evenings.  The body that I kiss…” and as he pauses to kiss the side of your neck, your body begins to shiver, “…and suck,” and at his pause, you feel his teeth graze against your neck, “…and taste,” he growls into your ear, “…this body that is attached to this woman; a woman who stimulates my mind as well as my groin…” he stops, giving you a lustful smirk, “…this woman, with this body, and her stretch marks and her stomach and her divots and her scars, this woman is perfect to me.”

Standing onto your tip toes, tears pooling in your collarbone dips, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him in for another kiss, hearing him moan lightly as you grind your hips against his, feeling his pants tighten under your touch.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper, “I’m so, so sorry, Tom.  I love you so much.”

“I know,” he says back, his voice low and steady, “just promise me one thing.”

“Anything,” you plead, your forehead resting on his chin.

“Zip your dress back up without that corset, hike those incredible breasts up, and show all of the men watching what they can no longer have.

Thorki + Hiddlesworth Fic Recs!

This is by no means a complete list, because there are simply too many talented people in this fandom and it’s impossible for me to list all that’s worth reading. Here, I’ve chosen a couple of my favourite writers whose works have significantly influenced my own, and would highly encourage all of you to stalk through. In alphabetical order:

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So, I’ve had a bit of a rough couple of weeks. You know what that means I need to feel better? Fluff and feels and porn. And that is what I goddamned made sure I got and now I do feel better. Here, read them with me and you too shall feel better!

Build Walls for Miles Around by Lise, thor/loki, truth spell, 5k

Amora and Loki’s brief flirtations tend to end poorly. This time it’s ended poorly for Loki. And he’s really, really not happy about what she’s making him do.

The Cradle of the Storm by mysticmjolnir [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, fluff, 1.7k

Thor carries his brother directly to the healing rooms, and then refuses to leave until Eir threatens to summon the Queen.

Here is The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows by milky_haven, thor/loki, nsfw, inception fic (sort of), mind travel, 6.3k

Thor travels into Loki’s subconscious mind to seek his downfall. But what he finds is Loki’s deepest desire.

You Will Be Aware of an Absence, Growing Beside You Like a Tree by stella_bella, thor/loki + other asgardians, nsfw, somewhat dub-con elements, 7.9k

After the disastrous attack on New York City, Loki is brought home to Asgard and imprisoned, awaiting judgment by the Allfather. Thor visits, of course. AU after the events of The Avengers.

Waiting for the Moon to Rise by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, king!thor, prostitution/brothel au, 45.6k

As the newly crowned king of Asgard, Thor’s life is filled with stress as he as he navigates political intrigue and struggles to figure out what kind of king he wants to be. Desperately in need of a night of relaxation, he finds himself at a brothel he used to frequent in his youth. It’s there that Thor spends an evening in the arms of beautiful courtesan named Loki, and his whole world changes in ways he never could have imagined.

Envy (Is Unnecessary) by Lise, thor/loki + steve/loki + thor/loki/steve, NSFW, 3.9k

The threesome gets a little Thor/Steve. Loki gets a little concerned. Everyone gets some, one way or another.

Up All Night by The Cat & The Hiddle [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, past pregnant!loki, thorki parents, fluff, 1.1k

Thor arrives home on Asgard to find Loki up all night with a cranky baby.

Asguard Legal by Princesszellie, thor/loki, human au, lawyers au, fluff, 1.9k

Loki is a junior lawyer and assistant for the Senior Partner at a prestigious firm, Thor is the playboy son of said Senior Partner. When the ‘heir to the throne’ becomes bewitched with his father’s beautiful secretary things at Laufey, Odinson & Aseir could get interesting.

Haze by Misaya, thor/loki, NSFW, sick fic, references to pregant!loki, 3.3k

Loki didn’t stay in the dining hall to have his favourite raspberry jam and cream cake, and Thor is 100% sure that he’s about to become a father. Of course, Thor’s been wrong before. Loads of times. Even with 100% certainty. But Loki is oh so sensitive during pregnancy, so how could he be anything but? Sickfic, fever sex, etc etc.

Press Any Key to Continue by Misaya, thor/loki + background clint/natasha + avengers + other asgardians, NSFW, fluff, orgasm denial, sex toys, 4.4k

Natasha shows Thor the world of sex toys and assures him Loki will like it, even going so far as to give him a demonstration with Clint. Loki does like it. He likes it a lot, even if his brother is an absolutely horrid tease.

1,000 by Misaya, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, some fem!loki, crossdressing, 5.3k

For Loki and Thor’s millennial anniversary, the Jotunheimr royal court comes to visit. Laufey is unperturbed by Loki’s choice of gender, Odin is willing to give the frost giants the benefit of the doubt, and Loki wears a corset. Because Darcy said it would be good. And Darcy was right, as it turns out.

something about this coffee… by deconsecrators [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, human au, folger’s coffee commercial au, ~1k

Loki shrugs. “You’re my present this year.”

Am I too late for NSFW day? by eatingcroutons [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, human au, skating au, ~1k

The guy is an Asshole. With a capital A, and not just because Loki doesn’t know his actual name. He’s a walking hockey stereotype: built like a mountain, square-jawed, blond-haired, perpetually grinning and joking and laughing far louder than necessary.

full details + recs inside!

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Nifty Gifty

My ThorLoki Week Secret Santa gift to thorsicle!! Who asked for some sexy gift giving between our favorite incestuous space vikings.

It’s slightly later than intended(I was planning on finishing and posting it on Christmas, but I turned my brain to mush) but I hope I made up for it by giving you pure smut and Loki in pretty things.

~1,900 words

Thor sits on the end of the bed and covers his eyes with his hands at Loki’s command, chuckling as he does. “It’s not even Christmas yet.”

“Do you want your present or not?”

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After many inquiries, I have decided when I return to Los Angeles, I will start offering made-to-order versions of the Lady Loki Corset. You can view the preliminary Listing here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/207447028/lady-loki-overbust-corset-made-to-order

I’ve done a JOTUNN!LOKI RECS set a time or two before, but there’s a reason that it’s one of the most popular tropes in fandom–there’s so much that can be done with it, from plot-related stuff to building an entirely different relationship between the characters to porn things! And I want pretty much all of them.

I like to think this is a good variety of things you’ll find with Jotunn!Loki fics, whether feelings-laden or about the sexy times, so hopefully you should find at least one thing you like on the list! (And I will work on the other suggestions next time, thank you for the good directions! ♥)

XVII by stereobone, thor/loki, NSFW, arranged marriage, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 20k

The marriage itself is a symbol of peace between Jötunheim and Asgard. The two realms have long been at war but this union is a mark of new times, peace times. Thor just wishes there were another way. He has never even seen his betrothed before, he only knows his name: Loki. He is King Laufey’s second son, and he is to be Thor’s until their death.

Black As Coal by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, arranged marriage, intersex!loki, happy ending, 6k

It is tradition for the Æsir to give cats to new brides. For Loki, the little kitten Thor gifts to him is all he has, until he falls into a conspiracy to rid Thor of his Jotun Queen.

Waiting for the Moon to Rise by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, king!thor, prostitution/brothel au, 77.8k

As the newly crowned king of Asgard, Thor’s life is filled with stress as he as he navigates political intrigue and struggles to figure out what kind of king he wants to be. Desperately in need of a night of relaxation, he finds himself at a brothel he used to frequent in his youth. It’s there that Thor spends an evening in the arms of beautiful courtesan named Loki, and his whole world changes in ways he never could have imagined.

Spoils of War by SergeantHiddles (EleventyOne), thor & loki, war trophy!loki, jotunn!loki, implied non-con, 3.9k

In return for quelling Laufey’s rebellion, Odin gives Thor Laufey’s youngest son as a slave. Captured and alone, Loki waits in fear of what he will suffer at Thor’s hands. However, Thor turns out to be much kinder than Loki expected him to be.

Boom Baby Boom by Runie (Runic), thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 1.7k

There is a certain Jotun Ambassador that is rather skilled at getting under Thor’s skin.

of shame and trust by agitation, thor/loki, jotunn!loki, arranged marriage, intersex!loki, in heat!loki possible eventual pregnant!loki, 1k

Asgard and Jotunheim decide an arranged marriage would help preserve the peace and benefit both kingdoms. Loki is a runt, and has had children before being married to Thor, and Laufey discreetly (but publicly) makes that known.

Loki is a little shit for the nth time but that’s what we’re all here for, so, eh, fuck it. P.S. there’s also porn by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki + other thor characters, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, pregnant!loki, fluff, happy au, 84.9k

Guilt bubbled up in his belly, not for the first time since he decided he needed to find a way to get out of Jotunheim permanently, but it was worse now that his plans seemed to be falling into place. For all his faults, Loki loved his father and knew he had his reasons to try and shelter him. Loki felt bad about having to trick him, but he’d never let Loki go otherwise. Asgard was going to be his home. Whether anyone else liked it or not.

Custom by lies_d, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con/non con, jotunn!loki, 2.3k

Norsekink prompt based on ric951’s fanart. Thor and other highly-ranked noble Aesir have to prove their manhood by bedding a member of another race, the most difficult - and worthy - being a Jotun. Thor sets his sights on the sorcerous Prince of Jotunheim

Transaction by EliraWinter, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, arranged marriage, pregnant!loki, jotunn!loki, fluff, 14k

The young Jotun Prince, Loki, is given to Asgard as a bride for Thor in exchange for peace.

Red, Blue and Gold by K_dAzrael, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, 2.5k

“Oh, don’t fret – I’ve lain with Aesir before.” Loki covered his mouth with his hand, eyebrows raising in an exaggerated show of dismay. “Oh dear, I wasn’t supposed to say that, was I?“

‘til nothing else remains (except the fires from which I came) by UndergroundValentine, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, 7.6k

Growing up had been a rather strange and indefinitely frustrating experience for Loki. Where most male frost giants became burly with age and training, shoulders broad and muscles defined, Loki was toned and lithe, and the cunt he’d spent years ignoring as equally as his cock began to moisten with heat.

1,000 by Misaya, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, some fem!loki, crossdressing, 5.3k

For Loki and Thor’s millennial anniversary, the Jotunheimr royal court comes to visit. Laufey is unperturbed by Loki’s choice of gender, Odin is willing to give the frost giants the benefit of the doubt, and Loki wears a corset. Because Darcy said it would be good. And Darcy was right, as it turns out.

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge! - 11. Explaining their relationship to a disapproving third party by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, warlord!thor, dancer!loki, 3.8k

Loki stands before the mirror and carefully winds the seventh and final veil around his head. It is quite a challenge to secure the gauzy fabric around his horns: too tight, and he will not be able to slide it free during the performance; too loose, and it will slide down his hair and reveal his face too soon.

full details + recs inside!

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Slow and steady wins the race ~ All done applying zipper stops to the Loki corset and most of the cape. I’ve set myself a goal of 100 a day as to make the quantity and hand fatigue more Manageable.

The stops are from wawak sewing supply, and the pliers are regular flat noise pliers. I briefly had a pair of zipper stop pliers, but returned them because they did not work as well as the flat-nose.

Little over a month until Wondercon!

Thorki Thursday: The fics that got me hooked

I got hooked on Thorki via my fortunate/unfortunate love for Tom Hiddleston, which introduced me to Tumblr. I spotted a particularly hot bit of fanart with Loki in a schoolgirl uniform (by @pelissa-art) and Thor attempting to look up his skirt, followed the link to the accompanying extremely filthy fic by @beckerbell, and bam! That was that. 

So, I guess that @beckerbell‘s hilarious and scorching hot “A New Set of Clothes” is to blame for my Thorki obsession, in a way, because if this fic hadn’t scratched all my itches SO HARD, I might not have kept devouring fics. Curse/bless you, @beckerbell! The premise of this fic is beyond perfect: teenage brothers Thor and Loki make a bet that if Loki loses, he’ll have to wear an all-too-revealing schoolgirl uniform to school. Horndog Thor can’t resist how sexy Loki looks and corners him in the art room. Still one of my all-time faves.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1210180

Another fic I found through fanart (of Loki being spanked in a French maid outfit) is @cavaleirahh’s “Dirty Little Secret”. Nineteen-year-old Loki moves in with his brother, and things go just fine until Thor accidentally catches a glimpse of Loki in a pair of panties and becomes obsessed. This is a four-part series that is wickedly, wildly hot– the one with Loki in a corset and stockings is definitely a favorite.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/series/39423

“Eight Months of a Century” by @stereobone is a fic that I believe I found by searching AO3 for Thorki fics with lots of kudos. This one was written not long after “The Avengers” came out and was my introduction to mpreg, which works like gangbusters in this fic. Thor brings pregnant Loki to stay with the Avengers, and things get hilarious and complicated. Tony is brilliantly written in this one, and there’s great porn too. Highly entertaining and a lot of fun.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/465339

I think that the first epic Thorki series I read was @umakoo‘s “Light in Monochrome Night” series, which I believe was also my first Jotun Loki fic. I absolutely adore the world-building in this series, and I love haughty, dangerous, deadly Jotun Loki and his attraction to the arrogant, reckless Thor we know and love. The development of their relationship and the plot of this series are both very satisfying, and porny goodness abounds as well. Read and enjoy!


I’ve had a couple of requests for FEMALE LOKI RECS and this will be sort of a mix between genderfluid!Loki and always-a-woman!Loki and shapeshifting!Loki, since I love all the aspects that fandom plays with when it comes to Loki’s gender and sex. It’s not perfect in fandom, I definitely wish there were more exploration of these things, but I still can’t think of another fandom off the top of my head that does nearly as many different things with a character’s gender and sex!

And, yeah, it may have some roots in some pretty terrible things (I think most people agree that 616!Lady Loki in Sif’s body was super gross and we’re all here for Lady Loki as being her own body and not into violation of Sif) but fandom actually does do some fantastic things with the character! And also so much porn with female parts, like, you don’t know how much pussy worship fic I’ve read in this fandom that I NEVER GET in others! While fandom isn’t perfect on this aspect either it’s definitely done a lot to bolster even my affection for female parts and how great they are. In other words, LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE F!LOKI AND GENDERQUEER LOKI, OKAY.

False Love and Affection by gunboots, thor/loki, NSFW, fem!loki, arranged marriage, 4.8k

Loki’s no stranger to the tales of the many wenches and shield-maidens that have seen Thor’s chambers before her. She has vowed to herself already that she will not become some new dishrag for him to rut into before tossing away. Or alternatively, If Thor thinks that Loki will simply play the part of pretty, demure queen then he’s got another thing coming.

The King Maker by gothicdragon752, thor/loki + other asgardians, fem!loki, NSFW, mortal au, spy au, implied non-con, 42.8k

Thor Odinson is an agent for A5G - a privatised crime-busting organisation - who meets his match and more in the enigmatic criminal, Loki, when on the trail of Thanos.

Ásynja by bakurae, thor/loki + other asgardians, fem!loki, arranged marriage, 24.4k wip

Odin is not the Alföðr without due reason; he is indeed an entirely paternal figure. And so he rather wishes he could give the babe a life – how odd, that though his furs are matted stiff with Jötunn blood, that he should feel pity and long to raise one of their abandoned babes.

1,000 by Misaya, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, some fem!loki, crossdressing, 5.3k

For Loki and Thor’s millennial anniversary, the Jotunheimr royal court comes to visit. Laufey is unperturbed by Loki’s choice of gender, Odin is willing to give the frost giants the benefit of the doubt, and Loki wears a corset. Because Darcy said it would be good. And Darcy was right, as it turns out.

Customer Loyalty by asktheravens, thor/loki, fem!loki, human au, adorableness, 1.5k

Thor is the kind of guy who knows the entire Emergency Room staff by name, but Nurse Loki is his favorite.

Season of Scars by asktheravens, thor/loki + tony stark, fem!loki, human au, 5.7k

Tony came down to help his friend finish his Master’s, but it turns out Thor has a different sort of plan for his winter break. What he needs is a miracle, and Tony is fresh out.

Jewel of Jötunheim by asaloki, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, fem!loki, 2k

Already, his mind is spinning with how to court her, this exotic Jötun woman, that he might make her his. As it happens, he needn’t have bothered to consider: as soon as the doors are closed behind them, Loki’s hands are on his chest, blue splayed like a splash of paint against his sun-bronzed skin.

15 Day OTP Challenge (chapter 4) by umakoo [ tumblr link ], thor/loki, NSFW, fem!loki, post-pregnancy lactation kink, ~1k

The early morning light bathed the room in warm gold as Loki sat down on the edge of the bed to remove his fur slippers, ready to join his sleeping brother under the covers.

Yggdrasil, In Spring by Cthonical, thor/loki, NSFW, some fem!loki, 2.2k

There’s more than one reason why Loki likes to make Thor jealous.

A Light in the Heart by AraSigyrn, thor/loki, fem!loki, genderswap/sexswap, 1.1k

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart” - Kahlil Gibran

And the strays are pining for their unrequited mothers by Sarek (Sarahzile), thor/loki, NSFW, fem!loki, fem!thor, 4.5k

Thor receives a visit from her wayward not-sister. Things seem to be going well for the future CEO of Asgard Industries, but it never quite goes that way, does it?

Ritual by KillTheDirector, thor/loki, NSFW, fem!loki, 1.8k

Loki was banished to the outer reaches of Asgard, close enough to remain under Heimdall’s watch, but far enough to be unable to cause chaos.

A Bright and Bitter Flame by forthegreatergood, loki + avengers, fem!loki, amensia!loki, divergent timeline, aztec mythology, 216k

Post-Thor, canon-divergence. Loki doesn’t survive his fall from the Bifrost and winds up reincarnated on Midgard as a mortal magician named Lucy with no memory of her previous life. Her decision-making skills have not been much improved by the transformation.

full details + recs under the cut!

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I have a strange fixation on Helena Bonham Carter. That sounds like the wrong word. I’m drawn to her. She’s gorgeous and exceptionally talented in a very unique way. She’s a quiet, lovely lady when you meet her, but roll the cameras and she turns into this berserk psycho witch. You have to remind yourself to stay in character, because you can’t believe you’re watching this.
- Tom Felton


-(via Loki-In-A-Corset)