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“If only the world wasn’t so cruel” - Loki x Reader

A/N: I was up writing this WITH PEN AND PAPER at 11 and it took me some time to write it up here on Tumblr (I had no time for sleep - sleep is for the weak)

Title: “If Only The World Wasn’t So Cruel”

Word Count: 707 (OH)

Warnings: a lil’ angst I guess? not really fluff, not really smut

Loki peered lovingly into his mirror as he watched a certain girl hum a soft tune to herself. Her black cat curled up next to her, purring gently. She looked so calm, warm and inviting - everything Loki was not. He marveled at her, wondering how someone like her could have an otherworldly kind of beauty.

"One day Lady Y/N, I will meet you. And one day…” His hand reached out to touch the glass in a lousy attempt to caress y/n’s soft cheeks.

“You will be mine”

Loki was so deeply in love with the human whom he had only heard of and seen through his enchanted mirror. She was one of the hardworking avengers - fighting alongside Thor. So when Loki had heard stories about the legendary “Repaer” he almost fell instantly in love.

Y/N was called Repaer for a reason. Like her older brother - the Grim Reaper - Y/N everything she touched died. As a child, she was an outcast, a freak. Her own brother hated her for the fact that she had bigger wings than him. The only thing that made her the opposite of the Reaper is that she took bad souls, not innocent ones. She escorts the ones who’ve done bad to Helheim with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

She was there in the battle of New York, but she and Loki never met.

“Brother, what is it that you see when you gaze at that mirror all day?”
Loki jumped up, startled. 

With a wave of his hand the image of y/n was gone and was replaced with his own reflection.

“Is it wrong to admire one’s self brother? I tend to fall in love with my reflection. Don’t you do that when you swing your hair back and forth in front of your mirror like one would do in a Midgardian TV commercial?” Loki said with his eyebrow quirked.

Thor cleared his throat awkwardly and gestured at the mirror, “Please, do carry on,” He never thought anyone could see him bounce his lovely gold locks in front of the mirror.

The elder brother made his way out of Loki’s room. Loki groaned in frustration when Thor forgot to close his door - again. With a wave of his hand, the door closed and a blue mist appeared in front of Loki.

The blue mist swirled before him. A Midgardian tune that Loki grew fond of - Suite No. 1 in G major - started playing softly in the back of his mind. He hummed the soft tune as the mist took the form of Lady Y/N. She bowed, a smile gracing her soft lips as her eyes twinkled up at Loki. Loki grinned half-halfheartedly at the illusion he had created. A fantasy, a glimpse of what could happen, a glimpse of what he wanted to happen. The Asgardian Prince took Y/N’s hand and kissed her knuckles - even after all the lies of evil that people claimed he’s done, Loki was still a gentleman. His hand went to Y/N’s hip, the other holding her hand. Y/N looked down at her feet, a soft blush creeping ever so slightly onto her cheeks.

They began to dance, blue mists now appearing and swirling in random places of the room. They turned into stars as the world around Loki blurred, like different colors of paint blending together on a canvas. Loki and Y/N were now dancing amongst the stars. Y/N’s wings fluttered ever so slightly as she met Loki’s gaze.

“If only the world wasn’t so cruel…” Loki sighed as their dance came to an end.

Y/N stood up on her toes and leaned over to plant a soft kiss on the Prince’s cheek. Loki closed his eyes, smiling sadly. When he opened his eyes, he was back in his room with nothing but a disappearing swirl of mist that took the image of Y/N fading away. Loki felt a tear run down his cheek, and for once in his life… he let himself cry. Slowly his eyes turned into a crimson red, and his skin turned a sickly blue. He cried  even more.

How could she ever love a monster like me? He thought as Loki Laufeyson- the prince of Asgard and Jotunheim - cried himself to sleep.


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