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My Overwatch and Avengers Academy button badges (and stickers, in the bg) have arrivedddddd in time for CAFKL17! Aaaahhhhh I’m so pleased with how perfect they turned out! 

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Frost (Chapter Nineteen)

So this chapter is adorable. Like… the most adorable. I definitely want to hear what your guys favorite part is!


Enjoy :)

Tony kissed Thor goodbye, then Loki as he left the breakfast table in Thor’s study and headed out to whatever it was he did in the workshop all day.

Loki stood next, tossing his napkin into his plate and glancing around the empty room before clearing his throat.


“Yes?” Thor put his water down and raised his eyebrows. “What is–oh.” He smiled when Loki slid onto his lap, and eagerly wrapped an arm around the trim waist. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Loki still sounded unsure and Thor was careful not to hold him too tightly just in case he was feeling like running. “You are… busy today?”

“I am not.” Thor shook his head. “The tournament is day after tomorrow so we are not practicing today.”

“And Kings do not have to do manual labor?” Loki asked teasingly and Thor pinched him lightly.

“Of course not. I might ruin my royal cape.”

“Ah yes, of course.” Loki’s lips curled in a slight smile. “Whatever was I thinking?”

“Hm.” Thor agreed, studying Loki curiously. “Would you like to spend the day together? If our Anthony is going to lock himself away working all day, perhaps you and I could–”

“It has been many years since you and I spent more than a few hours in each other’s presence.” Loki pointed out. “Perhaps we are no longer as comfortable together as we used to be. It could be awkward.”

“We spend every night in the same bed, and do not think twice about it.” Thor argued good naturedly. “Anthony lying between us doesn’t change the fact that we are close enough to feel each other breathe. And there is nothing awkward about that, is there? Unless you feel so and just have not said?”

“I suppose not.” Loki said dubiously and Thor cocked his head to study the brunette.

“I would enjoy the time with you, the chance to be together with no distractions, and–”

“Our Anthony is not a distraction.” Loki’s eyes sparked in warning, and Thor hushed him with a finger to his lips.

“I never would suggest that in a negative sense. But we both know when our love is here, neither of us can focus on anything else. It wasn’t until I was away for a few days that you and he could find your way together. There is no shame in needing to be alone to clear our minds.”

“I would like to spend some time together.” Loki admitted, looking down at his hands. “I am not altogether sure what this is between us exactly, and thought we could talk about it.”

“Of course.” Thor cupped Loki’s jaw, unable to help his gaze from dropping to his lips. “Let us spend the day together.”

“Very well, then.”

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Shower and Grime: Loki x Reader (NSFW)

Said I’d write more of it and I did! It feels kinda rushed at a certain point and I am meh about that but hope the rest is good

Hot water spurt out of the faucet, raining down marvelously on the tiled floor. You smiled, holding your hand up to it and watching the mud, mostly dried now, run off your hand before landing on the ground and swirling around the drain. The temperature would be heavenly, able to ease even the deepest aching of your shoulders and your smile widened.

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detail your sin

woooo boy i just can’t stop writing about these norse bros bein’ bros. warnings for bottom!thor and talk of pregnancy kink.

this was originally teased on my main blog, but is now obvs being posted here in its entirety.

Thor licks his dry lips, then licks them again. The plug inside him burns, but not as much as the humiliation that churns in his stomach at the thought of anyone finding out—his co-workers, his friends, his students

He’s a respected teacher at Shield High, well loved for his easy-going nature and tendency to forgo homework when the mood strikes him. He works out five times a week and volunteers at a food bank, always gives generously without strings, and loves when his brother fucks him in the ass and stuffs him with cum.

The final bell rings and Thor exhales long and slow, as though he were in the middle of a yoga stretch and not fighting back the halfie that’s been chubbing up for most of the day.

(When his kids asked why he hadn’t been bouncing around the room with his usual exuberance, he blushed red and said, “Leg day,” which made the football players in the room wince with sympathy.)

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Loki: Skadi, look at these trees! Look at this plant! Look at it aaallll!!

Skadi: Why did you drag me along…

Loki: Because you need to get out of the snow every once in a while and explore new places. Besides, the wildlife is incredible.

Skadi: Good, I need something to impale.


Skadi: ….*looks over his shoulder*

Loki: What?

Skadi: Look…*points to a ball of blue light under a bush*

Loki: Oooh! What’s this??

*A small fox made of energy walks out onto the path*

Fox: Hello, I’m Raiju.

Loki: Awwww!! *Scoops him up* Skadi it’s so cute, can we keep it??

Skadi: Loki, don’t go picking up–

Raiju: I like to sleep in people’s belly buttons!

Loki: So do I– wait, what??

Raiju: Then I burst out of them! My favorite part is when all the soft things fall out and they make those twitchy movements from the volts of electricity frying their insides!

Loki: ……*sets Raiju down and slowly backs away* Okay Skadi, grab your stuff. That’s enough Japan for today.

Imagine Loki wearing a button up shirt and one of the buttons pop off. You pull him in for a kiss, slipping your fingers through the opening and tease at his few chest hairs, stroking your fingers along his skin. Your other hand reaches up to his head, gripping his hair tightly and tugging at it.

Lovers' Leap (Thor/Loki) - Chapter 2 - Philosopher_King | Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Fic Summary: Hoping to get his anxious, moody brother to relax (for once), Thor looks for advice from Frigga–who spent an adventurous youth in Vanaheim–as to what substances might help. She recommends “lovers’ leaf” (a pun, she thinks, on “lovers’ leap”) which she assures him is not an aphrodisiac, but “approximates the feeling of falling in love—or rushing headlong into love, more like. Giddiness, euphoria, the sense that all is right with the world. It tends to come with loquaciousness and relaxed inhibitions, and often an intense craving for touch. So don’t be alarmed if you find Loki becoming unusually… cuddly.”

Here’s the rest of my giveaway fic for @darklittlestories, written for the prompt: “Thor brings Lo some exotic offworld drink/drug that *melts* stressball/buttoned-up!Loki & has ecstasy-esque snuggly (or sexy?) properties and some sort of affection ensues:D Loki gets to chill.” The fic that was supposed to be 2000-3000 words ended up being over 5000… oops. I hope it scratches the fictional itch it was meant to!

Tagging some habitual readers: @bubblebubble03, @chrisshemsworth@fourletterwordsstartingwithl, @ghostxforest, @ikoliholic@illwynd, @incredifishface, @laydee-liesmith@lunariagold@meinesterne (you still read Thorki sometimes, right?), @neveserene, @pinknoonicorn, @raven-brings-light, @stabbedinthenameofscience, @writernotwaiting

trigger warning: abuse

Imagine our heroine is close to the Avengers but not an Avenger herself. She’s recently started dating a reformed Loki though, and has confided in him about past abuse, but only after he pushed her to tell him why she was sometimes so reticent around him.

Loki obviously wants to kill the guy who hurt her, so she won’t tell him who it was. Loki then unwittingly tells Stark about the abuse and he’s really angry that she didn’t tell him before because he cares about her and feels hurt she didn’t trust him enough to tell him (and he too wants to hurt her ex).

They angrily try to tell her that she should tell the others Avengers, because she needs to come to terms with it and everyone loves her and wants to help her.

The heroine suddenly turns on them and tells them this is about her, not them. She did what she had to do to get through the night and don’t they dare judge her for it. She did the best she could, and still is. It doesn’t matter how much they love her, no one gets to demands answers from her, or tell her who should know about it, because it’s actually pretty traumatic to relive and each time it comes up suddenly, the memories and feelings flood back and although she tries to hide it until she’s alone, she’s a wreck for a while.

She needs them to be who they always were, so she can get back to who she used to be, and the thought of them looking at her with pity or sadness or anything else, makes her cringe.

Their male pride and vanity might be hurt because they didn’t get to defend her honour, but she was actually physically hurt, and that trumps their bruised egos, so no one but her gets to decide for her how to best heal.

If they wanted what was best for her, they would stop pressuring her, because that’s something the abusive ex did and it gives her chills when they behave in controlling ways, like he did. If they really wanted to help, they would simply be there if and when she asked them for something.

She storms off to cry in peace and Loki and Tony share a guilt ridden look.

They find her later, together or separately, and both apologise for making her trauma about them, then they suggest ways they can help her feel better, rather than telling her what to do. Maybe Tony offers her a panic button, or says he’ll ask Natasha to train her so it will make her feel safer, and make some excuse to cover the real reason, but only if she wants to. Perhaps Loki offers her a charm that acts as a shield, so soft touches pass through unhindered, but harsh/fast blows will be repelled, like they were striking metal, but he won’t force it on her.

They also assure her that after this, they won’t bring it up again, but they’re there if she ever wants to talk, and although it takes a little persuading on her part, they eventually promise not to try and murder her ex.

Exciting news friends! New camera! 

Kind of. I’m trying out my mom’s old camera she used to use for photography- like 10 years ago. SO it’s def on the older side but it takes really nice pictures! So I’ll be posting some stuff here while I figure out how it works and mess with it and stuff. I might be able to keep it but we’ll see! (Also, for those wondering, it’s a Nikon D70s. So if anyone has any tips on how to use it or anything, please lmk! I have no idea what I’m doing!)

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