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It had been a long day. A long, LONG day. Nothing had gone well and now you wanted nothing more than to relax.
As soon as you got through your front door, you stripped off all non-essentials; shoes, jacket, bag, jewellery and hair ties. You collapsed onto the couch and switched on the TV, quickly making yourself comfortable.
Loki returned to Midgard and immediately left his brother to visits you. It was dark everywhere and Loki was sure you’d be asleep, but that didn’t matter. He had no intention of waking you, he just wanted to hold you in his arms. He quickly entered your apartment with the key you had give him and turned towards your bedroom, only stopping when he saw the television was still on. Sneaking into the living room he smiled softly at the sight of you, curled up on the couch, one of Loki’s shirt held tightly in your arms. Loki pulled the blanket off the back of one of your arm chairs and gently laid it over you, also placing a pillow under your head. He sat down on the floor in front of you, brushing a stray piece of hair from your face. He placed a light kiss on your forehead, taking one of your hands from his shirt and holding it in his much larger one, his thumb brushing across your knuckles. This action stirred you awake slightly.
“I’m here, my love, go back to sleep. I shall be here when you wake.” He assured you as he turned to face the Television set, taking the remote and turning to volume down, before beginning to flick through the channels himself. He felt you move behind him, his shirt dropped to the floor as your arm dropped over his shoulder and rested on his ribs, while your head rested nuzzled into his other shoulder.
“I’m glad your home safe.” You mumbled into his shoulder, his assurance that he was there quickly lulling you back to sleep in the new position. Loki’s fingers glided across yours and he laid he head onto top of yours,
“I will always return to you, my love.”

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-slides in- Fic where Thor and Odin have to feed Loki baby food because he doesn't have teeth yet in the same verse as your de-aged Loki oneshot where he still has his adult mind :D?

Oh, dear. This universe is going to eat my brain. @thorkys

A continuation of this one-shot, wherein Loki has somehow become de-aged and is now a six-month-old infant incapable of speech. However, he has retained full memories and the thoughts of his adult self. Basically, no one can understand him, but he understands everyone else.


Little Loki is mad. His stomach is empty, his nappy soggy, and he would very much like to bring down Ragnarök atop all their heads because he is mad.

He has been placed in the direct center of Odin’s ridiculous golden bed, nestled up in the rarest of fur blankets, which Loki has a mind to soil if they don’t give him something to eat. “Feed me!” he demands. “Feed me, feed me! Ymir’s beard. How is it possible the two of you descended from the gods themselves? The simplest-minded goat on Midgard could ascertain what I’m asking for. Feed me, damn you!”

Odin and Thor stare wordlessly down at the child. They stand at the edge of the bed, shoulder to shoulder, and appear absolutely dumbfounded by what Loki might want. They hear only a long, throat-tearing shriek that shakes their very eardrums and inspires their eyes to water.

“Norns, what a sound,” Thor mutters. “Did he always cry like this? I do not remember.”

“Oh, yes,” Odin says. “How do you think I found him in the first place?”

Loki wants very much to solve this dilemma himself. He tries to get up. To stand, to crawl, to do anything. But all he can manage is to rock back and forth and eventually gain enough momentum to grab both feet and topple over onto his side. He is so angered by this, he grabs a fistful of the fur blanket –which was from the back of an animal slain in one of Odin’s famous hunts—and crams it into his mouth. Loki wiggles his tongue to excite his salivary glands and proceeds to coat his father’s prized possession with all the slobber he can produce.

“Should we perhaps find a wet nurse?” Thor asks.

Loki brightens and tries without success to clap. “Yes, yes, give me a woman’s tit to suck upon. That is a splendid idea!”

“Mmm,” Odin agrees. “Old Magnhild still works the orphanage, I believe.”

Loki recoils with horror. Magnhild has been nursing orphaned children for centuries. Her well-used breasts sag to her waist and beyond, and he does not want her milk anywhere near his mouth. Who knows where those things have been? Loki is left so frustrated by his plight, that his chin lifts and his lower lip pops out. He’s frozen there for one long moment, his little heart broken, his mouth in a perfect upside-down U of sorrow. And then he opens his mouth and wails.

“Waaaah,” Loki tells the world. He is in possession of the finest vocabulary in all of Asgard, but all that comes out is, “Waaaah.”

Thor and Odin groan simultaneously and both disappear in search of food. When they return, Loki is pleased to discover they have brought a bowl of porridge mixed with milk and a side of stewed, mashed-up apples. Loki squeals and kicks with delight. “Pick me up, pick me up. Make haste!”

“He smiled,” Thor says as if in awe. “Father, I must go in search of Sif. She will never forgive me if she misses sight of this.”

As his brother leaves the room, Loki stretches his arms out to his father and whines until he’s picked up. Odin sits with him on the edge of the bed and stuffs a cloth beneath Loki’s chin. The old king looks down at his youngest with a sigh before stroking one perfect, chubby cheek with the pad of his thumb.

“I have missed you, my son,” Odin says, whispering the words as if they’re some great secret. Suspicious, Loki quirks an eyebrow and listens. “Seeing you like this … it robs me of my composure. And yet I have always looked upon you this way. As my boy. My precious child, whom I’ve never once looked at as anything but my own, in spite of all the plotting and manipulation you believe me capable of. Even when you spit vile curses in my direction and break my heart again and again, all I see is this. My son. And how I love you still. So very much, it shakes me to the core. Forgive me, Loki. Were I not a stubborn, old man in possession of too much pride, I would have told you this long ago.”

Loki’s mouth has fallen open, and it stays that way until Odin sticks a spoonful of applesauce into it.

Lazy Cuddles: Loki x Reader

Imagine cuddling under a blanket with Loki, T+

You shifted comfortably under the thick fur blanket, giggling softly as your legs brushed against Loki’s. He looked up from his own book, smiling at you from across your shared loveseat. You could still taste the last dregs of tea; the drinks which had been discarded in favour of… other activities.

Your lips and body still tingling in all the right places where Loki’s own mouth and hands had caressed and held you. You breathed in deeply, the faint wood smoke from the fireplace, the binding of the old book, and the ever present and intoxicating scent of Loki, filling your nose. Beside you the fire crackled merrily. Sometimes the still was interrupted by the turn of a book page, but otherwise the room was quiet; warm, content, and quiet.

Loki looked up again from his book, “what has you giggling so, love?” You looked into his piercing green eyes, down his slender face, the sharp cheekbones, the pale lips, his black locks resting lightly on his shoulders and framing his face. The hair was still messy from where you had tugged it, sliding your nails along his scalp and eliciting moans from your lover. Down his pale chest, past the book he held propped open, no longer reading it now that he was focused on you, and to the fur blanket pooled in his lap.

Your gaze quickly skipped back up to his face as you smiled again, “just you.”

Loki arched an eyebrow and tilted his head, “oh?” You turned your gaze to the lavish room, his quarters in the palace on Asgard. You could see the dark sky through the windows and out over the balcony, with a million stars twinkling and lighting up the night, led by the pale moon. Tonight, even the moon didn’t seem lonely, flanked by her starry companions. But she held none of the brilliance and majesty that Loki had. You looked back to the room, at the fire burning brightly and softly illuminating all you could see. By the time you turned your gaze back to Loki, he had set his book down. Slowly he crawled over, leaning into you over the blanket and pressing his lips to yours in a soft kiss. It was soft but the passion and strength behind it did not escape you, his mouth claiming yours.

At long last, he pulled away, letting you catch your breath again and cupped your face. His long slender fingers sliding along your cheek, stroking the skin and brushing your hair back. “You’re so peculiar, love.” He laughed softly and smiled, just gazing at you with as much admiration as you had at him.

“As are you.” You replied, resting your own hand on his.

“Indeed, it’s one of my favorite things about you.” After a moment of contemplation, Loki moved you over to the side, situating himself underneath you and holding you in his lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist, absently stroking the skin as he pressed chaste kisses into your shoulder and back. As usual, his fingers were chilly on your bare skin but you didn’t mind.

“What are you thinking about, love?” You asked after a while.

Loki hummed into your shoulder, mid kiss. “Just what I treasure most in all these realms.”

You leaned back and turned your head to the side, studying him coyly. “Oh? And what’s that.”

“You.” Loki smiled lazily, kissing you again.

You laughed softly, “A bit saccharine don’t you think?”

“Is it saccharine if it’s true?” Loki retorted. You sighed and rolled over, curling into his chest and letting your breasts slide over his skin. Humming thoughtfully, you replied, “Well silver tongue, I guess if it’s true for me as well, we can both be saccharine.”

Loki frowned, “Well is it true?”

Rolling your eyes, you tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled him down for another kiss. “Of course it is, my love.”

Witchy Interview

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💙 (blanket meme) Loki had placed a blanket onto James, he didn't know the other well, but they'd met a few days before this. And this mission in the cold was taking far longer than he had hoped it would.

Bucky was shocked at the gesture, but fell into a grin, glancing up at the man, “They didn’t call me the winter soldier for nothing. You don’t have to do that. The cold doesn’t bother me.” Not that he made any move to take the blanket from his shoulders. It was pretty soft.

Imagine that you have a crush on Loki, but he doesn’t know. He stays away from everyone, including you, during daytime.
At nights, when you’re asleep, he sneaks into your room and pulls the blanket over you since you have the habit to kick it off. He’s in love with you, but is sure that you wouldn’t love him back so he stays away from you and only visits you at nights.
Until one night you whimper his name in your sleep and say that you love him.

Ice Melt

TITLE: Ice Melt


AUTHOR: castiels-sweet-little-grace

Original Imagine: Imagine that you have a crush on Loki, but he doesn’t know. He stays away from everyone, including you, during daytime. 
At nights, when you’re asleep, he sneaks into your room and pulls the blanket over you since you have the habit to kick it off. 

RATING: Teen and up

NOTES/WARNING: I’m sorry for every mistake I made. English is not my native language. Plus it’s my first time writing Loki. Please be gentle!



That’s how you felt, you jumped on the couch and turned the TV on, procrastinating on your work that seemed pointless anyway.

Destruction is what you saw. You’ve never been to New York before but that’s definitely not how New York looked. Your eyes were wet, you started tearing up after you started hearing those people cries and please for the authorities to do everything within their power to save their loved ones. You knew your nightmares at night were going to get worse and colder.

But then then you saw a face.

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Imagine telling Loki you’re “hormonal” when you cry at the tiniest little things. He uses his magic to conjure a huge chocolate bar, a gallon of your favorite ice cream, and a heating pad. He wraps you up in a blanket, explaining that he has “personal experience with these things,” and cuddles with you until you feel better.

The Siren and the Insomniac

Title: The Siren and the Insomniac

Chapter No./One Shot: Chapter 16

Original Imagine: 

Imagine you’re part siren and you live in the Stark Tower. Your bedroom is next door to Loki’s, and you become annoyed with him because he stays up all hours. So after many futile arguments with the god, you use your power through the walls to put him to sleep. When the time comes for you to move out, Loki begs you to stay, claiming he can no longer sleep without you.

Author: Starrynight35

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: None. Loki finally shows Raidne his stars!
Comments are ALWAYS welcome! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it!

Chapter 16

It was the middle of the day, but Loki and Raidne were contentedly snuggled under the blankets in Loki’s bed. There was no training that day, and everyone was still scrambling to figure out what had happened to Tony the night before, so they decided to hide away.

Loki brushed a stray strand of hair away from Raidne’s face, then pulled his arm out from under her head.

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