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Imagine Loki being very much a morning person. You, not so much. One morning, he gets bored of waiting for you to wake up, so he gathers you up from bed with the blanket, and carries you downstairs like a child. He plops you down at the kitchen island in front of your plate of breakfast and hot tea, everything already prepared. Before he seats himself, he smiles at you warmly and lovingly while holding both sides of your face. He says, “Good morning, my darling” and kisses you gently on your forehead.

How DARE You? - (Loki x Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader)

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Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Loki x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 461

After Loki came to carry out his punishment at the Avengers tower, you slowly started to fall in love with him. Unbeknownst to you, Loki returned your feelings of affection towards him. It wasn’t until a year after Loki’s residence at the tower that he began to court you.

On one lazy Sunday afternoon, you were cuddled up next to Loki on the soft, cushiony velvet sofa, wrapped in fluffy green and white blankets. Loki and you were binge-watching Disney films because… why not?After the fourth film, Sleeping Beauty ended, you rotated your body and kissed Loki on the lips. His arms relaxed around your waist as he pulled you closer to him.

“Are you enjoying that Reindeer Games?”

You jumped from Loki to see a fuming Tony Stark. His eyes burned with the passion of pure hatred towards Loki.

“Dad-“you started, before being cut off by Tony.

“How DARE you even touch my daughter, let alone kiss her!” he screamed at Loki, who was surprisingly calm.

Before either of you could reply to your beetroot-faced father, he pressed the alarm which alerted all the Avengers. Oh, no you thought.

The Avengers burst into the room individually, dressed and equip for battle. Natasha ran in first, followed by Clint, Wanda, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Bucky, and Steve.

“Man of iron, explain why we are here” Thor queried.

Tony, unable to contain his temper, began to scream in Thor’s face “Why? WHY? That is why!” he pointed to Loki “Your brother has been touching (Y/N)!”

“Calm down, Tony” Natasha interrupted your father before he could continue screaming at Thor “At least let him explain first”. Nat gave Tony a cold stare as if she was saying let them explain first otherwise you will seriously regret your decision.

Thor placed the Mjolnir on Loki’s lap, so he couldn’t even attempt escape.

“Is this really necessary?” Loki asked, looking at the Mjolnir.

After taking a deep breath, you began to explain how you and Loki had slowly fallen for each other and had been dating for almost a month. This was proceeded by you adding that Loki has been nothing but gentle and kind to you and that you were planning on telling the Avengers next week during your monthly dinner. Loki confirmed every statement you proclaimed and described his feelings for you. After finishing, you looked at the team and hoped for the best.

“But, but, but…” Tony responded.

“Calm down drama queen” Clint mocked your father.

Tony instantly gave Natasha the puppy eyes look.

“No Tony, no plotting any revenge, your daughter is happy and safe, especially when we are around”.

Loki sighed in relief.

“BUT YOU, don’t think that we like you, we are all watching your every move” Nat threatened.  

Being In A Relationship With Loki Laufeyson Would Go A Little Something Like.....

Requested by @rindulacre! Thanks!!^.^


In The Beginning…

~ Loki avoids you like the plague. There is no way he’s attracted to a weak, fragile, mortal. Even if you do have beautiful eyes and a stunning smile and the way you laugh makes his breath catch in his chest like he’s been hit with his brother’s hammer. Nope. He’s not attracted. Not at all.

~ He does a pretty good job of avoiding you until he sees you talking with Thor one day and it sets him off

~ Loki takes immediate action and interrupts the (completely innocent) conversation your having with Thor to ask you on a date, something that couldn’t make Thor happier

~ Later Loki has to ask Thor what exactly a date entails as he has no idea what he’s doing

~ Your first date consists of Loki arriving right on time with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers. 

~ He takes you to a carnival where you introduce him to all kinds of new foods (most of which he is extremely hesitant to try). You also drag him through the house of mirrors and onto most of the rides. He wins you a huge stuffed tiger at a booth that is obviously rigged (he swears he didn’t use magic though). And at the end of the night you share a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel as fireworks go off in the back ground.

~ Loki takes you out on only three more movie worthy dates before asking if you would like to “go steady” 

As A New Couple…

~ Everyone thinks you guys are joking until Loki pulls you in for a deep kiss to prove them wrong

~ Thor is so excited he drags you and Loki out on a double date with him and Jane. (Most of the night is spent with you and Jane in tears of laughter as the two brothers try to top each others embarrassing stories about the other).

~ Loki is constantly sending you flowers and poetic handwritten notes

~  Loki is an extremely jealous person and every time he even sees someone look at you too long he pulls you in for a passionate kiss until he knows whoever was looking gets the point

~ Loki never lets you out of his sight because he knows there’s some serious people after him, and he doesn’t really trust anyone else to protect you like he would

~ After eight months of being together Loki takes you to Asgard to meet his parents. It’s when he sees the approval and excitement in his mother’s eyes that he knows it’s the right time to ask you to move in with him.

As An Established Couple Who Lives Together…

~ Your apartment is absolutely covered in bookshelves which are not only full of books (both Midgardian and Asgardian) but also little trinkets Loki has collected from all nine realms. 

~ Loki talks in his sleep. Sometimes it’s random things, but mostly he quotes really strange lines from poems and books. He once quoted the entire first act of Hamlet

~ Whenever he thinks you’re not looking Loki will “cheat” with his chores and just use magic

~  You two spend a lot of nights on your apartment roof, stargazing as Loki tells you stories about the history of Asgard and the other realms

~ You love getting to introduce Loki to new Midgardian things. The best thing so far has been when you went camping and introduced him to s’mores. Loki ended up freaking out so bad when his marshmellow caught on fire that he ended up freezing your entire fire

~ Loki has come home on more than a handful of occasions to find you using his cape as a blanket

~ Loki has a “hidden” stash of girl scout cookies. He hides them on the top shelf of his closet

~ It’s one of those nights after Loki has read you to sleep when he’s carding his fingers through your hair and he can feel the smile on his face when it hits him. He realizes how much you trust him as you look so happy and peaceful and vulnerable curled into his side without care of who he was or what he did to get here by your side and he feels a warmth in his chest he hasn’t felt in years.

Which Leads To…

~ Loki taking a secret trip to Asgard in order to ask Odin and Frigga if he can permanently borrow one of the many rings locked away in the royal vaults in order to make you his queen


Hope you guys liked it!(:

I’m getting my things together for my trip and I look over to find this! Lol 😆 My hubby got me this pretty pink blanket for my studio but it looks like it’s already been claimed by a furry little someone. 😜 Loki loves to sleep on fuzzy blankets and rugs so I shouldn’t be surprised. 🐶💤 I’m going to miss his sleepy face on my trip.😢💖

Midnight Visitor

I was up late writing a few nights ago and I wrote a Loki x Reader. It reminds me of Happy, which was the first thing I ever wrote. I hope you guys love it. If you do, tell me or ask me to write a second part because Im honestly thinking about it. Enjoy!


Prompt list

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A cool breeze drifted across my face as I snuggled deeper into the velvety blankets. The warmth of my plush mattress enveloped me, forming the perfect contrast of comfortable heat. I could hear the sloshing of cars driving on the watered down roads through my cracked open window. Rain gently trickled off my roof, creating a steady rhythm that lulled me to sleep.

A clap of thunder woke me up, and illuminated the room for a split second before fading back to darkness. “God” I breathed, trying to control my pulse. “Not quite.” said a soft voice that blended in effortlessly with the falling rain. I turned and saw the shadowed outline of Loki sitting in my window frame. A smile sprung to my face as I lifted the heavy covers and helped him inside.

I pulled his thin frame into a hug, breathing in his refreshing scent of pine and chocolate. “What are you doing here.” I asked into his silk shoulder. He rested his hands on my waist, the coolness seeping through my thin top. “I needed a place to stay for the night, that wasn’t so critical.” He answered. I nodded sympathetically, rubbing my cheek against him.

Loki was staying with the Avengers in Stark towers. Thor had placed him there to ensure he was being watched by the worlds strongest babysitters while he drifted back and forth between Asgard and Earth. The team had tried their best to welcome Loki, but I could tell that they were all still angry. I had offered him to stay at my apartment, as It was only a short drive away from the tower, but the entire team refused. I could see why.

From the moment I met Loki, I fell in love. Sure it wasn’t the most convenient time or place but I liked to think that I saw the best in people. So while the team saw an insane lunatic threatening to level the city, I saw a broken man who desperately needed to be noticed. After the battle, we became friends, then a little more than friends; but we never told the rest of the Avengers. They didn’t trust Loki around a butter knife, so we knew that they certainly wouldn’t trust the god of lies with me.

A raindrop slid from the edge of my window and fell into a puddle with a hushed blop. I released Loki from my hug, withdrawing my hands from around his neck. “You’re always welcome to stay here Loki.” I whispered, pressing my forehead to his. He stared lovingly into my eyes, causing me to blush. I pulled away, and took his hand leading him to the bed.

I lifted the heavy covers from one side of the mattress and pushed them to the other. I slid to the side of the bed draped in velvety blankets, while Loki took the side without. I cocooned myself before reaching out for his cool hand in the dark. He grasped my hand and pulled me towards him resting his chin on top of my head; as the wind picked up, rustling the crunchy leaves of nearby trees. The gentle thunk of raindrops against my sealed window formed a new rhythm. I felt a smile grow on my face as I listened to the sound of the night with Loki by my side.

You are mine, mine to me; Loki x child reader pt.1

Here’s a nice little crossover fic for you guys. Inspired by the clips that came out just before the 2016 The Jungle Book came to theaters the scene where Raksha talks to mowgli as he leaves the pack had me in tears when I first saw it and I thought “God this would be Loki if he had to give up his child to their rightful parents” and so this was born. I do NOT own Loki, Thor, Legolas or Thranduil they each belong to either Marvel or Tolkien. 

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During a peace treaty visit through Vanaheim, Thor, Loki, Lady Sif and the Warriors 3 were speaking with the high council who just happened to be Hogun’s father.  They spent over 2 hours discussing their treaty between their realms as well as discussing about the invaders that had threatened to strike any day now.  Completely bored with all this political stuff, Loki illusioned himself out without anyone noticing and now appeared in the forests of Vanaheim.

As he walked around the clear his head, the silence of the woods was broken by a strange sound. He had heard crying and it sounded close by.  Loki went to investigate and soon came across a small baby.  She was wrapped up in a blanket but to his horror it was stained in blood.  He didn’t know why he did what he did next but his heart was telling him to take care of the child and heal her from this pain.

Once he picked her up, her crying seemed to diminish and she just looked up and whimpered at him with red teary eyes.  Loki removed the blanket hoping he wouldn’t find what he was thinking of what would be there, fortunately there was no wound but the child was practically freezing to the touch.

“How long were you out here little one? Poor child you’re half frozen”.  He then took his green cape and wrapped it around the child for extra warmth as she whimpered softly.  “Shhhh, shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay”.  Once she was wrapped up nice and snug, he gently rocked her close to his chest and said, “How did you get way out here?” As he looked down at the child who was now cooing happily up at him, he began to think if she had been abandoned by her parents? If not then were they dead and she was taken for ransom?

Either way he found the child so she was his responsibility now.  Plus looking down at her so happy filled Loki with something he thought he had lost long ago when his jealousy for Thor had overcame him.

Happiness and love.

He smiled down at the baby and he held her close and whispered softly to her.

“I promise you, whatever life you’ve had before, will be forgotten. I’ll take care of you as if you were my own, my sweet little dove”. Loki kissed her forehead and the baby yawned tiredly and snuggled into Loki’s chest gripping some of his armor with her tiny hands.  His heart seem to just melt at the sight of her and he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as he held her closer to him and rocked her softly.

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Quite enjoyed writing this one actually. It was a refreshing way to write Loki - not all fluffy and cute and “misunderstood” but not a total psychopath either. Just clever and sassy and nasty and just… Loki. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that the character in this fic felt much more natural. If you disagree, please tell me and I’ll experiment with it again in the future. I owe immathrowabrickatyou some credit for the story idea for this one, hope you like how I did it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Plague (Part 1)

Loki hated it on Midgard. His punishment from Odin had been Thor’s idea – to work alongside his greatest enemies, the Avengers, so as to try and earn their forgiveness. It had tampered with his plans drastically and left him thoroughly irritated.

He was not the only new recruit either. You had joined as repentance for your crimes but under much less murderous circumstances. You’d been responsible for facing the Avengers in Russia, where they had been searching for Loki’s sceptre, and after tackling you to the ground, Thor had seen your potential and brought you in. It turned out that HYDRA had been holding your family captive and, after their rescue, you agreed to join the team.

You couldn’t stand the silver-tongued God, and the feeling was mutual. Luckily that was the last thing on your mind as you sat snivelling on the sofa. Headache, check. Blocked nose, affirmative. Sore throat – of course! And to top it all off, you were stuck babysitting.
“What is wrong with it?” Loki asked, all too casually from the other side of the room. You glared at him from but Thor placed a gentle hand on your knee to quell your anger.
“Nothing is wrong with her Loki. She’s sick, that is all. You are going to be taking care of her whilst we are on a mission.”

Despite Thor’s words, both you and the trickster knew what he really meant. It was going to be your job to keep him out of trouble whilst the others were away.
“If that stupid ape gives me her disease-”
“Don’t tempt me.” You spat. Thor scowled at you and you coughed before silencing.
“It’s just influenza, Loki. Nothing harmful to us. An inconvenience at best.”

“Can I kill him now?” You pleaded. Thor chuckled before standing. He patted you on the head but you pulled away before he could do so for long. You certainly didn’t need mollycoddling.
“Good luck.” He declared as he departed, long crimson cape flowing behind him.
“I do not need luck, Odinson.” Loki sneered. Thor smirked and peered back around the doorframe.
“Who said I was talking to you?”

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Okay so I really love your writing and I also really love frostiron so I was wondering if you could pretty please write a fluffy fic where Tony sneezes/coughs or something and Loki is like THIS IS NOT HAPPENING MY BEAUTIFUL MORTAL CANNOT GET SICK OMG ARE YOU DYING NOO LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOU and just really cute and fluffy overprotective Loki while Tony is like 'babe I'm not sick' but Loki doing it anyway cuz he just loves taking care of Tony ily😘❤️💕💯

Little something about the author me: I sneeze every time I get out of water. Get out of the pool for more than two minutes, sneeze. Just got out of the shower, sneeze. Got soaked in the rain, sneeze. And never more than three times though..

So that is what inspired the twist on this prompt…

They got caught in the rain the first time, Loki noticed. It was one of many date nights (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night because why have one date night a week?) where they were out getting dinner and walking around town. Rain is a common factor in New York Falls but on this day the news casters failed to mention the torrential downpour that was due that night. So of course it wasn’t until they were soaked to the bone and half way home that Tony said, “why didn’t you just teleport us home?”

Laughing Loki wrapped his arm around Anthony’s waist and pulled him close. For show he raised his free hand, in which he was actually doing for Anthony’s benefit since the change of scenery could make him sick, and waited until his lover’s eyes were sealed shut to snap his fingers and land them in their shared bedroom in the tower.

“That never gets easier to deal with.” Tony sighed as he escaped the god’s hold of him to wander into the closet for a change of clothes. Loki opted for a quick shower instead.

When he got out the shower he heard Anthony walk by the door, “ACHOO!”

“Anthony!” He quickly dashed out of the room. The brunette stood there rubbing at his nose, sweat pants and sweat shirt covering him and his hair only slightly damp. “Are you okay?”

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Sickfic prompt: No Rest for the Wicked [Loki]

There had been a time, in his youth, when Loki had been prone to sickness. One illness seemed to follow on another, especially during the summer months, leaving him shivering and sweating with fever while his agemates cavorted outside. 

(Loki supposed that made sense now, why winter should be the season for others’ to fall ill, while invariably his worst fevers were in high summer.) 

But that was in the past. It had been many years since Loki had been that sickly child, and he had grown stronger, better able to hold off illness. 

He blamed Midgard for ruining his streak. 

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Imagine living with your boyfriend but in a rather lukewarm relationship. You’re trying your best to heat it up though. Being acquainted with Jane you reluctantly let Loki stay with you for a few days while he’s on Earth, but one night you come home late and see who you think is your boyfriend curled up under a blanket on the couch. Trying to be romantic you sneak in under the blanket and cuddle him… only to discover that, oops, it’s not your boyfriend at all: it’s Loki.

Chapter 22

WARNING: The following chapter may cause triggers.

You walked upstairs and into the bedroom, you remained silent and sat down on the bed and just sat there staring into space. For some reason, you couldn’t manage to cry anymore, you were literally all out of tears you had cried so much, so hard.

You stood and walked up to your closet and opened it, you slipped on a sweater and walked downstairs and into the kitchen, you were about to take a mug out of the cupboard when you noticed one of the kitchen drawers were open.

You stared at the pantry door and slowly walked up to it, you slowly opened the pantry door seeing Loki sitting in the corner with the bed sheet wrapped around him.

Loki held a blade in his hand, he trembled looking down at the cuts on his forearms, “(Y/N)” He stuttered looking up at you, his eyes were all puffy and beat red.

You carefully took the knife from him and put it down; you then picked up a towel and wrapped it around his forearms.

Loki winced but slowly stood and followed you into the bathroom.

You made him sit down on the vanity counter; you poured rubbing alcohol on his forearms.

Loki winced and cried out in pain, he then watched you pat his arms with a towel before wrapping it with bandages.

You looked at Loki disappointed, you looked deeply into his eyes and sighed, you slapped him and sent a slight glare at him but sighed and looked down again.

“Why haven’t you said anything to me yet? I’m shocked you’re not screaming at me right now” Loki muttered softly.

You looked down at Loki’s forearms and smacked him up the side of the head.

Loki pushed you pushed you away from him, “Stop hitting me!” He shouted pinning you against the closed bathroom door.

You remained silent and just let Loki continuously shake you and slam you against the door, you remained silent and leaned against the door and slid to the floor.

“Speak!” Loki shouted at the top of his lungs, “I could read your mind if you won’t talk” Loki threatened.

You replied with silence.

“Will you please just speak to me… I promise not to shout anymore, it achieves nothing, I now know that… You don’t deserve to be shouted at…” Loki muttered softly.

You couldn’t stop staring at Loki’s bandaged forearms; you quickly wiped your tears.

“I caused you do that… I made you… H-Hurt yourself…” You stared at Loki sadly, “I’m so sorry; this is all my fault…” You looked down sadly.

“Don’t say that” Loki begged cupping your cheeks, he kissed your forehead and winced helping you up.

“I hit you because you’re an idiot for doing that Loki, you don’t deserve that, you deserve so much better than that!” You cried.

Loki looked at you, he could see the sadness in your eyes, he hated seeing you upset, it killed him.

“You deserve better than me, you should be with some goddess in Asgard and she should be feeding you grapes” You mumbled.

“Why do you think you’re just a nobody?” Loki asked following you upstairs and into the bedroom.

“I am a nobody, I’ve lost my job, I’m probably going to go to prison, I’m in love with a god, a god! We both knew this wasn’t going to work out Loki” You sighed.

“We can make it work, just hear me out, please” Loki begged.

“We’re too different Loki” You heard Loki slam the door, you squeaked and turned around looking at him.

“What do you mean by different? No one is the same; we’re in love, isn’t that enough for you? Love is more powerful than anything, you told me that (Y/N)” Loki looked deeply into your eyes.

You felt like he staring into your soul, his eyes were like daggers.

Just tell him, tell him how you feel (Y/N). Tell him that this relationship would never work out because he’s a god and I’m a normal human being, I’m nothing compared to his kind. I and he are the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. You two can never live in peace together.

You sighed sadly looking down at the floor.

He is right, love is more powerful than anything, at least that’s what you thought. Besides, I do love it when he’s all gentle, loving and kind. It’s just his anger kind of scares me, I can understand why he’s frustrated though, look at what I’ve put him through, he should hate me.

“(Y/N)? Why didn’t you ever… Why didn’t you tell me?” Loki stared at you.

“What?” You looked at him confused.

“I read your thoughts…” Loki muttered softly, “I had to… I’m sorry I invaded your thoughts but I had to” Loki sighed.

“Of course! You have no patience! I was trying to build up the confidence!” You shouted.

“You were never going to tell me…” Loki muttered softly.

“Loki…” You sighed sadly” You sighed sat down on the bed and wrapped a woven cotton blanket around you, you huffed and covered your head with the blanket groaning.

Loki sighed and slowly walked up to you and lifted the blanket and looked at you, “I’m sorry” Loki muttered softly and kissed your nose.

“Loki…” You sighed as he crawled under the blanket with you, “We should get you some trousers” You blushed and giggled cutely.

“What? Like you haven’t seen me naked before” Loki chuckled.

“Loki stop being foolish” You giggled and gently nudged him and removed the blanket from your heads and threw it onto Loki’s crouch.

Loki laughed and watched you walk up to the closet.

“All I have is boxers, I’ll look for some trousers later” You mumbled throwing the pair of boxers at Loki.

Loki slipped on the boxers, “What about panties for you hmmm? I can see all of you as well” Loki grinned.

“My sweaters baggy, your just a pervert” You poked Loki’s cheek.

“I’m not a pervert, okay maybe a little but I am in love” Loki smiled.

“I’m in love too, with this sweet, loving, kind man… You see he’s got these gorgeous emerald green eyes, I could stare deeply into his eyes for eternity, his cheekbones… Are like razor blades, his face is so defined like as if his face were sculpted by gods” You smiled.

“Really? I’m in love with this woman, she has beautiful (E/C) eyes, (H/L) hair that is a beautiful (H/C), she is absolutely gorgeous, she’s a goddess, she’s angelic, I swear she gets more beautiful each day” Loki smiled at you.

You blushed and smiled, you were about to speak when Loki suddenly grabbed you and pinned you to the bed, he winced slightly because of his wounded forearms. You looked at him concerned, Loki smiled and leaned in and kissed you lovingly.

© Fan-Fic written by Skylar J. James/ Suka Jeezuma

It’s been far too long my darlings. I figured that I would come off hiatus with a bang and finally finish Plague. You’ve been left on tenterhooks too long. It was surprisingly difficult to write this because I wanted to get it right and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hopefully some extra feel-sy music will help - play this during the final scene in Loki’s room to destroy your heart. :D So many people enjoyed this story that I don’t have space to tag them all here so I will do so at the end. In the mean time, enjoy! 

Plague (Part 9)

Part 8

Loki’s eyes fluttered apart and revealed a shadowed ceiling. He didn’t remember falling asleep but his entire memory seemed to have merged. Images of blood and fire stained his eyelids; he daren’t close them again.
“I hope you are feeling rested,” said a warm voice. Shifting slightly, he felt the gentle touch of a sheet covering his body. A pillow comforted his head from beneath, a head that felt irritatingly heavy when he tried to lift it. How long had he been asleep?

“When did I-”
“The journey back.” Thor smiled. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so exhausted – your eyes were wavering for most of the flight, though their focus never shifted. You spent the entire flight by her side.”

“How is she?” Loki asked with sudden fervour. He turned to Thor and saw him, really saw him, in the dim bedside light. Thor’s face was hollow and pale, weighted with lines of worry.
“She is stable, for now.” He said, looking solemn, contradictory to the words that filled his brother’s heart with hope. “A lot of blood was lost and that has left her condition critical.”
“But she is alive?”
“Yes, Loki. For now (Y/n) is alive.”

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Loki Fluff

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It had been a long day. A long, LONG day. Nothing had gone well and now you wanted nothing more than to relax.
As soon as you got through your front door, you stripped off all non-essentials; shoes, jacket, bag, jewellery and hair ties. You collapsed onto the couch and switched on the TV, quickly making yourself comfortable.
Loki returned to Midgard and immediately left his brother to visits you. It was dark everywhere and Loki was sure you’d be asleep, but that didn’t matter. He had no intention of waking you, he just wanted to hold you in his arms. He quickly entered your apartment with the key you had give him and turned towards your bedroom, only stopping when he saw the television was still on. Sneaking into the living room he smiled softly at the sight of you, curled up on the couch, one of Loki’s shirt held tightly in your arms. Loki pulled the blanket off the back of one of your arm chairs and gently laid it over you, also placing a pillow under your head. He sat down on the floor in front of you, brushing a stray piece of hair from your face. He placed a light kiss on your forehead, taking one of your hands from his shirt and holding it in his much larger one, his thumb brushing across your knuckles. This action stirred you awake slightly.
“I’m here, my love, go back to sleep. I shall be here when you wake.” He assured you as he turned to face the Television set, taking the remote and turning to volume down, before beginning to flick through the channels himself. He felt you move behind him, his shirt dropped to the floor as your arm dropped over his shoulder and rested on his ribs, while your head rested nuzzled into his other shoulder.
“I’m glad your home safe.” You mumbled into his shoulder, his assurance that he was there quickly lulling you back to sleep in the new position. Loki’s fingers glided across yours and he laid he head onto top of yours,
“I will always return to you, my love.”

“Loki,” You whined pitifully, “I’m so cold.”

Loki rolled over in bed to look at you curiously, “You’re covered in blankets, love.” His voice was still scratchy from sleep and normally the sound would excite you, but right now, your body ached all over and any such thoughts was easily forced away.

Slowly you shook your head, mind changing, though you immediately regretted it. “I’m warm.” You hastily pushed your blankets away, groaning at the movement.

Loki’s frown deepened as he pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. “You’re burning up, is this one of those ‘flu’s we’ve discussed?”

Your mouth fell open, “Damn.” Previous plans to get up quickly fell away as you slumped back into your pillows. “What about the shindig or whatever Tony’s calling it, isn’t that today?”

“Oh how dreadful, a reason to skip out on socializing with those insufferable mortals and have you all to myself instead?” Loki grinned.

You closed your eyes, rubbing them at the pounding in your skull. “Not like we’ll do anything, I feel like hell Loki.”

Loki chuckled, “A reason to pamper and care for my queen? That’s hardly nothing, and I’m sure when I have you feeling better, you’ll be more than happy to make up for time wasted.”

You cracked an eyelid open and smirked ruefully, “You really are incorrigible, aren’t you?”

“Comes with the territory of being a god, love, now then, what can I do for you? Back rub, breakfast of soup in bed?” Loki offered, slowly easing himself out of bed.

You watched him, arm thrown over your eyes though pulled away enough to watch him. Shirtless, only in his black sleeping bottoms, it was always hard to pass up the opportunity to admire him - even feeling like this. Loki crossed his arms, turning back to face you.

“And you say I’m insatiable?” The corner of his mouth quirked upward as Loki stared at you darkly.

“Yes to everything.” You mumbled finally, “But also, do you think, maybe, just maybe….” You trailed off, knowing he would prompt you to continue.

Loki scowled, noting the change in your tone, “What?” He deadpanned, hardly even asking, almost demanding an answer.

“That thing, where you make yourself really cold, your true heritage,” You hesitated as Loki’s eyes flashed angrily, “it would cool me down so much Loki, please, I know you don’t like it but I’m dying here.”

Pressing his lips together, you could see Loki weighing his options. At long last, he breathed in heavily, “Very well, but you have no idea what you owe me.”

“Thanks Loki, you’re the best.”

Loki shook his head slowly, finally sinking back onto the bed as he focused on the illusion keeping him his usual pallor. “I am indeed.” He grumbled, focusing his magic.

“I love you.” You whispered, watching in awe as the magic shimmered over his skin and blue slowly spread along him. Deep ridges etched along his skin, spreading with the blue, before he turned to face you, opening his ruby red eyes.

“And I love you.” He shook his head, “Even when you ask me to do such tasteless things, I’ll never understand your fascination with this form.”

You managed to smile, reaching for him and pulling him into your arms. His touch chilled you instantly and Loki grabbed the blankets, trying to balance your temperature.

“Only until you love yourself, all of yourself, as much as I do.” You whispered, pressing a weak kiss to his cheek.

“You’re a fool to love me, but I appreciate it all the same. Now hush, it must be the delirium of this fever getting to you.” Loki stroked his chilly fingers along your skin and you sighed in relief.

“You’ll see some day, I promise.”

“Of course, now sleep, we can talk more when you feel better.”

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I want more post-proposal Stoki porn ;)

you could see planets and stars, steve/loki, 4.1k, remember this cold shamelessly sappy fluff porn look they deserve it

We could build a castle right here
With a couple blankets and chairs
This place could be magic 

Honey if you look really hard
You could see planets and stars
Through the gaps in the fabric 

Sinclair, “Heaven on Earth” 

“Sam tells me,” Loki said a little too casually, “that you had…elaborate plans for your proposal.”

Steve felt his face warm and stared intently at the pages of the book he was reading. “Did he?” God, he was going to kill Sam.

“Mmm. A carriage ride. A fancy dinner. A vacation.”

His face got even warmer, but a little bit of guilt started to creep in as well, and he made himself look up. “I’m sorry. We can…I’d be happy to put something together now, I know it would’ve been nice.”

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Imagine that you have a crush on Loki, but he doesn’t know. He stays away from everyone, including you, during daytime.
At nights, when you’re asleep, he sneaks into your room and pulls the blanket over you since you have the habit to kick it off. He’s in love with you, but is sure that you wouldn’t love him back so he stays away from you and only visits you at nights.
Until one night you whimper his name in your sleep and say that you love him.

Name: Dae
Nickname: Dae, or Armpit Lad if we’re dating. 
Birth month: November
Height: 5′8″
Ethnicity: White as fuck. My patriarchal lineage goes straight back to England. Like my family practically came over on the mayflower apparently. Probably have a great cousin they killed as a witch in Salem (in this historical daydream, said great cousin really just enjoyed dancing naked under a full moon. and making blood covenants with the devil. harmless stuff.)
Orientation: homoromantic ace
Favorite fruit: blueberries
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Books: 2 Fast 2 Furious
Favorite Flower: stargazer lilies
Favorite scent: armpits
Favorite animal: unicorns
Favorite Beverages: gimme that frappe
Average hours of sleep: 4-12
Favorite fictional characters: Saitama, Genos, Wade Wilson, Nathan Summers, Hope Summers, Thor, Loki, 
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 now
Dream trip: a new galaxy
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Oh my god, I so want to do a part 3 to this one. I don’t know where I’d go with it yet (I still feel like Loki’s change of attitude towards the reader happened too fast) but ugh, I just love where this one went and how it turned out and… yeah. Cool. Thank you to @all-nerds-here for requesting this part two - I genuinely had a blast writing it. Enjoy, my darlings, and let me know what you think. 

Prompt: PLEEEAAASE continue the Loki x sick!reader one! It was sooo good!

Plague (Part 2)

Part 1

You knocked twice on the door. The early morning sun peeked into the hallway from the above skylight (of course Tony Stark would have windows in the damn ceiling) and though you still weren’t feeling completely well again, the sleep yesterday had certainly helped. Given that you were awake early, on account of your inability to sleep properly whilst sick, you still hadn’t changed out of your pyjamas. Around the red silk, you’d wrapped your duvet and in your hands you clutched the blanket that Loki had placed over you.

It hadn’t taken you long to figure out that it was Loki who had cared for you the day prior – nobody else had been around – but you had taken the briskness with which he had left as a sign to let the topic lie. Until this morning, you had intended to keep it that way but you felt somewhat indebted to him after waking up feeling so refreshed.

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