loki behave and stop being inappropriate

Imagine Loki’s reaction when you point out your ex to him in a crowd and say, “He’s fair game.”

It was one of Stark’s biggest parties, so of course all of the Avengers and their significant others were there. That included you as you were hanging onto Loki’s arm.

            “Now what did I say about this party,” you questioned Loki. With a huff, Loki answered.

            “I am to be on my best behavior.”

            “And what does that mean?”

            “Being on my best behavior means I will not anger the other Avengers, insult any mortals, or call anyone inappropriate names such as ‘mewling quim’.”

            “And,” you prompted with a raised eyebrow.

            “And I will not prank anyone. You know you are taking all the fun of attending the party,” Loki told you with a pout.

            “No, I’m trying to make sure we don’t ruin another one of Stark’s parties. Eventually, he’s going to stop inviting us.” Loki gave you a look that told you that was actually his plan. “If you behave, I’ll do anything you want,” you bribed with a smile. Loki’s eyes grew dark with lust as he accepted your offer.

            It was only a few minutes later when you spotted him. The asshole that had dumped you with a ditzy blonde on his arm.

            “Hey, Loki, you remember what I said earlier about not pranking anyone?” Loki nodded his head with curiosity. “You see that man near the bar with the blonde hanging onto him?” Loki’s eyes searched out before finding your ex. His hands clenched into fists at the sight of your ex. “That rule doesn’t apply to him. He’s fair game,” you told him with a smirk. Loki’s eyes lit up with glee as a mischievous smile grew across his face. He quickly excused himself before disappearing into the crowd.

            When your ex left with green hair, one arm of his jacket singed, and no pants, Loki and you would claim to have no idea how it happened.


I have a female form because, by nature, I am a shape shifter and sometimes it is far more convenient to be female. Shape shifting is so natural, that if I do not take a different form once in a while, I begin to feel… Trapped. I have shifted into so many forms, I have lost count, but Lady Loki is one of my favorites.

I am, actually, a mother already and as far as which form I prefer, it need not matter. I have accepted both gender roles as my own and if given the choice, I prefer intersex. Quite fun in the bedroom, if you would like to know.