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Imagine seeking your professor’s guidance after doing miserably on the course’s midterm. You typically sit in the back of the class, so when you enter his office, you’re immediately taken aback by his striking features. You struggle to find words as he places his hand on your leg. Could he be coming onto you? You’re finally able to tell him you need help in his class, and he replies, “I’m sure there are a great deal of things I could do to assist you, Miss.”

Me: I’m not really a fan of Loki but I’ll see Thor: Ragnarok because I love Thor!

Me:*watches teaser trailer; sees Loki do the flippy thing and melts*

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Me: *after trailer* okay… I’m going for Thor AND Loki because hot damn Loki has messed me up! I’m gonna write some more Loki x reader stuff, what a fucking babe!

Dating Loki Laufeyson Would Include...

- Loki first being attracted to you because you’re the only Asgardian who doesn’t fear him.

- You being able to look through all his trickery to see the broken man he actually is.

- Being completely spoiled.

- Breaking Loki out of his prison cell and the two of you running away together.

- Dancing around in fields and forests together.

- Loki loving to carry you places.

- Huge, bone-crushing hugs.

- Rough, possessive sex when Loki is feeling insecure.

- “Y-you belong to me. I am a god. I am in control of you, love.”

- Seriously, rough sex. Spanking, choking, sloppy kissing, pinned down, tear-jerking sex.

- Plopping down on his lap after he steals the throne.

- Always sitting on his lap when he sits on the throne.

- Showing you how to do some of his magic/tricks.

- Growing up together.

- Stealing his uniform and parading it around, imitating him to make Thor laugh after he lost Jane.

- Insisting on braiding and playing his Loki’s hair.

- That’s how you discover Loki’s hair-pulling kink.

-”Harder, love. C’mon, pull harder.”

- Being the only one who can make Loki keel over with laughter.


they wonder what it was
that made her so desirable to him
he - the infamous god, conqueror of hearts
bending down to this unfamiliar woman
he - an unpredictable force, ever-changing
building a home in her arms

they speculate amongst themselves
she must be as wicked as he
she must be as unrelenting, as powerful
the same savage beast beneath
made to satisfy his malicious chaos
to rival him in venom and quick remarks

((surely there is more to what we see))

she is none of these things
in truth, they are of opposing natures
an impossible union of order and chaos
and yet he remains the same
she does not change him, or cage him,
or become blind to his misdeeds

and the people, they are unable to comprehend
to accept, the kind of love these two share
he gives his body to other women still
always leaving, embarking on strange adventures
she stays in one place, the embodiment of constancy
and yet like waves to the shore, he comes back to her

is it weakness? submission?
they decide whether to condemn her
so repulsed are they by her apparent passivity
so quick are their tongues to pass judgment
so quick to dismiss her as no more
than another one of his conquests

and in the end she chose to raise a bowl
to shield him from the serpent’s venom
still, they belittle her sacrifice
unaware that this goddess, with her bowl
is the only one standing in the way
of the end of everything

- Loki & Sigyn


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I need tony and other characters with steve and bucky jealousy Like tell me how are they when jealous. Give me facepalming everyone and oblivious tony

Unfortunately most times when they’re jealous it’s people they cannot just threaten to beat up. They have to be diplomatic about it. Mostly they just turn bright red and look mulish. Honestly everyone’s more amused by it than scared.

There is, of course, Loki when he comes of age. He’s always been touchy-feely with Tony, since he was ten when they met and Tony didn’t think to set up boundaries as Loki got older (why would Loki be attracted to an old maid, Tony would be thirty with children by the time Loki came of age after all). So Loki continues to be touchy-feely, holding Tony’s hand, touching his arm, giving him little gifts from their homeland. Tony is super flattered by it all and thinks Loki is the most wonderful friend. It drives Steve and Bucky out of their minds with rage because Loki doesn’t even try to be sneaky about it; he does it in front of everyone: visiting dignitaries, other royalty, Queen Sarah. It’s embarrassing but they can’t really do anything about it because whenever they accuse him of anything Loki always looks at them with wide, innocent eyes and says, “But Tony is just my dear friend!” (They’re pretty sure he’s sincere about that though because Tony always looks surprised and pleased when Loki says that and Loki looks at him fondly.) ((“I swear on my son’s life if you ever try to sway Tony’s affections toward you,” Sarah hisses after she pulls Loki aside, and lets the threat hang there because she’s found it works better than actually saying what she’ll do. Loki is terrified because no one fucks with Queen Sarah and also his parents and Thor will be super upset if he starts a war with the Rogers. “Tony is just my friend!” Sarah continues to squint at him suspiciously. “I only do it because Steven and James’s faces turn red!” Sarah can accept that, she supposes.))

Then there’s always T’Challa, who has no designs on Tony at all but Steve and Bucky still kind of hover whenever they talk anyway, scowling petulantly. Tony always looks so enthused when they talk, usually about things that Steve and Bucky don’t understand even though Tony’s tried to explain it to them. Plus, Bucky and T’Challa have kind of a weird relationship where they hate each other but politically they agree with each other. It gets even worse when Shuri wanders over and joins the conversation because they’re both so smart and Steve and Bucky aren’t oh no oh no what does Tony even see in them???? (“Kindness?” Shuri says, raising her eyebrows. “Love and affection?” T’Challa adds, rolling his eyes. “Tenderness,” Shuri adds back, because even though she’s an alpha Tony still gossips with her like she’s an omega. “Gentleness,” T’Challa finishes, nodding. “Okay I get it shut up!” Bucky snarls, and then he and T’Challa glare at each other.) ((Tony wanders over from talking with Dame Margaret and smiles at them because they’re all getting along. “What are we talking about?” “You,” Shuri says before anyone else can. Tony blushes and covers his face. “Surely you can find something more interesting to talk about!” “That is absolutely one hundred percent not possible,” Steve insists, wrapping his arms around him, and Shuri and T’Challa roll their eyes.))

Sometimes they get jealous of Pepper, but Pepper has made it clear that Tony is, first and foremost, her leader, and second, her friend. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember that when Pepper reaches out to delicately fix Tony’s hair or the way his clothes are falling on him, especially when she leans in and kisses his forehead afterward. (“This is irrational, boys,” Pepper tells them. “We know,” they answer meekly. “I have never seen Tony in a romantic way.” “We know,” they repeat meekly. Pepper sighs loudly. “Would it make you feel better if we fought it out?” “…Yes,” they reply meekly.) ((“…What,” Tony says when Steve, Bucky, and Pepper limp into the castle, covered in dirt and grass stains and–is that blood?! “Alphas,” Sarah sneers, and then drags him away before he can ask more.))

They always get jealous of Rhodey. They’d challenge him to a fight but one time he heard Tiberius was nosing around again and before Steve and Bucky could do something about it, he wheeled himself out, knocked Tiberius down, and then crawled out of his chair so he could beat him with it. He broke his chair. Rhodey does not fuck around about Tony ever. (“He’s not my type,” Rhodey tells them when he notices them hovering. “Also if you ever even look at him wrong I’m going to heave myself out of this chair and strangle you.”) ((“Why are you so scared of Rhodey?” Tony asks guilelessly. “Rhodey wouldn’t hurt you. You’re my husbands.” “My precious sunflower,” Steve says, cupping Tony’s cheeks. Bucky shakes his head slowly, reaching out to wrap his arms around Tony’s waist. “That is precisely why he would murder us.”))

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I wud have thought that since Steve is technically Prince to the kingdom that he wud have Tony exclusively until they knew that the 1st born was from Steve's bloodline, does Sarah or the kingdom not care that the next king could be a Barnes?

In some countries that is actually the case but Sarah has seen Bucky as a son for so long that she’s always considered him to have equal right to the throne, and any country that didn’t agree with her was put on her shit list. (Naturally, no one wants to be on Queen Sarah’s shit list.) Like I said, Steve and Bucky weren’t so much courting as a foregone conclusion; everyone and their grandmother knew they were head-over-heels for each other, and Bucky is just as well-loved by the people as Steve. And if anyone has a problem with it, they’d be hard-pressed to prove that Peter isn’t Steve’s son anyway. Peter takes after Tony, with his doe eyes and unconscious pout when he’s thinking and the way he’s oblivious to suitors.

(“Holy hell,” Thor says, stunned, when Peter brushes Loki’s flirting off. Loki has a silver tongue. He makes everyone blush, even Thor’s wife, the beautiful and intelligent Lady Jane.

“Watch this,” Loki says, and then flirts with Tony, and Tony laughs and cups his cheeks fondly before walking away. “I’m not even offended, Steven and James look like they’re about to explode.”

“I only hope my children with Lady Jane do not come up the same way.”

“I will be their uncle,” Loki reasons. “They will have no choice but to be conscious of these things.”)

((Tony doesn’t realize Loki is flirting with him because he’s eleven years older than him and it never occurs to him that Loki would find him attractive. Steve and Bucky don’t tell Loki this because they’re certain Loki would just flirt harder and honestly they’ve got their hands full protecting Peter.))

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Can I request NDRV3 boys and fem s/o dressing up as superheros/villains? Thanks!

Yes! I love superheroes <3

NDRV3 Boys and Fem S/O dressing up as heroes/villains

Shuuichi Saihara:

- Of course he’s going to dress up as Batman

- And you’re his Catwoman ;)

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Isn’t this purrfect?”

- You make him do the cool back to back pose

- Good thing he has a mask, otherwise you’d see him blushing majorly

Kaito Momota:

- Guess who’s dressing up as Star Lord

- Complete with his Awesome Mix Vol. 1

- And his favourite Gamora

- “Dance with me S/O!”

- You roll your eyes as he pulls to dance with him to this amazing song


- You told him all about your favourite superheros which caused him to read all the comics

- “Come on Kiibo - kun! Show me what you look like!”

- You see him shuffle into the room, his armour is painted red and gold complete with a mask. Your very own Iron Man

- “You look beautiful Kiibo - kun!”

- “S-So do you… Miss Potts…” He then puts on the mask to hide his blush

Rantaro Amami: 

- “Come on S/O - san! We’re going to be late!”

- “Ahhh sorry sorry! Coming!”

- You walk into the room adjusting the horns on your helmet

- “Wow, Loki never looked so attractive before” he says with a wink

- “Same goes for you, Thor”

Kokichi Ouma:

- Do we really have to ask who he’s going to dress up as?

- The Joker of course!

- And you’re his Harley Quinn

- It takes him a while to readjust his laugh but eventually he gets there

- You even recreate that famous picture (You know the one)

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He wasn’t that much into superheros…

- But then you told him about Ant Man

- So you of course you became his Wasp

- The two of you spent ages creating your outfits, he made sure your wings were 100% accurate

- When you finally out the outfits on he was grinning so much. Cute :’)

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- It took you ages, and I mean absolute ages to convince him to dress up with you

- But he finally agreed…

- To dress up as Deadpool

- He then helped you with your Mistress Death make up

- “Maybe I’ll start reading comic books more…”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Just like Shinguji it takes you ages but you manage to convince him to dress up with you

- “Look look Hoshi - kun!”

- You come out in a stunning Starfire costume

- He’s literally speechless and then you begin to giggle

- “You’re so cute… Robin” More blushing follows

Imagine Loki sees you shopping in a grocery store one day and finds you attractive. Before he can talk to you though, you’ve paid for your things and gone. He goes back the same day next week to see if you show up and you do. He waits until your in the produce department looking at some oranges and when you pick one up, he magics half the display onto the floor the comes to help you.

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So, what kind of woman do you think would attract Lokis attention and how would he go about winning her over?

I already did a “What kind of woman would Loki be interested in” sort of thing, which can be found here, darling:

So I’ll just answer your “How would Loki go about winning her over” part, okay?   <3 xx

——— “How would Loki go about winning over the woman he’s interested in?” ———

Any way that he possibly could or thought that would work. I think he would be very determined once he set his sights on someone. Loki would want to impress her, and spend as much time as he possibly could. He’d be subtle at first, I think, but he’d soon make his intentions clear.

I think a major way Loki would start it off would be by just spending time with her, taking her places and showing her things that he thought she’d like. Especially magic. He’d love showing that off.

No doubt he’d play tricks. Tiny ones, just to get her attention initially. Like turning her hair a crazy color that she wouldn’t like only to laugh at her demands he change it back before he finally did, telling her that she was beautiful with any color hair.

I think Loki would be all about compliments. That silver tongue, you know? He’d call her things like “love” and “darling” and “beautiful” like they were her name, never forgetting to say how stunning she was to him.

Loki would do anything it took to win her over.

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Is it just me or someone else gets very attracted to Loki in black suits?

Nonny, please…

I don’t need this kind of torture at 1:00 am.

“Mr.Laufeyson” [Loki - one shot]

*Casually leaves that link up there because i wrote it two years ago along with a sequel and it’s about Loki in Midgard wearing suits and seducing his neighbor. Low key self promo? #NOT i am too extra*



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I want to get into thorki but i also can't get past how ugly loki's hair and eyebrows look in all the films except thor 1 and also how generally ugly he is in the comics (teen!loki is the exception)

LMAO they really haven’t catered to our pretty boy needs, have they? a large portion of the fandom have their own person interpretation of the character and like to pretend he still looks like thor 1 era loki. most fanart i see has loki way more attractive than hiddleston can ever be, good hair, black nails and all. and is it really a fandom if there isn’t a large amount of denial fuelling it? i guess you have to ask yourself, how much can i ignore and how low am i willing to let my standards drop? 🤔

Imagine, Loki and Thor have a long-lost elder sister who was kidnapped by the frost giants as a baby and who is rightful heir to the throne of Asgard. However, she was raised as a Jotun and to believe that Asgardians are barbaric monsters so her arrival in Asgard is difficult for everyone.  She hates her Aesir form, though Loki secretly finds it very attractive (very secretly because he still knows nothing about his origins and thinks she’s his sister). She also finds Asgard uncomfortably hot and strips down to the barest apparel at any opportunity making life increasingly uncomfortable for Loki.  Only when she’s finally had enough and runs off ’home’ back to Jotunheim does Loki, who goes to rescue her, come face to face with his own heritage and the revelation that he needn’t keep his attraction a secret any longer.