loki as dennis

character: *is a shady person with questionable morals, maybe dreams of murder, has no qualms about killing someone and prob has, seems to either have no feelings at all or has feelings that are…um…not good, does dangerous things, somewhat prone to being manipulative*

me: [pointing at them] THAT ONE I WANT THAT ONE

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Can we get a picture of each of your pets? They sound so adorable!

of course! the other mods will reblog with pics of their pets when they have the time.

Emmy & Ruby - Emmy is 1 and is Ruby’s mum, Ruby is 4 months

Loki & Denny - Loki is 8 years and Denny is 2 years
(Ruby stole Dennys bed so he cant lie on it haha) ♡

Instincts, Chapter 54

TITLE: Instincts


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that in the omegaverse, Loki is part wolf instead of Jotun. He’s very Alpha - dominant and protective over his female Omega. Especially when she comes into heat, where he never leaves her side for the duration of it. They stay locked up in his chambers. 


2 Years Later

Loki, Layla, Eva, Dennis, Rafal, Rudolf, Naala and Freya were all out in the gardens one morning.

Dennis was chasing a butterfly around the garden. The rest had all been talking away. Dennis had the same eyes as his mother and the same hair as his father. He was adorable and everyone adored him already.

Eva was now a fully grown wolf size. She was the same size as Layla because of her being a hybrid. Her fur had grown in more and she was stunning. Her red colour was brighter than anyone had ever seen before, it was no wonder she was of royal blood.

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