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I was busy thinkin’ ‘bout boys

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I was busy dreamin’ 'bout boys

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I think some of you know that ABO Appreciation Day is coming, and I’m planning big, so… Here is my schedule to July 31st (and this doesn’t include the story I post at 3:30pm). Let me know if you want to be tagged, but I’ll only be tagging until July 20th, okay?

(The schedule is based on the Atlantic time zone.)

10 am: Alpha!Tony x Omega!Reader
11 am:  Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
12 pm: Omega!Bucky x Alpha!Reader
01 pm: Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader
02 pm: Beta!Bruce x Omega!Reader
03 pm: Alpha!Benny x Beta!Reader
04 pm: Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader
05 pm: Alpha!Balthazar x Omega!Reader
06 pm: Omega!Clint x Beta!Reader
07 pm: Alpha!John x Omega!Reader
08 pm: Beta!Vision x  Beta!Reader
09 pm: Beta!Charlie x Omega!Reader
10 pm: Alpha!Loki x Omega!Reader

“Morning After” Series!

So while my internet was gone ( insert you don’t know what you have until you lose it quote here) I got an idea about starting a new series. It will be called Morning After series and it’ll consist of drabbles -okay, maybe a bit longer than drabbles-  about multiple characters, and it’ll focus on…well, you know, the morning after their first night with the reader ;) I haven’t planned the whole thing yet, but characters might be as followed;

Dean Winchester x Reader

Sam Winchester x Reader

Castiel x Reader

Charlie Bradbury x Reader

Matt Murdock x Reader

Karen Page x Reader

Jessica Jones x Reader

Steve Rogers x Reader

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Thor x Reader

Loki x Reader

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Logan (Westworld) x Reader

Negan x Reader

Daryl Dixon x Reader

So, which ones would you like to see first? I’m so excited, I hope everyone will like it! <3 

Kisses, Dream :*

      Attenborough (director) would show Geraldine, who is Charlie Chaplin’s real-life daughter, some footage that had already been shot of Robert Downey Jr. playing her father (Charlie Chaplin). She said, “I have to tell you: I never, ever dreamed that anybody could convince me that they were Daddy. But that young man was Daddy. I don’t think that any actor could do what Robert did. It was as if my father came down from Heaven and inhabited him and possessed him for the length of the movie. It was just so shocking - he’s extraordinary. It’s as if my father was there, or else Robert in his reincarnation.

     "He is so gorgeous, which is appropriate because my father was a beautiful man too. Robert does the little tramp perfectly and he seems to capture the essence of my father. He’s heartbreaking and he has my father’s melancholy. The first time I met him as the Little Tramp I hugged Robert and he hugged me, and there I was with my father as a young man in my arms. We had quite a Freudian moment there.

Excerpt from the book Robert Downey Jr: The Biography.