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20 Questions

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Name: Ella
Nickname: El, Repair Girl, Captain Destruction (not commonly used but I love it xD), Little miss Pick Pocket, And Fred…which gets me some weird looks but its cuz Fred Weasley lol
Height: 5′8″
Ethnicity: I’m mixed, Spanish, Greek, Irish, and Middle Eastern
Favourite Fruit(s): Raspberries and Cantaloupe
Favourite Season: SUMMER, but Autumn is amazing too
Favourite book(s): Heroes of Olympus Series
Favourite Flower(s): Hyacinth by far
Favourite Animal(s): Alpacas, Lion Fish, dogs, otters 
Favourite beverage(s): Idk….i love basically everything really
Favourite fictional character(s): Leo Valdez, Piper McLean Weasley Twins, Sirius Black, Tony Stark, Scott Lang, Natasha Romanoff, Magnus Bane, Loki, Charlie Bradburry, Gabriel…I need to stop now because I have too many favorites
Number of blankets you sleep with: Two
Dream trip: Spain, Greece, and Ireland
Blog created: I have no freaking idea….I used it for eons to lurk around tbh…thought if I didn’t post anything I could stay away from addiction…yeah it didn’t work out so well
Number of followers: 331

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