loki as charlie

My song for you...

Imagine Loki catches you playing on your portable keyboard 🎹 on Christmas Eve, and you’re singing, and he starts harmonizing with you, as you both sing “my song for you” from good luck Charlie, a show your little sister used to watch.

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Susie Phalange’s Fic Masterpost

hint: look out for fics that have been released within the week with “new!” at the end of the line, or just scroll to see what suits for fancy. enjoy! ☼


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Shiver_Matt Murdock/Reader NEW!

It Comes Back To You_Clint Barton/Reader

Doesn’t Phase Me_Vision/Reader 

Write You A Letter_Frank Castle/Reader 

So Long, See You Tomorrow_Lincoln Campbell/Reader 

There’s No Place Like Home_Phil Coulson/Reader 

A Gem in a Rare Trove of Treasure_Loki/Reader 

The Hottest Wilson of All New York_Wade Wilson/Sister!Reader 

If You Love Me, Let Me Go_James “Bucky” Barnes/Reader

This Wallpaper Is Dreadful, One of Us Will Have to Go_Bruce Banner/Reader

Retail Christmas Hell_Heimdall/Reader

A Frown a Day Keeps the Christmas Cheer at Bay_James “Bucky” Barnes/ Reader 

The Whole World Stops and Stares for A While_Scott Lang/Reader 

Little One_Thor/Reader 

It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn_Tony Stark/Reader

Bad Habits_Sam Wilson/Reader 

Whatever and Ever, Amen_Charles Xavier/Reader

Not Alone_Pietro Maximoff/Reader 


Books Over Brawn_Steve Rogers/Reader 

Don’t Fear The Reaper_Pietro Maximoff/Reader 

Liar Liar Pants on Fire_Loki/Reader 

A Different Kind of Special_Lincoln Campbell/Reader

Wild Ride Wilson_Wade Wilson/Reader

Family of the Week_Father!Logan Howlett/Daughter!Reader

Fan the Flames_Alex Summers/Reader

Not Your Baby_Wade Wilson/Reader

Nymph Meets Havock_Alex Summers/Reader  

Elated_Logan Howlett/Reader  

Birdman_Sam Wilson/Reader

One Hitman Wonder_Wade Wilson/Reader

Harmony Blues_Alex Summers/Reader

Guardian Angel_Wade Wilson/Reader 

Got A Superhero_Wade Wilson/Reader 

The Quiet And The Quieter_Heimdall/Reader 

The Sock Scenario_Pietro Maximoff/Reader 

Asking For Trouble_Tony Stark/Reader 

Little Big_Steve Rogers/Reader

Big Green, Little One_Bruce Banner/Reader

Midgardian Woman_Loki/Reader

Red, White, Blue Birthday_Steve Rogers/Reader

The Wager_Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Frozen Watermelon Yoghurt_Steve Rogers/Reader

With You_Loki/Reader ALONE / WITH YOU 2

Alone_Loki/Reader ALONE / WITH YOU 1

Self Worth and Honesty_Thor/Reader

Unemployment, Ice Cream_Clint Barton/Reader

Caught Me By Surprise_James “Bucky” Barnes/Reader

Shoulder To Cry_Phil Coulson/Reader

Lab Gossip_Bruce Banner/Reader

The Sticky Note Situation_James “Bucky” Barnes/Reader

Bedridden Celebrity Heads_Pietro Maximoff/Reader

If I Scare You, Will You Run?_Victor Creed/Reader

Ten years, One day, Four hours and Seven Minutes_Loki/Reader


Coming Down_Chuck Shurley/Reader

Down to Earth_Castiel/Reader

Cheer Up_Dean Winchester/Reader IT’S A HUNTER’S LIFE 2

Luck of the Draw_Sam Winchester/Reader 

Well Respected Man_Dean Winchester/Reader

I Got Soul, but I’m Not a Soldier_Gabriel/Reader 

Lesbionage_Charlie Bradbury/Reader

Loving The Devil_Lucifer/Reader

And It Was In The Stars_Castiel/Reader

Tough Love_Dean Winchester/Reader IT’S A HUNTER’S LIFE 1

Queen of Darkness and Daisies_Crowley/Reader

The Adventures of Castiel and Reader_Castiel/Reader

Laptop, O Laptop_Sam Winchester/Reader

Star Wars

Too Many War Wounds_Kylo Ren/Reader

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My Soul’s Freezing_Armitage Hux/Reader 

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Catch of the Day_Kylo Ren/Reader

Patron Saint_Armitage Hux/Reader 

Heart of a Giant_Luke Skywalker/Reader

Dating, Not Dying!_Obi Wan Kenobi/Reader AQUA PROFUNDA 2

No Light, No Light_Kylo Ren/Reader

Breaking Point_Finn/Reader

Waving, Not Drowning!_Obi Wan Kenobi/Reader AQUA PROFUNDA 1

Galaxies In Your Eyes_Armitage Hux/Reader

Once Upon A Time

The Waif Wife_Killian Jones/Reader

The Littlest Mermaid_Henry Mills/Reader

Romcom Comedy_Killian Jones/Reader

Reading The Signs_Felix/Reader

Princes and A Pirate_Killian Jones/Reader

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Reunited_Pinocchio | August/Reader 


Consulting Receptionist_Greg Lestrade/Reader

Don’t Leave Me Lonely_Mycroft Holmes/Reader 

Nothing But Good Things_Mycroft Holmes/Reader 

Love At A Distance_Mycroft Holmes/Reader

The Consulting Artist_Sherlock Holmes/Reader

Purple Crayon_Mycroft Holmes/Reader

Star Trek

We All Get Scared Sometimes_ Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Reader

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Leonard McCoy_ Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Reader

Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour_Spock/Reader

The Grumpy Man in Blue_Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Reader

Hold Me_Pavel Chekov/Reader

Drama Unfolds in Medbay_James T. Kirk/Reader

Matchmaking on The USS Enterprise_Montgomery “Scotty” Scott/Reader

Slow Day_Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Reader

The Maze Runner

Two For Joy_Gally/Reader

Keeper of the Blankets_Gally/Reader 

It’s Nice To Be Alive_Minho/Reader

Keep Holding On_Newt/Reader

Short And Sweet_Gally/Reader

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

As Time Goes By_Sirius Black/Reader

Coming Home_Albus Severus Potter/Reader 

Textbook Romance_Fred Weasley/Reader  

Not Just A Mudblood_Ron Weasley/Reader

Teen Wolf

The Future is Now_Derek Hale/Reader 

Matchmakers_Scott McCall/Reader 

Stone Cold_Lydia Martin/Reader

No One Comes Friday_Derek Hale/Reader

Kingsman: Secret Service

Under the Mistletoe_Garry “Eggsy” Unwin/Reader 

Just A Tailor_Garry “Eggsy” Unwin/Reader

The Tech Man’s Assistant_Gary “Eggsy” Unwin/Reader


Dauntless Before Blood_Tobias “Four” Eaton/Reader

The Light To His Darkness_Eric/Reader

The Hobbit 

The King’s Human_Thranduil/Reader NEW!

A Burden To Bare_Thorin Oakenshield/Reader

Eddie The Eagle

Might As Well Jump_Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards/Reader

Baby It’s Cold Outside_Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards/Reader

The 100

Lilac Sky_Bellamy Blake/Reader


Sunday Sort of Love_Barry Allen/Reader  

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The Brightest Star_Credence Barebone/Reader

Paper Towns

Do You Like Dragons?_Mason/Reader

The Fault In Our Stars

I’ll Be There For You_Isaac/Reader

The Martian

Come And Get Your Love_Mark Watney/Reader

Percy Jackson

See A Sunset_Luke Castellan/Reader 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Detective, Detective_Jake Peralta/Reader 

Game of Thrones

The Path of Least Resistance_Computer Programmer!Jon Snow/Reader

The 6woofs Royal Dinner

My commission is finished!! I’m so ecstatic, it’s perfect! It’s based upon an idea I had a long time ago. Basically: “Charlie is the King, River is the Queen, Timber is the pretty Princess, Luka is the Prince that everyone adores, Loki is the younger Prince that will never become king and isn’t very happy about it, Kiba is the jester, and Marley is their turkey dinner." 

Thank you thank you gimpypro !!! I couldn’t be more happier with it! <3 Everyone, she is AWESOME you should go commission her! I just adore her style. I will probably go back for more. I’d love to do portraits of each dog in her style/this theme. :]

Preference #04 The Pet You Have











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Tom Hiddleston Email To Director Joss Whedon After Reading 'The Avengers' Script For The First Time


I am so excited I can hardly speak.

The first time I read it I grabbed at it like Charlie Bucket snatching for a golden ticket somewhere behind the chocolate in the wrapper of a Wonka Bar. I didn’t know where to start. Like a classic actor I jumped in looking for LOKI on every page, jumping back and forth, reading words in no particular order, utterances imprinting themselves like flash-cuts of newspaper headlines in my mind: “real menace”; “field of obeisance”; “discontented, nothing is enough”; “his smile is nothing but a glimpse of his skull”; “Puny god” …

… Thank you for writing me my Hans Gruber. But a Hans Gruber with super-magic powers. As played by James Mason … It’s high operatic villainy alongside detached throwaway tongue-in-cheek; plus the “real menace” and his closely guarded suitcase of pain. It’s grand and epic and majestic and poetic and lyrical and wicked and rich and badass and might possibly be the most gloriously fun part I’ve ever stared down the barrel of playing. It is just so juicy

I love how throughout you continue to put Loki on some kind of pedestal of regal magnificence and then consistently tear him down. He gets battered, punched, blasted, side-swiped, roared at, sent tumbling on his back, and every time he gets back up smiling, wickedly, never for a second losing his eloquence, style, wit, self-aggrandisement or grandeur, and you never send him up or deny him his real intelligence…. That he loves to make an entrance; that he has a taste for the grand gesture, the big speech, the spectacle. I might be biased, but I do feel as though you have written me the coolest part.

… But really I’m just sending you a transatlantic shout-out and fist-bump, things that traditionally British actors probably don’t do. It’s epic.