loki and lucy

Girl at my school: “I just don’t think a girl would be with someone who kills people.”

Me: “surenotpffT thAT wouLD bE craZY”


Just a reference post for the genderbends and their names:

Character Sheet Source: https://twitter.com/1023dve/status/788130724217884673

  • Lori - Loki
  • Leni - Loni
  • Luna - Luke
  • Luan - Lane
  • Lynn - Lynn
  • Lincoln - Linka
  • Lucy - Lars
  • Lana - Leif
  • Lola - Lexx
  • Lisa - Levi
  • Lily - Leon
[Translation] Gruvia: Reincarnation Part 2

Original art by: astasso@いんちょす
※permission to translate was given by the author via pixiv
Translator: sarapyon
T/N: A continuation from Part 1 and just heads up! There’s no news if astasso-san is planning to make a Part 3 for this doujin. So please, don’t ask me if there will be reincarnation part 3 already. Anyway, enjoy reading ^^ 

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(( i’m a NaLu fan but as for the 3rd pic, i just missed seeing Loki and Lucy together )) (( i know you once shippeD them (LoLu), as well as GrayLu hehehe )) 😉💖