loki and danielle


racebent fan(re)cast: avengers    

Daniel Henney as Captain America 

Riz Ahmed as Iron Man 

Gael Garcia Bernal as The Hulk 

Priyanka Chopra as Black Widow 

Sinqua Walls as Hawkeye

Jason Momoa as Thor 

Leslie Odom Jr. as War Machine 

Randall Park as Phil Coulson 

Kerry Washington as Pepper Potts 

Ezra Miller as Loki

Inspired by @feministfangirl‘s post

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so yeah 

but for real OMFG! THATS! AWESOME!

That would be me, if I ever meet *insert here actor/character I love*!

reblog with your beloved actor/character 

Jennifer Lawrence

Matt Smith

Misha Collins

David Tennant

Daniel Radcliffe

Jensen Ackles


Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Hiddleston

and, my personal favorite


when someone thinks they know the lyrics to a song you actually do know off by heart and they still sing it extremely confidently