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We all have that OTP when one person is like...
  • What I don't say: I love you.
  • What I do say: Are you okay? Did you get home safe? Are you hungry? Do you need anything? Please, text me, when you're home. Can I help you? Do you need a hug? Who the hell hurt you? Why are you crying? Do you need a tissue? Is everything alright? You know you can tell me anything, right?

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Honestly though do you think in the past 8 years something did happen between hiddlesworth?

Something like… them making out?

This is an honest question, and I believe it deserves an honest answer: no.

I mean I wish! But my Hiddlesworth headcanon is purely an AU headcanon, something that might have happened/be happening if they were both bisexual and secretly crazy for each other, like the protagonists of a perfect boy-love novel. Which they’re not. Chris is too busy being in love with his wife and children and Tom is too busy… sashaying with teen idols like TS. 

I have no doubt whatsoever that they share a deep friendship, the warmest feelings for each other. Chris has called Tom “brother from another mother” and Tom has confirmed that he “wishes they were brothers”. They’ve also spent holidays together at Chris’ home in Byron Bay (if I’m not mistaken) where the Hemsworths almost adopted him. They have CRAZY chemistry whenever they meet because, as they always say, they love each other so much and there’s mutual understanding. Whenever the camera catches them together they’re smiling at each other with the fondest smiles and never miss an opportunity to hug because yes, that’s what people do when there’s genuine love and affection between them. During “Thor”’s premiere Tom complimented Chris saying it was raining “because of Chris, the god of thunder” whereas Chris said it “happened immediately when they met, it’s emotional” meaning probably they had missed each other.

Just see their body language, how Tom lingers on waiting patiently for Chris to stop talking to that journalist so as to turn and see him there, 

and also during the Brisbane filming of Ragnarok where Chris is visibly impressed by Tom’s new look in that black Loki suit. 

And of course there’s the famous “Thor” interview where Tom says “but then when (Chris) smiles it’s all ok” (although that might be just Marvel promoting the bromance).

At the same time I do believe Chris is a “flirt” with anyone he meets, both men and women (just see how he winks at Tom when he wins their arm wrestling match). 

And the fact is that, no matter how much Tom’s fangirls (or the press) try to compare the two saying “Tom/Loki is more popular” in Chris’ face (that HORRIBLE moment during the Dark World press conference, god…) Chris is being graceful and honest, saying he runs the Hiddleston fanclub and he’s Tom’s biggest fan. Honestly I think Chris doesn’t give two shits about this popularity contest. He knows his strengths just as he knows he has an ally in Tom and, being the realists they both are, they know their profession is inconsistent: one day you’re on top, the next no one knows your name. 

I don’t know if they came up with a “love affair” or a “rom com” between Thor and Loki like Chris did with Daniel Brühl during the filming of “Rush” (and if you see the film, Chris’ James Hunt DOES act like he’s crushing on his rival, Daniel’s Niki Lauda, trying to send him apology letters and failing, kicking the shit out of an impertinent journalist who offended Niki, showing Niki more respect than he ever showed the women in his life and finally, acting like a blushing schoolgirl whenever they’re alone, even leaving his friends behind to have the chance to chat with Niki by the end of the film.) 

But watching the “give us a kiss” deleted scene in “Thor” I’m quite sure Tom and Chris had similar talks about their characters, as I’m positive this line is 100% Tom, maybe improvising, or somehow mirroring the relationship the two had off screen.

And seeing how touchy-feely Chris is with the men in his life (Taika being one of them, and Chris agreeing without a second thought to “have babies with him, or rather films”) I have no doubt he is very confident in his masculinity as well as his feminine/sensitive side. His mother did say that among his brothers he was the one closest to her.

What does “sadden” me  is not the fact that they haven’t touched or kissed but the fact that, as all friendships go, if you don’t meet someone for work, or for a common project/hobby the times you meet him become rare and far apart.

You just can’t keep up. That’s why actors get so emotional when a film is wrapping, or when their character dies in a tv show and they have to leave the set after spending so much time with their co-stars. Their friends. If they’re lucky they’re going to keep that friendship forever and work on multiple projects in the future.

And if not, “they will always have Byron Bay”.  

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racebent fan(re)cast: avengers    

Daniel Henney as Captain America 

Riz Ahmed as Iron Man 

Gael Garcia Bernal as The Hulk 

Priyanka Chopra as Black Widow 

Sinqua Walls as Hawkeye

Jason Momoa as Thor 

Leslie Odom Jr. as War Machine 

Randall Park as Phil Coulson 

Kerry Washington as Pepper Potts 

Ezra Miller as Loki

Inspired by @feministfangirl‘s post

Civil Ragnarok

I seriously need someone to merge Civil War and Ragnarok into one movie. When Ross asks Steve where Thor and Hulk are, the action jumps to chained Thor and his “I know what you are thinking” monologue. Whenever there is too much drama on Earth, we see Loki sipping his space margaritas and flirting with Jeff Goldblum the Grandmaster. We get four hours of pure joy and sexual frustration. We also get Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl in the same movie again. Yay!

That would be me, if I ever meet *insert here actor/character I love*!

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