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Imagine you’re an Asgardian woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him. 

Then one day at a gathering while your husband is visibly in ass mode again, you notice Loki ogling you from a point in the room where no one else can see him. He moves his glance elsewhere while sauntering in your direction and you feel your heart quickening as he approaches. He smiles upon reaching you and you feel yourself softly beginning to quiver from his close proximity. “How are you this evening Corina?”

 “Good and you prince Loki?” You manage to mutter. As he continues talking, he sneakily places a small note into your dress pocket, smiling even wider when your breath slightly hitches from his touch. 

“Very well thank you. I do hope you enjoy the rest of this evening’s festivities.” Then he nods and begins walking away. You slowly make your way to the exit and once reaching the corridor, pick up your pace towards the ladies room. Inside the privacy of a stall, your eyes widen as you read the note and a rush of heat floods your cheeks and core at its words….. 

“You are an exquisite beauty, Corina. He’s a fool to ignore you. Meet me at this location in fifteen minutes and we can ‘talk’. I assure you he’ll be well distracted and won’t notice you missing.” 

“Oh my.”

Tony: [eating as quickly as he can] Nonsense. Loki called planning our wedding nonsense!
Rhodey: Tones, I don’t think those pancakes are part of your diet.
Tony: [challenge in his tone] Do you wanna reach over here and try to take them away from me?

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18 with Loki (reader says it) :)

18 -  “It’s okay to cry…”

Words: 515

Warning: nightmares, crying

Also: You have the power of telepathy.

After Loki helped Thor and Jane with The Dark World incident and he was proven to be alive, Loki was sent to the Avengers compound on Earth. He may act like he’s cleaned up how he is, but they were still a bit worried. By sending him to spend time with the Avengers, it would be much easier to watch him.

His room ended up being next to yours, and you didn’t mind at all. He hadn’t done anything (well, besides try to take over New York a few years ago), that made you dislike him. You were also set to help him adjust to this Avengers lifestyle and accompany him around New York if need be. And, to your surprise, he is actually a very interesting person.

You learned that he didn’t always want to have power- as a child him and Thor got along perfectly well and didn’t care that Thor could wield Mjolnir. But as he grew older, the comparisons hurt.

You had also found out, without Loki knowing, that he was prone to nightmares. Nightmares remembering him attacking New York, from when he sent Thor to Earth alone, what his father would yell at him, the insults thrown at him while in the dungeon, even random, made up things he thought would occur from his time in the Avenger’s Compound. And you knew all of this because of your power- telepathy.

You had never been there when Loki experienced a nightmare, you were always asleep. You just found out about it the next day when you could feel the pain in his head. But you got lucky- tonight you woke up in the middle of the night to a hard pain in your head. It was pounding and you could scream from the pain. Loki was having a nightmare.

You never knew how you could connect with Loki so well; you assumed it was because of your quick bond to him- you began to understand how he felt and since you two spent so much time together, your power mended with him. 

You lightly knocked on his door and when you heard a grunt, you slowly opened the door. You saw Loki breathing deeply on his bed, not sure what to do. His hair was a mess and his shirt was practically turned around; probably from tossing and turning so much. “Hey, are you okay?” You asked, quietly, as you sat next to Loki.

He shook his head slowly, not sure if he should tell you that something was wrong. “You can talk to me, Loki, I’m here, You reminded him.

Loki tried to speak, but whenever he opened his mouth, no words came out. Only sounds that seemed like he was going to scream, throw up, or cry, did. You hesitantly moved your hands to his face to get him to look at you. “Hey, it’s okay to cry,” You reminded him.

“I-it sh-shows weak…weakness,” Loki said through hyperventilating breaths. “I-I never…never cry.”

“It does not show weakness, Loki,” You sighed. “It shows that you have feelings. Which is a good thing. You can tell me anything.”

And he did.

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Imagine Thor and Loki walking around New York looking for Doctor Strange; and Loki (in typical fashion) is in a tailored suit, with his long black hair slicked back and a waking stick in his hand. And everyone is staring at him, so Thor is like, “Brother, do you think you could be just a little less conspicuous?”

So Loki smiles and shifts his illusion, making it look like jeans and a tight t-shirt, and his hair is shorter and lighter, and he has some stubble, and his walking-stick becomes a phone.

Thor looks him over and says, “Nicely done, but who are you supposed to be?”

And Loki is like…

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Caged (2)

Synopsis: What happens when Loki meets someone who actually calls him on his bullshit instead of running and hiding?

Word Count : 850

A/N: I’m not even sorry for starting another series! 😂😂😂

Part One

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