TITLE: Princess


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is on Midgard carrying out some business. Thinking he is invisible, as he is under magic, he walks across a playground. There, a child (you) sees through his magic somehow and befriends him.


NOTES/WARNINGS: None to speak of.


I met my imaginary friend when I was four. Of course, he wasn’t imaginary—he was real. But no one believed me. No one ever believed me. I was the kid with the overactive imagination who could entertain herself for hours with a string and a couple of magnets.

It started at the park. I never really liked parks. I was an introvert from the beginning and other kids drained my energy faster than that car in Back to the Future. But my mom had to drag me along because my older sister and her friend wanted to play at the park and she couldn’t leave me home alone. I found myself all alone on a see-saw, looking over at where my sister (aged six at the time) was doing something with her friend. I think they were braiding dandelions into each other’s hair or something that my mom would shout at them at later for doing but Mom was talking with some lady she knew from high school or something.

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Imagine waking up one morning to hear the TARDIS materialising in your apartment. The Doctor steps out and tells you to come with him, and you suspect that it is Loki, because Loki knows how much you love Doctor Who and have always wished it was real. You keep saying that you know he is really playing the Doctor, but the Doctor denies it. Eventually you find out that Loki is actually disguising himself as the TARDIS and he wants to watch you interact with the Doctor and watch your eyes light up with excitement when you think no one is watching.

What happens when your sick but still a hardcore Stucky shipper…. (The pictures aren’t mine if someone already did something like this I apologize I did not know but I love stucky soo here ya go)