I just thought about this. Thor can’t tell between the real and the illusion. I mean, Thor doesn’t know that it was Loki who is “disguised” as Odin. Thor doesn’t know that the dead body he was holding and he was crying on wasn’t Loki. Nope. Thor can’t see through Loki’s illusions.

I believe the only reason he noticed about Loki putting on the illusion in this scene is, because he knows that Loki loves Frigga, his mother, despite him being mischief, greedy, or whatever they call it. Beside, in the deleted scene, Thor caught Frigga “visiting” Loki in the prison. Thor is sure that Loki will be very sad after he heard about his mother died. Especially when Loki didn’t see Frigga for the very last time to say goodbye.

and now i’m upset because i feel Loki’s pain T^T

Imagine you’re a volunteer at a local shelter for abused men. Loki is the newest resident, fleeing from his abusive girlfriend. The two of you become friends, and soon fall in love and start dating. He’s being very cautious, but he’s starting to open up to you as you, through good words and kindness, show him that love isn’t supposed to hurt.

SSS Call for Fic:  Reindeer Games

image courtesy of @bundyvimes [x]

Hi All, 
Yes it’s been a while since there’s been a call for SSS.  But it’s time! Let’s do this:

Prompt: Imagine Loki experiencing Midgardian Winter holidays for the first time, in a very naughty way.

Submissions:  Smutty, sexy, rated M, 18+
Please send the link to your fic via email to hiddleslores@gmail.com

Deadline: Sunday, December 18, 4:00 p.m. Pacific time (-08:00 GMT)

Tagging some previous writers, please reblog so any potential authors can see and contribute :3

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I was hoping to request a story where Loki starts dating a midusrdian gothic girl, and while most people assume she must be sad or mopey and such, she is actually quite confodent and witty. It’s part of what attracts Loko to her. I love your blog!!!

Oh my word, thank you so much!  I assume you mean Midgardian?  Either way, I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Loki can remember the first time he saw you.  You were actually being teased by some young adults around you, and he stood back and watched.

First, he snickered at the comments they made.  Comments about your red and black lace corset, sitting atop a long-sleeve black shirt with a floor-length battered skirt.  Your hair was wavy down your back and your make-up was heavy around your eyes, and the kids kept calling you a “raccoon” and accused of “wearing your depression like a fashion statement.”

But it was your comments back that caught his attention.

“At least I’m confident enough to cover my body and still walk with pride.”

“There are other animals with rings around it’s eyes: pandas, lemurs, meerkats.  Be original, man.”

“Are you done?  I have a class to ace.”

Loki could remember how much his chest swelled with pride for a woman he had never even met.

And that’s when he decided he had to meet you.

“Excuse me,” he lulls lowly, “is this seat taken?”

He watched you blow on your coffee lightly as you flickered your heavily mascara’d eyelashes up towards him.

But the apathetic fire brewing behind your eyes only edged Loki on.

“Miss?” he asked.

But you were waiting to see what he would do.  Would he sit down?  Would he stand there and wait?  Would he walk away?

You watched him sit down, his eyes never leaving yours, as a light smile crooked upon your cheek.

He leaned back into his chair and crossed his leg over his knee, his chest broad and his attitude pompous.

So you decided to put him in his place a bit.

“No,” you say lightly before taking a sip of your coffee.

Loki held your stare.  He knew what you were trying to do, and he enjoyed the game you were attempting to play.

“Yes,” he says lightly.

“I never asked for anything,” you shoot back.

“I never assumed you would,” he says knowingly as a woman sets a coffee down in front of him.

“So then what is the future preset ‘yes’ for?” you question as you pick up your coffee to sip it again.

And as he leans forward and places his forearms onto the coffee table, your eyes hold his beautiful stare as he murmurs lowly, “Whatever you wish.”

That was eight months ago.

Every week the two of you would meet in that coffee shop, and every week the two of you would banter back and forth, challenging each other’s wit and seeing how far you could feed…and deflate…each other’s egos.

You had come to look forward to those coffee dates.

But one day, when you had been released from your last class of the semester, you found him standing against the cement steps as he looks up at you, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Loki?” you ask as you try to bury the smile creeping along your cheeks.

“Ah, so you are happy to see me?” he asks as he clasps his hands behind his back and watches you slowly descend the steps.

“Actually, I’m happy that my semester is over, but if it helps your ego, you’re more than welcome to take credit,” you smirk.

“Then I shall take credit where I can get it,” he lulls lowly as he slowly slips his arm around your waist.

“Begging for scraps…not really your thing,” you lull as your eyes flicker mischievously up towards his.

“Oh, look!” a girl jeers, “Maybe now our little meerkat will be able to expand the colors in her closet!”

“Thank you!” you yell back as the girl stares at you in confusion.

Even Loki cocked his eyebrow a bit at your sentiment.

“You know!” you yell out again as you turn around and feel Loki pull your back flush to his chest, “For being original this time!”

And you and Loki chuckled to yourselves as the girl huffed and puffed away.

“You’re perfect,” Loki leans down and mumbles into your ear.

And for the first time in eight months, you conceded to the want in you and nuzzled the side of your head into his lips.

And for the first time in eight months, Loki didn’t have a sarcastic thing to say.


Being a winged Goddess and meeting Loki.

Warnings: None
—Requested by Anon—

Feathers fell from your wings and drifted down to the ground before dissolving into nothing. The gold gleamed in the sun, sending bright streaks of light in every direction.

Loki stared in awe as your feet gracefully hit the floor. You were exquisite, beautiful and otherworldly. As you stepped towards him, your legs shook - a sign that you had been flying about for a long while.

“Loki, brother of Thor and son of Odin.” You greeted. “God of mischief and lies. I am (Y/N) and I have come to take you back to Asgard.”

“So they can lock me up again?” He hissed, taking one stride towards you, coming right up to your face. “Why bother?”

“You’re a mad man.” You say. “And you’re a danger to mankind.”

Loki’s hand ran down your cheek and across your collarbone.

“A danger, am I?” He asked, tilting his head to one side and bringing his lips up to your ear. “Do you like danger, (Y/N)?”

Election Day (avengers chat room)
  • Tony has started a chat
  • Tony invited Sam, Steve, Bruce, Y/n, Natasha, Wanda, Bucky, Clint, Thor and Loki
  • Tony: WE NEED TO VOTE!
  • Y/n: I'm not able to vote... I'm underage... but YES YOU ALL NEED TO VOTE!
  • Steve: I don't know who to vote for
  • Wanda: it's obviously Hilary that we need to for
  • Sam: great to know that you're also with her :-)
  • Tony: noooo vote for Trump!
  • Y/n: what
  • Bucky: the
  • Clint: hell
  • Natasha: Tony I will break your neck if you ever said that again
  • Thor: why must you do such a thing to him spider lady?
  • Bruce: I think we should vote for Trump. He will help us with our country.
  • Y/n: are you crazy?! You must be crazy! FDT!! FDT
  • Steve: what is FDT?
  • Y/n: Fuck Donald Trump
  • Sam: Fuck Donald Trump
  • Loki: I'm not voting for none of them. Bernie would have been a better choice but then again if he was still going I wouldn't have voted period.
  • Natasha: you're not even from here so you wouldn't be able to vote anyways
  • Tony: no
  • Bruce: no
  • Y/n: I forever hate both of you
  • Sam: we will see who will win
  • Steve: I still don't know who to vote for...
  • Wanda: if Trump wins those that have voted for Hilary will sway clothes with each other for a whole week
  • Clint: and if Hilary wins?
  • Bucky: then the Trump loves will get slammed on the ground
  • Steve: that's a little harsh don't you think?
  • Y/n: no
  • Bruce: yes!
  • Tony: yes
  • Sam: not at all
  • Loki: I like that idea
  • Y/n: your not voting so stay out of this
  • Loki: you aren't voting either you midgaurdian trash
  • Y/n: you sure do have a lot to say over the phone but not to my face
  • Sam: daaaamn
  • Y/n: less talk and fight me
  • Loki has left the chat
  • Y/n has left the chat
  • Bucky: oh dang
  • Thor: Loki looks extremely upset
  • Natasha: so does y/n
  • Steve: well... I still don't know who to vote for
  • Sam: Hilary
  • Bucky: Hilary
  • Tony: Donald
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: listen to me... I'm your best friend you are voting for Hilary
  • Steve: okay bestie
  • Wanda: goals!!
  • Clint: that was gay
  • Thor: what is wrong with being gay?
  • Clint: Thor?
  • Thor: yes
  • Clint: shut up
  • Bruce: no we need more people on our side! Make America great again!
  • Natasha: do you want me to break your face?
  • Bruce: 0.o
  • Natasha: that's what I thought
  • Steve: I'm going to go vote bye
  • Steve has left the chat
  • Thor: hurry and vote!
  • Bruce has left the chat
  • Loki has left the chat
  • Thor has left the chat
  • Natasha has left the chat
  • Clint has left the chat
  • Sam has left the chat
  • Wanda has left the chat
  • Bucky has left the chat
I Love To Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be. 


The next day, Loki and Alexandra hardly spoke two words to one another passed him asking her if she was alright after what they had done the night before. She simply nodded and thanked him for trying to be gentle with her. Dressing in their clothes, the sat with their family for breakfast.

“The Bifrost is ready when you are.” The Allfather declared. The pair looked at him for a moment before looking at one another and then back to him. “For your honeymoon…” He looked at them as though they had taken leave of their senses.

“I…” Loki looked at Alexandra again, who seemed more interested in the food on her plate. “It is not necessary.”

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