A^3′s MBTI Analysis of Mako

(Includes relationship analyses of Lin, Bolin, Wu, Asami, and Korra).

lokg&m: Our friend A^3 is back with another MBTI analysis, this time for Mako. It’s a great and insightful read into our favorite firebender, and IMO a must-read for the fandom. I think it only serves to make our love of him grow.

Mako: ISTP (Ti-Se-Ni-Fe)

Mako is a bit difficult to type because he is introverted and inexpressive, which means he usually plays the “straight man” and is overshadowed by the louder personalities surrounding him. I opted to analyze all of his main relationships to get a better overall sense of his behavioral patterns.

ISTPs often have a “loner” vibe because they tend to see the world in a detached way. Ti is a function which picks things apart in an analytical manner. Viewing the world through Ti means seeing the world much like a complex machine with a finite number of objects and variables that can all be accounted for if you examine it properly. ISTPs can appear slow and deliberate in their mannerisms, because, in their minds, they are navigating many different variables. Ti-doms make it their mission to understand the functional or logical relationships between variables, thereby revealing how the larger system works and what its ultimate purpose is. Ti is not about bringing order to the world like Te; rather, it is about understanding How Things Work in order to form a solid internal foundation for judgment and decision making. If you know how things work, then you know where you fit in and what to do to keep the system running smoothly. So, ISTPs are often drawn to disciplines or careers that require this mechanistic style of thinking.

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A^3′s MBTI Analysis of Varrick

(Includes analysis of his relationships with Zhu Li and Asami)

lokg&m: whenever the magical unicorn A^3 drops by my inbox, I get a bit too excited for my own good. This essay does not disappoint in the slightest, especially in light of the amount of flack I’ve seen Varrick’s character get.

(You can read all of A^3′s other analyses from my roundup post; the MBTI specific ones have their own section)

Varrick: ENTP (Ne-Ti-Fe-Si)

Our first introduction to Varrick quickly establishes him as somebody who values ideas, inspiration, and innovation. Ne-doms are always focused on a myriad of contextual factors, playing around with them, and connecting them together to construct a larger pattern that can be used to extrapolate future outcomes. They are very future-oriented and driven to relentlessly explore possibilities, which makes them really good at brainstorming ideas. They make excellent entrepreneurs because of their uncanny ability to identify and catalyze new trends. ENTPs are enthusiastic people, energized by the sense of promise that each changing moment brings.

Although Varrick was born into a poor family, he managed to turn a small local business into a global enterprise. Even with a successful business empire under his belt, he is always on the lookout for more opportunities to innovate and improve. His portrayal often feels a bit one-dimensional because of his overdependence on Ne. If he could utilize Ti-aux a bit more effectively, he would refine his ideas and implement more careful solutions to problems. Unfortunately, he often relies on others to do this detailed work while he carelessly flits from one interest to another. One major weakness of ENTPs is precisely this inability to take ideas all the way through to completion; they prefer to explore potential rather than trudge through the process of realizing it. At their worst, they seem brash, hasty, scattered, easily distracted, and unreliable.

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