Look, I can’t wait any longer to finish my training. Being cooped up and hidden away from the world isn’t helping me become a better Avatar. I saw a lot of the city today, and it’s totally out of whack. I understand now why you need to stay. Republic City does need you. But it needs me, too.


Avatar Week - Bonus Day: Dear

To all the cast and the characters,

Thank you for giving me a such a wonderful series that I’ve been able to enjoy with both of my siblings. We’ve eagerly watched both series several times and collectively fangirled. The diverse issues explored and the development of all the characters in both series have been one of the highlights. The series also had great messages embedded within it. The complex nature of all characters is something I am grateful for being portrayed as it showed how dynamic the characters can be no matter who they are, which can be extended to people themselves.

Thank you for the last ten years.