Lokard may not be the biggest physical threat in Heartblade, but I’d still like to consider him the true villain in some way. Every little moral that our heroes cling to; Lokard defies and spits on. He’s designed to be the dirtiest, sleaziest villain that I can possibly write.

Murder, theft, kidnapping, pillaging? You name the crime. He’s most likely committed it. Lokard’s body has undergone some crazy mutations, turning him into a poisonous monster. He douses his blade in poison secreted from his own glands, making it more difficult for his victims to have an antidote. He also runs a gang of criminals known as the Vipers, and has 3 lieutenants; Molyne, Duvogh, and Azre.

Heartblade Strips: “Booksnake”

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This one isn’t extremely funny. It mostly touches on the characteristics of Diji ( blonde girl) and Lokard (the jerk face).

Disclaimer: Nerdomancy is not a legitimate magic class. At least not in Heartblade.