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LOK Villain Party.


I was originally going to post this video alongside some panels from S&S Part 2, saying how under normal circumstances Zuko would have probably given a long-winded and dramatic speech about personal freedoms etc

But, considering the context of Picard’s Drumhead speech, and considering how Tarrlok was supposed to be be like Joe McCarthy to some degree, I thought thus was much more fitting. 

Happy Halloween 2014.

LOK villain halloween kid  time.

Jeremy Zuckerman

[Bryan Koneitzko] has some fantastic ideas. One was to make Before, the piece for the backstory of the brothers in Legend of Korra, a duet: the cello representing Noatak and the Erhu representing Tarrlok. 

~ Jeremy Zuckerman on creating Before [x] [x]


Mako: How did you figure out Amon is your brother? 
Tarrlok: When he took my bending, the sensation was somehow familiar. I later recognized it as my brother’s bloodbending grip.