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The Legend of Korra: Tarrlok [ENTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Tarrlok utilizes everything around him to his advantage in order to achieve his goals. There’s pretty much nothing he won’t use in order to get what he wants, and no one he won’t manipulate. He’s ruthless, efficient and direct; he’s quick to instruct and lecture, to control and dominate. He does what’s needed to accomplish what he wants or needs. Of course, this isn’t always aimed at nefarious purposes; he does try to use this manipulation and control to help make Republic City a better place and defeat the Equalists.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He has a good sense of how things will play out, and frequently manipulates in order to turn things in the direction he wants them to go. He’s quick to sum people up, lay out a plan, and play on peoples’ weaknesses or wants in order to make them do what he wants them to do. He quickly realizes what’s really going on from a few disparate pieces of proof, and thinks a lot about the big picture.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He utilizes his surroundings in battle, takes action in order to solve his problems, and uses physical items to achieve his own ends (i.e., giving Korra nice things to persuade her to join his task force.) He notices things; he’s highly observant, and quick to work out ways that others can be manipulated (using Korra’s friends to control her).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He believes he’s doing the right thing, that he’s making Republic City a safer place for others. However, his morals are usually clouded by his determination to get what he wants. He holds his feelings inside; though he does care for his brother, he rarely expresses it. His emotions are restricted in general, but when he’s anxious he bursts out with rage.


BK: Noatak and Tarrlok at their different young ages. I was expecting the task of designing young Noatak at all of these ages to be a real challenge, but Il-Kwang and Jin-Sun hit the nail on the head from the get-go. I was so relieved that I happily approved the designs and moved on to the next task, never noticing until the animation came back that he had the exact same hairstyle as our hero, Korra! I decided it was a kind of interesting and unexpected connection between Korra and Noatak/Amon, showing that despite how different they are in the present, the come from very similar cultural backgrounds. Tarrlok apparently sprouted an additional ponytail every few years. Expressions by Ki-Hyun Ryu and Il-Kwang Kim. Designs by Il-Kwang Kim and Jin-Sun Kim. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.


makaveli-the-avatar  asked:

I know this is going to sound completely random and out of place since I know politics isn't really a big part of your blog, but Kuvira and Suyin almost remind me of Hillary and Trump in a twisted sort of way.

Hmm, I think a more apt comparison would be Tarrlok and Amon. On the one hand, you have the cool-under-fire political animal who tries to control everything and has thought through all the details, but who doesn’t do enough to acknowledge the struggles of a disaffected underclass, so they think everything is fine until it blows up in their faces. On the other hand, you have a demagogue who uses the real oppression that’s occurring in their country to threaten action against another group of people, one that they despise, as well as grandstand about making everything better again, but who is a dyed-in-the-wool charlatan and eventually gets exposed for a fraud.

Or, since Trump is bumbling around while other people try to pull his strings, an equivalent would be the Lieutenant as the real Amon, with the man in the mask having the personality of Varrick (treatment of women included).  

I suppose I could do a politics blog, but I’d have to keep it separate from my fandom one for people who don’t want to read through that stuff on their off time.


I was originally going to post this video alongside some panels from S&S Part 2, saying how under normal circumstances Zuko would have probably given a long-winded and dramatic speech about personal freedoms etc

But, considering the context of Picard’s Drumhead speech, and considering how Tarrlok was supposed to be be like Joe McCarthy to some degree, I thought thus was much more fitting. 

Jeremy Zuckerman

[Bryan Koneitzko] has some fantastic ideas. One was to make Before, the piece for the backstory of the brothers in Legend of Korra, a duet: the cello representing Noatak and the Erhu representing Tarrlok. 

~ Jeremy Zuckerman on creating Before [x] [x]