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Lieutenant: Left-tenant v. Loo-tenant, An Apology from Britain 

In Britain people traditionally pronounce ‘Lieutenant’ as 'Left-tenant’ rather than the American or French 'Loo-tenant’. The historical reason for this is not certain, though there are some plausible theories. However, I think that essentially British English is wrong and here I explain why.

Have this horribly unfinished thing that will probably stay this way forever because h o ly shit I have a ton of homework

Amon and Lieutenant on a test ride for one of Hiroshi’s airships or something. Amon is super excited because I like the image of Amon fangirling over technology and Lieutenant’s kinda smiling and grimacing at the same time because he’s never ridden an airship before either and it’s super cool and his baby looks super cute but at the same time he’s like Amon you’re really close to the edge it’s scaring me stahp and Amon’s like it’s okay the water will break the fall WINK

Lieutenant 2/? - Steve x Reader

I walked into the office wearing a new dress feeling incredible. My sister said she was coming down soon and it had been months since I’d seen her. Mum said she might even come down with her. On my way to office I had grabbed Steve’s coffee and my frappucino. I walked right into the office and through to my section. I popped my drink down and dumped my things on the desk before walking back through to Steve’s desk. I placed his coffee there as he walked in.
“Morning Steve.” I smiled at him.
Steve gave me a harsh glare. “Why are you even here? I don’t need you; I was completely fine without you. I don’t need anyone!”
I blinked and took a step back. “Excuse me?”
“I don’t need anyone! I don’t need you Y/N!” Tears threatened to build up. I forced them straight back down.
“Okay who pissed with you this morning?”
This time Steve looked surprised. “What?”
“You heard. I know people; I normally know them better than they know themselves.”
Steve just slumped because his posture disappeared and he ran a rugged hand over his face. “I had a rough night.”
I hummed understandingly. “Bitter memories can become bittersweet memories when you share them with a friend.” I grabbed his hand and led him to the small couch in the office. “What happened?”
I placed a hand over his and Waited patiently until he was ready.
“It was about Bucky. It was when he fell off the train back in the war. Then I saw everyone I cared about dying around me. It just made me feel so alone, how everything can just be ripped away from me.” Steve’s voice was quiet and hurt as he spoke. He didn’t understand any of it. How he could be so vulnerable in front of his assistant he had only known a week.
“Hey Steve,” I said. “For what it’s worth, I’m not going to leave any time soon and I know that the Avengers will always be there for you if you really need them. You know what? Go see Bucky, I can cover for you today.”
“I couldn’t -” Steve went to object but I gave him my ‘Y/N look’ and he quickly lost any argument when he stood up. “Thank you. Y/N.”
I smiled. “Have fun. And Steve? Just talk to me next time, I’m always here.”
With a smile he disappeared off through the building away from the office. I sighed; Steve’s words had struck a cord in me whether I liked it or not. I decided to take Taylor Swift’s advice:

Shake it off.

… … …

I was typing up a mission report for Steve when it happened. The phone was ringing its little rhythm so I picked it up.
“Lieutenant, I need you to come up to my lab. You remember where that is?” Tony’s voice was on the other end of the line, for once sounding serious.
“Sure.” I swung on my chair slightly. “I had some files to bring you anyway. I’ll be there in a moment.“ I hung up the phone and quickly grabbed the files I needed to give to Tony. I navigated the halls with ease striding confidently into Tony’s lab. I faltered slightly when I saw a man there surrounded by other armed men. I quickly put on a professional mask.
“Mr Stark, here are the files you requested earlier.”
Tony thankfully caught on and went with it. “Ah yes, thank you Lieutenant.” He gave me a playful smirk as if nothing was wrong.
I glanced at his screen and blinked slightly in the middle of the screen it clearly stated: DON’T TRUST HIM! - T
“Lieutenant, eh? Do you mind explaining that? You don’t looking the military type.
I spun a bullshit tale for him. “I’m really not military in anyway really, sir. It’s because my name’s Louisa and since I’m surrounded by people with titles or alter egos, Mr Stark thought it would be funny since Lieu and Lou rhyme.”
The man smiled. “Ah that does make sense. Justin Hammer, pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure must be mine, Mr Hammer.”
“Please, just call me Justin.” I flashed a polite professional smile at him and made for the door. “Nuh uh, dearie, you’re going no where.”
I shot a look at Tony and he looked worried.
“Just let her go, Hammer, she’s just an assistant.” Tony looked at me warily as he sipped his ever present Scotch.
“But she’s leverage, Stark. She can get your precious Captain here, and with him of course, the Asset.”
“So bloody cliche.” I muttered under my breathe as one of the men walked over and restrained me. “Excuse me! Watch the dress because this is new! Do you know how much effort it is to return clothing? Too much! And if you ruin it I’m making you pay for my next shopping spree.” I bullshitted my way through trying to buy us time so the rest of the Avengers could get here.
“Firey, aren’t you?” Justin Hammer got up in my face, his hot breath smothering my face.
“Do you want a mint? You breath reeks of coffee and cigarettes. There’s a packet on the table.” I shot back. I really needed to learn when to shut up.
He sneered but took a mint anyway. He looked to the man restraining me and nodded. I suddenly found myself in a chokehold.
“And the hair? Really? I actually spent a long time on my appearance this morning and it was definitely not so you could ruin it.” I wheezed. Do I ever shut up?
I could feel it getting hard to breathe so I took a deep breath and remembered what I could from self defence lessons my mum had insisted that I took. I crouched as much as I could before flicking my legs up and forward, before jerking downwards. The man flew over my head and onto the ground in front of me.
“Let us go, Justin.” I humoured his request and called him by his first name.
Justin Hammer gave me a perverted smile. “You’re beautiful when you’re forceful.”
I raised an eyebrow and positioned a hand on my hip. “Now, I know you meant that as a compliment but I’d prefer it if you didn’t put limitations on my beauty.”
I then slammed my hand into his temple and he crumpled like a sack of potatoes. I looked at the other men.
“Do you want to be like them?” I could hear footsteps pounding down the corridor.
The men raised their guns in response. A swoosh of red, white and blue hit them as Steve’s shield hit home. I quickly walked past whoever was at the door and back to my office.

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