lok: lieutenant

LOK Villain Party.

Have this horribly unfinished thing that will probably stay this way forever because h o ly shit I have a ton of homework

Amon and Lieutenant on a test ride for one of Hiroshi’s airships or something. Amon is super excited because I like the image of Amon fangirling over technology and Lieutenant’s kinda smiling and grimacing at the same time because he’s never ridden an airship before either and it’s super cool and his baby looks super cute but at the same time he’s like Amon you’re really close to the edge it’s scaring me stahp and Amon’s like it’s okay the water will break the fall WINK


I have come to the conclusion I am Amonsexual…I ship anything with Amon in it…so that would explain this…but yeah I had this silly idea. Because I am the ultimate creeper.

Amon and Lieutenant have been drinking… pretty much the same amount except for the fact Lieutenant drinks that amount every night while poor Amon has had the odd sip in his life. That also explains why Amon is on the bottom…

So he will be waking up tomorrow with a nasty surprise not to mention they have lots and lots of walking to do… >:D 


I figure one way to fight Equalists is to use an Equalist weapon.

[updated gifset]

Doesn’t matter. He wouldn’t have. Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on you yet. He wasn’t a very honest person.

I miss… the stability he gave us. It was easier to follow that person than to think for ourselves.

You should go to bed now. We’re raiding the Monsoons tomorrow, remember? Don’t waste your energy thinking about the past. It’s not efficient.

He didn’t– he could never have…

…Men like that don’t love.

Go to bed, and don’t talk about him in front of me anymore.