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Flirting Head Canons


Amon to Korra- Too subtle, too smooth, and too sneaky
Lines- “Until we meet again, Avatar Korra.”  “What a surprise to see you out and about this fine evening.” “You lack restraint, young Avatar.” “We never did have our one-on-one confrontation on Avatar Island… and you seemed so eager…”
Behavior- Mysterious, unmarked gifts on the Avatar’s doorstep; Korra feels that she’s being watched; there’s a strange man who stands just outside of White Lotus striking distance… he’s probably just the paparazzi, right?
Effectiveness- -10%: Too subtle.  Korra takes the smoulder for intimidation tactics and responds with violence and terror.
Korra to Amon- Starts with Shy, Nervous, Curiosity but quickly progresses to Blunt, Direct, and Brutal tactics.
Starts at: “So… maybe we should talk about this whole… Equalist thing?”  “I am the Avatar for everyone, so… I’m the Equalist’s Avatar too, right?”  “You know, I think we’d probably work pretty well together?  I’m the Avatar… you’re an Avatar…?  It could work.”
Escalates to: “So… you doing anything after this fight?”  “Us Avatars, we should hang out sometime.” “You know, I’m a skilled healer, I could take a look at those burns for you…?” 
Finally moves to: “You’re hot.”  “Can I kiss you?”  “I want you.”
Behavior- Begins with blushing and frequent, quiet glances, and shy smiles.  Escalates to dumb grins, invasions of personal space, and attempts at establishing light physical contact.  Finally, she will corner Amon while he’s alone to confront him and demand answers… Depending on how hard he is to track down this may involve breaking into the Equalist base, locating his office/private quarters, and lounging somewhere conspicuous to wait for him… possibly with flowers and chocolate or something ‘Equalist-y.’
Effectiveness- From 70 to 110%: Her initial interest is easily noted and observed, but can be dismissed as a childish crush.  The escalation becomes troubling… especially as her tactics become more aggressive… The final move may come out of left field from Amon’s perspective… so he may be too surprised/flattered/confused to dodge when she jumps him.  And he never says no to chocolate.

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Amorralok Time

I’ve been wondering how Korra’s family would react to her bringing home not just one but two attractive older men who had once tried to kill her.

Senna: *Grinning* *Thinks: That’s my girl!*

*Unalaq and Tonraq exchange looks*

Tonraq: Brother, this better not be giving you any weird ideas.

Unalaq: *Smirks*

Tonraq: Unalaq, if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, you’d better stop thinking right now.

Eska: *Secretly admires Korra’s man-attracting skills* *Plans to start her own male harem*

Desna: *Wishing he didn’t have such a crazy family because he is secretly the only normal person present*

Noatak:…And so I discovered that I had the ability to take away people’s Bending. *Loving that he’s making everyone uncomfortable*

Tarrlok: *Feeling awkward and wishing Noatak would shut up*

Korra: *Naïve bliss and ignorance of anything weird about the situation*

I wish someone would do a fanfic or a comic strip of this. I think it would be hilarious.

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Korrlok OTP Winter meme: 3, 7, 8, 13?


3: Who’s family hosts a bigger holiday gathering? What’s the gathering like for your OTP?
So, the best part about the holidays in the Water Tribe is that they’re seasonal.  Since their families live on opposite sides of the planet, it’s possible to never miss the big Solstice Celebration.  While this fact delights Korra, Tarrlok is less than thrilled.  He hates going home and he’s somewhat terrified of Korra’s father.
Tarrlok’s family always throws the bigger celebration.  His mother’s family is extensive (she was one of twelve) and half the villages comes out to visit and see the Avatar.  It’s always a huge deal and Tarrlok always feels like they’re imposing and drawing too much attention.  Korra, on the other hand, loves the attention and tries to get along with everyone.
Things are usually pretty okay right up until Tarrlok’s mom starts asking about grandkids… They’re in real trouble if Senna decides to join them, because then they get tag-teamed by two eager grandmamas-in-waiting (Tonraq isn’t there to reign Senna in, he’s still banished from the North).
Visiting Korra’s family is always quieter, but somewhat more tense.  Tarrlok swears that Tonraq hates him and wants his hide.  Korra of course disagrees, but she never sees the murder-glare that her father gives her boyfriend/husband whenever she’s not looking.  Also the White Lotus guards are always hovering just outside the edge of sight… And that gets really, really uncomfortable.  There’s very little privacy…

7: Does your OTP ever have snowball fights?
Yes. Whenever it snows, snowball fights happen.  Sometimes they don’t even bother waiting for snow (water benders). Korra usually starts the fight.  Often at the most inopportune moments–in the middle of a press-conference, immediately after a press-conference, right when he gets out of the car at a fancy event… She loves trying to provoke him, just to see if she can get a rise out of him.  He will resist retaliation until he’s no longer required to look dignified…
Then he’ll drop a pile of snow on her and the fight is on.  It’s only over when Korra wins or Tarrlok gives up on using snow and just physically tackles her to kiss her senseless.  And then they go cuddle somewhere warm.

8: What gifts would they get each other for the holidays?
Tarrlok wants to be extravagant (he wants to put Korra in silk dresses and drape her in jewels), but it’s pointless.  Korra doesn’t do extravagant.  She likes weapons and practical things.  If it’s fragile and delicate she will break it in five seconds or less, jewelry disappears into drawers to be forgotten, and books just gather dust… So he gets her things that are useful and will not be destroyed or forgotten.
Korra knows that Tarrlok likes fancy things.  She tries to get him nice things, but she’s usually a little off the mark.  Also, she has no budget, so she has to go and scrounge up money from wherever she can… or she has to go make something.
He prefers the ones she makes, because they’re usually more suited to him than anything she buys (like awful perfume, he doesn’t know how many times he’s tried to explain the concept of cologne to her).  He also thinks it’s very sweet when she makes him gifts, but he’s a little reluctant to tell her that… he doesn’t want to seem too sentimental or cheap.

13: Who tries to get a secret gift for the other one for Valentine’s Day?
Tarrlok is a workaholic who is prone to spending minor holidays locked in his office and tied to his desk.
When they first got together, he would always buy Korra a surprise gift as an apology for missing out on holidays such as Valentines Day.  He’d buy flowers or chocolate or jewelry and send it to the Air Temple as an ‘I’m sorry I can’t be there’ gift.
Korra, of course, had no idea that she was missing anything special.  She just thought that he kept getting the date of their anniversary wrong… or something.  This lasted right up until she noticed that all her friends were doing lovey-dovey stuff with their significant others on that particular day… And then she got sick of missing out and demanded his presence for “that Couples-Day-Thing.”
Tarrlok, being a politician, made all kinds of promises that he had no intention of keeping and locked himself in his office again… So, of course, Korra decided to bring couples time to the office…
Now he buys her slinky underwear for her to wear when she visits the office.  And since it’s usually him ripping things, he’s not particularly offended by any item’s destruction. 


“Of course I’ll go with you” -Tarrlok

Pure AU where The Order of the White Lotus never made Korra move away.

Yup that’s right. They would have been together if she didn’t move :’( With Korra by his side, Tarrlok wouldn’t have grown up to be so bitter from what happened with Yakone and Noatak. In this AU, Korra asks Tarrlok to travel the world with her after she finished mastering the first three elements. 

oh and she’s standing on a pile of snow because he’s too tall >.<