lok: korra

Look, I love all of the artists in this fandom, you guys are great, but Korra is not white. And I’m seeing an increasing amount of fanart where Korra is the same shade as Asami or a shade darker than her, and that just isn’t right. So please, please!! Refer to this skin tone chart that Bryan Konietzko made for Korra when doing your art.

Some of the Softest Korra Looks from Turf Wars

Spirit world softie gonna get kissed

Look at these soft gfs who allowed this

Soft Spirit buddies

My soft girl lookin at her gf

She loves her girlfriend so much help


This should be ILLEGAL

A soft girl talks to her bud

this soft girl’s gonna come out

WHAT THE HECK?????????

In conclusion Korra is so soft and needs to be stopped cause i’m too gay

We know Deucalion had the aggression for a firebender.

He was also caring enough to be a waterbender.

Last week we saw he started learning airbending by Bagua.

Now he mastered Toph Beifong’s earthbending style and taught neutral jing to Scott and Malia.

Deucalion knew the core principles of the four bending arts. He was a fucking avatar. I believe Deucalion could have saved the world.

Hey! Some Korrasami for the soul.  (Do not repost)

I didn’t really have a plan for this going in but I suppose it is a very good image that displays the helplessness Asami felt at seeing Korra become a shell of a person because of the devastating effects that the Avatar State (without spoiling anything) had on Korra’s psyche. Anyway, that’s a bit too deep because either way I thought it’d be a cool composition to try out and I was right! Very fun to draw. 

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