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Why do you like Borra?

It’s a cute ship that really worked for both Bolin and Korra. Bolin adored Korra in such an honest way.

They’re a perfect match and have so much fun together. Their date in Book 1 is one of the best parts of the entire show because it’s just so adorable.

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They were always cute together.

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They could have been a really amazing slow burn ship. Bolin knew how to cheer Korra up, which is really underappreciated since a lot of people don’t think about Korra’s insecurities (especially in Book 1). He didn’t care that she was the Avatar when he met her. He didn’t know and just thought she was gorgeous and amazing. He doesn’t treat her as different for being the Avatar, and that’s what Korra really needed. Not being treated as the savior of the world. And some of Korra’s best moments were brought out by Bolin. They were such a positive pairing.